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  1. PLot : The religois gods of Norse, Greek, Roman and Chrsitainty brought eight teens together to defend the world from evil. But with everyone so different it might take some time for them to act like a team. But will it be in time ?


    Name : Gabriel

    age : 13

    Race : (Roman, Greek, Christain and Norse) : Angel of God

    History (doesn't have to be long) : Gabriel was born thousands of years ago but forever was ingrainded in the form of a child. Gabriel was always told to never go to earth by Jesus and everyone learning that they all didn't like him in the end. He was the weakest angel till Father almighty told him a secret "Gabriel you are the most powerful of the Archangels in heaven and you can do anything. " Ever since then Gabriel taken it to heart and has helped humans though unseen write and learn about their father's great love.

    Powers (Keep it the most two, do not give them powers that make them insanely hard to beat)


    Personality: One of the childish of the group, never takes anything with a lack of knowing. he is a brave and funny boy and loves to make others laugh. his powers remain a mystery to everyone in the group, it almost like Gabriel doesn't even have a power.

    Picture :[​IMG]

    Name : Sasha

    age : 19

    Race : (Roman, Greek, Christain and Norse) : Greek Demigod of Hades

    History (doesn't have to be long) : Sasha was born with the talent of hellhounds to lead and summon them. becoming a skileld fighter at the age of only 12 and becoming a general in Hades army at the age of 16. She now works with hellhouhds and demons and when her father told her of this group she accepted with no complaints and anger, she merely nodded and went to earth to see her new family.

    Powers (Keep it the most two, do not give them powers that make them insanely hard to beat)

    Summon and control Hellhounds - those nasty shadow wolves unseen by humans and many creatures. She can summon an army of them or just one very large one. the largest she can summon is about ten feet tall.

    Demonic/Fear Magic - Controling of very dark and scary magic she can make her foes flee or fall in agony.

    Personality: Sasha is more of the protective person of the group. Defending anyone getting picked on and not afraid to kick any jerks ass.

    Picture :[​IMG]

    Name : Derek

    age :17

    Race : (Roman, Greek, Christain and Norse) : Norse

    History (doesn't have to be long) : Being the daughter of Loki is not an easy task. being ademigod daughter of Loki she easily became well known as "Tricky Charmer" Being gifted with amazing magical skills and charming skills she is very well equipted to fight against evil

    Powers (Keep it the most two, do not give them powers that make them insanely hard to beat)

    Charming Tounge - The way she speaks to guys or anyone can make them trly belive she means something. Can can lie better then any human can so watch out.

    Magical Tricks - She can pull of amazing Magical tricks and powerful magic in time of need or just for fun. she never harms anyone if she is playing a prank

    Personality: Very laughing and charming like girl loves to play around and be a child. She can be very scary at times and be a seducer when times get rough.

    Picture :[​IMG]

    Name : Stephan

    age : 20

    Race : (Roman, Greek, Christain and Norse) Roman Demigod of Mercury

    History (doesn't have to be long) : Born in the world of the roman gods he easily became a fast footed and swift natured man with little regard for life that wen by too slow for him. He was told about the group and decides to check it out, though he never worked well with others maybe it can change

    Powers (Keep it the most two, do not give them powers that make them insanely hard to beat)

    Sonic Speeds - Being demigod of the messenger god his speed is only rivaled by that of Gabriel. He and Gabriel are the fastest moving or flying people around.

    Archery Marksmanship - He has a amazing eye and can hit a target more then three miles away and much like other hero's can hit something behind him without much problem.

    Personality: : one of the more loners of the group, doesn't work well with others and is quite and submissive to them all. Very kind and loving when times get rough though

    Picture :[​IMG]
  2. Name : Zan

    age : 19

    Race : (Roman, Greek, Christain and Norse) Norse

    History (doesn't have to be long): He was a foster child and once he became of age he was left alone. He lives with a restaurant owner who had taken him in in exchange for help in the kitchen.

    Powers: undiscovered.

    Personality: He's quiet. he likes to read and is picked on, no where near fighting material.

