A Taste Of Freedom {IC}

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    Conversation; Remy @Wicked

    So far the day had not been like any other day. Ralyn had worked out that morning, mostly working on his cardio routine. His lips had been curled up in a pleasant smile as he headed towards the males bathroom. His head slightly moving in a nod to greet the people he encountered, yet not making any small talk. The warm water had been nice on his skin as it washed the sweat from his skin. His amber eyes watching the wall, though he listened to the conversation around them. Nothing seemed to be out of ordinary and that was important for the plan. However he could feel the slight tension that hung in the air. He could feel it around him, he could understand it, yet he couldn’t feel it himself. There had been a time where he had tried to figure out what had been wrong with him. When he was younger, much younger, still a child. Yet nowadays he couldn’t care about it anymore, just like about anything else. He was completely void on the inside, but this did not bother him. Not anymore. It was interesting to see how differently the people here reacted towards him, or reacted to a simple display of facial expressions. It was nothing more than tensing or relaxing some muscles for him and yet the other would react so differently.

    The dark haired male massaged the shampoo into his wavy hair, making it fall flat for the moment being. He took great care in his appearance, probably the only thing he did care about. Besides his intelligence. Than what else was there to care about if others left you completely cold? They weren’t important to them, unless he could put them to use. Though that was his secret and he would make sure that would never come out. The scientist were the easiest to play, all they cared about were their results. However the other Subjects, some of them were easy to play, others… were not that easy. They just kept being distance to him, no matter how he played his part and that annoyed him in a certain way. He tilted his head back up, washing his body as he paid little attention to the people around him. He didn’t stay any longer than necessary under the shower, more so because the staff didn’t seem to like that and he did want to keep on a good foot with them. Today even more so than normally. All the little details of their plans had finally been put together. Everyone had been assigned with their task, now it all came down to waiting until the system was down.

    Ralyn Cremont dried himself quickly, catching the droplets that run down his lean body. His muscles could be seen, but it was not like he was overly muscular. He was built for stamina and agility, not for brute force like some of the others. He places the towel around his hips as he walked to the dressing room. “Good morning” He said with a gentle tone, to none of the boys in particular. A soft frown that could be indicated as annoyance came to his face as he watched the unorderly pile of grey towels. It had become more easily, more natural even, for the young male to adjust his expression according to what he should be feeling. The pants he had laid out where picked up as Ralyn dressed himself. Dark demin jeans, simply because they would be sturdier than dress pants while escaping, and a white button up shirt. His delicate fingers quickly working to close the buttons. He pulled the long sleeves down, before putting his navy jacket over it. It was made of thick material and he just hoped it would be enough to keep him warm once they were outside. Their luck being that there lay no snow. Something that was not only helpful regarding the cold, but also it would not show their tracks or making it more difficult to get away. He walked over towards one of the sinks, brushing his teeth with precise routine moves. Amber eyes watching his own face change as he tried different expression just for fun. He spit out, washed his mouth, before putting away his toothbrush and toothpaste. His hair was still slightly damp from the shower, yet he brushed it back down into a rather formal look. Though he knew once it dried it would fall down around his head again, which he didn’t mind. He picked up the black framed glasses, placing them careful on his face. He didn’t really need them, but Ralyn liked wearing them. It gave him a more sophisticated look in his opinion. He picked up the necklace that lay beside it, closing the little clasp at the back of his neck. He shivered slightly as the cold silver fell against his warm skin, before his amber gaze fell back on the pile of towels.

    The brown haired male stepped towards it, picking up the towels one by one, folding them and replacing them as an neat pile now. His lips were in a thin line as if he was overly concentrated on his actions. His mind however was once more going over the plan and the risks that came with it. He could easily protect himself with his power, blinding those who would follow him. However he was not a fighter, so if they caught him… He would be in trouble. Not that Molly would leave him out of her sight, so his chance of escaping was pretty much settled. Yes, the blood bending female would be the certainty that he would get out of here, no matter what. What bothered him was what would follow after that. They had no plan after that, if there would be a they even. They would not be able to stay in one place for too long, since the Scientists would not be happy about them escaping. Furthermore they had no idea if the bracelets would work if they were out in the open. The male looked down at the subtle silver band around his wrist. At least it seemed silver, but it was far stronger than that. Unlike his necklace it had nothing to open or close it. It was too narrow to actually pull it over his hand, at least without breaking any bones. Worst case scenario that would always be a possibility. They had Iridessa after all, who would be able to dull the pain. Possibly Alkalb to manipulate their bones, yet he had never really looked into the boys powers. He added the last towel to the pile as he turned around again, knowing that if he would get back in 10 minutes the place would probably be a mess again. “Why even bother…” He said, though he wasn’t even aware whether he was speaking to air or if there was actually someone with him.

    With his head held up high and a slight bounce in his steps, as if he was happy, he returned to his room. He dropped of the stuff he was carrying and quickly picked up the last book he was reading. Lots of deaths, lots of sex, lots of betrayal. He actually did enjoy the story of a Song of Ice and Fire and he even planned on taking the last part with him. It was not a book you could simply leave behind right? He looked up as a low buzz rung through the building, time for lunch and he turned on his heels, leaving his room without looking. There was a bump, hard enough to make him stumble back a bit, as he quickly pulled an apologetic look on his face. “I am sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going” He mumbled, as if slightly embarrassed. His amber stare only now moving up to see whom he had actually collided with. Though only to notice he had to actually lay his head back to look up to the person. “Remy!” His voice slightly higher than before as he greeted the Giant with enthusiasm. “Also these books. I would recommend them to you, but I am not sure if you would like them” He chatted easily, even with his dislike for such uselessness, as he turned to move towards the lunchroom.​
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    [ The Facility; Sleeping Area - Hallway » En Route to General Area - Lunchroom ]

    It was just another day. With too loud neighbors and too thin walls, water streaming in the pipes when someone was showering or flushing a toilet, younger subjects running in the hallways, and too little people who understood that some others liked to sleep in. Screw the fact that it was way past ten o'clock. Some people just needed the sleep because all their excess energy went to adding more inches to their height that they did not need and dealing with dead people.

    Except it was not just another day. Remington Carmichael, or Remy as he preferred to be referred as, rolled around on his bed to his back with a sigh. Rubbing his eyes into the heel of his hand, Remy let out a yawn. Then the boy let his hand fall on top of his stomach as he blinked his brown eyes and stared at the white ceiling and gathered his bearings. It was today. Today was the day. Not a day, the day. And Remy had to admit, he was feeling the jitters. Kind of like butterflies and wanting to vomit at the same time, but not quite that extreme. Just lot of anxiety and frayed nerves. But hey, at least he was already used to that being practically his default feeling, so... Eh. Suck it up, big man.

    Remy started to acknowledge the fact that his right foot was feeling quite chilly, all the way to mid thigh. Now that would have not been a problem, would not a certain someone be hogging the blankets. Again. He turned to look at the chestnut colored tuft of hair that was barely visible in between a pillow and the blanket. His best friend Evie had been sharing his bed again last night, as they tended to do almost every night and sleep together like they would have been preschool kids instead of their very late teens. She was sleeping peacefully, unaffected by the commotion outside the room; she could have probably continued to sleep even if a bomb went off right next to her, to be honest. She was just that heavy sleeper. Someone with insomnia like Remy really envied her gift. But whenever she was there, he tended to sleep much better, often finding her pulling him off a terrible nightmare with her emotion manipulation and turning his dreams into more pleasant ones. And often he woke up cuddling her small frame like his own personal teddy bear. Honestly, the nights she was not there, Remy did not quite know how to deal.

    A sudden thought pierced through all the others, interrupting him. If things went wrong, this could be the last time they were sleeping together. Ever.

    Remy swallowed the tight feeling in his throat. He reached out and carefully pushed a lock of reddish brown hair behind Evie's ear. The sorrow and insecurity was wiped off the moment he saw her absolutely ridiculous sleeping face behind the hair. It was quite so unattractive for such a pretty girl that Remy could not help but snort out loud and bite down into his knuckles so to not laugh. Quietly as he could, Remy threw away the blankets and rolled off the bed, his bare feet hitting the cool tiled floor and causing a chill run up his spine and his skin rise in goosebumps. The tall boy was the type that slept in a ratty t-shirt and some boxers (Sponge Bob design, no judging) to remain at least somewhat decent with the fact that he had the tendency to share a bed with the opposing gender. (Not that he and Evie were like that. They were just best friends with platonic love for each other, but not everyone quite understood that. Especially the scientists. They actually had suggested once or twice that they should breed together. Remy was quite sure he threw up a little bit in his mouth back then.) So the first thing he did was to change clothes (he was the type to shower in the evening before bed) and hope that Evie would remain asleep so she would not have to catch the sight of his freckled bum. (Yes, he had them basically everywhere. Yes, even there, you pervert.) Not that either of them really cared about the fact of seeing each other naked, they had known since Remy was seven and Evie was six, so in twelve years you kind of end up sharing a lot more accidentally than you would intentionally want. They were quite indifferent about it as there was no sexual attraction, so it was not exactly a big deal. But he still did not want to intentionally prance around indecent in front of her, no matter how comfortable they were with each other.

