A Title Tells of a Man!

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  1. Another simple game.
    Just come up with a little title for whoever is above you!
    For instance, since nothing is above me...
    "The New Black"
    Like that. ^_^
  2. Shota Man.
  3. The Brad Pitt of Iwaku
  4. "Guardian of Halloween"
  5. "The Drunk one"
  6. Autumn Chivalry
  7. The Ghostly Torso
  8. "Tough Like Steel"
  10. The Divine Mastress, Hallowed be Her Name.
  11. "NOT A Robot"
  12. "My Own Nightlight"
  13. He with the Busy Avatar
  14. "Leader of mur"
  15. "My other ship is a ship"
  16. "The genderless one."
  17. Lover of Cor
  18. "The Silver Guardian"