    Picture : [​IMG]

    Name : Zayre

    age : 20

    Race : Greek Demigod of Hades


    Powers : Fire, Void (Ability to create black holes)

    Personality: Loudmouthed. He is what people call the "Douche" he is one of the most powerful thanks to his ability to create black holes.

    Picture : [​IMG]

    Name : Zayne

    age : 20

    Race : Angel of god

    History : Older brother to Gabriel...

    Powers: Water, healing (Can't heal himself)

    Personality: Silent and strong

    Picture : [​IMG]

    Name : Eneas

    age : 18

    Race : Roman Demigod under Venus


    Powers: The deadly kiss (Seductivity. She can seduce any male or female), Love bound (Pink glowing flying daggers that bind a persons ability to move, basically paralyze them)

    Personality: She's hyper active but can be shy

    Picture : [​IMG]
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  3. Gabriel - Youngest Member of the Group, Archangel

    Gabriel clung to his older brother's back half asleep a smile on his face gently. His large wings tucked up into his back hidden from the eyes of their new team mates. Gabriel was blind in both eyes and made his brother protective of him a lot of times and made him not wanting to be in dangerous area's unlucky for them they had no other choice. father almighty made sure they went to meet these new people that they would make a group. Gabrielw as awoken when his brother stopped walking and blinked his blind eyes and grumbled and got down and stood there ,

    "what does the place look like?" He asked childishly a huge smile on his face happy to see everything. He hears fighting and winced and ducked behind his brother slightly in fear. If fighting around gabriel made him very very weak and scared him rather easily. He was not one for fighting or anything more for forgiving and living his life in peace and love. But he knew very well if the group couldn't get along he would fall ill and maybe even die if it got out of hand. he was the emodement of, love, teamwork, joy, laughter good nature and befriending and forgiving others.


    Sulio the prized daughter of Hades sat in the yard of this disgusting looking place where her new team was going to stay. Sylio was very protetive person and seeing a man and younger boy walking in she shifted human form and smiles gently. She smiles and waves walking over slowly her large black and grey hellhound shadow wolf walked beside her standing her shoulder height.

    "Hello you must be the angels. You are late we all got here about an hour before" she said smiling gently politely eyes kind and careing. unlike many kids of Hades she was protective and loving and seeing Gabriel face and his eyes and blinked.

    "Oh dear is he blind?" asked in worry blinkign her eyes she was always kind and loving seeing this as a challenge but loves it.


    yes a guy name but a very deadly female she was able to use all kinds of magic from her father./ She was a nasty female with little to no love for the group. looking at everyone that was there she scowled seeing a blind child "Shit the brat's blind no need for a blind brat" scowled darkly eyes narrowed deeply at the child and rolling her eyes at the older angel eyes glowing her lips curled up angrily and cackled darkly and vanishes and appears in a tree contently "stupid angels " mutters darkly.


    The very quite and none team member. looking at them from the roof from his winged sandles on his feet . Keeping away from them in fear of what they may say or anything so he stayed away, hating everything about this group at time but knew they had enough power to stop villians, but they where so different from each other. The males eyes watched the group in wonder and alarm, they where all powerful but the little boy was blind, slow them down really.

    "Strange really how they allow a blind child to fight he shouldn't be allowed to fight at al. he is too young and too much impaired to even land a punch or kick to anyone" he mutters to himself watching everyone and sighing lays on the roof eyes closed.
  4. ZAN
    Zan stood against a wall, away from the team but close by. His eyes shifting from left to right with his arms crossed over his chest he sighed and waited. Being the first to arrive, he had been waiting a long time but he didn't really care. He didn't have anything better to do anyway, not since he had been assigned her. He watched the two angels approach the group with obvious caution. He raised his head to look at the child who was oddly attached to the elder male. Their wings a bright, white color, glowing almost. He pushed off the wall and shoved his hands in his pockets, approaching the group to get a listen in on the conversation as the others insulted the boy.

    "The bitch speaks the truth, allowing such a child on the team will only bring me down, as well as the rest of us." Zayre snapped as the chain around his neck and hung down the front of his, revealing chest, rattled together as he walked closer to the angel, smirking at the aura coming from the child. The aura of fear from him was strong. The strap from the red cloth that covered Zayre's eyes flew behind him. Even though his eyes were covered, he had to gift to see anyway. They were only covered cause they secured his weapon. "He's weak...his whole aura is annoying enough to make me kill him now" Zayre grumbled, chuckling as his comment only made the boy curl behind the older angel even more.