    Once Remy was decent, wearing just some tan jeans and dark blue sweater, sneakers on his larger than life feet, and the typical bracelet on his wrist, he glanced himself quickly from the mirror and patted down the unruly brown locks of hair. Once he had turned away from the mirror, it just popped up again and did whatever it wanted to as per usual, but Remy was not the type to be too fuzzy about his looks. It was not like he was exactly ever going to be considered as sexy, as he came off more as cute than anything, and he had always lacked the need to impress people with superficial things. He slipped out of his room, closing the door as carefully as he could and was about to pass one his neighbor's doors just as the said neighbor stepped out and bumped against his side. Remy jumped a little bit in surprise, glancing down at the young adult. Ralyn Cremont mumbled his apologies in embarrassment, before looking up.

    "Remy!" Ralyn exclaimed enthusiastically, practically beaming up at him. The freckled boy just blinked and pointed at himself in confusion. They were five years apart in age, Ralyn being the older one, but still shared some similar interests, which was exactly the reason why the amber eyed was so happy to see him. "Also these books. I would recommend them to you, but I am not sure if you would like them." Ralyn chatted away, and the two continued their way down the corridor towards the Lunchroom, falling into step with each other.

    "Ah, um." Remy started, still feeling a little bit too sleepy to be able to hold a proper conversation, his voice a little bit husky with sleep still. His thin eyebrows furrowed in concentration, and he spoke politely as normal. "Thank you for the earlier recommendation. It was a really good one. What's the ones about you're reading right now? I hope nothing that's supposed to be dead but isn't dead... I really get enough of that as it is, if you know what I mean."

    Remy had always found it hard to quite relax around Ralyn. The guy was older than him by half a decade, so he felt like he had to speak politely to him and not get too personal or comfortable. You did not get too many older subjects like Ralyn... At least alive. The ones that disappeared tended to pop back up only for Remy to see. Some of them died while testing in accidents and did not live to see their mid-twenties like Ralyn, and the ones that did were eventually disposed. Remy knew for a fact that Ralyn had about as much time left as he did. Which was why they were in together on the escape plan. However, Ralyn was the one that had cooked most of it. He was a really smart lad, and Remy really looked up to him for it. Maybe he could not relax due to the silent admiration. Or maybe it was the way the man dressed himself so formal that it was contagious, always in dress shirt and...

    "Oh." Remy noted as he gave Ralyn a quick once over. "No dress pants today? That's very unusual."

    Characters mentioned/interacted with:
    @Misaou - Evangeline Reed
    @DarkiusHeavenstein - Ralyn Cremont
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    Location: Isolation Ward -> En route to Training Sector
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    The sound of powerful heels, male, echoed chaotically down this single hallway, bouncing off of the hospital white walls. There was no hiding under this naked light, yellow bulbs glowing almost white to match the bland canvas that was this single hallway. Much of the facility mirrored this style: white, sterile, cold...Yes, indeed it was cold, as cold as a nursing home or the comatose wing of a hospital. It was as if this was the place that people came to die, and in truth many did. It was no one's fault except Jehovah, Allah, or whatever God that these creatures wished to believe in, hang upon their bland white walls and prey to for some sort of salvation for this consistent vulnerability...from this vast nudity under the naked yellow bulb. Existence in this sort of place was dismal, and that word was not used lightly...This place...this prison of white was the home of its many convicts, or experiments if we were to be literal. Special humans with special powers, each fully explaining Darwin's theory of evolution, of the betterment of mankind and the improvements years of genetics could supply. For years, the "normal" kind had deemed themselves near to perfection, had sought to believe that no further improvements could be made; however, how wrong they would be with the discovery of the the first man that held supernatural capabilities...then more and more began to sprout...and soon enough, mankind had to cope with the realization that what they deemed as "normal" was essentially outdated...That they were the species to be wiped clean by the line of new...by these beings with far more capability than they held...At least that is what they wished to believe.

    So it was here, this facility practically in the middle of nowhere, where the study and experimentation of these rare humans would commence...but none would wish to think that the staff would be capable of such monstrosities...So was it strange to have these beings prey to God, when God had clearly abandoned this place, pushed aside for the ways of science and genetic advancement?...For the study and assessment of these creatures, not only as a means to understand...but as well as a means to integrate, improve...create...And it was here that the white hallways served their purpose. There was a practical silence, said for the steps making their way down the hallway, belonging to one of the regular staff. He was a man in his late 40's, hair peppered with grey and black, face aged by his work. He was a man of not vast height; however, he held a necessary strength about him, a strength that all of the workers here held...They had to be strong...They had to be mentally solid in order to cope with the scope of their work. They were the keepers of this odd zoo of misfits, what they believed were rejections from society, but only the idiotic would believe that. They were holding these people against their will...Not only that, for they had gone against what was believed that only God himself could accomplish. They had tested the bounds of creation and gone against what was thought to be only a practice of man and woman...not machine.

    However, little could be said about what had been accomplished in the past. All that could be done now was to control and maintain the volatile balance that was already teetering dangerously on the edge.

    "How long have you not had visual on the experiment?" The man's voice was gruff, harsh and hoarse, like a man well seasoned in the debauchery of his work. His gaze was steely, dark eyes hidden under a prominent brown furrowed with frustration and exasperation. Yes, he was exasperated, voice directed to one of the nurses walking beside him. She held no distinguishable features to single her out from the other multiple people rushing about...Only another body in a uniform, another clone to watch over these beings that had been deemed misfits. Her expression was fearful though, eyes wandering over the iPad in her hand. She was flipping through multiple things: notes, camera, film, the works on the current subject. "Experiment 0313666 has been reported silent for the last 3 hours. She was suppose to join the others for morning breakfast and recess; however, she has not left her room."

    "Has anyone been inside to check on her?"

    "It was you direct orders to keep her in isolation. No one wants to enter the room in account of what happened to Doctor Craus last time..."

    "Ah...Yes, I had almost forgotten...Has the experiment responded to any stimuli?" There was an eerie nonchalance about this man, eyes ahead as he turned a sharp left to head down another pale corridor. The nurse followed close behind, practically running to keep up with his fast steps. "No...everything is completely silent...We thought the experiment would respond after the mention of Experiment 2059591; however, there has not been a single word...Not only that, but after checking the feed, we cannot find her anywhere."

    "I see..." He said no more as his steps slowed, multiple voices following close behind. Armed men, guards dressed and ready for the extraction. It seemed like a strange thing to do, to have tensions so high when dealing with what these doctors sought to believe as lesser. They sought to think that they were the zookeepers and these humans were nothing more than animals, but how little they actually knew about these creatures...These HUMANS, who were physical manifestations of the improvements mankind could endure. Constantly studied...constantly watched...always secured.

    They stopped before the isolation chamber at the end of the hall...This ward...this section of the facility was always a place for the darker sort, for not all of these creatures were so calm and collected...Not all of these creatures were gentle and harmless...Some were violent...volatile...and untrustworthy.

    The doctor stood in front of the door, a guard to his left and one to his right. The nurse had moved partially away, as if fearful of the possibility of violence with this single individual. It was crazy to think that all of this was necessary in order to deal with a single person; however, this experiment had earned her reputation...and they all knew better than to let their guard down. The Doctor did seem to be the most calm of the person in the hall, eyes wandering over the large, steel door before his head turned, gesturing to one of the guards to scan the entrance key. "Get on with it. We haven't got all morning." The guard nodded, face hidden behind that well designed helmets...Yes, they were armored, not for style but for utter necessity. Years alone with these beings had taught them about safety, about taking extra precautions...

    There was a small click then, scanner buzzing before the door gave and slid open. The Doctor stayed put, watching the lights flicker and switch all, illuminating the dark, simple room in a silent glow. It was about as white as the outside, nothing there but a simple desk, a chair, and a bed. It was as if it was more of a prison cell than a home; however, in the isolation ward this was usually what was offered. It wasn't much more for the regular experiments either.

