A THANK YOU to our Donators and Contributors!

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  1. We don't talk about donations on Iwaku very often. Mostly because we're LAZY and the bills always get paid, so we never think to mention it.



    Thanks to the donations and time from YOU GUYS, whether you give a dollar every now and then, have a monthly subscription, or just post a lot of posts - Iwaku is able to pay it's server bill every month, purchase necessary updates/renewals, and sometimes have extra money to give out special prizes in contests almost entirely from donations alone. That is pretty damn awesome for any community! :D

    We rarely ever say it, but we really appreciate all the people who give back to Iwaku through donations, content, posting, and just being all around badass members. <3 Without these contributions and participation from you guys, Iwaku could not be the SUPER FLY community that it is.

    Cookies for everyone! :cookie:
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  2. @unanun and I may or may not have recently made a wager where the loser donates $5 to Iwaku.

    Never mind the fact that I've been a donating member for over a year now xD
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  3. At first I misread it as @Unsun, and I was all like "What are you doing betting money with minors!? >:["
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  4. I pay 15 a month for service, it is delivered.


    In all seriousness though, I'm happy to help contribute in my own small way to maintaining this place. It's nice. :ferret:
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  5. Haha omfg! Betting money sounds awesome! I'll just hoard my Dad's money and donate if I have to! xD
  6. most expensive BB codes ever
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  7. Probably. I don't mind helping to foot the bill for a location I use often though. I like to help maintain what I use where it's feasible, feels right.
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  9. [tabs][tab=1]Example.[/tab][tab=2]Like, oh, [i]my[/i], god![/tab][/tabs]

    • Example.
    • Like, oh, my, god!

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  10. God bless you.
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  11. Oh, great BBCode God's thank you for these great amenities. I thank you for our High Donator Priest's and their offerings to you; may they have plenty in the future, so that they may continue to give offerings to your magnificent Pantheon, and may they also have plenty for themselves; to show our gratitude for their selfless acts! Amen!

    *cough* Ya I'll probably start donating once life slows down enough that I can actually do a roleplay. >.>
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  12. Yeah, you'll always get a monthly donation from me as well. I believe in paying in something that deserves it, and so for this forum, that allows me to creatively express myself and rp every day with all of my friends, this site and its staff most definitely deserve so.

    Keep up the stellar job, you guys.
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  13. I had a visa gift card so I gave two dollars, but I don't have a credit card, bank account, etc. I'm just a broke college student.

    If I'm still around here when I get a job, you guys can expect monthly contributions from me.
  14. I'm happy to help for the extra functionality. Find a way to let me murder people over the internet i might spring for $10 a month ;)
  15. I was doing five a month but it became annoying having to do it manually, so now I do one.

    Will up to more. Probably as I learn what the perks are beyond bumping without a post.
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