A Truce Among Kingdoms

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  1. The Serean Kingdom had been long known as a land with silent but fierce kings. Never acting recklessly in battle or decisions of war. That was why years ago when the Serean Kingdom broke into war it’s people were quick to suit up for battle, despite the fact that not many civilians knew the extent of the disagreements between the kings. It had first begun with trading. The Serean Kingdom created many textiles, pottery, and had vast amounts of jewels.

    The rainfall was scarce for two years back then- so much that they had hard times growing crops in the dried grounds. This was the start of the problems. The Serean people began to blame the other empire for the famine- for their people dying. Other Kingdoms came to the aid of Serean, but it was far past the initial point of their anger. Whatever happened behind those closed doors, whatever political decisions were being made between kings, was not satisfying the people, and was angering their king.

    Years later they found themselves in a much better place- but it wasn’t after bloodshed. The borders of the Kingdom seemed well guarded towards unwanted outsiders. The occasional merchant who appeared to be from the warring kingdom would have a hard time selling goods to the Serean people.

    “Please tell me you are joking!” A young man’s voice echoed throughout the great hall of the palace.


    The reply came from a much older man. His tone was deep and powerful.

    “Sorry--- Please tell me you are joking… Your grace.” The young man corrected himself timidly.

    “It has already been decided, Tristan. I don’t make this decision with haste. I’ve thought long and hard about it, and you will marry her. It is a last resort to bring truce between the two kingdoms and the people.”

    Tristan huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. Despite the twenty-two year old being… well… twenty-two…

    He acted like a child for this one thing. His already sun-kissed skin flushed a darker color in a fit of anger, however this was not something he wanted his father, the king, to immediately notice. If he was to rule one day, it was something that he needed to take control of. Tristain had been quick to anger in the past. A trait not common among the Serean kings. His deep green eyes kept locked on the back of his father’s head.

    “Then when,” He asked with an impatient tapping of his foot. “When will she be here?”

    “Any moment now…”

    He would have accepted maybe a few months notice- but this? Well this was far from ideal.
  2. The Imorial Kingdom was known as a lush, thriving nation with it's beautiful waterfalls, lakes, streams, and passionate people. Their kings and queens had always been known for getting to know their people and being peaceful diplomats. When the war with the Serean Kingdom began it came as a bit of a surprise to the civilians as their leaders were normally able to come up with a diplomatic solution. However this time, they were unable to succeed.

    Due to the lack of rainfall in the Serean kingdom the leaders began plaming the Imorial Kingdom and instead of accepting their offers to aid their leaders came out angry and the long war began. The people started to get angry themselves, that the war was continuing and that no options were acceptable between the two kingdoms. Finally, as a last resort the King of the Imorial kingdom made an offer to the Serean and was on his way to let his daughter Princess Laurana know exactly what was going to happen.

    The princess of the Imorial Kingdom was not your traditional princess. She had learned how to fight with sword, hands, and bow so that she would never be defenseless. She knew about war tactics, logic, and politics even though her older brother's were the ones in line to the throne and not her. Laurana was also known for her beauty and her temper. No one who knew her would ever willingly get her angry at them.

    As the King knocked on his daughter's door he was surprised when she opened it, already dressed for riding and angry. He took in her long, dark brown mass of curls and her bright green eyes. A gift from her mother. She was only around 5'4 tall, short for most people and especially for her who refused to wear the heels that the women of court had taken to. Taking a deep breath he gave her a smile.

    "Laurana, you need to get ready to go. There has been an agreement made between the Serean and Imorial Kingdoms to help restore peace." He began. He noticed the narrowing of her eyes and realized this was not going to end well. "You are to wed Tristan from the Serean Kingdom. You are to be on your way there immediately with your older brother es--"

    "Are you telling me that I am going to marry someone, from a different kingdom that I've never even met!" She shouted at her father.

    "Laurana you always knew there was a possibility of you being married to someone from a different kingdom--"

    "Yes but not one that we've been at war with. What is wrong with you?" She yelled.

    Her yells and concerns went ignored as she was quickly changed into a floor length green dress, the corset done up to make her waist look even tinier. Her hair was let down to frame her face and her small coronet was placed around her head as she entered the carriage that was taking her and few belongings to the Serean Kingdom. Upon arrival her brother walked around and opened the carriage door, taking her hand to help her out. Refusing her hand she stepped out of the carriage on her own and seeing the man she was to marry, along with the man who arranged their marriage she gave a polite and proper curtsy.

    "I am Laurana Versanile. Princess of the Imorial Kingdom." She said in a clear, musical voice.
  3. Alongside the King and his son was a young woman with a less sun kissed look to her than the others. Her hair was cool brown with a purple-ish tint to it- one of the many benefits of fashion and textile manufacturing was the ability they had also come across to make beautiful dyes for their clothing, and some had used temporary solutions on their hair as well. Either way, her hair color and skin were an odd pairing to be placed beside the blonde King and son.

    In no way was Alysia blood related to the King or Tristan, but she was dropped at their steps as a young child and had been raised with the young prince. In all ways he was her brother, but as she got older she found herself wanting to do more things considered ‘maid’ type duties by the family. Some of this had to do with the late Queens passing, and other times…?

    There she was. Laurana of the Imorial Kingdom.

    The King was expecting some bit of reaction between the two. For what it was worth, both the prince and the princess were probably seen as well-groomed and attractive people within their kingdoms… But what to one another? The King gave her a slight bow to her curtsy.

