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Question #1: If you won $2 million tomorrow, what are the first three things you think you would buy as soon as you had the check in hand?

Personally, I'd buy a house, a car, and a really big home entertainment system. Like fucking huge.
The first three things I would buy...Do you have to buy something?
I'd get the fuck out of Venezuela, travel the world, go to a Barca v. Real Merde match.
I'll uh...actually save it. o_o And use it to pay off my school loans.
A ticket to America, somewhere to live (probably just a fancy apartment, as 2 million isn't much when it comes to buying houses), and save the rest to buy supplies.
@Flare- 2 million will get you an amazing house, dude!

I'd get my friends and family out of dept, clean up their credit and such. Then Travel the world.
A private Italian instructor (I must learn more! >O!!), the best pair of boots I can get my hands on, and a plane ticket to New York City so that I can go searchin' for that pair of boots >.>.
1. Plane ticket for me, or for Vay...or both. Depends on where we want to be.
2. Look into a house. :/ Nothing big, fuck all the cleaning I'd have to do.
3. Rest is saved.
Well once I pay off the loans, Mosaic and I will buy an apartment with the rest of the money. Nothing fancy though :)