    Zayne listened to the nasty comments about his younger brother. They were fools and only Zayne knew that, even the small child on his back didn't have enough confidence in himself. Zayne knew that Gabe was assembled to the team for a reason. Even though he had yet to discover his gift, Zayne knew it would be bigger than anyone's cause of how much people put him down. And for him to be apart of the team, that only shows what is in store for him but for now, Zayne made it his mission to protect him. He sighed and with the long strands of black hair falling in front of his face he stared down Hades 'sidekick. ' Zayne wasn't intimidated and had no comment to the comments they made. He merely took the boy from his back, after walking away, and set him on the ground as he sat down on the floor, awaiting what is to happen next. "Don't listen to them Gabe." Zayne whispered, moving the boys hair from his eyes.

    "How rude" She said as she hovered up to the roof tops with Stephen. She did find it odd how they let such a fragile soul in the group but she wasn't going to be the first to question the rulers. She sat beside the boy and sighed. "How are they just going to judge him like that Steph" She whined as she looked down at the boy and his older companion. You think he can be strong right?" She asked with a smile, clinging to his arm. She had a crush on this Demigod beside her. She giggled and nuzzled him and even though he seemed to avoid her often, she still ended up coming back to still be within his presence in hopes of him loving her back. She didn't have high hopes for it though.
  5. The young archangel didn't understand why they where so mean to him. yes he was blind but he was born with it and everyone had tried to heal his sight but they couldn't heal it. God had not allowed his sight to come back and all frankly Gabriel didn't mind it. Gabriel had better senses then those around him making up for his lost eyesight his hearing and smell was very powerful in sense. He blinked as his brother told him to not pay any attention to them "ok" he said blinking his blind blue eyes sad though he couldn't see.


    The female snickered darkly and rolled her eyes "why would they even allow a brat to join the group we all got to watch after him now and our own backs. This group is small and weak and there is no way we are going to get along with each other" She scowled darkly annoyed walking to the stream in the forest behind their hide out and sat by a stream and praticed her ice and water magic alone not wanting to be around a blind kid and other right at the momment.


    The make shift leader growled deeply at the two assholes of the group "shut your mouth you two dick faces. just because your bigger doesn't mean your better then him. Zayre your nothing more then a demon that my father decided to allow to be a demigod. your a fuck of a prick and hope you die one day in this team. derek your an ass and should be burned alive and never talk once more. Now actually do something productive with your sorry lives" snapped orders and being who she was not many argued with her without getting a very nasty punishment in her hound form. Zayre knew of just how deadly and powerful she could be, controling voids was a powerful gift but when you turn intoa hellhound that power he has your immune to it and can score some deadly bites and scratches on him. She then went into the building to see what else there was to fix up. dhe made sure everyone had their rooms and what they would need for dinner. She was thinking of what they even had for dinner .


    The male looked at her slightly but smirks gently and rubbed her head gently "don't nuzzle me I could say your a dog if you do" teased smirking and sighed gently "the world isn't nice Eseans and you know it the world is harsh and cruel and has little care for the weak. I belive he will be more powerful then all of us. the more picked on he must have some amazing power. Lets go and say hi and be the first nice people he will meet" muses gently as he jumped off the roof his winged sandles shine and he flew down happily and landed near the angel and younger angel.

    "Hello sorry about everyone they don't know each other very well. I am they will all get along might take a while but it will happen. We will be a team no matter what happens. I am Stephen son of Mercy the roman god of messages " He smiles kindly eyes friendly and loving.
  6. Zan watched silently. He shook his head after everyone parted ways and walked into the house to find his room. He didn't plan on making friends with any of em. He wanted to keep to himself and refered to his assignment as an 'everyone for themselves' thing when out in battle and he honestly didnt mind it. He looked trom room to room and picked the smallest room in the back. He sung to himself as he looked at his bags that were dropped off for him. "The air is tense..." he sighed, looking out his window.

