A Timed Existence

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    A Timed Existence

    If you could know the time of your death, what would you do?

    Would you run from the truth

    or would you try to find more time?

    The people in this world are born knowing exactly how much longer they have to live through a tattoo-like timer embedded into their left forearm. From the moment they take their first breath, the timer starts, and it never stops, not until death. The timer will tell you how many years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds you have until you will meet your demise, and there is no way of avoiding it- only delaying the inevitable.

    The timer can change, too, you see- the moment you step onto a plane doomed to fall from the sky, your timer will adjust itself accordingly, chopping off your seventy years to a measly twenty minutes in the blink of an eye. Or, two steps to the right while taking a walk on the street can change it from three months to three years. The people in this world don't believe in luck- they believe in skill, in a person's ability to maneuver through their life and avoid the reaching the end of their timer.

    Of course, it's not always possible. But for many, it's much more desirable to have a chance at a longer life, rather than accepting whatever hand your given.

    On your other arm, is a second, smaller timer. This one, too, brings as much dread as it does fortune- it relays the time you have until you meet the one, the person of your dreams, the love of your life. It counts down until the split second you will meet your soul mate, the person meant for you. Giggling girls prepare themselves for lovely meetings with their lover-to-be, but the timer is quite often finicky, changing, just as the 'death clock' does, as choices in life are made.

    Perhaps if you didn't skip that girls night out, you would have met him sooner.

    These are all just facts in your life, now, although many around you have tried to cheat the system, to avoid the fate foretold by those two, little timers.

    But it's impossible.

    You have a timed existence, and all that you can do is to count the days left.



    This story is set in a large fictional city called Merth, in a world where all the residents have two timers on each arm- the one on their left reads off the time of their deaths, and the one on their right reads the time they will meet their 'soul mate', the person of their dreams (whether or not it is a romantic relationship or simply a close friendship). In Merth, things are quite similar to that of any other big city on Earth, with large skyscrapers, coffee shops, apartment buildings and more.

    The characters are all college students, ranging in age from eighteen to twenty-six, attending Merth University in central Merth. Merth University is a large school, with several different schools for any possible major. The campus is huge, with large dorms for freshman-sophomore students, and apartments for junior/senior and post-graduate students. Each school has its own area on the campus, with the dorms and apartments scattered about, as well as several University stores.

    Surrounding the campus is off-campus housing, as well as entertainment, work, and more. Merth sits along a beautiful coastline, with miles of beach to the East, and on the other side to the Northwest is a dense, peaceful forest. Although the city is large, it is somewhat separated from the rest of the world, with only the highway and a solitary train station to link it to other cities. The city is, on a whole, a college town, with a large population being students and teachers.



    1. All Iwaku rules apply, of course.
    2. No godmodding/powerplaying/metagaming/powergaming, anything like that.
    3. The only instance in which you may 'control' or play another person's character is to free your own from being stuck. In these instances, you may only use vague descriptions to describe the other character's actions.
    I.E "Shay and Lewis chatted for a little while longer before Lewis mentioned having to continue on his way, the two parting from their conversation."
    4. You must post at least once a week with a two-paragraph post.
    5. No explicit sexual content. Romance is encouraged, but since this isn't in libertine/teen and all ages are welcome to play, sexual interaction must be prohibited. Sorry!
    6. Your character is extremely likely to die. The entire plot circulates around a countdown to death. Don't feel as though your character must die immediately, though- spend some time with them first!
    7. I reserve the right to decline/accept all Character Sheets. I will give a note of why not, but please don't persist if I say no.
    8. I prefer players be able to write at least five sentences per reply, even in conversation. Other than that, I have no other 'post' requirements, except that you should run your work through spellcheck and re-read for grammar. I won't kill you for it, but it's polite :P
    9. Up to three characters per person.


    Character Sheet

    Name: (first and last)
    Age: (18-26, PM me if you'd like a younger/older character*)
    Gender: (& sexual preference, if you'd like your character to be involved with a soul mate)
    Year/Degree: (in college. Undergrad, postgrad, etc.**)
    Major: (Freshmen may be undeclared)
    Occupation: (if any)

    Appearance: (text is required. One paragraph minimum)
    Personality: (required. One paragraph minimum)
    Preferences: (optional. Likes/dislikes, hobbies, etc. go here)

    Brief History: (required. One paragraph minimum)
    Current Time of Death:
    Current Soul Mate Timer:

    * In the case you wish to play a sibling of another character, a professor, etc. message me.

    ** Your character does not have to be in college, but if they are going to breach the age limit, message me.


    Character List


    Charlize Kandell/20/F/Journalism and Media Studies/Junior/Rainjay
    Izabela Sadowski/26/F/Fine Arts/Senior/Alexa Ray
    Aryana "Ana" Whitacre/18/F/Hospitality Management/Freshman/sincere_and_silent
    Harmony Korman/22/F/Undeclared/Freshman/Powerless_
    Josephina Lorraine Anderson/23/F/Physiology, Anatomy, Forensic Science/Senior/F L Y
    Brooklyn Frazier/23/F/Biochemistry, Genetics/1st year postgrad/Rainjay
    Annabell Marcia/22/F/Cartooning/Senior/IceQueen
    Clarity Benson/18/F/undeclared/Freshman/April
    Koryana Lodil/19/F/Music, writing/Freshman/Madeline
    Matilda Grace Ashwood/18/F/Visual Arts/Freshman/Sexybae
    Lucine Liona Kandell/18/F/Music/Freshman/Whisper

    Jack Marsicano/24/M/Musicology/2nd year postgrad/Spaceman Spiff
    Marshall Leeroy/19/M/Pedagogy, Creative Writing/Junior/☆StarryNIGHT☆
    William Winchester/23/M/Computer Programming and AI/Senior/☆StarryNIGHT☆
    Trenton "Trent" Wallace/27/M/Marketing/1st year postgrad/sincere_and_silent
    Adamo Bueschem Gagliardi/26/M/Cinematography/Graduate/F L Y
    Eric Muldoon/18/M/Music performance/Freshman/Aqacia
    Jayson Roberts/20/M/Writing, Photography/Junior/justice hunt
    Bishop Augustine/23/M/Pre-med/Undergraduate/Princess of the Teacup
    Jacobi Podorochi-Cordan/19/M/Photography, Animation/Madeline



    If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write below in the OOC or send me a PM!