    Tristan approached her, forgoing the bow in response like his father had been so kind to produce, and instead circled around her once, looking her over. What an interesting first meeting he was going to make this. Frankly, he was surprised that the guards let anyone from the Imorial Kingdom past the gates. He wished they hadn’t. The whole thing seemed like a waste of time. It was impossible to marry two people who didn’t want to get married… Wasn’t it?

    He stopped to face her, taking one of her hands in his and bowing down as he brought her hand to his lips. His eyes had a sharpness to them as they shot up to look at hers.

    “Tristan Lytton, and believe me, the pleasure is all mine.”

    Had they not been before others, his father surely would have slapped him silly for the amount of sarcasm in his tone.

    “Come,” he started, beginning to walk towards one of the side doors of the great hall. “I’m sure the King would /love/ for us to get acquainted.”

    His first impression would surely be a lasting one.
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  4. Flint had gotten off of his horse in time to watch as Laurana curtsied before the King and her betrothed. Flint had been Laurana's friend since he'd entered the castle when the two of them were four. The King had welcomed him with open arms and he'd had the same studies as the Princess and the rest of the family. Having been exposed to it all he wasn't as shocked as Laurana about her having been promised to the Prince. He was surprised it hadn't happened as soon as Laurana was old enough to marry. He took in the young woman standing beside the King and Prince and wondered if that was a lover of the prince, but figured it wasn't his business as long as Laurana was happy.

    Laurana watched as the King gave her a small bow and she raised from her curtsy. Seeing the prince walk towards her she had to admit, he wasn't bad looking but his manners could be improved. She held still as he circled her, thankful that her brother's and the master of arms at the castle had taught her how to use a sword and keep ahold of her temper in certain situations. This would count as a situation where she was expected to hold her temper and she did fairly well until he stopped in front of her and took a hand in his.

    Hearing the sarcasm in his tone her eyes narrowed. Behind her she heard Flint and her brother Kieran starting to walk towards her to prevent her from doing anything stupid. Keeping the pleasant smile on her face she bent down and in one swift movement picked up a rock and threw it at Tristan. The sound when it connected with his head was extremely satisfying.

    "Thank you, your Majesty for the warm welcome. If you'll excuse me I believe the prince and I are to become acquainted." She said with a polite curtsy as she started walking towards Tristan. Laurana knew that being only 5'4 she wasn't very intimidating but she planned on showing him she wasn't someone who could be pushed around. Stopping in front of him she turned around and looked up at him with a smirk.

    "I can also use a sword, bow, and am decent on a horse. Would you like to be rude to me again, your highness?" She asked, her tone full of just as much sarcasm as he'd given her previously.

    Flint watched the exchange and winced. He knew what it would be like if Tristan got on the bad side of her and part of him felt bad for the man. Shaking his head he gave Kieran a smile as he made his way to the King and the young woman. Bowing low in front of him since he was not a person of station he stayed in the bow while speaking.

    "Your Majesty, I am Flint Ashbrook. I am to accompany the Princess as she gets acquainted with your kingdom if it is allowed by you." He said politely.hers.
  5. The King watched the exchange, taking in a deep calm breath before therapeutically exhaling. He wasn't sure how the Kingdom was supposed to survive with them as the potential future rulers. He himself had been a part of an arranged marriage, and he had lived many happy years with his wife. Granted they were complete opposites. It seemed like the prince and princess would have a lot more in common then originally thought. "We will all be lucky if they don't start another great war..." He spoke softly, and of course it was a bit of a joke- or so he hoped.

    He turned his attention to Flint before him, giving a nod to the bow which he received. "Flint Ashbrook. Your stay here is most welcome." The King looked behind him where an older woman was bustling around tending to the grounds. "Edith would yo--"

    "I'll show him to their rooms, your grace." Alysia spoke up- her voice was soft and had a kind ring to it.

    "Oh~ Of course. And if you don't mind me I have to meet with a few counsel members to prepare all of this wedding business-- if Tristan is still living for it." The king nodded to each and proceeded out.

    The stone hitting Tristan's head would've been a sight for sore eyes--- had he not been raised where he had. His instinct was telling him to fight for himself, despite Laurana being a woman. The thing that got him was how she spoke to him after the stone hit. Did she think she was the one who was going to rule? Hardly. In his book anyway. She was short. But sure, she was a bit intimidating. He towered over her at 6'1", and when they were out of the eyes of everyone else as they turned the into the beautiful palace gardens, he got close in front of her, his piercing eyes staring down to hers.

    "I doubt you want to be here, and there's no doubt that I don't want you here. I'd consider being exiled before marrying an Imorian." The last word came with a bit of a hiss to it. Despite his father wanting to come to some sort of an agreement with the marriage, he was hardly one to forgive and forget so easily.

    Alysia smiled to Flint, "My name is Alysia, pleasure to meet you Flint." She curtsy'd to him, "With no sarcasm, I promise."
  6. Flint couldn't help but smile as he listened to the King's comments. He had a point when it came to Laurana, she very rarely did what people thought she would. Especially when she was angry. Her temper wasn't easy to cool and sometimes he regretted helping convince the master at arms to teach her as much as he had. But, it had come in handy during many a failed kidnapping attempts.

    Turning his attention to Alysia he gave her a smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well Alysia. I apologize for Princess Laurana. She really is a good person, she just has a bit of a temper." He explained calmly. "Do the prince and princess at least have separate rooms for now?" He asked hoping the answer was yes.