    Those dark eyes glanced about, taking in the camera in the corner and seeing it had been broken, hanging by only a few straggling wires. His eyebrow raised, hand coming up to keep the guards in place before he called out. "...We do not have time for your games, Experiment 0313666. There is a long day ahead and experiments that need to be conducted. You are already on schedule for 1100 and currently the time is-" He paused, glancing down at his watch with a small frown. "It is currently 1134...If you wish to be able to join the others in the common area, I suggest you cease this naughty behavior and act like the polite, considerate adult I know you can be." He let his voice drop then, eyes silently gazing over what he could see from his position in the doorway...When he received no response, he released a small sigh, eyes falling to the guard beside him. "Stay put..." His glanced back up, voice breaking through the awkward silence; however, it had changed slightly. It was warmer, calmer despite the obvious aggrevation in his form. "I'm coming inside..."

    Despite the blatant protests from the nurse, the doctor stepped from the threshold to the main room. He stood silently there, taking a few slow steps from the doorway. The heels of his shoes, polished leather, clicked softly against the dull floors. He was tense, visibly so mainly due to the severity of the situation...No one wished to have to deal with this patient, no matter how valuable to the study of the supernaturals she was...Yes, it was a her, and that much was obvious from the small, pink bird plushy that rested atop of the white sheets. On the desk was a book of birds, one of the girl's only possessions, as well as the pair of brown leather mits that she usually wore on all occasions...Which could only mean she was in this room...


    The noise was heard, physically down to the doctor's soul, causing him to freeze in place. It was directly behind him; however, he had seen no one when he had entered. He gulped, for the first time during this event showing a mild amount of fear held towards this single individual; however, he quickly swallowed it down, fists slowly closing. "...ah!" He whipped around then, back towards to the door...only to see something had had not actually expected...

    The experiment 0313666 was of an average build, a height of 5'4" and a weight of approximately 128 lbs. She was more on the athletic side, no curves overly protruding and with a bust averaging at about a C-cup. The doctor had seen her on many occasions, but he was always taken about by her most striking features: that massive main of snow colored hair which did little to shield the intensity of her scarlet stare, as well as that ghostly white skin. Yes, she was staring directly at him from her place, perched against the wall corner in an odd balancing act, suspended in the air. Her strong legs were tense, bare feet pressed against the white walls to hold her in place. Her arms had done the same. How long had she been in this position, waiting for the entrance of the staff...The better question would obviously be why she saw the need to do this; however, there was little possibility of actually explaining this patient's behavior. That lean body of hers trembled, shuddered with the stubborn strength that took years of training to create. Every line of muscle could be seen from underneath her attire, which rarely seemed to change due to her preference: a tight fitted, white body suit with red designs...It fit her rather well actually, especially now with herself being positioned as such. She was frozen, statuesque, with an expression blank...void of anything except the intensity of her stare.

    The doctor stared in minor shock, hand raising to stop the guards from entering. He blinked, steely stare having lost most of its intensity. "...E-experiment 0313666...enou-"

    "Molly." Her voice was cold, straight forward and surprisingly higher than one would expect. There was a natural youth to it that betrayed her age; however, the utter coldness of it was a minor shock, the doctor visibly unsettled by such speech. "..Excuse me?"

    "Honestly, Doctor...You would think that you would have learned your place by now...Like the rest of the staff here." She was surprisingly eloquent, despite her current demeanor and introduction. She shifted her position, head tilting to let those long locks of white fall to the side. This only further put her face on display, pale lips curling into an odd smile. "I mean...I don't refer to you as 'human 0003' and whatnot...should you not at least show some sort of common curtesy and call me by the name that YOU gave me?...Or better yet..." Her leg moved then, shifting her foot to allow herself to slowly slide down the wall. She pushed off, bare feet landing with a soft thud upon the cold ground. She wiggled her toes then, body straightening and stretching, alleviating any discomfort from her muscles. She continued, "You could always refer to me by one of those amusing nicknames your colleagues have created for me..."

    The Doctor was unamused, the large frown on his face proof enough before he released a small sigh, glancing with mild unease at the waiting guards. "...Molly..." He relented after a moment or two...anything to get the most stressful part of his day over with. "...I don't have time for your nonsense today. There are tests that need to be conducted today, and you are up on the list analysis."

    Molly's scarlet stare seemed to visibly narrow then, that smile curling upward to further display the sinister intent glowing in her eyes. "...Pity..." She turned without another word then, eyes falling upon the waiting guards before she extended her slender arms, palms turned downward. "Let's be on with it then, mi amor~...Maybe when you are less busy, we can continue this game of hide and seek..."

    "That is if I don't decide to keep you in isolation. You broke facility property...You better be on you best behavior or you'll be on lockdown for the next 3 months."

    Molly did not respond, feeling a hand upon her shoulder as she was immediately hand-cuffed...a precaution of its own that she had little say over. She was ushered forward and out of the room. It would be quite some time before she could join the others, but she could not help but smile at the thought of seeing their faces...She rarely was able to meet anyone, said for her chosen objects of affections...Yes, they were objects to her, something that she could gaze upon and admire, but never able to actually touch and handle, mainly due to her own antics and volatile behavior...A true pity; however, she could always smile and wave from her separation...but soon that would be over...Soon she would not have to endure the endless days of experimentation and prodding. She would be like the others...with the others despite how different she actually was...The doctors had already viewed the others as less than human...She was less than that...A creation, something that did not even deserve the title of human...A thing created to build up the power of mankind...So she would often refer to herself as the foundation that would further promote to extension of mankind...

    But she saw herself as more than them...stronger...That much was visible just by the precautions they took in dealing with her. She was brought down the hall by the small party, eyes remaining slightly ahead as they passed by the living quarters. If she was well behaved, she would join the others there later...She could already hear familiar voices echoing from the opposite hallway. She knew them, but doubted they knew much about her...well...that could not be said about one voice in particular. She visibly seemed to brighten when she heard him, eyes glancing away in an odd display of sheepish behavior. She smiled, both hands raising to brush a strand of white behind her ear. He's there... Her thoughts remained in her head, a small giggle escaping her lips. She let her hand fall as soon as she did that, gaze rising to stare at the double doors that would lead to the living quarters of the facility...How she longed to be there already, just by hearing that single voice; however, there was business to attend to on her side. Experimentation on an empty stomach...Pity, but she felt food could wait...

    But how long can I be kept from my little Raven?... She glanced back in the direction of the Sleeping quarters, a small frown plaguing her features; however, she did not dwell on that thought...She'd see him soon enough... She would see them all soon enough...and soon enough the REAL fun would begin.

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  4. [​IMG]
    Cruciakinesis || 6441325 || Office → Sleeping Area Hallway
    Mood: Mixed Feelings
    Interaction: NPC
    Mention: Ralyn Cremont - @DarkiusHeavenstein || Remington Carmichael - @Wicked || Alkalb -@parkpyro || Evangeline Reed - @Misaou
    Iris sat in the black leather chair on one side of the hard oak desk while the specialist sat on the other, a woman in her late thirties early forties with rich chestnut hair cut into a professional bob. Her skin wasn't of special note, and her eyes, narrowed at the information scrawled across their respective papers and clamped together by a clipboard, were a fairly typical blue. Her suit, ending in a pencil skirt instead of dress pants, was a navy blue today. No matter how many times the red head examined her during their long periods of silences nothing ever seemed to change. Finally, "Are you continuing to socialize?" Iris licked her lips; dried green apple. Most of the scientists had plain tasting voices, but the specialist assigned to her case was different: not an object but a subject with a mind. The feelings didn't run further.

    Iris nodded at the question, not too keen on voicing her thoughts but a look prompted a verbal response, "Yes m-ma'am." Cotten candy, it was rather distracting flavor. Lightly sweet and soft, but sticky at times. Today it had a different flavor, almost raspberry even. She swallowed thickly.

    "Subject 6441325? You seem distracted."

    Today was special, of course she was distracted. "I-it's nothing. Just, th-thinking about something e-else. Please c-continue." Her fingers found the nylon trim of her black skirt, immediately drawing the attention of the specialist. She pursed her lips but didn't press the matter,

    "It seems you have taken an interest in socializing with Subject 2059591 and Subject 4491326 in particular." Hearing numbers all her life meant instantly recognising who was mentioned. In this case it was Ralyn Cremont and Remington Carmichael. Ralyn was a curious young man three years older than herself and tasted like a rice cake covered in salt. He was plain and compensating for something. Remington - no, he hated it when she called him Remington - Remy was a curious case who tasted like dark chocolate. He was nice, but his power put stress on his inner personality. Bittersweet. She felt bad for him. She would offer to take away the pain but it was only temporary relief.