    My Character Sheet(s)


    Name: Charlize (Charlie) Kandell
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female | Bisexual
    Year/Degree: Junior | Third year undergraduate
    Major: Journalism and Media Studies
    Minor: English Literature
    Occupation: Charlie is a part-time barista at the local coffeeshop, Starry Skies, and also works erratic hours at her mother's bookshop, Look Books, on the edge of Merth University campus

    Height: 5'6" (167 cm)
    Weight: 117 lb (53 kg)

    Charlie is a pretty young girl, with blonde hair like wavy wisps holding onto a darker blonde color near her roots and fading into a light, pale color at the ends, and clear blue eyes with a gentle gaze. Her eyelashes and brow are dark, typically accentuated with the lightest of makeup, although the rest of her face and skin is clear of cosmetics. She has no beauty marks, freckles, or otherwise notable features on her face, apart from her smile, notable for how it appears crooked when one side of her lips tilts up further than the other side. Her height is rather average, and she is a bit more on the slight side with her weight (although she still has a subtle curve to her body), although she appears totally unbothered by her weight and height. She has a dancers body, although never having really danced before in her life, and is light on her feet when she walks as though trying not to make a sound.

    Charlize typically wears loose, clothing in pale or happy colors (soft blues and yellows, greens and whites, some faded grays) for comfort and style. She prefers blouses over T-shirts, often with loose sleeves and thin fabric, wearing an undershirt or camisole underneath. She's a girl that will sometimes wear skirts of the flowing type (never pencil skirts. Never!) or dark blue skinny jeans. She's never worn yoga pants or anything of the type. She has a favorite jean jacket and a black close-knit sweater, and often wears a pair of pretty dark brown boots that reach an inch or two under her knee. Around her neck, she sports a necklace consisting of a chain attached to a metal wire-wrapped crystal.

    Outer Personality:
    Charlize is best described as a free spirit. She has an uncanny habit of making the most out of everything, pulling at scraps and strings to make a smiley face. She has a smile for everybody and everything, and for the most part, seems to enjoy her life and what she does. Her dreams stretch far and she aims high. Her laughter is light and airy, sort of like bubbles in the wind, and her grin comes easily, as well as 'innocent' humor. She has a habit of brushing the conversation away from herself, directing questions and discussions towards her conversational partner instead.

    Inner Personality:
    Deep inside of Charlie's thoughts, there is a significantly darker theme to her character than one might expect from simply observing her. Although she seems happy-go-lucky and rather in tune with the world and earth around her, she harbors a disease in her mind. Depression, anxiety, whatever you wish to call it, it doesn't matter to her, it still itches in the back of her thoughts and heart, and doesn't go away. She can't help but feel like she should be better, stronger, and that it's her fault, all the time. It's a horrible stigma she's pressured onto her self that just won't go away.


    Writing and books (old literature, fiction)
    Food, particularly gourmet

    Fumes, cigarettes, smoke, gas and motorcycles
    Hates reality TV with a passion
    Violence, gore, and blood

    Writing in her journal
    Cooking and baking


    Brief History:
    Charlize was born in downtown Merth to a literature professor and an office secretary. The family, Charlize, her parents, and her elder sister and brother, lived on the fifth story of a high rise apartment complex. The children of the household grew up alone, with babysitters in the absence of their hardworking parents. To make up, the family often took vacations along the beach or camping in the dense forest bordering Merth, although as the children grew these adventures came to an end, Charlie's older siblings taking up part time jobs before fleeing the nest and traveling to different cities for college and university, even though their father worked at MU already. Charlie, the youngest, decided at an early age that she wished to attend MU and take their Journalism major, claimed to be one of the best in the country.

    As a youth, Charlie never noticed the ticking timers along her arms, although her life was saved once when her older sister noted that her Time of Death read a measly two weeks- the family managed to catch a life threatening illness before it took hold of the young girl, only nine at the time, and she received medical care. Since, her Time of Death has been unusually high, rarely dropping down to an alarming number, but her Soul Mate Timer has, since she was fifteen, read 0d 0h 0m 0s. She doesn't like to tell the story of what happened, not even to her family or closest friends.

    Her best friend as a child, Alicia Reyes, died suddenly when the girls were only 16 on a road trip along the coast. Their car was slammed by a semi, and Alicia's head slammed into the dashboard. Once was all it needed. Later, Charlie chastised herself for failing to notice Alicia's Time of Death, although there was little she could have been able to do.

    Charlie took up photography after Alicia's death, a method of coping, and turned to reading instead of socializing. Her grades never faltered or dropped from straight A's, but she started to become depressed and dark, even though she still appeared the bright, happy person as before. When she graduated high school at eighteen, she immediately began classes at MU, majoring in Journalism and minoring in Literature, taking up several part time jobs to pass the time.