    Making his way to the carriage he grabbed Laurana's trunk and walked back over to Alysia. "I can come back for the rest, this is the only one she'll absolutely care about being put in there right away." He told her with a smile.

    Laurana walked with him a bit and stopped when he did in the palace gardens. She looked up at him as he got closer to her and listened to him complain about marrying her because she was an Imorian. Her eyes were the only sign she gave of her anger. It wasn't like she exactly asked for this either but she knew her responsibilities to her country.

    "You're correct. I don't want to be here, but I at least have respect for the decisions made by my father and yours as rulers." She said in a crisp tone. "So I guess you're either going to marry me or be exiled." She said with a smirk. Wanting to mess with him a bit more and see how his temper would hold she put a hand on his chest and raised onto her toes kissing him firmly before rocking back and walking further into the gardens.

    The gardens were beautiful, even with the drought that the country was going through. Seeing a bench next to a garden of flowers she smiled but quickly lifted her skirts and stepped onto the path between the flowers. Bending down she gently ran a hand through them, making sure not to damage any of the petals or pull them out by the roots. She didn't care that her skirts were getting dirty, she just wanted to see the beauty that was to be her home.

    "If you've recovered from the kiss can you at least point me out to my rooms so I can change and explore the city please?" She asked politely.
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  7. A slight blush appeared on Alysia's cheeks at the idea that the prince and princess wouldn't be staying in separate rooms. She wasn't sure how things were in other kingdoms, but surely it was the norm for them to? "M-most definitely in separate rooms. And perhaps that's better for all of us," A small giggle helped her work through her blush and continue on. "I'd be afraid Tristan wouldn't make it until tomorrow. Laurana seems like a strong woman and if he knows whats good for him he'll keep his temper down."

    Alysia began to lead Flint into the palace. What people said about Serean was true. The palace was adorn with granite pillars, jewels creating beautiful patterns along the walls. It was beautiful here, and she was happy to call it home despite the troubles that came with the kingdom. "The palace itself is relatively new... The old one was converted into the central market area, surprisingly enough." She felt a bit like a tour guide, but it was entertaining to her, and it wasn't everyday that she got to meet someone from a warring kingdom.

    He wanted to throw up. Alright- maybe it was a bit of an exaggeration. There were worse situations he could be in, that's for sure. He wasn't being wed to some old woman, and thankfully she was far from ugly. Still, there was something about being this close to an enemy that left a bad taste in his mouth. Or had it been the kiss? He didn't respond right away, and ignored her first strike of asking if he'd recovered.

    "All the flowers here were planted because even in the driest of seasons, they still spring up with vibrant colors and spread through the garden." Tristan rolled his eyes at his own comment of the garden- for a second he reminded himself of his father. He nodded to a plant that was low to the ground and a burgundy color. "That is a voodoo plant. They are small and low-growing. Like you."

    Ok- so it lasted a second.

    "This way." Tristan turned away from her, finding his way back to the door through the garden. "What- do you expect you'll be going through the city alone? Pfft."
  8. Flint gave Alysia a smile. "We weren't sure how it worked here with those who are betrothed. In Imorial the betrothed don't share chambers until the night of the wedding but some other kingdoms who've asked for Laurana's hand told us that as soon as they're betrothed they're in adjoining rooms." He said smiling. Hearing the comment about Laurana he chuckled. "We were prepared to take away all her weapons but that wouldn't help him too much since she's trained in hand to hand fighting as well," he said shaking his head.

    Looking around the palace he was happy to see that it wasn't dreary. It was actually very beautiful. "It's very beautiful here. It's interesting to see what it's like. I've never been outside Imorial, at least not since I was four. It's beautiful there as well but it's all very green." He said smiling. "Or blue when you see the lakes and waterfalls." He told her. "Do you have garden's here? I know you've had a drought and the King of Imorial is going to be assisting in water as a result of the marriage but I've also heard talking about still having beautiful flower gardens."

    Laurana raised an eyebrow at his comment. The flowers were all beautiful and she ignored the comment about her height. It was an annoyance but it's not like there was much she could do to change it. She found it entertaining though that he felt the need to continue trying to rile her temper. As long as he didn't touch her more than manners dictated, and didn't insult her family or friends, she should be able to keep her temper long enough to get through the day.

    Standing swiftly she brushed off her skirts and started following him through the door to where she was assuming her rooms would be. "We are not sharing a room are we?" She asked suddenly. She wouldn't be able to handle that. She would most likely kill him in his sleep for touching her or something accidentally. Laurana still hadn't figured out what the hell she was going to do when it came to their wedding night. Hopefully this nation wasn't one where the consummation was witnessed, she'd die of embarrassment.

    Her eyes widened as she looked around the palace. It was beautiful inside which made her face break out into a rare, but genuine smile. She stopped walking as quickly as Tristan so she could take it all in. Slowly turning in a smile. The walls were a little worrisome, at home she had a balcony and she usually slept there because of her claustrophobia. Hopefully there would be something similar here. She knew she was probably extremely far behind Tristan but she didn't care much, it gave her a chance to see the place that she was to call home for the rest of her life.
  9. "Oh~?" Alysia tilted her head at the idea of Laurana being married off to one of those other places. "I can't imagine being married off to a place like that- being expect to stay in the same chambers as someone you just met seems... " There it was again, the blush. "A bit inappropriate?"

