A True Mate For Miec-Kal (Plotting OOC)



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Well, this is a strange one for me. This is a Fantasy Romance. The Main character, Miec-Kal, whom everyone seems to call Mikey, is a lonely wood-elf. This thread is for you to post plot ideas and to chat about the direction to take the RP. The Idea is to get Mikey a mate!

Here's Mikey, For your Info!
You had me at romantic fantasy. >> So I am going to play Paige and she is going to help Miec find his true love, by being a WINGMAN! ...no puns intended! XD
Let us plot, Draco. I want to make a potential lover your your pretty elf. ^_^

If you'd like, you could give me some things he looks for in a person~ Perhaps a race he's attracted to, also!
I'm in! I want to be a potential love rival for Fluffy!
Mikey is bisexual, and would prefer someone who is equal to him, not necessarily of the same race, but preferably of a humanoid race. What he is looking for is not an animalistic race. He is looking for a true companion.
Here's my character~ She'll be called Olivia
I am going to be a Centaur Life-buddy/Steed to Fluffy's character.
Here we go... ^__^ Leohand the Protector! Leo for short.


He is a Half-Elf that was raised by his Mother in a village of humans. Although he has fighting skills, he tries to avoid using them. Leo prefers to use his healing magic since it's helpful and not destructive. He has strong connections with living creatures, is very gentle and kind, graceful... A wherever the wind takes me sort of person. The markings on his body symbolize a completion of training when he went through magic lessons for healing and earth.

Aidan owes Leo a life-debt.

He doesn't like talking about it.

Somewhat surly, lots of sarcastic, Aidan has a tendency of being rather crude, despite his noble, even haughty, bearing. He is a master warrior and hunter, and rarely holds back- be it in combat, or in the social stratum.

Eilir Mikey's younger sister whom he presumed was dead...but isn't!
Sorry, I didn't see this thread before I posted in the IC. I understood Olivia to have been running into a forest(?) and that's where Ezo is supposed to be.
...It also looks like I somehow confused Olivia for an elf. Pardon that, I'll edit.

Ezo is a former human mage who had a curse backfire on him, but liked its results and never sought to undo it. He is generally very blunt and often tries to solve problems with his fists, or claws, or so on.
I'll join as a lonely witch, Jynx, who's new to the land.