    She attempted another nod but stopped herself mid-way,"Yes. S-subject 2059591 has taken a-an interest in my S-Synesthesia. I a-am doing my best t-to describe it to him. Subject 4491326 has sh-shown kindness and t-tolerance. H-he's a good guy."

    "I see." The flavor of the specialist's voice changed as she directed her attention back to the sheets at hand and jotted something down. No longer dry but succulent. Logs, Iris realized. She's reading my logs. She shifted in the black leather seat uncomfortably as she licked her lips. They had tried since she came of age to couple her with another subject but the others either couldn't get passed her social disability, found her too weird, or her height too intimidating, and when that wasn't the case, Iris couldn't find herself interested in them for one reason or another. It seemed this specialist had some suggestions and Iris wasn't sure she liked that. No offense to either boy but she was picky when it came to picking a couple-mate.

    "What are your thoughts on Subject 74077?" Alkalb, Remy's friend. He was a particular guy with a particular power so closely tied together. The more animalistic he acted, the more raw and bloody his sounds tasted. Likewise the occasions he decided to act more human the smokier and Turkey-like his voice's taste became. If that didn't make interaction awkward enough, she wasn't sure if she should pet him or greet him like any other subject.

    "He's o-okay. His power is c-certainly interesting..."

    "And Subject 7155178?" She had first mistaken Evangeline for having a honey taste but it was purer than that. Her voice actually tasted like the nectar from the honey suckles that grew in the outdoor area during the fall months.

    "She's s-sweet. We g-get along o-okay." The specialist nodded and continued to write her thoughts down when the tang of the lunch bell fizzed Iris' tongue. She licked her lips as the specialist dismissed her and she nodded, tugging at her black skirt as she exited the specialist's office.

    Their meetings began when the scientists realized something was interfering with her power over pain, and as a child she was prone to crying and regurgitating due to foul tastes. For the longest time no one seemed to have a clue what was going on with her until Iris realized not everyone tasted sound the way she did; however, sound wasn't the only thing she tasted.

    She didn't have many pleasant childhood memories to say the least.

    She continued down her path until she entered the Sleeping Area, each door the same in appearance as the other until one broke the trend, and that was her own room. Her door was rarely closed but did it really need to be closed? A curtain of pink and brown beads cascaded over the opening. She liked the taste they made when they clicked together, fingers trailing over each string in passing. She'd miss them the the most when she left. That's right. They were leaving. It didn't matter who they wanted her to couple with. She bit her lip at the thought, stopping at one of the larger beads and toying it between her forefinger and thumb. It wouldn't be long until they did away with her like the other subjects before her. She was twenty-one after all, nearing old age. Maybe she should consider sucking it up and coupling-- they were leaving!

    Iris exhaled and dropped the bead, licking her lips at the strange raspberry her own taste had taken on. What was it? Nostalgia? Nervous excitement? It was certainly nothing she felt before, and certainly never tasted on her tongue.

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  5. [​IMG]

    ♦Subject: #1221777 ♦Location: Donovan's Room-Showers-Donovan's Room-Hall-Lunchroom ♦Mood: Tired-Excited & Ready/Mischievous ♦Outfit: "Back Off!" ♦Power: Telekinesis

    The silver haired boy was laying in his bed, tired like no other day. Donovan didn't get a lot of sleep ever, since all he cared about was causing trouble and being... well, Donovan. Today was going to be a new day, the day he would finally get out of here. He played a major part in the plan of escape, being that his group was first, and he was the Leader. Sitting up and taking a moment to yawn, he stretched and stood up. "Damn... fucking tired." He ruffled his hair, which he always kept messy. He looked at his room in the Facility... it was so bland and basic. "If this was my real room, there would be all types of insanity on the walls." He smirked. Instead of walking over to his dresser, Donovan used his Telekinesis to open the draw and grab the outfit he would be wearing today. He needed something that wouldn't be difficult to move in, they would most likely be doing a lot of running, he could count on that. "Let's go get naked and wet." He was going to the showers. He levitated off the ground, with his outfit and shower stuff floating beside him.

    Donovan hated how the doctors... or more like, the pieces of shits, treated everyone in this place. He wanted to see this place burned to the ground, and he would sit there knocking any of the doctors back into the place if they tried to run out. People have called Donovan the Psycho in Hiding... since his crazy side didn't show up that often, but it was always there waiting for the right time to explode. Before he made it to the showers, he was thinking about everything that had been going on since he has been here. The doctors never really told him anything about how he got his powers or what they did to him to get these powers... he just knows that he was made out to be some experiment. They were impressed at how fast his powers had grown over the years, at first he could barely move a basketball without a bit of a struggle, and now he could fucking levitate! If only the doctors knew what they had created over the years. The prodding and experimenting since such a young age has really messed with Donnie's mental image of what is good and what is bad. Now when Donovan sees something that he should translate as bad, he likes it and wants to see it or do it. He likes to cause pain and thrash people against walls. Donovan may do those things, but he knows when to do it and when not to do it. He's smarter than most would give him credit for.

    Finally reaching the showers, he stripped down and hopped in. The warm water trickled down his slim body, his silver hair sparkled where the water had touched it. A nice shower and some food, those were the only privileges they got in this sick shit of a place. He stopped the water after twenty minutes, he heard the bell signalling that lunch was ready. It wasn't anything new for Donnie to be late, he seemed to love taking his sweet time to get there. He held onto his towel as he floated out the shower and started to get dressed. When he started to place on his wristbands, he looked at the one silver wristband that he wished wasn't there... the thing that kept his powers to a minimum. That thing controlled how far he could use his powers, this place was a prison of no other kind. One time Donovan even tried to bite the thing off... and he almost broke all of his teeth. He grunted and place his wristbands over the silver one, even though he didn't see it, he could still fill the thing. It was like a tattoo that kept annoying him and he couldn't get rid of, well right now he couldn't. "I really need to get this shit off... than I can do some real damage to those smug bastards." He walked out of the showers after brushing his teeth and fixing his outfit.

    His hair seemed to always dry super quick, it was now standing in it's usual messy style. Donovan floated to his room, he had to put his stuff away. He would at least be twenty minutes late to lunch, but he ate fast so it didn't matter to him. This would be the last time he would be forced to eat when he didn't want to. He closed his door behind him, shooting his stuff in their respective places. He looked at his outfit in the mirror, licking his lips. "It should be a sin to be THIS sexy."

    He threw on his favorite purple hoodie and his lucky purple converses. Floating around in all purple, he could be considered the human Cheshire Cat from the Alice in Wonderland Book. He didn't read a lot, but that book he liked the most of all. He winked at himself in the mirror as he passed by it. He moved his hand towards the door, which closed as soon as he floated out of it. As Donovan floated down the hall, he used his powers to "knock" on all the doors he passed by. He knew the subjects in the rooms would get annoyed with him, but what's new? As he passed down the hall he noticed that Iridessa, or Iris was standing at her door. He grew a mischievous smile on his face. Before he moved away from her door, he moved her hair with his Telekinesis... as if a wind had blew by. He kept going, he loved picking with her... she was just fun to mess with.

    As he floated into the lunchroom, he went over to get his food. "This... is boring!" He snarled, but floated away with the food. He took a seat in the center of the room, he loved being in the center. Donovan looked down at his food... bland but "NUTRITIOUS!" He rubbed his head, looking down at the food. "Gotta fuel up... big day a head." He shook his head and got to munching down, at the same time thinking about his soon to be Freedom.
    Interaction(s): Iridessa "Iris"
    Mentioned: Iridessa "Iris"

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  6. Alkalb

    Interactions: @Noctis the Devious Iridessa
    Mentions: @Wicked Remington

    Alkalb had already began to indulge on his first meal of the day. However it didn't come free. The scientists watched through one way glass as the boy devoured the torn up carcass of the beast he had just killed. The boy grinned as the blooded dripped down his chin and smeared over his hands. The men looked in disgust at him as he ate his kill, but Alkalb didn't mind. He could feel the power rushing through him with each bite. Scientist observed and jotted down notes into multiple books, they murmured to each other as the did so. "He's getting stronger you know" one said to the other. "Yes, that was his fastest time yet" the other replied. "We've also found an interesting irregularity when he eats something knew in his brain wave pattern, like he is learning from it" another pointed out. One scientist girted his teeth as he watch the beast like boy. "That's enough, get him back inside" he spat harshly. Unfortunately Alkalb was not like by many of the scientists, especially the ones in charge of researching him. It was most likely to do with the fact he was barely human anymore, and that they thought because of this he was a disgrace.