    Oh! The gardens. And what did he say- lakes. "Lakes? Like large bodies of water for swimming and fishing and drinking--- lakes?" For others it would sound strange, but in Serean there were mostly small streams and some rivers leading out of the kingdom. Come to think of it it had been quite awhile since Alysia had found herself outside the city limits as of late. "And waterfalls?" That was surely something she had only seen in books and been told about. Perhaps something she maybe say in a dream but... It must be what others feel like when they come from a place so rich in agriculture to someplace that wasn't as fortunate in that regard, but fortunate to have many raw materials for extravagant buildings and jewels.

    "The gardens are all flowers that have gone whole seasons with no rain. I don't know how they do it but... Even in the hardest of months they have survived." She opened the door to the guest quarters, a large open concept room with a large bed adorn with deep red linens. Through the opposite side a large door lead to a courtyard that connected the other four guest rooms, should they need all of them. "There are four rooms in total for this particular guest area, however if you need more space there are a few more areas like this one as well... But... maybe I could show you the gardens quickly before you settle in?"

    Tristan decided that he might be able to ruffle her feathers a bit more before they got to her guest room. "Oh? Your father didn't tell you?" He somehow managed to have a serious look of concern on his face with his question. He made his way back to her, "In Serean you are mine from the day you get here, princess."

    He brought a hand up to her chin, tilting it upwards so he could lean down and-- no, he couldn't do it back even when he wanted to have it as something to throw back at her. He stopped right before their lips touched. "But I think you can stay in the guest quarters for now." The last thing Tristan wanted was to be murdered in his sleep. He could see the callers spreading the news all through the city. Prince Tristan Found With Manhood Chopped Off by Princess Laurana from Imporial Kingdom. What a way to go.

    "Come." He lead her to the rooms- finding Alysia and Flint there. He raised a brow at the two, "Getting settled?"
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  10. Flint looked over at Alysia and saw her blush and realized she had probably been brought up as a proper lady. That was a relief. "Those words are a lot nicer than what Laurana's words were when she found out what they would be expecting," he said with a chuckle. Hearing her astonishment at the lakes and waterfalls he realized that for a lot of people here in Serean they probably didn't get to see them. "Yes, sometime if the Prince and Princess ever fisit Imorial I'm sure you would be more than welcome to come along and I could show you around our home like you're willing to show me around yours." He said to her politely. From the Prince's reaction at meeting Laurana he doubted that would happen but he did mean what he said.

    When Tristan said that Laurana would be his from the day she got there she thought of all the ways she could possibly make him regret thinking that. When he touched her to lift her chin, her body froze. She did not do well with touching and this was definitely not something you would do if you had manners. Walking behind him so that she could throw him into something behind closed doors she was surprised to see Flint and the young woman who had been standing next to the queen. Her surprise only lasted for a moment though before her eyes settled back on Tristan and hardened.

    Flint, seeing the look in Laurana's eyes looked at Alysia. "Excuse me for a moment," he said before swiftly walking over to Laurana and grabbing her around the waist before she got to Tristan and pulling her a few feet away from him.

    "You can't act like you do at home. He's the prince of this country." He told her. He wondered what Tristan had done to get her to be angry enough to use her hand to hand training. It at least wouldn't leave too bad an injury so it must've been touching.

    Laurana looked up at Flint and glared before looking away from him. She just wanted to hurt him a little. It wasn't like she wanted to hurt him too bad. Flint, seeing the look on her face just shook his head and walked over to the trunk he had brought in. "Pardon me, your highness." He said politely, bowing to Tristan as he walked past him.

    Throwing open the trunk he saw that she had mostly filled it with her favorite weapons and her 'regular' clothes. "Really? The reason this was so heavy was because you filled it with weapons? What's the matter with you Laur?" He asked shaking his head as he pulled out a pair of trousers and a shirt for her along with her favorite pair of boots. Throwing them over at her he sighed. "Go change and calm down." He told her.

    The two of them having been friends for so long he knew he was able to get away with things that Tristan wasn't yet. Hopefully the two of them would start to get along before the wedding or he would feel bad for anyone within hearing range of their room. Laurana shot him a glare but grabbed the clothes and walked into the next room. Realizing it was a corsetted gown she shook her head. She wasn't about to ask Flint or Tristan for help. Remembering the young woman in the room she walked back out and gave her a smile.

    "I've been extremely rude and I apologize. Especially since I'm about to ask you for a favor. Would you help unlace my corset? My name is Laurana but I didn't hear yours." She said politely as she curtsied to the young woman.
  11. “That would b—“ It would’ve been nice, had Tristan not come in being practically thrown into the room. She watched and tried to hold back her bit of laughter as he tripped over Laurana’s trunk that Flint had brought in. Before hitting the ground on the other side the prince had tucked in on himself, rolling up and back onto his feet. There was no way he was going to talk about any of his own training with Laurana- it just felt like another way for her to test him and while he knew there were even different fighting styles in some of the kingdoms—well, it wasn’t something that he was going to leave to chance today.

    Tristan /had/ been raised as a proper prince with manners and the like, but he was what they would call a ‘typical male’. He liked to tease and be playful, but also fight and (maybe unlike others) was quick to anger. Part of him wanted to make the princess run away screaming so the marriage would never even happen, but he knew if he pressed her buttons too much it might be the other way around. With her wanting to go to the city, she soon enough might find out that the people of Serean wouldn’t want her here either.
    Tristan shook himself around lightly before turning to Flint, “Tristan—just Tristan is fine.” For the first time today, there was a bit of a genuine smile that creased his lips. If Flint was going to be staying for some time, he felt the need to shrug off the high formalities of names—at least in unformal situations.