    Current Time of Death: 22995d 5h 3m 36s (63 years)
    Current Soul Mate Timer: 0d 0h 0m 0s
    Other: Has a pet cat with dark, fluffy gray fur named Smokes


    Name: Brooklyn Frazier
    Nickname: Bryn
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female | Bisexual
    Year/Degree: First year postgrad
    Major: Biochemistry | Genetics (focus on Engineering)
    Minor: Biomedical Engineering
    Occupation: Bartender at Rhythm and Brews, working night shifts

    Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
    Weight: 140 lb (63 kg)

    Bryn is a girl average in most ways possible, with skin of a moderate tone, often with a blemish here and there, no above-or-below average height, and common chocolate-brown hair (although it is a little oddly died with a long crimson streak on the left side). Her skin is a slightly more olive-toned, reminiscent of faint Greek and Italian heritage, and she has unusual dark gray eyes framed by short lashes and covered in a black-rimmed pair of glasses that she only sometimes wears. She keeps her hair in loose curls or simply straight around her shoulders, and wears minimal make-up, believing it an 'annoying extravagance'. Her body is fit and curved in all the right places, although still shows out as nothing incredibly exceptional, or anything incredibly plain.

    Bryn, smart girl that she is, dresses simply and well mannered, often in single-colored shirts or blouses, jeans, and slacks, however she is not one to pass up a pretty dress and heels on a night out. She has her stock of formal clothing that she won't hesitate to wear when needed, and her stash of party clothes accumulated from a few years of girl-shopping and money-sprees. She tends to wear darker colors, blacks, purples, blues, and reds.

    Outer Personality:
    To the general public, Bryn is a bit of a crazy college girl. She takes her work incredibly seriously, and works diligently and proudly, but she still has room for fun and excitement in her life- even while managing to maintain some of the best grades possible. She's very down to earth and modern, living as a minimalist (except when it comes to clothing and books!) and a realist (or, perhaps a pessimist). She is easily angered and set off, and can be quite violent when she is, but friends and close ones can restrain her quite easily. That said, she also is one to hold grudges for incredibly lengths of time, and is incredibly defensive. Despite all that, she prefers to be a generally happy, easygoing kid, with her life going to bright horizons and her choices made carefree.

    Inner Personality:
    The side of Bryn that she shows nobody is riddled with confusion. With a nasty habit of getting herself into big, sticky messes, Bryn often conflicts with the part of her that wants to be a knowing scholar, and the part that wishes to live in downtown Miami for the rest of her life. The words of her parents are a mantra that have clung to her thoughts for years, always imposing on her life and her choices, often in negative, menacing ways. It's a thing not let go of easily.


    -Parties (particularly college ones)
    -Clothing and shopping
    -Books of the scholarly, educational type
    -Flirting (to a degree)
    -Complete tomfoolery

    -Common drunks
    -Airplanes and heights
    -Spiders. Insects.
    -The color yellow
    -Black coffee


    Brief History:
    Bryn grew up in Small Town in The Middle of Nowhere in a family home where practically her entire family (two aunts, three uncles, mother, father, five brothers, three younger sisters, two sets of grandparents, a great grandparent, and seven assorted cousins) either lived in, or spent most of their time at. There was no privacy to be found, not even in the bathroom ("There is a LOCK on the DOOR because I DON'T WANT YOU TO COME IN!" "So? I picked it.") or at night, in bed. It was loud, noisy, and most things were shared and reused, even though the family was considerably middle class and wealthy. Half of the children were home schooled, up until Bryn was the equivalent of a seventh grader in age, when they were all dumped into nearby (shoddy) public education. Bryn was eligible to skip a grade entirely, but her mother, not wanting her to miss out on making connections with her peers, forced her to remain in seventh.

    It wasn't until highschool that she began to experiment with drugs, alcohol, and things associated, although always in moderation, and always safely. It is funny to say, but she really was smart about it, and her parents sort of let her do it. She never OD'ed, or had terrible hangovers, or missed class or anything of the sort. She was responsible, strangely so. She would sometimes ditch class early, or climb out her window in the middle of the night to drive miles away to the nearest house party, but never got in serious, life altering trouble. When she got to the age of eighteen, she quickly snapped up the offer to go to Merth University, and bought an apartment in the city for summer stays (as the alternative was returning home).

    Current Time of Death: 8760d 23h 12m 47s (24 years)
    Current Soul Mate Timer: 61d 2h 7s
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  2. Josephina Lorraine Anderson


    Nickname: Joe, Joey, Lora, Anderson
    Age: Twenty-three (23) | July 6th
    Gender and Preference: Female | Bisexual

    College Logistics
    Year/Degree: Senior Year | Undergraduate | Merth University | Criminology/Criminalistics and Criminal Science
    Major(s): Physiology & Anatomy | Forensic Science and Technology
    Minor(s): Philosophy | Sociology & Psychology
    Occupation: To keep herself a float in her little apartment, Joe currently works part-time at the coffeeshop downtown, Starry Skies. Her other job is part-time at the local police station as a forensic science techie/intern. She currently gets coffee and paperwork for her higher-ups, but sometimes she's brought upon cases.

