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  1. Heaven help us now
    Come crashing down
    We'll hear the sound
    As you're falling down

    The world ended at 6.19pm on the 25th of November, 2021.

    Well, maybe that's a little dramatic, but that's what it felt like to most people. The complete failure of the global economy, hundreds of millions out of work, billions in poverty. The rise of extremists of all creeds and religions, of gangs and militias, the pimps and the arms dealers. The rising tensions between east and west came to a head, and the first of bombs began dropping on that exact time and date.

    We can't speak for what happened to the rest of the world after the bombs stopped dropping. Communications were easier to destroy that we had dared think. And with crippling power shortages, those lucky enough to still have electronics had them commandeered by local government or simply couldn't power them up again. Radio became quiet; occasionally we here snatches from nearby, or from the occasional passer-by, but after that, nothing.

    Lost the battle, win the war
    I'm bringing my sinking ship back to the shore
    We're starting over, or head back in
    There's a time and a place to die but this ain't it

    It didn't take long for chaos to erupt across the city. There simply wasn't enough living members of the police force to deal with the anarchy, and any that tried were swiftly dealt with by the gangs now growing in power. With badly damaged infrastructure, power and petrol shortages, law and order soon added their names to the list of the fallen. For several years, gangland war ruled the city, and quite simply, it wasn't a good idea to try and leave.

    Some called it a blessing. Others called it Darwinism in action. Dozens of small gangs were soon narrowed down into four; the Sinners, the Jokers, the Angels and the Choir. Each one as violent, power-hungry and unpredictable as the other.
    They came to a sudden stalemate in terms of gaining ground, and they soon found their members as sharp, cunning and outright crazy as each other. The Angels approached the Choir with a deal. The Jokers and the Sinners were soon included, and a terse cease fire was arranged.

    We're driving fast in my car
    We've got our riot gear on but we just want to have fun
    No were not looking for violence, no oh oh
    Tonight we want to have fun

    A normal life of sorts formed slowly but surely in the now tumbledown city who's name has been long forgotten. There are markets throughout the week offering produce and products to all allegiances in all parts of town. There are schools to attend if you want a profession, or just read and write. There's even a radio station, originally used to spread Choir propaganda but now plays music and is a primary form of entertainment for most people.
    The truce has been in place for almost five years, but many people remain wary of those with ties to other gangs, or even those who remain in charge of them. It is still standard practice to carry at least one weapon at all times.

    On this delicate knife edge, your reality hangs. Today however, the merciless slaughter of a senior member of the Jokers threatens to bring all this crashing down...

      • Originally one gang with the Sinners, but they separated in a power struggle shortly after they became major players
      • Controls most of the north city, where a lot of industry remains. A power plant is still active here, along side other facilities.
      • There is no particular ethnicity to this group, although they have a high male to female ratio [80:20]
      • Subtly is lost on Angels. They are big, bold and brash, and don't usually have time to lay traps or to be cautious.

      Second in command:




      • Possibly the least bloody out of the remaining gangs. They prefer trying to find common ground, and after that snipers, suffocation and poison.
      • Control most of the east city. They used to control a radio station here, but their pride and joy is a semi-functioning military base
      • Consists mostly of those with a European ancestry, although they don't discriminate in their members.
      • A long standing rivalry exists between the Choir and the Jokers, and members have been slow to try and place that behind them.


      Second in command:




      • The smallest, but most unpredictable sect remaining.
      • Most famous for carrying knives to carve Chelsea smiles onto their victims faces - hence their names. Other than that, they have no preference in weaponry.
      • The majority of Jokers are either Caucasian or Hispanic.
      • The airs and graces of the Choir rubbed the Jokers up for many years, and trouble can brew between the two sides on occasion.
      • They control the southern territories of the city, with rumors that they have an old-world weapons stash there.

      Second in command:




      • Originally one gang with the Angels, but split after a tense power struggle.
      • Most famous for carrying shotguns, but their skill with any firearm is hard to match.
      • There is no particular ethnicity to this group, and reasonably equal gender ratio.
      • They have close ties with the Choir, who arguably their closest allies.
      • Control over the west side of the city, and have branched out far enough to have taken over some farmland close to the city borders.