    The prince moved to Flint and Laurana as she was departing to change. He crossed his arms and sighed, propping himself up against one of the granite slabbed walls. Tristan parted his lips and drew in a quick breath to start saying something, but just stopped and let out another sigh. There was an unfortunate reality that settled in with seeing her trunk there. He just imagined that through many attempts, she would stay, and his father would find himself getting more angry and questioning Tristan’s ability to rule. Needless to say the prince wasn’t sure Laurana was going to bring out the best in himself.

    “If she’s thinking of going through the city… I should change as well. Tell her to go ahead if she pleases—I’m sure she will regardless.” And he was off.

    Alysia curtsied to Laurana, “Princess Laurana, it’s a pleasure to meet you, my name is Alysia .” She never felt the need to explain who she was because the truth was no one ever cared to ask. There had been deep laughs from the king and a bit of teasing from Tristan when people had thought her to be some sort of mistress. She never played herself up to fit in much with the rest, despite having been raised alongside the hot headed prince. “No apologies needed. I honestly find it entertaining, my lady.” She smirked as an image of Laurana chasing Tristan around with her random trunk of weapons appeared in her head.

    “I’m sorry for him ,princess. He wasn’t exactly raised the way he is, but as the saying goes… Boys will be boys?” Alysia began unlacing the back of her corset. She wasn’t much of a fan of the things, but at least knew how to do the unlacing. Aaaaaand, done.
  12. Flint watched as Tristan left to go change. He apparently had already figured out that Laurana had her own mind, that was a good thing because Laurana would hardly wait for someone to accompany them to go into the city. She would want to go around as unnoticed as she could with her hair, face, and size. Looking back he saw Alysia going with Laurana to help her get her corset off. At least there was someone to help her with that, they hadn't thought that far ahead with it being somewhere other than home but Laurana didn't normally wear corset's anyway. Shaking his head he looked down at himself and decided to strap on a dagger himself. Putting it on his wrist sheath he sat down in a chair and waited for the women.

    Laurana gave Alysia a smile. "Just call me Laurana or Laur, Alysia. I'm not big on formalities, well normally I'm not that is." She said with a small smirk. It was just so much fun to mess with Tristan. Maybe she was being unfair on taking out her anger on him but honestly, he deserved it. "Don't worry about apologizing for him. It's not like I'm exactly being polite myself, he probably wasn't expecting a princess like me to be the one he is supposed to marry," she said chuckling.

    When the corset was finally off she let out a breath and quickly stripped out of her dress. There was a holster for a sword on her back, a wrist and arm sheath on each arm and an ankle sheath as well, they were all currently empty due to her brother's urgings. Putting on a pair of trousers and a soft, blue tunic she gave Alysia a smile. "Thank you very much for the help. Have you been friends with the prince for long?" She asked curiously as she made her way back into the room and to her trunk.

    "Laur, you aren't planning on arming yourself are you?" Flint asked curiously.

    "Of course I am. As soon as the citizens find out who I am I doubt they'll be happy. I'll do my usual to win them over." She said absently as she drew out her sword. Closing her eyes and taking a calming breath she used her hands and slid the sword into the sheath on her back, covering it with her hair so it was barely noticeable. She then put daggers in the rest of the sheaths and flashed Flint and Alysia a smile. "I'm going. Alysia you're welcome to join us, but I don't want you getting into any trouble because of what may occur." Laurana said as she walked out of the room.

    Sighing Flint covered his face with his hand and turned towards Alysia. "As much as I hate to say it, it may be a good idea for you to stay with the prince. She's probably going to end up in a fist fight at the least." He told her reluctantly. "I should follow her though. I look forward to talking with you again," he told her with a small bow as he made to follow Laurana.

    Making their way out to the city Laurana smiled. Taking in the market, the people, and just the overall feel of her new home. Even though she missed the lush green and blue hues of her home Serean was beautiful in it's own way. It was painfully obvious she wasn't from there and when she was walking around a few of the male citizens came up to her. Flint, noticing that there was going to be trouble started to walk closer to Laurana until Laurana met his eyes and shook her head.

    "What are you doing here miss? You aren't from Serean." One citizen said in a semi-polite tone.

    Laurana gave them a polite curtsy. "You are correct sir, I'm from Imorial." She said in a steady tone. Laurana didn't tell them she was to be their future queen. She wanted to see the city and its citizens without the people trying to hide or be deceptive.
    The mention of her being from Imorial caused an almost instant uproar. The citizens did not like that she was from Imorial, not one bit and they started saying as much. Laurana listened to all of them and when they finally took a breath she looked at the citizen who had spoken to her first.

    "I'll make you a bargain." She started. "I will fight one person of your choosing, that is within this vacinity, in hand to hand combat. If I win, I stay and you will treat me with the respect of any other woman in the town. If I lose, I will leave."
    The man smiled and looked around, calling over a big lad who was known for getting into fights and trouble. "Very well, this is who I choose."

    Looking the man over she sighed. He was taller than her, but that was normal. He looked like he was fairly muscular as well.

    "Very well, I will remove the weapons I have and hand them to my friend. Please give me one moment." She said politely. Walking over to Flint she started removing her weapons. The citizens were stunned, and then shocked as she removed the sword from her back. Tying up her hair so it wouldn't be in the way she walked back over to them and smiled. "I'm ready to begin."