    Shortly after the order two men walked in with long poles and hooked around the boys neck. They began to drag him away from his prize and into a small dark cage like room. The locked the door behind them as the left him there, laughing as they exited. Alkalb leaned back against to cold wall as he sat up, blood still covering his face and hands. His black mop like hair dangled down over his eyes as he looked at the ground. There wasn't much to do in the cell, only hunting every now and then. He was secluded from the others for an unknown reason as well as being treated pretty badly. However he knew no other life and guessed that this was how he was supposed to be treated. That was what he thought until he met Remy, a boy who didn't abuse or shout at him. Remy looked after Alkalb whenever they met, just thinking about it put a soft smile on his face. "What are you grinning at?" said a gruff voice. Alkalb looked up to see a man holding a new pair of clothing walk into his cell, he had the look of utter disappointment as he starred at the thing in front of him. "You killed that lion in record time, so the higher ups are letting you out for a bit" he said, shame dripping from each word he spoke. He threw the knew clothes on the ground. "Get washed in there, and then get changed" he ordered, pointing at a filthy shower room that was opposite Alkalbs cage. The young boy stripped almost instantly as he rushed to the shower, slamming the door behind him he turned on the water. He didn't care how cold it was, he was just excited to go see Remy. As he showered Alkalb liked the blood of his hands, an animal like action had picked up. It didn't take him long to wash and dry his gruff, dirty and scared body Once done he got changed into the clean knew clothes and waited by the door for his escorts. It was four men this time. Two using the same poles to hook around hi neck, and the others clamped his hands then walked beside him. They reached an elevator and began to go up. It only took a minute till they reached the floor they wanted. They released the boy and pushed him out into the open. "Subject 74077 has been released" one of them spoke into the walky talky as the elevator doors closed.

    Alkalb sighed a little, the upstairs was so much different from the dark basement he had been living in. He began to walk, his bare feet leaving little dirt marks as he did. He had forgotten to put shoes on again. The boy stopped and sniffed the air, trying to find a familiar sent. He began to walk quicker as he found something, turning random corners in the white maze like facility. He then heard a soft noise, it sounded like something dropping on the floor. He was intrigued so followed the noise. After a few paces he came across a room with it's door open, in its place was a curtain of beads. A girl who he had seen only a few times when with Remy was standing there. The young boy froze for a second, he was really nervous around other people. He sorta just stopped and looked at her, like a deer in the headlights.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Subject: 12121212 | Power: Aciukinesis | Mood: Restless
    Location: The Facility; General Area - Lunchroom
    With: --- Mentioned: Everyone
    Furrowed eyebrows and lips set into a thin line. With utmost concentration Mallory worked the needle through the fabric, trying to help whatever was left of that what was once her blanket. It wasn’t uncommon for the female to make a rip or two while she stirred in her sleep. She was used to waking up and having to stitch first thing in the morning, however last night seemed to have been particularly restless for her. Proof being that her blanket and pillow case were tattered upon her waking. Just something that would happen to her. At least she had gotten somewhat good at sewing, for she wouldn’t know what to do otherwise. The facility had stopped replacing her sheets ages ago, finding that she worked them through much too fast. She couldn’t blame them, for it was true. If only she wasn’t such a cursed object…

    However, despite how often she had to stitch before, today didn’t seem to work at all. Just as she was about to pull the needle through she felt a sting in her finger, making her flinch a little as she quickly put her finger against her lips. That definitely did hurt. Tasting the salt of her blood the female puffed one side of her cheeks a little, dissatisfied with how restless she was feeling today. This could have been easily avoidable. Pinching herself with her own needle was a beginner's fault. Yet she had managed to make the mistake, there exactly right when it was possible for her to go into the wrong. Murphy’s law was definitely with her today.

    Another deep forlorn sigh escaped her and with a heavy thud Mallory put her work down on the table. It didn’t make any sense for her to fix these blankets. It was not that she was going to take them with her when they escaped. Her fixing these sheets was as if she was suggesting that they were going to fail. A very devastating result, but certainly not unlikely. She just hoped that if they were going to be caught that the punishment wouldn’t be too serious…

    Oh, who was she kidding? Of course the punishment was going to be severe! Especially hers as she was one of the supposed ‘leaders’ in this break-out. The brunette wondered what impulse had her ever agree to this action at all. It was a miracle that they hadn’t been caught yet when staging the whole thing. However, that it went smoothly up until now didn’t mean that nothing could go wrong later. Who knew? Perhaps that they had long since caught onto their little plan and prepared something to counter them? She could already imagine the scientists standing between the exit and her, arms crossed and their faces grim.

    Yep, they were definitely going to fail.

    Feeling her worries catching up again Mallory heaved another sigh. Like she did a lot, the scientists often joked around with her many deep sighs on a daily base, but she never paid any attention to them. Sighing felt good, as if another deep breath of worries had left her body, and unfortunately she had many of them. Rolling her head, feeling how stiff her neck was, Mallory dropped her hands to the table in defeat.

    Would it truly be worth to leave this place? To escape the facility and to spread her arms out against the sky? Mallory would like to believe that it was true, that the sky did go from light to dark, that it could change colour right where she stood by. She hoped tirelessly that it was all what she expected it to be. That she wouldn’t be betrayed by her own excitement, but her pessimistic side kicked in again. These who assume never do win in an argument.

    It was of no matter now. Mallory sat up again, her eyes carrying an unusual determination. Today was the day, the moment of truth, her grand escape. They had planned it and to back out now would probably mean spilling her only possible chance. Sure, they could get caught and be put under even tighter security, or worse. However, it would just so happen, that if Mallory was to pull out now the bunch would actually manage to run away from the facility. Which meant leaving her here alone in her miserable state. Besides, she could be miserable everywhere, and if it meant that she could escape the most hated ceiling of this building then, perhaps then, it was all worth a shot.

    Besides, she had people counting on her. Friends, but also allies. If she chickened out right now it would mean that three more people here wouldn't escape today. If she put a stop to this plan now she could possibly put friends, who were escaping in other teams, in danger. It was a responsibility and guilt that she didn't want to carry.

    “It better be the last time I ever fix you,” Mallory hissed at the fabrics in front of her, hands gripping around the blanket tightly. It was only then that she realised that she wasn’t alone in the room. Right, she had the bright idea to work in the lunchroom because of the spacious tables. Quickly averting her eyes, from the surprised looks shot her way, the female quickly resumed to stitching again. Hopefully no one had heard her earlier. How stupid was she to utter her thoughts out loud?
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  8. [​IMG]

    [ The Facility :: Sleeping Area :: Hallway :: En Route to Lunchroom ]


    This was always the worst part of her dream, the sudden shift that happened. Going from something pleasant to something absolutely terrifying. No matter what, Evie never had the ability to change what she experienced in the dream. She just had to experience the same thing over and over. The once area filled with laughter and kids playing in the snow was now filled with smoke, ashes and sparks flying in the air, and sounds of screaming and moans around her. She felt scared and she was breathing hard as she ran in the snow. Angry shouts could be heard not far behind her which let her know she had to run faster. But there was only so much her little legs could take, not to mention she was dragging someone behind her. She knew they only had to go a little bit more till they were free. They just needed to get to the gate. "We're almost there okay?" She whispered to the boy behind her.

    Of course, fate would see it that they wouldn't get that far. It's always like that, unfair. Fate dangles victory in front of your face, right within your reach before snatching it away from you.

    The bad men, Evie didn't know who they were, came from both sides. The voices were getting closer and she was trapped. They wouldn't have time to escape. Not together. So she quickly turned grabbing hold of the boy's shoulders. "You need to go without me," She said in a serious tone. "But..Evie--" the boy, protested, but Evie interrupted him. "Shh, we don't have time. I'll go distract them" She quickly hugged him, Letting her feelings connect with him and she somehow managed to persuade him to leave her. Once he was gone, the bad men called out to her. Turning to face them, with tears in her eyes she slowly backed away from them, though it wouldn't help her. They spoke to her but her heart was beating so loud in her chest and she wanted so badly to cry and scream for help that she couldn't hear them. One of the men approached her roughly grabbing her arm and stabbing her with a needle. A sharp stinging pain and a burning sensation was all she felt before it faded to black.