    Appearance Logistics
    Height: 173m (5ft. 8in.)
    Weight: 55kg (121lbs)
    Hair: Dirty Blonde
    Eyes: Azure
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Joe is quite tall with a figure that suggests she constantly keeps herself in shape for the greater good. Her honey-hay locks are usually unkept and loose, cascading in a way that resembles the enclave of a poor bird. Her face can be described as oval shaped with soft cheek bones and lines that form between her eyebrows when she's confused, basically she's practically mastered the are-you-shitting-me face. At times her expression seems puzzled and this is an indication she's planning thoroughly and you should watch out. Her adventures outdoors has tanned her skinned very lightly and her hair has brightened beneath the sun's rays as of late. She is more of a night-owl really so dark circles have formed under her eyes, but please don't point them out-- you'll anger the lioness.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Personality Traits
    (+) Willful; having or showing a stubborn and determined intention to do as one wants, regardless of the consequences or effects. Joe is known for her smart mouth and thick skull. She isn't afraid to (physically and metaphorically) stand up to someone and argue until her face turns blue. It's hard for her to accept she is wrong in the most dire times.
    (+) Humorous; causing lighthearted laughter and amusement. Joe loves to try and lighten a dark mood by simply throwing out bad jokes or using puns to make her comrades smile. In her mind anything can be fixed with a quick laugh, even if she is lying in a ditch half dead.
    (+) Gut Instincts; the fact or quality of possessing innate behavior patterns. Joe has always had an acute sense when it comes to bad decisions, bad situations, or bad people. Usually, she will listen to her gut no matter what. The few times she hash't have been a complete wake up call for her.
    (+) Empathetic; the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Joe may seem like a tough cookie on the outside, but on the inside, like every human-being, she has feelings and problems. These two factors help her connect to others with similar emotions or issues. She is great at giving advice, but won't open her mouth to distribute some unless asked to. She is aware that some people just need to vent and that is that.
    (+) Strong Silent-Type; used to describe a person who is usually quiet and quite tough. Joe has been through some hard times so she keeps to herself most of the time. Despite everything, she is a very inside type of person, but nonetheless very strong emotionally and mentally. This is probably the reason she connects to people so well and harbors a deep set of instincts to the environment and it's people.
    (-) Easily Embarrassed; intense discomfort with oneself, experienced upon having a socially unacceptable act or condition witnessed by or revealed to others. Joe is known to be picked out from the group because of her silence and this sort of "calling-out-embarassment" makes her red in the face and watery in the eyes. She usually lashes out with anger to protect her pride.
    (-) Open Book; a person or thing that is easily understood or interpreted. When Joe is upset someone can usually tell exactly what is wrong. She feels so strongly that her emotions shine through like the sun. This usually leads to embarrassment and then lashing out.
    (-) Poor Leader; a person in a leadership role that lacks the necessary skill, ability, and overall qualties to effectively lead. Unfortunately, none of the traits Joe portrays add up to an effective leader. She is completely irresponsible when looking after others (even if they are a good friend) and she is known to just rush into battle without a proper plan.
    (-) Deceitful; guilty of or involving lies; deceiving or misleading others. Joe has been screwed over more times than she can count on her hands and feet. She has learned that anything and everything will be used against you in this world and she will not take such treatment anymore. Joe keeps her life to herself as well as any secrets of the world she hinders. Most people can see she is lying though.
    (-) Wrath; an excessive emotion based off of anger that involves a strong, violent, uncomfortable and emotional response to a perceived provocation. When provoked Joe will address the matter in front of whomever she pleases and when provoked continuously she is not afraid to put her foot down, hard, and in your face. Little habits that people do can tickle beneath her skin and this can push her off the deep end as well. This emotion is rarely shown despite accusations.

    Movies. Joe is a huge movie geek whether it be the black&white films, new age films, romantic comedies, dark humor, or anything. She really admires someone who is willing to just hang around and watch a movie with her.
    TV Shows. Joe has a fixation on all the sweet ass medical shows, TV dramas, soap operas, and fictional series. Her best friend is probably Netflix.
    Writing. Joe is currently in the middle of some sci-fi, medical, drama book, but unfortunately her interest in it has been depleting as of late. Instead she tries to write little poems to keep her spirits up as well as others.
    Magic. Despite her age, Joe is all about Disney as well as the Harry Potter series. In general, she believes there is magic and fortune hidden around every corner and can be grasped by anyone.

    Coffee! Working as a barista may have just fried her brain because Joe cannot get anything done without a cup of JOE in her stomach (ba-dum-tssss).

    Repeating Herself. Joe does not have a short temper whatsoever, but if you continuously ask her to repeat a sentence or continuously ask her for something... Then she may just blow a fuse.
    Early Mornings. Joe is an adamant night owl and trying to wake her up in the morning is quite the hassle. This is the main reason why she keeps her courses in the middle of the day and not at 6am.

    Journals. In her younger years, Joe was never very good at art, but she did have a passion for poems and creating inspirational sayings for herself and others. This passion has begun to fill up hundreds of moleskin journals that litter her apartment. They follow her mostly through high school and these past three years in college.
    Veterinary Clinic. Her senior year of high school was filled with trying to figure out what she wanted to do in life. Back then she was sure she wanted to pursue a career in medicine so she began to volunteer at the vet clinic. She fed animals, adopted them out, helped euthanize them, and even did a few stitch jobs. When she got into college her majors were picked out and the coffeeshop job sprang up. She stopped volunteering at the clinic, but sometimes she visits.

    Brief History
    Josephina was born to a pair of hard-working and loving parents. She was actually born here at Merth Hospital, but once she turned two her father had gotten an opportunity to open up his own Law Firm and being the workaholic he was, he packed up the little family and moved them thousands of miles away. At five years old, Joe's parents had another child, a baby boy named Allen. He was the light of Joe's life when he finally came into the world, but it was hard for her to understand why her parent's were so finicky about his health. After awhile Joe was unable to even see him anymore. Remembering her younger years is a bit difficult for Joe. Her family was once so happy and bright; going out to picnics on the weekend, visiting the faire when it came to town, and giving Joe all the attention she required, despite her parent's busy schedules. And then they were plagued by the death of baby Allen. Josephina would never be able to fully comprehend what happened to her brother until she was sixteen, but that didn't stop her from falling into the darkness that also surrounded her parents. Kindergarten through third grade were the years where her family fell apart and the effects began to bury themselves into a little girl.

    Her parent's fought constantly, blaming themselves and one another for not being able to save Allen. Her father simply became an alcoholic at this point. Her mother stopped going to the Hospital where she worked and instead locked herself in her room day in and day out. When the two were able to finally get out of bed they never even glanced at Josephina and when the two collided-- it was like the whole house was going to explode. Joe taught herself how to keep herself healthy, but not happy. Being so young, the things her parents were doing did not register in her brain correctly. They may have been there in the house, but she felt abandoned and alone. When Joe was eight her teacher decided to intervene and call Child Protective Services. The next two years in foster care may have been exactly what Joe needed to let the dark cloud of her parents go. She was adopted out at ten to a young couple who were unable to have kids of their own. And as Joe would say, "The rest is history." She grew up loved and supported. She began to talk again and go out to the park with kids her age instead of being locked up inside on sunny days.

