A Troll Was Born

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    [size=+1]This is what happens when I try to outsource cake making for cheap labor. I hope that you're happy. Next time, I'll just make the cake myself.

    Happy birthday, Darkness.

    Sober up, drink some coffee that doesn't come cocaine-laced from Colombia, and feel the love.
  2. For your birthday I will say this only once.

    I MAD


    I HATIN'
  3. As it should be.

    Trollin' since 1892.
  4. happy bday, mate <3
  5. Shut up, Darkness.
  6. :3 Happy Birthday, Dark-sans.~

    o wo
    May you troll for eternities to come.
  7. Darkness! Happy birthday, you troll, you. :]