A Twist in Time(DuskyWolf and Deshwitat)

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  1. In New York City, A knight appeared before a young woman. Now this knight must figure out how to live in modern society under the care of the young woman.
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    The young woman shook her head as she made breakfast for her and the knight. What will people say when they find out a man is living in her apartment? They'll probably spread rumors and such, but she couldn't just leave him out there. He looked half lost and half about to rampage out of fear of his new environment. She let out a frustrated huff and then looks down the hall, wondering if he was still sleeping. More or less, the woman just hopes he doesn't get dirt all over the place since he was quite dirty from some 'war' he was claiming he was in. He was also quite scary too, his toughened skin and muscular build was quite intimidating to her when she first met him. She hopped up and sat on the counter, kicking her legs like a child as she waited for the eggs to cook. The woman looks down at her tank top and shorts and wonders if she should change into clothes that covered her more. She really didn't know the protocol of what to wear around men since she has never had to live with one, well at least one that is not related to her.
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    The man named Siegfried was quite confused, he had in the after glow of a battle been transported by some foul magic to a place alien to him. Nothing was the way he had grown familiar to, females telling males what to do, stallions of iron moving by themselves while the rider was WITHIN them and the clothes! How could these clothes protect against anything but nudeness? But he also saw himself as lucky after all a woman who was a stranger to him had taken him in to her home which even the home was strange, it seemed to be a house within a house but even so the woman had allowed him to rest in a empty room which only had a small tree like object which he belives is for clothes and a bed BY THE GODS the bed is softer than anything he was familiar with. He took of the armour that he had been wearing and was now standing in a dark red shirt with golden streams running along his arms, the pants were white but were clearly abit dirty from mud. He walked out of the room and towards the kitchen where he smelled something. " What art thou cooking kind Lady? "
  4. "Eggs, Bacon, Toast. And my name is Mira as I said before."

    She quickly says and hops off the counter, she prods the eggs with the the spatula and she lets out a frustrated sigh. The oven was acting up again as she was cooking, the landlord never came to fix it even after he said he would. Mira looks over at Siegfried and then looks away, still nervous about him being in her house, but he looks more friendly today. Maybe it was the good amount of sleep he gained in his bed? Mira thought about how beds in medieval times were uncomfortable so he must have had a good sleep. Mira finally manages to get the eggs cooked as well as the bacon and toast. She places the food on plates for them and then brings them over to the table.

  5. He looked down at the food infront of him and wondered for a couple of secouds just how she was able to get all of this made so quickly, the eggs were easy enough but the "Bacon" as she calls it was new to him and he was quite sure that the "Toast" is bread but it looks different from what he usualy has. He looked at the metal utensils at the side these were most likely those things that royalty and nobles uses to eat, wait. Does that mean that this woman is a noble or maybe eve a Royal!? He quickly stood up and bowed down infront of her and then said.

    " I am sorry to have imposed on thou, how could i a lowly knight ever share the same roof as one of much better birth. "

    He looked down at the ground as he spoke.
  6. "I'm not of a higher class, what are you....?"

    Mira looks over at the forks and then looks back. She realizes what he might have thought and shakes her head.

    "Oh you think...........no no no no no, Metal silverware is common for everyone."

    Mira grabs him and tugs him to his feet. She then makes him sit down across from her before going to her chair. Mira sits down and raises an eyebrow at him, wondering if he was going to have anymore weird outbursts like that.
  7. He was pulled up to his feet, or rather the girl was trying to lift him up but coudnt do anything but tug at his clothes, after having been directed back to his chair he started to eat the food and it wasn't long untill he tasted the flavour and started to hungrily devour the food as if it was the first time he had ever eaten toast or bacon, wait a minute it WAS the first time he had eaten either of the two and it was clear to see as he ate it all in record time. He then looked up at the girl and asked in a questioning tone.

    " May i ask Lady, i mean Mira. Just where am i? "
  8. "New York City."

    Mira says as she eats, a bit thrown off by how fast he had eaten. She guessed they hadn't fed him very well. Mira stops for a second and wonders if she should tell him where exactly the are.

    "It's on a continent across the ocean from Europe."

    She then continues to eat, watching him for his reaction. Mira then started to wonder if he thought the world was still flat and that you could fall off the edge, but she didn't ask.
  9. He thought about he words and then came to realise that he had no clue what she was speaking about, had the world grown during the time he spent trapped in time? Or was he actualy in a compleatly new world? Well time would tell and so he looked at her and asked.

    " Do you know where England is? "

    If he could atleast know where his homeland were he maybe would be able to figure out some clues no matter how smal.
  10. "Yeah....It's across the ocean from us. You know, the huge body of water?" Mira asks, wondering if that clarifies it.
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