    At that the fight began. Due to her small size everyone assumed it would be easy to defeat her. Flint, watching carefully just shook his head. He wondered what the prince would think if he saw Laurana fighting someone of that size. As the match continued, it looked almost as if Laurana would be hurt but because of her speed and agility the taller man couldn't get ahold of her. Thinking she'd made it last long enough to save face for him a bit she took his arm when he next threw it, pivoted her body and used her hip as a lever to throw him over her shoulder onto the ground. When he landed, on his back, she quickly moved and pressed her forearm against his throat.

    "If I hold my arm here for 8 seconds he will pass out. Do you concede?"
  13. Alysia nodded to Flint as he ran off so she could quickly turn her attention to finding Tristan and making sure that he didn’t venture out alone as well. The two always had to be a bit more careful while out and about in the kingdom. There were days where they were accompanied out into the city by a guard, but most of the time they decided to go the slight undercover route as well.

    The heat in the city often soared to a scorching level, bringing the people into covered market areas and stalls. This was one of the things that made concealing themselves both an easier and harder task. On the high heat days, women would opt for wide hats or scarves to drape over their heads, some even wore cloak-style dresses. For men, they would also choose a more fashionable approach- having a scarf drape over their heads to down around their necks as well. To be fair, the reason why they had been able to go so long without ever being noticed was due to the variable fashions and styles of clothing that were commonplace in the Serean Kingdom.

    The vast amount of fabrics and dyes had made it an interesting place to be brought up, but they were both thankful for their options.
    Tristan looked nothing short of a thief on this day in particular, wearing a crimson scarf that both covered most of his uncommon blonde hair and shielded the bottom half of his face. Only the top creases of his nose and his piercing green eyes could be seen. The young man had also adorned a black light fabric short sleeved shirt. It kept close to his torso and highlighted the fact that he indeed was a pretty fit guy. His pants were also black, but strapped to his hip was a medium sizes knife. It was common in the Serean Kingdom to see men carrying them, and the occasional woman.

    The prince felt confident enough in his ability to defend himself to only carry the one knife- if he needed to use his royal name to keep someone from severely hurting (of course not himself) but Alysia, then he would. Almost no one in the Kingdom felt ill-will towards the King or the prince. In fact, they were both seen as heroes to some for sticking up for their people.

    Alysia quickly changed into a crimson dress (the same color as Tristan’s scarf) that had a hood on the back of it. The neck of the dress scooped a bit low for her liking, but it was the style amongst many of the women in the city, and if it meant blending in then so be it.

    Tristan’s temper began to fire up again with all of his thinking, and it wasn’t long after him and Alysia got out to the city that they found a crowd around two fighters. Despite her trying to conceal herself, he knew instantly who would have a temper to come to that- not only that but she stuck out like a sore thumb (to him anyways).

    Without any bit of warning to Alysia Tristan jumped in, hoping to keep himself concealed from the princess. If it was a fight she wanted, it was a fight she could get—but not here.

    The prince had already drawn the knife. In a flash he had come up behind the princess, firmly wrapping one arm around her waist while the other brought the knife to her throat. He wouldn’t do anything, but it still made a bit of a cheer come from the crowd for the mystery man. “Not here.” His tone was lower than it had been before, and more serious. The reality was the last thing he needed was for the princess to practically kill a man on her first day here. The people of Serean would highly disapprove of such a lady being their Queen.
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  14. Flint watched as a man came up behind Laurana and held a knife to her throat. He knew it would rile her temper, scanning the crowd he saw Alysia and assumed that the man was the prince. Making his way towards Alysia he stopped in front of her and gave her a polite bow. "He isn't about to hurt her is he? Because he may need to use that dagger against her when they go behind closed doors. She would never harm someone. She actually made a deal with them for only hand to hand combat." He explained to Alysia as he kept his eye on Laurana.

    Laurana recognized the voice and the tension left her body as she removed her forearm from the mans hand. Lifting her head she looked to the first citizen she had spoken with. "He is uninjured other than his pride at being defeated by an Imorial lady. Even though you may not believe me, he would only have been knocked unconcious. Does this satisfy you and do you hold our deal sir?" She asked politely, ignoring the dagger at her throat.

    The citizen was just staring at her. The lady was tiny and had a knife to her throat but was speaking calmly as if there was nothing for her to be concerned about. But he did have to concede to their deal. "I will hold our agreement. We will treat you as a lady of Serean while you are in the market. May I know your name miss?"

    Laurana gave him a smile. "I'd prefer to keep my name my own for now." Turning her neck, causing the knife to press into her skin a bit she chuckled. "Were you that worried that a small, unarmed woman would kill one of your citizens, Tristan?" She asked mockingly. "If you would let me go I can stand and allow the young man to get out from underneath me. I'm sure he is starting to find this position a bit awkward." Thankfully she wasn't actually straddling him because from the way the young man's cheeks turned red she had guessed pretty accurately.

    Flint turned his attention back towards Alysia and gave her a smile. "I'm a little worried on how this union is going to go. I feel like you and I are going to be called in to separate them from quite a few disputes," he said chuckling. Walking towards Laurana he dropped her weapons next to her. "When he allows you up Laur, here are your weapons. I think you should stay with him and get to know your betrothed. Don't forget the promise you made to Kieran." Turning around he made his way back to Alysia. "From what I've seen of your town so far it is lovely."

