A thread of Questions

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  1. Question #1: If you won $2 million tomorrow, what are the first three things you think you would buy as soon as you had the check in hand?

    Personally, I'd buy a house, a car, and a really big home entertainment system. Like fucking huge.
  2. The first three things I would buy...Do you have to buy something?
  3. I'd get the fuck out of Venezuela, travel the world, go to a Barca v. Real Merde match.
  4. I'll uh...actually save it. o_o And use it to pay off my school loans.
  5. A ticket to America, somewhere to live (probably just a fancy apartment, as 2 million isn't much when it comes to buying houses), and save the rest to buy supplies.
  6. @Flare- 2 million will get you an amazing house, dude!

    I'd get my friends and family out of dept, clean up their credit and such. Then Travel the world.
  7. Yes, but what about the supplies? The bills? The food? The rest of at least 1 month? I'll have to work for it for at least 2 before I can pay for anything.
  8. A private Italian instructor (I must learn more! >O!!), the best pair of boots I can get my hands on, and a plane ticket to New York City so that I can go searchin' for that pair of boots >.>.
  9. 1. Plane ticket for me, or for Vay...or both. Depends on where we want to be.
    2. Look into a house. :/ Nothing big, fuck all the cleaning I'd have to do.
    3. Rest is saved.
  10. Well once I pay off the loans, Mosaic and I will buy an apartment with the rest of the money. Nothing fancy though :)