EXERCISE A Town's Greatest Resource

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  1. Every city and town has something they are known for when it comes to a resource. It's usually a good they sell and provide to other neighboring towns. In Minibit's Mapmaking Guide she gives some really good tips about how towns are influenced by the land on what sort of resources they offer.

    In this exercise, decide on your town's greatest RESOURCE. What is something they have in abundance that makes it THE town to go to for that item/object.
    Make sure you detail out the hows and whys of this resource!

    Some examples:

    Tasty tasty crabs.

    Pretty whores. (that come without crabs)

    Mined sapphires.

    Fantastic swords.

    Softest sheep wool.

    Burly manly men.
  2. The Resource: Supernatural Mercenaries

    Here in Night Watch you'll notice something if you visit. We are mostly populated by Supernaturals. You'll notice that almost all the men are large and have certain features that make you want to be careful around them. The demons have long and sharp ram like horns that can straighten out to become like weapons,not to mention they are stronger than both werewolves and vampires. The werewolves have claws even in their human form and when they turn into their wolf form they are huge wolves with strong jaws and sharp claws and they are just as strong as vampires. The vampires are twice as strong and fast as humans and they have sharp fangs that can tear into people. There are shape shifters that can each change into one certain animal,like there are panther shifters that can turn into panthers and bear shifters that can turn into bears. You can tell if someone is a shifter by looking at their eyes. Shifters have purple eyes. But it's not just the men. There are petite yet strong females who can use their looks to trick their targets into a false sense of security. The female demons have small horns around the length of a pen that only curve a little bit and they can straighten too,that can make a headbutt really REALLY painful. The female werewolves are faster than the males and their claws are longer in their human form. The female vampires have smaller but sharper fangs than the men and they are more agile. Though the shifters different genders don't really have anything separating them from eachother like that. But there are also sirens,succubi,harpies,banshees,ect. All these species are the town of Night Watch's greatest resource because people come from all the neighboring towns come to hire these people who have no problem with a little or a lot of blood and gore.
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