    Laurana rolled her eyes at Flint's comment and moved her hand to the hand around her waist. Taking a finger she started pulling it backwards. "Unless you're planning on marrying me a lot sooner than I'm aware of will you please remove your hand from me." She said in a neutral voice.
  15. Tristan stood up, but only tightened his arm around her waist to pick her up with him after his dagger was put away. He was quick to set the high tempered princess down though, not wanting to further her anger… Yet. The prince still had some button pressing to do and frankly he wasn’t that afraid to do so. Although he had to throw manners aside and make the grinning comment, “There is nothing awkward about the position at all, although we can discuss that in more detail later.”

    If he got slapped for that comment there was no doubt he completely deserved it.

    One thing was for certain, he was glad that she hadn’t told her identity to anyone in the city. The one thing that they had neglected to have been told was that there was an arrangement of marriage between the Imorial Kingdom and Serean. The King knew there would be a fated uprising of the people and that the young couple would face a lot of hardship potentially because of it, but he wasn’t even sure at this point if the couple would make it to their wedding night.

    When Laurana had fitted all of her weapons back in place, Tristan grabbed her hand and nearly dragged her along behind him. “Stupid girl.” He muttered as he brought her to a small alley of the market.

    “What in good God’s name did you think you were doing back there?”

    Alysia watched the two and decided that the best thing to do was to sit back and watch the theatre unroll before her. It was like watching a new play. Each turn of the plot had her wanting to see what happened next. This was definitely true for Tristan and Laur. Although she definitely hoped it didn’t come down to the Imporial woman hurting the Prince.

    “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried as well.” Alysia looked around the market place. From the look of the stalls and each’s offerings, it was hard to tell that their kingdom had gone through hard times of water. They had found other treats and things to peak interest, and there were many visitors to Serean’s center city from other regions.

    “Have you ever had a prickly pear?” She asked suddenly. Her body was turned towards Flint but her eyes were set on a lemon-shaped fruit that was a bright red and had sharp needles sticking out of it.
  16. Laurana looked at T ristan when he finally set her down and commented. She couldn't help but grin. Yes, she was a princess so everyone always assumed she was innocent and yes, she was still a virgin but she had 4 older brothers and didn't get along with other women well. That resulted in her having her own dirty sense of humor so she couldn't exactly do anything about Tristan's comment when she found it hilarious herself.

    "I'm sure you would enjoy discussing it with me but I'm not so sure I would have fun with it," she replied with a smirk.

    When he grabbed her hand and pulled her into an alley she took her hand out of his grasp and looked up at him for a moment. He obviously hadn't been paying attention to the conversation between her and the citizen at all.

    "What I was doing, your highness, was making sure that the citizens would be wary of me and start to respect me. As they get to know my mind they'll respect me for my intelligence but the first step is getting them to treat me like a regular person. That involved me challenging them. As begrudging as it may be to admit the fact that I was able to successfully defeat that boy without assistance has already gained me an eye of respect in this market." She told him shrugging.

    "They wont know who I am until the announcement is made and hopefully, the public announcement of who I am won't come with them knowing my face. As long as my description is withheld I should be able to actually get to know the people of this country. Even though you don't seem intent on making this arrangement work, I do which means I would like to know my new home." Laurana said looking him in his eyes as she pulled the hairtie out of her hair to let her curls fall around her shoulders.

    Flint watched Tristan and Laurana go off in an alley and shook his head. Hopefully they wouldn't kill each other if they're left alone for a little bit. The two of them were more alike then they would want to admit it seems.

    Turning his attention back to Alysia he gave her a smile. "I've never had a prickly pear before, but I'd love to try one." HE told her smiling. Taking out his money bag he walked over to the merchant and bought two of the strange fruits. Bringing one over to Alysia he gave her a smile. "Hopefully they're good." He told her with a smile.

    Looking around for a moment he tried to think of things that Laurana would want to know. "Are you the prince's sister?" He asked her curiously. HE was fairly certain there was no mention of a sister but he could be wrong.
  17. Tristan had enjoyed the small moment of fun. It seemed the princess did have a small sense of humor. Something he could appreciate about her. Thank goodness there was one thing, right? He sighed as he heard her speak about wanting the citizens to be wary of her and respect her for being Imorial before respecting her as their future Queen.

    "I understand what you are thinking, but you need to understand that is not how the Kingdom is ruled. You don't force respect through fear, and you certainly don't rule through fear." He spoke in a stern tone, keeping his eyes locked on her. It frustrated him that she thought he was the only one that didn't want this to work out-- in his mind... She started it. Maybe it was his fault. He really didn't know. Maybe he did.

    "There is a war. It's the only reason you're here. Here. In my home. My city. You are an outsider. From a place that none of these people care for. I can maybe try at this whole thing if you understand that from me. There is no place for ruling with fear in my Kingdom."

    The prince felt like he was taking the words from his father's mouth. The King never had a temper, and was always soft spoken in some respects, but when it came to the war he was fierce and would not back down after no agreements were made. Tristan seemed immature and fast tempered in every way, but he was confident in his ability to be serious when he needed to be.

    Alysia's eyes lit up with the prickly pear that Flint had brought back over. She made sure to follow up behind and grab two spoons from the stall selling them. The man had cut the fruit down the center to reveal the fiery orange bright center. "They are so delicious! We use them to make jams and jellies, or eat them like this. This way is my favorite though."

    For a second she had almost forgotten her manners, and quickly did a small bow to Flint due to her hands being full. "Thank you for your kindness."