    The couple that adopted her knew all of her past and what had happened so they decided to sit her down at sixteen and explain that baby Allen had not been blessed with either timer. He was born deathly sick and pale, but the doctors had no idea how to help since his death timer was just not there. They tried their hardest to get him back on track, but without a timer to guide them the doctors didn't know what else to do. They were running out of medicine and ideas. The baby died in the middle of the night. Joe thought about and continues to think about this story until this day. It may even be the reason why she's so bitter towards the two broken timers on her wrists. She understands now that despite what everyone says, these timers are a death sentence in itself and probably never planned to give you what you want. They were there to mock you and berate you until you changed your whole lifestyle just to meet "the one" or give yourself a few extra years to live.

    The story sort of helped her through high school. She wanted to get into the medical pathway, but going straight to college after eighteen had opened up her mind completely. Who knew there were so many majors?! Her past slipped away in the fog and the story of Allen seemed to drive her towards her goal. And now we fast-forward into the present.

    Current Time of Death
    33,200d 24h 15m 02s (90 years)
    Even though it is so high it fluctuates on a daily basis (10 days to 50,000 days)-- when sick, on the road, in the coffeeshop-- Joe believes hers may be broken or something.

    Current Soul Mate Timer
    55,000d 24h 15m 02s (150.5 years)
    It's sad to know that if her Time of Death is correct, she may never be able to meet her Soul Mate.
    Other: Since her timers are so messed up, Joe buries herself in her studies and her jobs. She stays away from dates simply because everyone is searching for their Soul Mates and not a coping girl like herself.

    Adamo Bueschem Gagliardi


    Nickname: Adam, Bear, Ted
    Age: Twenty-six (26) | December 18
    Gender and Preference: Male | Heterosexual

    College Logistics
    Year/Degree: Graduate | Merth University | Cinematography and Film/Video Production
    Major(s): Photography | Documentary Productions
    Minor(s): Culinary Science/Culinology | Baking and Pastry Arts/Baker/Pastry Chef
    Occupation: Works from home technically; either taking photographs around Merth to sell at local auctions or taking requests from people to create Film shorts or other things of relevance. Currently, he is working on a huge project for a Hollywood company that may or may not air in their movie.

    Appearance Logistics
    Height: 185cm (6ft. 1in.)
    Weight: 82kg (180lbs)
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Ethnicity: Italian/Caucasian
    Adamo is almost built like the god Ares himself. His own personal training has bulked up his muscles tremendously. His skin is a dark olive tone (thanks to his Italian genes) and does not really darken even when he is outside for a long period of time. His brown hair is always kept short and it is never really styled in any way. The top half of his face is almost square shape and then it morphs town into an upside down triangle. He has a strong jaw, which usually twitches when his anger is too much to contain. Lines on his forehead show when his facial expressions shift and his lips are always formed into a conniving grin. He is viewed as a masculine soldier: his resilience, physical strength, and film intelligence are unrivaled unless he hasn't gotten his nine plus hours of sleep.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Personality Traits
    (+) White-lies; deception, beguilement, deceit, bluff, mystification and subterfuge are acts to propagate beliefs of things that are not true, or not the whole truth (as in half-truths or omission). Adamo doesn't use this trait very often, but when he does he could probably win an Oscar Award each and every time. These are called white-lies simply because Adamo tries to be a good man regardless of what people may think. He isn't not untrustworthy, but he sometimes does need to either get people off his back or create some extra time for himself.
    (+) Determination; a firmness of purpose or resoluteness. Ultimately, Adamo will not back down until he has won, no matter what sort of situation he has gotten himself into. This determination can also be classified as pro-procrastination when he is in dire need of an all-nighter to get some crucial work done.
    (+) Fearlessness/Readiness; the lack of fear/ willingness to do something. Adamo gets himself into the most dangerous situations, but with the aid of his other personalities he can usually get out of anything plus get some of the action before he goes. This can also be written down as a negative trait, but when any of his psychologists bring it up Adamo just brushes it off with a few unkind words.
    (+) Teddy Bear; a soft toy bear. Underneath it all, Adamo can be the sweetest guy you'll ever get to know. He may not be able to take your constant complaining or blabbing, but if you are feeling down he wouldn't mind whipping up a few eclairs for you to munch on or sitting you in front of the TV for a marathon of his favorite films.
    (-) Impulsive; acting or doing without forethought, which gets him into the situations where fearlessness and determination aid him. Looking at the big picture though, Adamo could have avoided any means of conflict if his impulsiveness had not taken over. This is usually shown when he is under a lot of pressure or hasn't gotten enough sleep/ time to think. If he would have sat down and mulled over his own issues before jumping to conclusions he wouldn't get into any messes.
    (-) Unfiltered; being unable to filter your words or thoughts before expressing them. Adamo is well known for his potty mouth and he doesn't care at all. Cursing and/or crude jokes just doesn't enforce a negative reaction from Adamo, but it does turn the heads of those around him, which is the main reason he does it in the first place.
    (-) Disregard of consequences; an act of proceeding to do something with a conscious awareness of danger, while ignoring any potential consequences of doing so. Adamo pays no attention to what the outcomes may be when he creates a scene or gets impulsive. It is unknown if he blatantly ignores the dangers and consequences or if he is honestly unaware of the outcome of his actions. This usually gets him into more trouble than is worth.
    (-) Incitation; to encourage or stir up unlawful behavior. Adamo loves to encourage violence. He feeds off of that sort of attention. In the past he has in fact incited loyal friends to do illicit deeds and vice versa.
    (-) Smoking; an act of smoking tobacco. Adamo took up this habit when he was a rebellious teen after his parent's disappearance. Despite all actions of quitting, he simply cannot break this disgusting foible.