      Second in command:




      • Please play nicely. No god-modding, over-powering characters, human or mutant, mary-sues, gary-drews, squabbling or just being downright rude. We're all grown ups here.
      • Please be literate. Spell check was invented for a reason, and it's damn well easy to use too. I have this tagged under the adept rating for a reason. If you can't be bothered to press the shift key or space bar, I can't be bothered to have you in my role play.
      • Augment your description with images if you want, but no pictures of celebrities or other well-known figures. Please also keep in mind the nature of this role-play; a rough around the edges character is realistically more likely to survive better than a pampered and preened one!
      • I want a good three to four paragraphs a post here. One or two liners will not be acceptable, use the OOC to plot more with others or use filler if you're really stuck. By forming plots and relationships with people, and being active in OOC you shouldn't get caught with writers block.
      • I will accept a reserve on a particular character / position if you so wish, but only for 24hrs.
      • I reserve the right to ask you to change your character.
      • Characters must be 17+ and preferably older. Characters under the age of twenty-three will be restricted. You may take more than one character, but they must be of the opposite gender. Or, if another player wishes to play a second character of the same gender as their first, you may pair up with them.
      • Weaponry hasn't evolved much past our current standards, so no laser/plasma based weaponry. Frankly, you'll be lucky to find a working handgun, so keep it mind that not everyone can carry around state of the art sniper rifles either.
      • I reserve the right to add rules as I see fit.
      • Have fun! :)

    • Name:





      Weapon of Choice:

      Gang Affiliation:

      Physical Description:


    • Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us
      For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic
      Our Lady Of Sorrows
      To The End
      Hang 'Em High
      Playing God
      It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish
      The Sharpest Lives
      Kill All Your Friends
      Heaven Help Us
      Fast In My Car
      Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back
      Life On Mars?
      I Know Where You Sleep
      Boy Division
      Surrender The Night
      Fight Like A Girl
      Desolation Row [My Chemical Romance Cover]

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  2. Hey Absinthe
    I just have a few questions pertaining to this RP of yours. First off, what is the significance of the playlist exactly? Secondly, do you have a particular modus operandi, I suppose you could call it, for each of the gangs? For example some only have contain a certain ethnicity among their ranks, or another doesn't use firearms. Basically I'm curious as to how they differ and if they don't why they aren't just a single institution? Thirdly is it a must to be affiliated with a gang? Fourth, what would the available positions be if one was affiliated to a gang? Leader, vice, grunt? Lastly I'd like to know if you have a role in mind for yourself, or are you just playing overseer?
  3. The playlist is for fun, there's no real significance to it.
    As for the gangs, I was hoping to post the profiles this evening but that is looking unlikely. I should have all those details regarding members and m.os up then.
    It would be difficult to not side with at least one side, but it's not a must.
    I will be taking a character, but also as an overseer too.
  4. Okay. This is just a place holder until then. Hope that's okay. Will be editing it with time :P

    Name: Marius Denning

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Member

    Orientation: Straight

    Weapon of Choice: Double-barrel Sawed-off Shotgun

    Gang Affiliation: Sinners

    Physical Description: A man of 6'0, Marius is of sturdy build. He is a muscular man of Caucasian descent, with dark brown hair (nearly black) and greenish eyes. He sports a full beard and mustache and is usually found wearing a baseball cap. His other clothes usually consist of a shirt and jeans, boots on his feet. These cover up the scars on his form, things that are common on the denizens of the world today. His most prominent scar is of buck shot that covers the most of the left side of his chest. He is generally considered an intimidating hunk of meat he might not be all he appears.

    Appearance (open)

    Biography: A boy, the son of a local shop owner, Marius grew up learning a lot about the gangs of the new world. They frequently visited the shop, threatening the customers and Marius' father alike. He watched how his father scraped by after having to pay for protection and damages. One day, around when he was around 16, he had enough of it. By then he had already become a large fellow with considerable muscle. He took up a baseball bat and charged a man, connecting the wood to the man's temple. The man fell and as Marius turned to face the another enemy, a shot went off.