    Zayre grumbled at his bosses daughter. He didnt reply not because he was afraid of her, they were defiantly equal in strength, but he wad afraid of Hades himself, more or less. He grunted his teeth and turned away, the long red straps tied under hus long white hair flew behing him wildly with the wind. " fuckin bitch..." he grumbled under his breath as he walked into the house long before she had. "I hope she fuckin burns." He walked down the hall, grabbing the house maid with a smirk. " come " he demanded. She bowed and nodded and he took her to his selected room, locking the door with the full intent to ruin her body with his --

    Zayne couldn't help but to smile at the girl that burned the others. Once they scattered he seemed to be lost in a daze, with narrowed eyes he looked at her as she left only to be interrupted by the two that flew down to him. and his brother. He didnt see them standing with the rest and had no idea what their side was. he took gabe within his arms and held him, unaware of what they would say. It wasnt till after the messenger spoke, when he lightened his hold on his brother.
    "Zayne... angel of God. This is my brother, gabe. Thank you. I agree... Gabe doesn't have enough confidence in himself and I honestly think thats what makes him such an easy target"

    " so cute!" Eneas giggled , clapping her hands she was quick to follow him, something she did often. she flew down with him, a pink ray of light following her, only to disappear within seconds . She reached the ground just as zayne was setting the boy down. She ran over and kissed gabes cheek "hes adorable in my opinion" she smiled and let him go standing up beside the other demigod " im Eneas, demigod under venus"
  7. Gabriel blinked hearing two nicer people and eyes widened and clapped his hands happily his wings flapped happily "Nice people YAY" he yelled and wings flapped again and again happily . His blind eyes glow happily as the sun light aroudn the place glows brightly as the angel was happy the sun grew bright and warm but not hot or gross. The young angel loved nice people and never minded them at all.

    The Gods, The gods right at that momment made every maid, servant, butler and every helper of the house leave, vanish. it was the team now that had to do everything and when they did they might get something back till then they could do things themselves.


    She danced in the woods happy to be on her own smiling as the winds and trees and earth bends for her, magic filled the air and she was peaceful one because no one could tell her what to do. She made the gardens shine as plants grow happily to her earth magic.


    The boy smiles and nodded slowly "he is cute i must say but he looks tired and ready to fall over" smiles peacefully eyes closed gentrly his winged sandles flapped once more happily.
  8. Zan- *Pass* (nothing to post about right now)

    Zayre pushed his way into the maid with a deep like groan. He grabbed the sheets to the bed they happened to be on and listened to the sounds of her moans, only to stop. He opened his eyes and looked down at the bed sheets that were wrinkled. She was gone. He looked up and grumbled, getting off the bed. He grabbed a towel from the corner of the room and made his way into the shower. Getting out, he ran his fingers through his long, white, wet hair and clothed himself, walking from his room to explore the rest of the house.

    Zayne chuckled at the happiness that his brother received from just the two demigods that had showed themselves. He made it a mental note to repay them for cheering up Gabe. He nodded to Stephen and looked to Gabe. "Indeed. It was a long trip here and Gabe got little to no sleep. I suppose we should find him a room to reside in." he said, assuring he wouldn't allow him to sleep in a room by himself even if Gabe wanted to. he bowed to the Demigods before picking up the boy and carrying him on inside, picking out the perfect room, big enough for the both of them.

    Eneas watched them leave with her hands behind her back, rocking back and forth on her heels she giggled and looked to her partner in crime and future lover, in her mind of course. "We have to find our rooms too Steph! You think the gods will allow us to sleep together?" She giggled clinging to his arm and kissing his cheek.
  9. Gabriel blinked and flapped his wings once more as he was taken to a room. his wings flapped once more and smiles gently as the wings felt the vibrations of the beds and other things in the room making sure he wouldn't fall and trip. He giggled gently eyes closed slowly "The man of darkness scares me...he was mean" he said but a lrage smile on his face. his very spiecal necklace shines around his neck. this was the necklace of heaven something that was father's granting gift to gabriel. It was Gabriel symbolizism. The necklace on the outside was picture of three flames, One of unity, one of family and one of hope. this necklace would keep shining If that started to fade Gabriel would get very weak and very sick. But God had spoken to gabriel older brother alone and had told him gabriel was something no one should pick on, once his powers are unlocked there was little to no stoping what this little ball of Heaven's Light could do. gabriel was honestly Heaven's light he was made of heavenly flames and born that of god the father unlike angels that was created gabriel was born of God.