    Evangeline gasped as she quickly sat up in bed. Her chestnut hair flowing around her from the suddenness of her movements. Her eyes scanned around the room as her heart proceeded to thump wildly in her chest. Running a shaky hand through her messy mane that she called hair, and taking a few deep breaths she began to calm down. Every time she had this dream she always woke up in a panic. She could never understand why she kept having such a bothersome dream. She didn't understand at all what it meant and to be completely honest, the dream was a little scary. Still, she kept it to herself. One day, maybe, she'd learn to control her dreams. That's what she hoped for anyway. The sound of the bell for lunch is what snapped her out of her thoughts. Frowning she looked down she noted that Remy wasn't in bed. He must've gotten up before her. That wasn't anything out of the ordinary, though, he was a light sleeper. Evie yawned and stretched before attempting to untangle herself from the sheets to no avail. Instead as she tried to get out of bed she stepped and slid on the sheet and fell forward onto the floor. She reacted quick enough to put her arms out to brace for the impact, it still hurt, though. "Owwww" Groaning she rolled on her back and stared up at the ceiling.

    Today was the big day. The day they would finally go free. Evie felt like she should be happy. The thing she wanted most in life was to go explore the outside world. To had cool adventures with Remy free from the constant poking and prodding and study of the researchers here at the facility. Still, she was more anxious than anything. Hopefully everything went according to plan, because otherwise, the consequences would be dire. For the most part, the researchers treated them well, if being treated not as human beings and more like objects, things, to be studied, was being treated well then yeah. Surely the researchers wouldn't react too well if their experiments suddenly up and left them. Still, it was time, Evie had long since grown tired of this life and she yearned to go learn what the great beyond had in store for her. Sighing, she picked herself up and dusted herself off. Then made up Remy's bed, she wouldn't leave it a mess, that was fair to him. Once that was done she left his room and headed across the hallway to her own. Her bare feet making soft padding sounds across the cold linoleum floor.

    As soon as her door was shut she started to change her clothes. Much like her giant friend she had a habit of showering before bed. It just seemed right, one shouldn't put clean clothes on a dirty body after all. After she had her undergarments she stood for a moment in the middle of her floor, thinking about what she should wear in preparation for what was to happen later on today. She pulled out one of her sleeveless dresses, some knee high socks and a sweater to tie around her shoulders just in case it got colder later. Once she was dressed she put on a pair of boots and brushed her mess of a hair. When she was finished getting ready she opened the door to get ready to go to the lunchroom. She was starving, but then again, when wasn't she starving? Smiling at her own little joke that she made in her own expense, she wandered down the hallway. As she was walking though, she spotted Iris at the door to her room, messing with the beads that hung from it and a boy, just standing in the hallway, looking at her. Iris hadn't seemed to notice,but that was okay. Even from where she was she could feel that the boy was nervous. She wondered why that was. Glancing at Iris, who seemed to be in a state of worry and confusion all tangled up in a ball of feelings, a sweet smile formed on her lips as she lifted her hand in greeting to the girl. "Morning Iris! Are you heading to the lunchroom too? Maybe we could go together?"
    Characters Mentioned/Interacted with:

    @Wicked > Remington Carmichael

    @Noctis the Devious > Iridessa Lienue

    @parkpyro > Alkalb
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  9. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Subjects: #3366600 (Akiva) and #5829671 (Jezebel)

    Akiva [Powers - Osteokinesis
    Mood - tired]
    Jezebel {Powers - Zoopathy
    Mood - happy}

    Location - En route to Lunchroom

    Akiva Sanders was enjoying napping in the hallway when he was on his way to the sleeping area. He had decided that he would forgo going to the required room and had just laid down near a wall and drifted off to sleep where he was. It was a rather nice nap until he began dreaming of the day he was left here by his so called "loving parents". It would have gotten worse if not for one of his friends, Jezebel, had not woken the bone user up. Though... her wake up calls usually included jumping on him, all of her weight being put onto his stomach when she lands.

    "Bel..." The dark haired male ground out when he got his breathing under control. "Why must you insist on jumping being your main way of waking me?"

    The younger girl just smiled in delight as she watched her tall friend sit up, rubbing his stomach to try and relieve a bit of the soreness that was present after her stunt. "Because it gives me the chance to see you rub your tummy like you were an expecting mother." She replied innocently, watching how the usually calm man started choking on his own saliva at her statement. "It is a wonderful sight and makes me wonder who the daddy would be."

    Akiva knew better than to comment on that, as the sixteen year old girl would then get it into her head that he somehow had that ability all along and would try to play match maker again. He learned quickly that the usually shy girl would fight tooth and nail to see a pair get together. Rolling his eyes, Akiva fixed his glasses and stood up, towering over the short girl easily. Without a word, Jezebel walked around him to his back and jumped up, latching onto him and making sure her plush didn't fall from her hands. For his part, Akiva hooked his arms under her knees and made sure that his passenger was secure before walking in the direction of the lunchroom.

    "What do you think they will be serving today?" Jezebel asked in mild curiosity as she watched some people move out of the way of Akiva.

    "More than likely the same gruel that they serve every day." He comments as he made a turn down the correct hall. "What I am wondering is if Bleu would be there at this hour or if he will be sleeping in."

    The small girl just made a small noise in acknowledgement to his curiosity and watched as people passed by as a way to pass time.

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  10. [​IMG]

    ♦Subject: #1010222 ♦Location: Nikolett's Room-Hallway-Lunchroom ♦Mood: Happy-Nervous & Disgusted-Hyper & Excited... A Bit Sad ♦Outfit: "She Got Spunk!" ♦Power: Toxikinesis

    Nikolett was in her room, she had gotten dressed a few minutes ago. She was too excited for today, she barely slept last night. Since she had soo much natural energy, not sleeping for one night wouldn't effect her like it did for most people. She was in her room, tying up her shoelaces, which would be an ordeal in itself. "I love these shoes... but they take forever to tie!" She giggled, falling back onto her bed as she finally finished tying them. She then placed on her favorite headpiece, her flower hairband. She placed the flying hair, that got away while she was placing the thing on, behind her ears.

    She walked out of the room, smiling as she closed her bedroom door. "Dollface!" Nikolett frozed in her sneakers... she felt a coldness start to come over her, like a winter storm had just blew into the facility. A lot of people called Nikolett "Dollface"... but one doctor in particular loved calling her that all the time. Her smile dropped from her face, replaced by a fake one. She turned on her heels towards where the voice had come from. Right in front of her, it was one of her "Creators"... Nikolett tugged at her hairband, before walking closer to the man. She knew that he wouldn't let her go on her merry way without talking to him first.

    The doctor grabbed Nikolett's arm and pulled her further down the hall. Her eyes grew wide. "What are you doing?" He told her to be quiet. She grunted, getting a nervous feeling in her stomach... or maybe it was gas, who knows. "Look, I know that the doctors... your creators are putting a lot of pressure on you." Nikolett just stared at him... was he not the main one that put the most pressure on her, or did he have a twin. "I know that you don't like hurting the other subjects..." She looked down at the ground. "They are innocent people." The doctor shook his head. "NO THEY ARE NOT." She moved back a little, scared at how hostile the man got towards her. "Now... you keep watching over them and you will stay safe, if I ever see you getting too close to them..." She rubbed her shoulder. "I know." The last time the man thought that Nikolett was getting too chummy and friendly with the other subjects, he nearly broke her shoulder in two. "Good." He tried to kiss her on the lips, but she turned her head. He kissed her on the cheek and walked away. Nikolett wiped away the tear that was forming in her right eye.

    Nikolett walked back down the hall, she had to compose herself before she went to the lunchroom. She didn't want anyone to see her sad and ask what had happened. She was happy that at least some of the other subjects trusted her enough to let her be apart of their big plan, she wanted to get out of here just as bad as they did... but what if she couldn't leave? Nikolett had been fighting with that question in her head all day yesterday and this morning, she didn't know if she really could walk away from this place and never return. Even though her creators were messed up people... especially that one, Nikolett has never known any other place but this one. She was worried that when the plan was set into motion, that she might turn back around and go back, but what would happen if she did that? She shook her head, trying to rid her mind of all the negative outcomes.

    Nikolett skipped to the lunchroom, she saw a couple of people she recognized, but she saw one girl sitting by herself and... knitting? She shrugged, it had to be Mallory. Nikolett took a seat across the table from the girl, knowing that Mallory didn't like for people to be too close to her. She smiled at the girl. "Hey Mal! What are you up to love!?" She had that big dollface smile on, like usual. She needed to talk to someone, or she would damage her mental state if she kept thinking about the negative things... she was already not all there in the first place.

