A Title Tells of a Man!

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  1. Another simple game.
    Just come up with a little title for whoever is above you!
    For instance, since nothing is above me...
    "The New Black"
    Like that. ^_^
  2. Shota Man.
  3. The Brad Pitt of Iwaku
  4. "Guardian of Halloween"
  5. The Amazing Pider-Man
  6. "The Drunk one"
  7. Autumn Chivalry
  8. The Ghostly Torso
  9. "Tough Like Steel"
  10. "SWEET AS PIE"
  11. The Divine Mastress, Hallowed be Her Name.
  12. "NOT A Robot"
  13. The Innocent Looking One.
  14. "My Own Nightlight"
  15. He with the Busy Avatar
  16. "Leader of mur"
  17. "My other ship is a ship"
  18. "The genderless one."
  19. Lover of Cor
  20. "The Silver Guardian"