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  1. Hey guys, so... I'm actually trying to get those ideas and inspirations in black and white, but I'm fairly certain I'm not doing it right. To express means to expose your soul, yet I don't see myself any such depth in my attempts. I make something and think of it as good while I'm on making it. But when I hold the sesult, my certainty flies away...

    I decided so to seek others' opinions, as they may matter more than my own.
    Without further adou and chattering, here is a poem [with metaphors] I wrote:

    A colorful spiderweb,
    The frail roots of grass,
    The ship that set out.

    A thread wears and so sudden it breaks,
    The grass withers and uproots itself,
    Water ruushes in through the small cracks getting deeper.

    Can a fine thread return to its former state once it has broken?
    Can the dead roots grow back and be reborn?
    Can the sunk ship ever sail to the surface?

    And so, will the ohter threads feel the loss?
    Will the nearby roots wither, too?
    Will the ships mournfully whistle?

    What if they forget?
    What if all who remain stay silent?
    What if, their gaze on the ground, they move on?

    I will rememeber all things lost, then and now.
    In the memory of all, who are gone...

    What do you think? :)
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