    Interaction(s): Mallory
    Mentioned: Mallory

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  11. [​IMG]
    Cruciakinesis || 6441325 || Sleeping Area Hallway
    Mood: Surprised → Awkward
    Interaction: Alkalb -@parkpyro || Evangeline Reed - @Misaou ||
    Mention: Donnovan Davenport - @Shattered♦Secrets™ || Remington Carmichael - @Wicked
    Iris was vaguely aware of the knocking, too caught up in thought to mind it, so by the time she did look up it was just after Donnie had passed, her hair ruffling in a non-existent wind. She huffed and looked after him, not bothering to fix up the carrot colored locks that fell from her ponytail and drifted alongside her face. Unlike most of the other subjects she didn't exercise her powers more than she needed to, unless she saw fit to help block pain, or in instances where that wasn't enough, transferred it to herself. Either way, pain demanded to felt, but some just don't deserve to feel it. It was this reasoning that the white-haired deviant saw no retaliation from the "redhead" and why she was such an easy target for such shenanigans. She would rather deal with it than make it worse.

    It was then Evangeline popped out of her own room, non the wiser to the older male's little "prank" if it could even be called that, and called out to her. There is was, the light taste of honey suckles on her tongue. She licked her lips and nodded. "Uh, Y-yeah. Yeah I was j-just heading th-there..." she trailed off as the feeling of being watched sunk in and she shivered. She hated that feeling. Nonetheless, she turned half expecting a scientist or even her specialist to be standing at the other end of the hall, but instead it was a boy mere inches taller than her and looking worse for wear. Few people walked around in such a state so it quite easy for her to put face to a number, and then to a name. "Sub-" she paused and cleared her throat. Spending her whole life in the facility meant picking up unfavorable habits, one in particular garnering the irritation of the other subjects. "I-I mean, Alkalb! Sorry, I just came from a s-session. Did they allow you s-some integration time? They j-just rang the bell for lunch i-if you want to j-join us."

    She paused when she realized something. "Oh, but you m-must be looking f-for Remy. He's only a few doors down i-if you want to see if he's in, b-but I bet you a-already knew that..." she trailed off, realizing the Biokinesis user probably knew by now where Remy slept considering the time they spent together. She stood there for a moment, tugging at her skirt. Should she just leave him to it and go with Evangeline? But what if Remy had already left for lunch? He did have a habit of waking before his best friend. "O-of course you're s-still welcomed to j-join us if it turns out he a-already left for l-lunch." There, now she didn't have to leave him standing there. Wait, wait if Evangeline didn't want him following them? She inwardly grimaced and turned toward the girl to make sure it really was okay to invite him along as well.​
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  12. [​IMG]
    Power; Photokinesis
    Mood; Indifferent, Manipulative, acting; helpful, friendly
    Mentions; Evangeline @Misaou
    Conversation; Remy @Wicked, Fay @Wordlocked
    Remy was always easy to talk to. Today not an exception from any other day. The young male didn't seem to have the distrust some other people had. There were others his age, Lennie and Tehuri... but they were no longer close. It used to be him and Lennie, before Tehuri interfered and pushed herself right up in their noses. However that had changed... A lot had changed, since then. It almost made him grateful for the fact he couldn't feel anything. That he didn't seem to have the emotions like the others. However he pushed those thoughts away as Remy commented on his clothing style and he pulled up a smirk of sort. The mysterious smile being one of the first expression he 'claimed' as his own. Just a bit more would be a so called 'evil' smile. But this one was view as mysterious or playful or seductive. He wasn't sure how those differences worked. "Well, in that case I wouldn't be able to tell you too much about the books. The plot mostly goes over a country with several high placed families and a king that has been killed. Three men claim to have title to the throne and the story focuses on how they all try to get that right working out for them. It is really interesting. Each chapter written from another persons point of view so that gives you a great sight of how things work out" He explained in short what the book was about. He tugged the reading material secure under his arm as he walked with the other towards the Lunchroom.

    His eyes quickly skimming over the people that were there. Not many yet it seemed as he entered the line to get some food. He shook his head at the question about his attire. "No, not today..." He said as he gave the other a knowingly look. "I didn't feel like being all too fancy" He watched as the Lunchroom slowly filled with people. Behind the counter the 'lunchladies' were busy getting all the plates ready with something that was probably very healthy, but looked like... well he wasn't even sure how to describe what it looked like. He held out his wrist with the bracelet, the lady behind the counter using it to read out his number. He was still trying to figure out how that system worked, but so far he couldn't figure it out. Sometimes they would have use new numbers, sometimes reuse the numbers of a subject that was no longer in this facility. Most times it seemed like it was all given at random, but nothing at this facility was ever just random. "You look lovely today, Michelle" He said with a smile that was mostly labeled as charming on his face. The lady didn't give much of a reaction to this words, other than quirking an eyebrow. People seemed to do this at many occassions, with several different meanings and Ralyn had still not gotten them all down. "There is something new about your hair, did you cut it?" He continued effortlessly and he was on cue as the woman moved her hand up to her hair. Of course he was right, if anything Ralyn was very observant, the smallest changes were not overlooked by him. "It is very lovely, makes you look... fierce" He said, searching for a moment for the right compliment to make.

    "205, you know how to make a womans heart beat faster" She replied as she filled his plate with the usual amount. Ralyns expression changed drastically, if only for a second. That were exactly the words he had hoped for as he leaned a bit more in. "Really? Like 377 makes your heart race?" He muttered, watching something like shock for on the lunchlady's face. Bingo, he had been right about that. "I... I have no idea what you are talking about" She answered as she put some more food on his plate than usual. Relationships between Subjects and Staff members were strictly forbidden. Only those higher up were able to get around the consequences. "I am sorry, I think my mind gotten a bit of track there. Did I say something?" He spoke as he blinked his long lashes. The lady quickly shove his plate forward as he went to search a place. It wasn't the first time things went down like that, he had a little something on most of the staff members. It always prove to come in easy, it wasn't like the lady could go to the scientists to report him. Not unless she was willing to give in herself, which she wouldn't, since she needed this job to provide for her four children. Whom were all perfeclty human and normal of course.

    The food wasn't even meant for himself, as he wasn't a big eater. But there was always someone else that he could make happy with some extra ration. Food was an easy way to get someone loyalty in return. Oh, yes everything could be used to get people on his side. His amber eyes moved over the people that were present, trying to find those who belonged to his group. Well, actually it was Fays group, since he was the leader. However none of them seemed to be there and he looked down at the table again. Why were they not here yet? The system would start to update right after lunch, it was for that reason there was nothing sheduled as normal. Fay, where are you? Ralyn knew that the other would hear him. If he would answer was a complete different story. Mostly the other was kept apart, just like some of the other more 'out of control' subjects. Subjects that were feared for their power by the scientists. A fear that Ralyn did not share, simply because he could not feel that fear. It wasn't until than that he realized he was ignoring Remy, his expression having gone back to its normal emotionless state.

    Quickly Ralyn pulled a smile back on his features as he tried to think of another conversation he could start with the other. "Did you read the Big Friendly Giant yet?" He asked, snickering slightly to fake amusment and playfulness. His power was quickly used to bend the light around him, giving him that sparkle he couldn't possibly fake any other way. It had been the first thing he might have ever said to Remy, when they had met so many years ago now. The big appearance of the guy immediately reminding him of that childbook and ever since he had kept bringing it up several as a joke. "Evangeline would make a perfect Sophie" He continued, with a bit more serious expression. His eyes had darted off towards a clock on the wall. 37 minutes passed 12. Quarter to one, the second bell would sound, and if their assumptions would be right 13.30 the update would take place. It was, even for him, weird to think that in less than an hour they would stand outside this facility. If everything when well of course....
    Subject; 273513
    Power; Opinokinesis
    Mood; relaxed, excited, (underlying worry)
    Mentions; Lennie @Rogue
    Interaction; Donnie @Shattered♦Secrets™
    High heels made soft sounds against the cold sterile ground as Tehuri Blacmore, or subject 273513, walked through the hallways. Her subject number almost more familiar to her than the human name she had been given. She didn't even understand why the scientists bothered to give them names if they only were gonna use the numbers. Maybe to give them a more human feeling? Tehuri didn't really care to find that answer as she turned the corner towards the Lunchroom, so far luckily without running into either of the guys. Though she had no idea why the fact that neither Lennie nor Donnie were around made her feel more at ease. Normally she and Len were practically inseparable, yet lately... The last two month or so she couldn't quite look him straight in the eye. Even if it had been the scientists doing, it didn't take away she had fucked his best friend, good, very good. Yes, she couldn't say she regreted anything she had done, maybe for the effects it had on Lennie, but not the act it self. Well acts. It had definitely been plural and the young female couldn't help a grin from forming on her face as she walked over to the counter.