    Years later, he stood as an initiate of the Sinners. He realized that those that are weak won't get anywhere in life. So he was going to become a part of one of the feared groups and he did. A member for a few years now, he proved proficient in firearms like most Sinners and was the go-to guy for intimidation.
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  5. My internet is gone completely so I'm adding in bits and pieces when I can. Rough gang profiles are up now.
  6. This seems quite interesting amd I like how you have put everything together. How many are you wanting to gather before an IC thread is started? I may be interested in joining this. Will have to think on it though.
  7. Name: Eric Jones III




    Orientation: Homosexual

    Weapon of Choice: A pistol or his machete

    Gang Affiliation: Jokers

    Physical Description: A tall black man of about 6'4 in height. His head is shaved on the sides, with only hair on top. He wears a pair of taped and cracked glasses. He had a wide nose and a scar from the side of his right nostril to the top of his lip from a knife fight.

    Biography: Eric is the grandson of the former leader of a gang called the Psyches. The Psyches would play mind games and intimidate their enemies. After his grandfather signed a truce that merged the Psyches into the Jokers, many Psyches left and kept their on sect going. Ever since he 'made the Psyches weak and merged' they had it in for him and his family. They eventually decided to join the Sinners. However, two years before the uneasy peace between the 4 gangs came, they shot and killed Eric's father and grandfather as they walked into a market. Already not in the best mental health, he deteriorated to psychopathic levels. Now, Eric feels a hatred towards the Sinners and is itching for war, and to carve some faces.
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  8. Name:
    Ruby Ellington





    Weapon of Choice:

    Gang Affiliation:
    The Choir

    Physical Description:
    Miss Ellington stands tall for a woman of her background, raised in the ashes of civilization, in both terms of height and general demeanor. Her shapely figure often masks her true levels of fitness and prowess in hand-to-hand combat to those who might not know any better. Her skin, a soft peach, is smooth and even, decorated with the occasional scar from her training as a child and one or two incidents during her more adult life. Her facial features are soft and pleasant, with full, pink lips and large brown eyes that might even be likened to those of a doe. Her hair, a chestnut brown, falls straight to her shoulders when loose, but is more commonly seen pinned up and out of the way. Over all she could pass as maybe an old-world school-teacher or perhaps a secretary to the most high-brow of the remaining factions. Going by physical appearances alone, Ruby Ellington is not the most intimidating of folk, but only a fool makes judgements based on the cover of a book.

  9. Name : Pax
    Real name : Rosaline Hanelore
    Age : 24yrs
    Gender : Female
    Occupation : Member
    Orientation : Straight
    Weapon of Choice : Knives, machete, anything sharp or pointed
    Gang Affiliation : The Jokers

    Physical Description : Pax stands at about 5'5" and weighs in around 117lbs. She has long, wild looking brown hair, and eyes that are nearly pure black with a cold look to them. Her skin is tanned from the sun and decorated with various scars.

    Biography : Pax is a crazy one, honestly. Though she grew up like most young girls in a world as messed up as this one, it seemed that she was meant to have it even more rough. Her family consisted of a mother in fearful denial, a father that loved booze and rough sex, and two brothers that were much like their father, with one of them having a thing for blood. And it was that brother that would make her the most crazed. Sure her father would fall upon her whilst her mother lay unconscious from the beating he had given her, but it was her brothers that made sure she felt just about everything evil thing a female could feel during sex. For years her father would beat and rape her, while her brothers watched and waited for when it was there turn. They never beat her, but the oldest was not afraid to make her bleed in other ways. But it did not matter who beat her or who raped her, over time the damage would be done...

    It was not till she was nineteen that Pax's mind would finally snap. Her brothers would enter her room in hopes of having their nightly taste, but this time would be different. As they approached her naked form, for she had learned to just sleep in the nude and wait for it to happen, Pax looked at them with a twisted smile. Pulling the knife she had hidden under her pillow, Pax stabbed both of them numerous times; spraying her body with their blood while laughing the whole time. Her father rushed into the room in a drunken state only to have her jump him and slit his throat wide open. Once finished with her bloody deed, Pax would get dressed, despite her body being covered in the blood of her family, and disappear into the harsh night.

    A couple of years would pass before Pax would find herself as a member of one of the craziest gangs around. But is such a thing really so bad? Not for someone like her. Not for a female who had killed her own father and brothers, changed her name, and found pleasure in killing others simply because it made her happy. Oh no. By joining up with the Jokers, she found herself in a place where she felt she could find a real family. One just as sick, demented, and twisted as she was.

    Pax's Appearance (open)

    Pax's usual attire (open)