A Teen and His Neko

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  1. A Teen and his Neko
    Arran looked up to a sky of glistening blue, with only a few single clouds in the sky to disturb the perfect omnipotence the sun portrayed, as he walked the fields which surrounded the farmhouse he lived in. It was Monday, meaning school. The place of labourers, school-goers and most of all, teachers. He was in a grand mood, knowing, with some optimism behind his thoughts, that today would be a day for the better. He was only a mile and a half from the school, give or take, which meant an early arrival and departure from the compendium of knowledge of learning.

    As he rounded the school steps, he felt a tingle in his spine and the hairs on the back of his neck stick up. Something of higher proportions of normality was going to happen. Something which would blow his mind and rid him of his sense of average living and normality. But he did not know that yet. He was not meant to know that yet. He entered the sanctuary of co-established friendliness, or so the flyer said whenever he was choosing High Schools to go to. At first sight it was a place where staff and pupil and pupil and staff got along, but as he rounded the corner, the resident bully, Jason Gorman, and his merry band of ne'er do wells stood their place at his locker, beating a poor defenceless child to a pulp. And then Arran's Stupidity and Valiance gauge filled. Before his sanity could get a tight grip on him, his mouth formed as many words he could fill with gusto. "Gorman, you twit. Get your hands off the kid and go pick on someone with the ape-brained intelligence you possess." Arran exclaimed as the so called ape-brained slowly turned his attention towards Arran. "What did you say, Arran? You want me to beat you from here to kingdom come?" Jason said as his fist span towards Arran's face, bruising it heavily, then, with a kick to the chest, he finished Arran off. "Fool." Jason said, running off, not wanting to deal with an unconscious Arran.

  2. Yuuki arrived just in time to see the bully of the moment, Jason, fleeing in the opposite direction. Knowing him and his ilk, there was probably some poor kid reeling on the sidewalk now. She quickened her pace, all but running to the front of the school with one hand holding her hat firmly on her head. She frowned softly when she found Arran in a heap, then dropped to her knees and shifted him so he was sitting. She tapped his shoulder gently, repeatedly, until he showed some signs of consciousness.

    "I'm going to take you in to the nurse, but obviously I couldn't do that while you were unconscious." She smiled at him, pulling his arm across her shoulders. "Sorry I wasn't in time to get rid of them..." She still doubted that even Jason would hit a girl. Bullies were generally either very stupid or cowards power-tripping on the weak, and Yuuki had reason to believe Jason fell into both categories. She pushed herself to her feet carefully, pulling Arran up with her. She placed a hand on his chest to keep him from falling forward and began to walk them both into the school, avoiding the odd gazes thrown their way.
  3. Arran looked at the girl, after having regained slight consciousness. "Thanks..erm...whatever your name is. I'm Arran. Arran Hiyate." Arran said, groaning because of the strain his muscles were put under from the punch and the now almost constant moving. They reached the nurses office in five minutes, and as sooon as the door was in sight, Arran let go of Yuuki and tried to make it on his own, stumbling every few steps. "Stupid Jason. Just because his father's a senator..gets everything he bloody wants." Arran mumbled as he crumpled near the door, Yuuki's shape in sight. "Hurry up, girl. Don't kee an injured boy waiting." Arran said, motioning the girl towards his person and grinning. "Take your time, why don'tcha." Arran exclaimed, dramatically flailing his arms to see what comedic value he could drag out.
  4. Yuuki sighed and resisted the urge to facepalm.
    "You know, there's a reason I was supporting you... Do boys really need to do everything on their own?" She shifted forward quickly and pulled him back to his feet, then rapped sharply on the door. "Nurse?" She pressed against it and the smell of the school infirmary washed over them. The nurse was bent over a pale kid, taking a temperature. Yuuki lapsed into silence and guided Arran over to one of the seats at the side of the room; the nurse would get to them soon enough.
  5. "Well I'm just naturally a boy, so thanks for the support, anyways.'' Arran said, smiling despite the pain, as he sat down on the seat. "Y'know, you never told me your name. I'm Arran." The boy said, stretching his hand out for the girl to shake. "Thanks for the help. Oh, and by the way, what's with the hat? Not as if you're going to make your ears cold in here." Arran said innocently as he groaned, another pang of pain ricocheting through his gut.