    Gabriel's Necklace [​IMG]


    The male smirks and rolled his eyes "Well they can't stop us can they?" he grinned gently looking at her gently as he walked into the house and looked around slowly. he came to a nice room with two beds and large fire place and grinned gently "nice cozy room hmm?" Asked laughing gently eyes kind and peaceful. He had to admit that she was a very pretty girl and he liked that about her.


    The girl was doing her own training in the gym that the house had. she was tough , deadly and very beaitful and dark and mystery to everyone that ever met her. she growled as she punched a bag across the room easily and grinned gently eyes peaceful "There bloody basterds" said darkly and hears the door open and saw Zayre eneter "look who the shadows dragged in" she smirks gently and went over and got her bag from the floor and hung it back up and yawned " Guess you hate that little kid eh, with you on that one, maybe if we try we can run him out he is weak and scared just scare him enough and he should go running all the way home" said smirking she was very much like Zayre in thought and mind.
  10. Zayre grumbled at the sight of the other bitch."Yeah, yeah shut up. My fuck toy disappeared on me now i'm forced to find another source of entertainment" He grumbled to her first phrase. he walked past her only to stop in his footsteps at the suggestion. He smirked and evil smirk. "Well then. Now that can be arranged and we can always make it look like and accident. We didn't mean for him to go running home but of course we would have to separate his brother from him, nothing gets past that fucking prick"

    "yes well... It can't be helped Gabe" Zayne mumbled, walking to remove the necklace from Gabe, setting it under Gabes pillow. He grabbed the luggage with Gabes things and pulled out his blanket, setting it on Gabes bed. "Don't mind him now Gabe. Get rest and that will all be sorted out tomorrow" Zayne demanded, walking to his things, he began unpacking.

    Eneas ran in after him, with a giggle she jumped on one bed and looked at him with a nod. "Yes! It's so cute" She giggled flying around in circles. SHe looked at his bed and then ran over to him, tackling him on it she giggled and laid beside him. "Steph...did you see that thing around gabes neck?" She mumbled as she laid with him on his bed. "i've never seen anything like it"
  11. Gabriel yawns gently and nodded gently and curled up in his blanket happily smiling. his eyes closed and yawning smiles "night Zayne" said peacefully before falling asleep. his eyes closed and happily eyes content and peaceful. His hearing picked up the sounds of the house creaking and animals running around. He reached under his pillow holding the necklace gently in his hands gently and smiles.


    She grinned Darkly "Oh I can do that part easily getting him away from his big bad brother" cackled darkly and smirks her eyes twinkled darkly and happy to be evil to a little child. She was the daughter of Loki she was amaster of being evil and a bitch "But first we need a plan in case things do not go our way" she muses gently looking at him as she picked her fingernails contently a peaceful look in her eyes now. She was always ready for fun and ruining life of kids , what could he do anyway. She then walked over running a rather sharp but seductive finger on the boys shoulder snand up his neck "So do you have a plan?"


    The man smirks gently looking at the ceiling and then looked at her slowly and nodded slowly "very cozy could get used to it" smiles peacefully and looking at the place. "yes a very strange necklace he had, three flames" he said slowly and curled an arm around her smiling gently "Its strange and he gives off a strange powerful feeling behind his scared shell" he said smiling looking at her gently and brushed his fingers through his hair.
  12. Zayre

    He groaned and looked around. "it would be awesome if we knew his worst fears. but I don't see how we can-" Zayre watched Zayne walk from the room and into the kitchen and Zayre couldn't help but to smile evilly. he took hold of Dereks hand and they walked down the hall, looking into each room for the boy and when they approached the exact room he nudged Dereks side. "he's sleeping... Heh...fuckin baby" he led the was into the room, looking at the sparkling necklace that the boy had. He took it with no problem and shoved it in his pocket. "When he wakes up he's going to freak. come on." He said , leading the way out and goin into the courtyard, awaiting for the moment when the boy would wake up.