    Flint's next question threw her off a little bit. Was she Tristan's sister? That was the hardest part of it all. "Well... I mean... Tristan is uhhh..." Alysia tried to think it through.There was a short story and a long story, but one would paint a bad picture of the King (despite probably being the norm) and the other might paint a picture of her being some sort of mistress to the prince. It was a hard place to be in when she didn't want to spill her life story to someone she'd just met. "Somewhat. He's somewhat my brother. And Laurana is your sister...?"
  18. Laurana looked up at Tristan confused. The hell was he talking about ruling through fear. She shook her head after listening to him finish. "No, you misunderstood me. If I wanted to gain respect and lead through fear then I would have hurt that young boy." She told him. "Maybe I'm not explaining this correctly. Let me try again," she knew that if they were going to be married then they would have to at least understand each other. Cocking her head slightly to the left she let her hair fall over her shoulder as she tried to think of how to word what she wanted to get across.

    "I wasn't fighting them for them to fear me. I offered the challenge to the citizens because it was obvious that they were upset because of me being from Imorial, and I can understand that. It wouldn't be any different if you were visiting Imorial." She explained.
    "I gave them the challenge as a way for them to help channel some of their anger and prevent from consistantly exchanging rude encounters every time I visit the market but I was never going to hurt anyone and I didn't threaten a single person." She told him, meeting his eyes with her own again. "I don't believe in ruling through fear and that was not my intention. If that is how it came out then I apologize." She told him curtsying politely without an ounce of sarcasm.

    Laurana didn't really want to get married, especially not to someone who didn't seem to have any respect for her but she also knew it wasn't her choice. She'd known since a young age that she wasn't going to be able to choose who she married. But, at least here she would attempt to get on better terms and let him understand her some. She just wasn't the best at explaining herself, that's what Flint was usually for but he wasn't around this time.

    Taking a food from Alysia gently he tried the fruit that he had purchased. It was actually very good. Looking up at her he gave her a huge smile. "You're right it is very delicious," he said with a chuckle.

    Listening to her when she said somewhat he was curious but wasn't sure it would be polite to ask. He took a mental note to mention it to Laurana so she could try and find out. Part of it was to see if Laurana was going to have to deal with mistresses as well, if Laurana ever actually fell in love with the prince she would not take kindly to having to share and that was something he would want to head off or at least warn her about right away.

    Flint laughed. "No, she's not my sister but she may as well be. The king took me in when I was four. I quickly became friends with Kieran and Laurana and I'm the one who can usually calm her temper the fastest. We've been best friends for years." He explained.
  19. Tristan lightly shook his head at her curtsy. Formalities. It was one part of living a royal life he never fully understood. He liked to joke, be angry, and be himself. He felt like most of the time his father was hidden behind what a King for Serean needed to be, and less of who he really might have been. Thought that was how Tristan grew up, so he wasn't even so sure himself. "It was just a misunderstanding..." The prince sighed, pulling away from her.

    "But what were to happen if you had gotten hurt? I'm not going to have the collapse of two kingdoms be on my shoulders for not watching you properly, and furthermore, Princess, a fight won't change the minds of many of the people in the market. Perhaps a few, but many of the people in the city have either fought in the war themselves or have lost many family members to the war. Everyone blames the Imorial. There is far more anger many Serean have to channel and they will come with more than fists, that I can assure you."

    A sigh of relief passed Alysia's lips when hearing Flint's explanation of how she was the Princess' brother. "I was taken in by the King and Queen when I was very young. They had no other... Umm... legitimate children aside from Tristan, but the Queen wanted a girl for a long time and there I showed up on the palace doorstep!" She laughed at the whole thing- it sounded like something from a story book, but she was content with how the pages were turning out.

    "Could you tell me something else about Imorial?" She asked softly, tilting her head to the side.
  20. Laurana watched as he pulled away from her and then asked about her getting hurt. She gave him a small smile. "If I had gotten hurt nothing would have fallen. Trust me, my father and brother's will probably be more in awe if they don't hear about me getting into a fight." She told him honestly. "As for those who will want to come with more than fists then we can do the same thing we do in Imorial. Anyone who wants to can challenge me."

    "I may not look like much, Tristan, but I'm to be the future queen here. Part of being queen, at least what I was taught and believe, is that I listen to the citizen's concerns and try to help them as I can. If they have problems with me I'm not going to hide behind my royalty I would prefer that they take it to me and if they feel that challenging me will help them then I will accept the challenge." Laurana pushed a strand of hair from her face. "I wont shirk from my responsibilities and I intend on trying to be the best queen I can here, regardless of the circumstances."

    "I'm not your average Princess." She said with a soft smile.

    Flint looked at Alysia and gave her a smile. "It's nice that they took you in. The King took me in and I've been very grateful ever since, Prince Jasson, the one in line to the throne currently, he's older than us by about 9 years but Laurana is is favorite sibling so he took me aside and told me I had to make sure she was treated correctly while she was here." He said smiling. "He's the one who suggested the union."

    When she asked to hear more about Imorial Flint's smile widened. "It's the most beautiful place in the world." He said softly. "I know it's a little rude to say that but my favorite thing to do was to run through the meadows that were full of flowers. I would always pluck a bouquet while Laurana made a crown of flowers for the Queen when she was alive and she would always laugh and take us on a trip down to the river to swim." He smiled at the memory.

    "Imorial is peaceful but active all at the same time. We hold tournaments and every year on Laurana's birthday, which is in a few days, they would allow anyone who chose to challenge her or one of the prince's. It was a way of making sure all problems were heard and anyone who had some sort of concern with the royal family could get it out of their system." He explained.