    Movies. Majoring in Cinematography has really given light to how films are created and how to create films with a simple idea. During college, Adamo bought every popular movie ever made and studied them until dawn. This usually equalled a day of grumpiness and twenty visits to the coffeeshop.
    Cooking. Adamo actually finds solace in standing in the kitchen with an array of ingredients around him and a cookbook in his hands. It's probably one of the few things he remembers, and enjoys, from his childhood that has followed him into adulthood.
    Working-out. Hitting the gym every once and awhile is Adamo's way of trying to either subside negative feelings or think of his next project. Standing there with all the power in his hands alongside other men and women that feel the same... It just calms him. His been a member at The Spartans gym for over three years, before that he worked out in his living room.

    People. Unfortunately, this teddy bear cannot possibly sit through a long interaction with a group of friends or even strangers. It's too hard for him to hold his tongue when somebody can't find their brain.
    Temperature. Living in Italy for most of his life, Adamo had gotten used to the warm summers and moderate springs. Moving to America completely turned him into the Grinch when it came October/November/December. Don't think he doesn't like Christmas though-- he can make a mean gingerbread cake.
    Sleeping. In truth, this burly teddy bear believes that the night time hours should be the hours when you are most willing to do work and think. He is known for overusing sleeping medication though and should be cautioned afterwards.

    Cooking, making a mess, working-out in the gym, and watching movies until he's begging for a cup of caffeine in the morning.

    Brief History
    Adamo was born and raised in Florence, Italy until he was seventeen years old. He had a very peaceful life before then. He did well in school, rarely got into any trouble unless it was making his mama mad, and he was known for the delicious cherry pies he helped her make. He was a normal kid with a normal sister and a normal set of loving parents. Eventually though, his parents grew old and tired of their homeland and demanded adventure! So they booked a two way ticket to New York, New York and left Adamo in the care of his twenty-two year old sister, Giovanna. It was a bit upsetting to not being able to join them, but him and his sister learned to understand that their parents just needed some time away. They weren't really going to move from their home in Italy because their parent's would return with scowls on their faces. Americans just weren't like them.

    Oh how wrong they were... The small commercial flight their parents had boarded flew through an undocumented thunderstorm (which meant it had not been picked up on the radar) and lightning struck the tail. It spiraled towards the North Atlantic ocean's surface and was never discovered. The coastguard and authorities claimed that everyone on the flight had perished as soon as they hit the water. When the news came back to Adamo and his sister, the poor adolescent couldn't suppress the feeling that this was all his fault. If only he asked them to stay for his fútbal game the next day; if only he pointed out to his parents that a family trip would be funner in the summer; if only... if only... Adamo spiraled downward into his own dark ocean. He became increasing rebellious-- skipping school, failing classes, vandalism, graffiti, violent misconduct, if you name it he's probably done it.

    Two years later, on the anniversary of his parent's disappearance, Adamo and a few pals decided to hit the streets and cause a little mayhem. They had been drinking wine and smoking smuggled drugs all night long. On the road, a dear came out of the fog in front of Adamo as he was driving and they swerved into the nearest light post. Adamo had no money to buy a good working car so his little beater took quite the beating as well as did some beating to it's passengers. The teens all got out of there alive, miraculously, but Adamo hit his frontal lobe so hard into the steering wheel that it jogged his entire brain.

    He was put into a coma to bring the swelling down and when he awoke two months later... All of his memories from his fifth grade year to the crash, were erased. Giovanna then decided it was time to leave Italy and really move to the States. She had been saving money ever since her parents died and when Adamo was able to be dispatched from the hospital they immediately began packing. The found a place here in Merth and that is where he's been since. Giovanna find her Soul Mate and moved to the next town over to be closer to him, but Adamo was completely okay with staying in town and finishing his college degree. His memories have not returned and his sister finds this as a blessing from God. Adamo feels like something vital was ripped away.

    Current Time of Death
    16,500d 24h 15m 02s (45 years)
    Adamo actually laughs at his Death Timer on a daily basis. He makes up jokes when friends point it out and cheers up his sister when she brings up the fact that she will outlive him. Adamo simply smiles at his sister and pals, claiming: "Maybe it's time I laid off the fags and protein shakes ey?"

    Current Soul Mate Timer
    0000d 00h 00m 60s (1 minute)
    It's increasingly frustrating to look down at your wrist to see that there is less than a minute left until you meet your Soul Mate, but find out that it just continues to loop and loop and loop without you ever figuring out if it was the red-head in the park or the brunette in the grocery store. Ever since the car crash, his Soul Mate Timer has been utterly destroyed. Adamo has tried to cover it up with gauze or bandages, but that just seems to bring more attention to it than he wants. His sister thinks his timer forgot who it was meant to match up with just like Adamo forgot his memories. It's a silly notion really...
    Other: Adamo can usually be found all around town with a little notebook crushed in his pocket. This notebook is filled with new recipes to try, new movies to watch, and new ideas for his documentary.

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  3. ~:Name:~
    Marshall Leeroy



    ~:Sexual Pref:~
    *shrugs* "I'll have what I can get"
    (translation: Doesn't give a damn)

    Junior || undergraduate

    Instrumental/Vocal Pedagogy & Creative Writing

    Currently part of a band called LightHouse that plays regular gigs at a coffeeshop, Starry Skies.
    ||Lead Vocals & Guitarist||



    Marshall can be described as having a slim body, an average height, black hair, and light pale skin. He is usually seen wearing a red plaid shirt with gray stripes (sleeves are rolled up to his elbows or just a few inches below), dark blue jeans with turn-ups and brownish-red and white sneakers (converse brand). His eye color is a bright and odd mix of green with purple tints. His hair appears often messy and what one could describe as 'bed head'. A tattoo of birds seemingly taking flight can be seen on the left side of his neck starting just an inch above his collarbone. When the weather doesn't agree particularly with him he exchanges his plaid shirt for a deep burgundy colored sweater with a black scarf for good measure. On more random occasions he wears a dark grey beanie with large black glasses.