    Zayne looked out the kitchen widow with a glass of water in his hands, lost in thought. He sighed and drank the rest of his water, placing the glass in the sink he walked back through the living room where he seen Derek and Zayre walk outside. He shook his head and walked back into the room, he looked at his smiling, sleeping brother and went to finish unpacking.

    She looked up at him pressing her lips against his neck once before snuggling her head on his chest. "I really hope he comes out of his shell Steph....it makes me scared. what if the others picking on him takes a toll on his pour little soul and he ends up with no confidence and a broken heart. There's only so much that Zayne can do"
  13. Derek

    The girl laughed and fallowed after him watching him take the necklace and smirks "Yep a baby" muses and left with him to the courtyard and smirks gently "What is that necklace anyway?" asked slowly looking at him slowly and thinks that necklace would be something important. She leaned ona tree smirking at the male a smirk on her face.


    The young archangel after few hours woke up and yawned streaching and clenched his hand and froze,.....His eyes shot wide and feels for the necklace and wings flapped but no vibration of his necklace was there. His eyes huge and coughed horsely and shuddered slightly. He mentally told his brother Someone has stolen my necklace


    He smiles "Oh don't worry he will he just needs something worth fighting and coming out for" he said slowly and kissed her back gently. He smiles happily
  14. Zayne
    He smiled as he brother had waken up. By that time had had finished unpacking and was sitting on his bead thinking. He stood up to greet his brother but at the thought that Gabe had transmitted, His eyes widened. He shook his head. and ran over looking under the pillow where he thought he had placed it. He looked under the bed and all around the room till it hit him. He grabbed Gabes hand and dragged him along as he stormed out the room, the door slamming on the way out, causing a loud echo throughout the place. he walked into the courtyard looked at Zayre and Derek talking. "Give it" Zayne demanded.

    "I don't fucking know and I honestly don't care. It looks lame as fuck and I don't intend on stealing it for myself. He looked around and smiled looking at the bushes int he corner. He walked over and Hid it within them and walked back to her with a smirk on his face he examined her figure with an intent to ruin her body sometime along this trip. For now he looked away and awaited for the fun to begin, which wasn't too long cause the sound of the slamming door was heard all the way out in the court yard.. "And let the games begin" He whispered to Derek he he heard the foot steps come closer and closer, followed by the demanding statement "What are you talking about?" He asked with a snap of his teeth.

    She giggled and kissed his lips deeply before sitting up at the loud echoing sound. She looked to Steph and then back up to the closed door of their bed room. "Steph I don't have a good feeling." She mumbled, knowing he would follow she flew out of the room and to the courtyard where she had heard the talking. She landed back on the ground and approached the situation, looking at the blind boy who seemed sad but something was missing. "Steph... his necklace... its gone" She whispered to him. "He's not wearing it"
  15. Derek

    She laughed at the angel and young angel "Oh dear what is the squirt missing theis time ?" snickered darkly eyes narrowed as they seemed to be sizing each other up. She smirks and disppears behind Gabriel and pokes him snickering "what the squirt helpless without something Huh huhh not like he is blind and now missing something"cackled darkly and then glared at the male angel "Oh yeah hot shot what you going to do about it its two on one your little brother is too weak to do anything about anything" smirks a fireball shines in her hand ready to be thrown. Suddenly the wind started to pick up and the fire ball was gone and so was her powers as well. Her eyes widened as the window grew sharp and very deadly. She looked as a haunting voice snarled able to scare just about anyone. She backed away as the necklace started to burn in the pocket and made the Man's leg burn sharply and painfully. She yelped as the howling winds slammed her and her new partner in crime into some jaged thorns and hissed in pain "FUCKING BRAT" she yelled hissed in pain getting out but thorns in her hands and legs as well in her hair and other regions.


