INTEREST CHECK A transcontinental voyage of a lifetime awaits...

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  1. Posting Expectations: At least a two paragraph post a week.
    Rating: PG-13
    Genre: Supernatural Horror
    Atmosphere/Mood: Creepy Horror
    Plot Flow: Semi-Linear
    Timeline: 1906
    Basic Plot: Some things are better left in the sea, and not in your stomach. An unfortunate choice for a main course unleashed a horror never experienced before for the passenger and crew of the Beatrix. Worse still, their strange plight can't seem to end...

    May 1906, Atlantic Ocean

    The luxury ship Beatrix was in full steam as dinner was served. The fish that was prepared for the usual feast was particularly exquisite and prompting all but the most prideful and hard to please to praise the chef, for he had outdone himself that night. All was well, and polite conversation travelled from one side to the other of the grand dining room where this little soiree was held. You laughed, you drank and you enjoyed yourself to the fullest before retiring to your cabin for the evening, unknowing of the great slight you made by the simple act of eating.

    A great storm hit the ship that night, and, before anyone had the mind to escape, the Beatrix was no more. It will be quite a shock when you awake in the morning, and even more so for the poor souls who will see your new state, won't it? For the Beatrix still has its voyage to finish, but the sea will not make things easy...

    Welcome to this new interest check of mine, where your character will be forced to live... Or rather, haunt, a ghost ship every night until a certain price is paid. What is that price, you say? Why, the price of damnation, of course, for that fish they ate? It was only partly a fish...

    The sea never forgives, and never forget, so, damned, what will you do?
  2. This seems like a really cool roleplay, I'd love to join
  3. HOLY SH*T that sounds so cool i want to join so badly. when will it start
  4. I'm glad to see interests!
    This puppy will become an OOC when four people will be interested, so stay tuned until then!
    As we wait, you are both welcome to add you grain of salt and questions to this idea.
  5. Number three interest. :D

    This looks like it could be quite fun.
  6. Excellent! I'm contemplating making this a Jump In roleplay, so it may be up sooner rather than later.
  7. OoO yeah