    At times it can seem that nothing can phase Marshall, whether its his timer plummeting down to a mere three minutes or a high pitched screaming face that popped up on his computer as a practical joke. In fact nothing really bothers him unless it bothers his friends or someone he has close relations to. Sometimes it can seem as if he's too detached or uncaring.
    ||Laid Back||
    His basic philosophy in life is "If theres nothing to worry about then don't worry about it". Pretty straightforward and to the point.
    The LightHouse band members constantly poke fun at him for that one time when they accidentally walked in on him cleaning his apartment. Complete with an apron and yellow cleaning gloves. That and the fact that apparently folding your own underwear and ironing your clothes is 'hilarious'.
    ||Playfully Blunt||
    Marshall doesn't really seem the type at times but he can be extremely playful. Its like he knows what makes others tick and uses that to his advantage. When he feels like making someone uncomfortable he'll do just that but not without a good enough reason of course. Its a bit strange because he is also a naturally blunt person. This often confuses people as he may say something along the lines of "I hate vanilla ice cream" and still attempt to take a quick lick from your cone.
    Pretty sure it was passed down by his parents but this guy is either extremely persistent on getting his work done or has an unlimited supply of coffee. It can be anything to writing a new song, finishing a twenty page essay, or even reading a captivating book. Marshall would stay up day in and day out to finish his task. Its seriously bad for his already less than stable health. His friends have always been concerned about him but ever since he lost two years on his clock after passing out during exams (studying all night), they've taken the liberty of crashing at place every time it would seem that there would be a repeat of that incident.
    Now this only really applies to his health as he is a perfectionist after all.
    What can I say, the guy has a way with words~

    ||Music and Vocals||
    At a young age, Marshall excelled in instruments and even penned down a concerto when he was at the tender age of 12. Its hidden under piles of other lyrics and composition work he has also written over the years.

    ||Natural virtuoso||
    So he either spends his time playing different instruments or just 'jamming out'

    Marshall doesn't really seem like the type to read but he can go through a novel in less than half a day.

    He actually considered in majoring in it once upon a time but his mother wasn't exactly accepting to the idea.

    Astronomy was also one of his major preferences.

    Unknown to most but he aspires to write his own book and even become an author (at the same time he also wants to branch out in the music career).

    ~:Brief History:~
    To put it simply, Marshall was born in a wealthy family with high expectations as the only 'heir' to a prospering multi-billion industry/company. His father passed shortly after his birth from a blood disorder (polycythemia vera) that he unfortunately passed onto his son. He was left in the care of his mother who left him in the care of a nanny as she had to fully invest her time in the businesses of the company with her husband gone. She encouraged Marshall in one day taking her place as the Corp. President with tight schedules and constrained teachings. He was basically being told what to do every minute of everyday. His 'condition' (blood disorder) made things even worse as he was strictly prohibited in taking part in any physical activities as precaution. Eventually, like any high strug teenager, he couldn't put up with all the rules and pressure seemingly stacked onto him throughout his whole childhood and left (not really running away as he informed his mother of his departure and left with or without her consent at the age of 18). Marshall and his mother reconciled however in the later months and have formed a more or less steady relationship after his birthday (when he turned 19).

    How he came to be in a band started out in a music carnival where he met Leo (drummer), Finch (keyboard), and Joe (electric guitar). They spent some time together on a random road trip through the U.S. and bonded over their love of music.​

    ~:Current Time of Death:~
    Keeps changing everytime he gains an injury or catches a fever.

    ~:Current Soul Mate Timer:~
    I'll just leave this up to the how the story progresses of if anyone would like to volunteer ;p

    He has an obsession with the color red.
    Treasures above all else a certain childhood item (going to have to RP it if you're curious).
    Windowless rooms freak him out, no matter how big they are.​
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  4. Bullet points is fine, as long as they go in-depth more than just single words.
  5. Name: Izabela Sadowski

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female

    Year/Degree: Senior/Master

    Major: Fine Arts (specifically playwriting and acting)

    Occupation: Learning Resources Assistant

    Appearance: I'm going to use this as reference to building a paragraph. She has a very dark brown, like chocolate copper hair shade, and beautiful brown eyes. Her hair reaches her shoulder blade when down and is also quite thick and silky. Izabela's skin tone is olive and her body shape is an hourglass. She has highly arched eyebrows and natural lips. In according to that, Izabela also has an oval-shaped face with no distinguishing features.As seen in the picture, Izabela's ears are pierced. Her other piercings are one on her left helix and one on her upper belly button. Izabela also has a tattoo on her lower back.

    Personality: Izabela is a protector. Her model of living is focused internally and she trusts her intuition more than any other intuition. She sticks to things until they are done and isn't one to revel in accomplishments. She is allocentric, putting others before her, extremely concerned and possibly seen as a little clingy, although that isn't her intention to do so. She is very systematic and punctual, as well as stubborn and a perfectionist. Izabela is rarely at peace with herself, but is very devoted, patient, and a natural nurturer.

    Brief History: Izabela was born in Poland to a German father and Italian-American mother. She moved to Merth at eight years and continued her education there, earning a scholarship in fifth grade and becoming eligible for a collegiate charter school when she was in 10th grade. Since she got a headstart on college, she found herself becoming quite devoted to her inner passions of acting and writing plays. When she graduated from Merth Community College with an associate's degree, she continued her career path to Merth University, majoring in Fine Arts, as well as minoring in composition and stringed instruments. It is her last year now as a senior and she's giving it her all to get her master's degree in fine arts.