    The young male finally had it, his hand balled into fist and eyes glow sharply and the wind started to pick up to around 120 MPH and trees creaked and branches snapped around the cortyard. His voice came out like that of fifty souls all in one time "GIVE ME BACK MY NECKLACE" his wings turned sharp and deadly his blind eyes glowing pure golden and blinding light flashed into the eyes of the two assholes and only into their eyes causing them to stumble and making their powers unable to be used in the grae of god. He then held out his hand and the necklace burned through the pants and flew into gabriel hand and the young angel then calmed down and sighed "don't touch my stuff please" he mutters not liking his very different powers. The winds died down and Derek and Zayre where both in the thorn bushes when it was all over. He then smiles gently and lowered his head slightly yhr necklace glows brightly in gabriel hand.

    (Gabriel showed about 1/3 of what he could truly do)


    The young male flew out with his girlfriend and smiles gently landing, till he noticed the neckalce "those basterds" growled and smiles brightly seeing Gabriel power , it was increbible able to mulify the powers of the two Derek and Zayre for about four minutes "that.....was ..., AMAZING" he said smiling brightly and grinned brightly "damn the kids got spunk eh?" grinned at Eneas
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  16. Zayre
    Zayre grunted with irritation as he felt the burning sensation, something he was use to so it didn't hurt him much, it was just irritated. He watched as the necklace had burned a hole on his pocket and flee in the direction of the angel. He was successful though, he got the brat irritated and to his knowledge, now the little shit was actually useful. As he was sent to the thorn bush he looked down and cursed. "FUck no." He mumbled, Burning the bush to a crisp to where they both landed now on a pile of ash and rubble. He stood, dusting himself off, he smirked. "Look who decided to quit being a little bitch." He laughed. "You finally ready to grow up now?" He asked the boy.

    Gabe was amazing. He felt so proud of his brother that something could spawn from this child and even though he was strong just like this, Zayne knew there was more. He wouldn't be the strongest out of the group when his full powers would develop but he would be strong indeed. It made him proud. He walked to his brothers side and took the necklace, snapping it back around his neck. Zaynes power still has yet to unleash its full potential but he was happy the way it was. He was the strongest out of all the angels in the sky and held a very high title for himself, given to him by god. His brother was sure to take after him once he had come of age and after Zayne retired. Zayne was not easy to beat and with Gabe by his side, they would be impossible.

    She grunted and covered her eyes slightly as the wind had caused the dust to move around. When it went away She dropped her hands back down by her side and hovered above the ground with a big smile on her face. "AHhh! SO amazing!" She giggled "Baby Gabe is strong! That was like, way cool!" She clapped her hands at the performance and smiled
  17. Derek

    She watched them sharply and looked at the young angel and eyes widened slightly as three flames appeared around him, the flames where all different colors and unlike many other flames they all gave off a different feeling. She blinked uneasy as the sky parted ways and finally the sun came out and glowing happily around the group. she grumbled and folded her arms as she watched as gabriel pelted off "stilla coward" mutters gently.


    The male eyes suddenly glow rainbow color, three flames, one orange, one blue and one pure white. They swirl around him and glowing brightly and shot into the sky as written in the sky was Gabriel true title in the world of heaven "Heaven's Heart" Gabriel unable to read but could sense what it said and smiles to himself. yes his brother was powerful but unlike his brother who was just an angel , gabriel was a young arcangel meaning his power was unlimited but being so young they where yet to be found out. Gabriel opened his necklace the the flames flew in and settled inside and then glowed brightly as he closed his eyes and the earth and tres that was damaged was healed, plants regrow the trees healed. Then turning he walked back inside swiftly biting his lip.


    He could sense though Gabriel was not happy with the powers he had, confused and surpised by such an idea he flew after gabriel slowly and smiles and stoped him in his tracks "You don't like these powers do you?" He asked slowly . Gabriel sniffled and shook his head "No.....I don't" he said sad and scared. Stepen smiles gently "why not they are amazing and increidble. i mean none of us could do that" he said confused as to why gabriel wouldn't like his powers. Gabriel sniffled and through tight throat he said "it will kill me. father spoke to me alone without my brother and told me what would happen to me here. Ok......I die" he said through gritted teeth and turning ran down the hall and into the libery room swiftly and hides behind a desk and sniffled gently. Stephen was very shocked and suddenly saddened, how could anyone tell such a young child he was going to die?
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