    Current Time of Death: 22279.8 days 16 hours 8 minutes 36 seconds (61 years)

    Current Soul Mate Timer: 1095.73 days 16 hours 8 minutes 36 seconds (Three years)

    Other: Izabela is a polyglot, able to speak Polish, German, Italian fluently. Currently, she is improving her English and learning French. She has a double minor in composition and stringed instruments.
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  7. That's better than what I'll have by tomorrow.
  8. Good luck to both of you then~ Going to re-edit mine a bit so it doesn't look messy ^^; (and add in my personality already xP) And pretty sure you guys will have a great character up and running (Oh and a bit of random advice. Did you know you are more creative when tired? Apparently your brain is less focused and more inclined to randomly shift between ideas. Ever wonder why people suddenly get bursts of inspiration when they're taking a shower? ;p)
  9. Because I sing. That's why I get random bursts of inspiration.
  10. I always do most of my writing when I'm tired. But for some reason I'm so out of it today X_X Probably because I've got this darned English project. It's just a debate but our teacher is making us do lots of other work and stuff for it
  11. In the shower? Then you and I have something in common xD (sometimes I just put on the radio though since I don't want anyone going deaf when they pass the bathroom ^^;)

    Oooh tell me about it. I have a writing limit per day and when it has been reached it HAS BEEN REACHED xD (basically means my brain will refuse to build any coherent sentences, much less a good chara sheet ^^;). Hope you get past the trial of English HW unscathe fellow student.
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  13. Thanks XD

    I've never really sang in the shower before but I always get good ideas while I'm showering. Kinda weird
  14. And 'weird' pretty much describes the human brain ;p I just realized I completely passed out before re-editing my character -_-; Oh and before I forget anything else, Good morning ^^ (assuming its morning over there xP)
  15. Good morning!
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  16. I changed the reference picture! Are images allowed as long as we have a paragraph of text, Jay?
  17. Yes. All images are okay, just make sure you've got some text alongside it
  18. Name: Jack Marsicano

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male, Heterosexual.

    Year/Degree: Second year as a postgrad at MU

    Major: Musicology (specifically composition and practical application)

    Occupation: Bassist in a band at the jazz club Rhythm & Brews, making about $30 an hour.


    Jack keeps himself clean and trim, making sure to keep his beard in a perpetual five-o'-clock shadow and his raven hair mid-length and combed, his gray eyes peering out from underneath it. The rest of his olive-skinned body is relatively clean, free of dirt or zits (aside from the few scars from those he had in the past hidden under his hair or clothing). The only marks he bears, and bears with pride, are the multiple calluses on his hands formed as a result of his constant playing of the bass. A typical outfit for him involves any of a number of dark-colored t-shirts, most with some sort of message to them (a favorite) combined with jeans or shorts, and maybe a jacket (sometimes because it's cold, and other times because he wants to).

    Personality: Having come to terms with his defined mortality, Jack has found that he can live life to the fullest with little actual risk (if the timer goes down dramatically, he backs away. If it stays the same, consider the challenge accepted), and as such has developed a carefree and reckless mindset. And around most of his bandmates and friends (essentially they are the same thing), he is quite amiable, rarely gets angry, and almost always remembers to say hello to his neighbor in the morning. In general, he is a very musical person, memorizing a number of different songs from a number of different genres (he hums "Lux Aeterna" when he showers every morning, and sings Kanye West's "Stronger" when he is preparing for an act at Rhythm & Brews), singing whatever relates to the mood he is in at the time. Deeper down, however, Jack hides deeply rooted issues involving his life, or more specifically the pointlessness and futility of it, mostly revolving around how he has done nothing with it and remains extremely unhappy.

    Brief History: From the start of his life, Jack was a city boy. More specifically, a street rat. He was born in the backseat of a stolen hummer, lived for four long years in a shack in the slums, and for the next six was rotating through foster care after his biological parents were arrested for possession of illegal marijuana. At the age of eleven, a year after being adopted by a nice couple of newlyweds, he was thrown into a middle school with little background education. With some help and sheer determination, Jack managed to exceed the expectations of most of his teachers, passing middle school with honors and completing his secondary education with few bumps. He himself contributes this success to the introduction of music into his life, which inspired him to do greater things with his life. Upon finishing high school, he entered the Liberal Arts College at Merth University. The first four years were what he considers the best he would ever live through: He met Cassandra Finchley, his current girlfriend; He got his job at Rhythm & Brews, meeting his closest friends and bandmates; and he enrolled in what he considers one of the best musical programs of his life. His first graduate year, however, was what started to tear him apart. His parents, on parole for an assault charge, arrived at his dorm, asking for money. After about an hour of talking with them and threatening to call the police, Jack really began to think about his life and what it could possibly hold. Despite doing his best to swallow his doubts, Jack's mood darkened. His job was on the line for a time when he stopped showing up to work, his relationship was strained by his refusal to interact with Cassandra, and his grades dropped dramatically. It took another year to cover up his issues and get his act together, at which point he moved off campus and legally changed his name to that of his biological parents. The exact reason was never explained. At this point, we arrive at the present.

    Current Time of Death: 9,675d, 21h, 7s. (Roughly 26 years)

    Current Soul Mate Timer: 112d, 8h, 1s.

    As with all timers, they fluctuate according to situations. In most places, it remains at these times.

    • Jack pays little heed to the timers, mainly because he believes his Soul Mate timer is extremely inaccurate. After all, he is in a happy relationship with Cassandra, and hers already hit zero.
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  19. Well, there you have it. I'm terrible at these things. And to think I made the universe in one fart...
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