    Just as her slender hands reached for a tray so they could put her plate on it, the white haired male came walking in. No, better said floating and she rolled her eyes. Show off. She kept her emerald gaze in front of her, not willing to conversate with him at the moment. The food was the same as always, yet the smell was off. Normally it didn't really hold a smell at all, but now... it was rather unpleasant as she watched how the lunchlady filled her tray with the brown mush that was dumped upon her plate. "Did they change something in the menu?" She asked as she looked up to the other female. There were no words as a reply, just a face like she had gotten mad in this place. Tehuri didn't ask anything else as she took the tray and took a seat in one of the corners. That way she could overview the place, while no one could sneak up on her. Not that with her enhanced sentences that was an easy thing to do in the first place. The black haired woman stirred with her fork through the brown mess on her place, the horrible smell only torturing her more. Sometimes it was not easy having the power of Opinokinesis, though she could shut down other people senses, there was little to do about her own.

    "Is it just me or does the food get here worse and worse?" She gave her opinion to no one in particular as she took a bite. The taste being even worse than the smell and she had never thought she would ever say or think this, but she longed back for those bland meals they usually had. Well, no other option than just eat this shit that was suppose to be healthy for them. She straightened her back as she took of one of the straps her throwing knives were attached to in order to be able to cross her legs without ripping open her own skin. Not many of them, subjects, were allowed to walk around fully weaponized even in non training rooms. Then again miss Blacmore was no normal subject, having passed the age of 25 and still sitting here. However she kept her blades within easy reach, you never knew when you needed them. Being an Elite member, like Lennie and she were, certainly had some fine perks. One hand slid over the leather skinny jeans, between her upperlegs to keep it warm as her other hand moved the food with the utmost disinterest into her mouth.

    It was only a few bites before the full wave of nausea hit her and she lay her cutlery down. Quickly she shoved the plate as far as possible away from her. Even if this was the big day, she would rather starve herself than eat anything more of that filth. Probably it were just the worries that messed with her senses, it wouldn't be the first time that happened. Her emerald gaze moved to Donovan once more as the male took his place at the table in the middle. Of course. Gracefully she moved up from her seat, taking her strap with her as she trailed over towards the white haired male. Whatever Lennie would think of this would be Lennies problem, after all she didn't owe him any explanation. "It is almost as if they are giving us extra reasons to leave this place" She spoke as she lay her knives on the table and sat down across the other. She shook her head unable to believe anyone could even get this stuff down, however it didn't seem like anyone noticed anything unusual about the food. Fine, so it was her... again... "I still don't get how you can get it down so easily" Her fangs slightly showing as she smiled at the male. ​
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  13. [​IMG]

    LOCATION:: Operating Room -> Lunch Room COMPANY:: Everyone MOOD:: Pained and Agitated OUTFIT:: Adventure

    The operating table was painfully cold on Rook's rear. Hell, the air in the room gave him goosebumps up and down his uninjured flesh. They'd told him to strip and sit on the metal table or else. "Or else," meant a lot of things with them. It meant that they'd taze him with their little electric rods, fail to give him local anesthetic for a procedure they were about to do, or even deny him food. It was easier not to fight it. Rook had tried. Oh, he had tried. A few of the lacerations he'd received had not been in the name of science.

    Rook put his ankle on his knee, proudly displaying himself to the scientists that stared through the one-way mirror. He wasn't shy anymore, and their discomfort at his flagrant display made him happy. The door in the corner of the room opened. It sealed perfectly with the wall, having no handle on the inside for anyone to use. One had to be buzzed in and out. The walls were white, antiseptic, and painfully bright. The ceiling was a murky gray, probably concrete if Rook had to guess. The floor was made of the same material but with a large drain in the middle of the room. He'd seen the clean up crew before. They'd come in with high powered hoses and power washed the mess up. It was back when Tamara was alive. She had also been dermakinetic. She'd also disappeared a few years back. Rook knew what had happened to her. He was quickly following the same path.

    Dr. Stan Hills was not Rook's favorite doctor. He was older, balding, with a hawkish nose, and a slender-toothed smile. He quickly pecked something out on his tablet before he slid it into his white coat. Always white with these people. Did they like the way the blood spattered on it?

    "Subject 0677898," Dr. Hills said.

    "My father was Subject 0677898, just call me 0677898," Rook said, smiling.

    Dr. Hills didn't find it amusing. He ripped the bandage off of Rook's neck with the stern grip of a nun. Rook flinched and frowned. Dr. Hills didn't much care. He poked and prodded at the newly formed scar tissue that crept from Rook's left shoulder, across his collarbone, and to the side of his neck. "How interesting," Dr. Hills said. "You're healing at a much quicker rate than before."

    "Must be all your TLC, Stan." Rook rubbed his neck after Dr. Hills was through looking at it.

    "I've told you to only refer to me as Dr. Hills." He pulled out his tablet and pecked a few more words on it. "Now lay face down on the operating table."

    Rook winced. That wasn't going to feel comfortable on his nether regions. His lips drew tight across his teeth as he flipped over and slowly assumed the position. If he thought he had been cold before, now certain body parts crawled into him from the sheer chill. The door opened again, and a the metal clanging of a surgical cart erupted through the room. Dr. Hills and his assistant, probably Nurse I'm-Obviously-Too-Old-For-This-Shade-of-Lipstick, spoke in hushed voices while clicking on their personal tablets.

    "So, Stan," Rook said. "Going to get yourself some more skin?" He paused. "Good on you, doing something about that micro-penis problem you have."

    Rook could nearly feel Dr. Hills seize up. There was the soft 'whoosh' of his tablet sliding back into his pocket. "Nurse Abigail, no anesthetic is needed." Rook sighed. He should have seen that one coming, but he had won a small victory. Dr. Hills wouldn't be so riled up if it wasn't at least a little bit true. Hah. A little bit.


    A few hours and about a pound of flesh later, Rook managed to seem somewhat presentable. He'd been dumped back in his room. Slowly he'd made it to the shower and turned on the hot water. It stung in the places that his skin hadn't covered yet. They'd cut deeper than before, and so things took a lot longer to close up. Out of the kindness of their heart, or their dislike for Rook bleeding everywhere, they'd given him some large bandages. After he'd managed to rinse all the blood and flecks of viscera off of him, he bandaged his back up. They'd pulled from his left side, again. When he stared at himself in the mirror, he was almost divided down the middle: half brown, half gnarly pink scar tissue. It would heal, eventually. He'd be one color, someday. Hopefully soon.

    Shit. Today was not the best day to get messed up as he was. Rook had only been scheduled for a check up. Dr. Hills, that assnugget, he cursed internally. Fortunately, Nurse I'm-Unaware-About-the-Lack-of-My-Sex-Appeal had given him a few pain relievers. He'd taken them. They'd taken the edge off, but he was far from feeling fine.

    Rook wrestled on the arm covering he wore over his left arm and slid his eyepatch on over his right eye. The eye would never heal. "Close your eyes next time," the scientist had yelled. Fucking douchenozzle scientists. He pulled a large shirt, with a low v-neck, over his torso, slid on some form-fitting blue jeans, and laced up his boots. He then grabbed his hoodie and pulled it over that. Layers. Layers would help with wherever they ended up outside. It would also hide how much he was hurting and how much they'd biopsied this time. He didn't need Donovan thinking he wasn't capable. He was. He had to be. Rook had to leave here before they killed him.

    He made it to the lunchroom without any problems. It was fortunate for him that no one really liked him. He passed through the line uninterrupted. Usually, he would argue with the lunch about portions, but today he kept quiet and just accepted it. It wouldn't be viewed as strange because there were days that he remained painfully silent. They were used to his near bipolar attitude. If they only knew why that was--maybe they would hate the institute they worked for more.

    Rook dug into the gruel. Why did food always have to taste worse after ordeals? It tasted like ass-dicks. Yet, if he didn't eat it, then things would end poorly when they went to escape. Escape. Right. He didn't need to seem weird or ashamed. Things needed to appear as normal.

    He pushed his hoodie from his face and stood up. Though he was slightly slumped. He pointed at Raymond, a scared and backbone-less kinetic. "Hey, shit breath, give me your food." Raymond stared at him. "Didn't you hear me? Come on shit breath. Don't make come over there." Rook lifted his fist and forced it to have a metal-like sheen to it. Raymond blanched and slid his lunch tray over to Rook. His friends looked at him, appalled, before they focused on Rook. "Do you want to fight?" he asked. They all shook their head.

    Rook scooped the tray against his own and ate. There. No one should be suspicious of that.
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  14. Alkalb

    Mentions: @Wicked Remington
    Interactions: @Misaou Evangeline @Noctis the Devious Iridessa

    Alkalb soon heard footsteps, and another voice. This caused they boy to move back slightly. His fingers began to change into claws, and he lowers his stance as if ready to fight. His bark hair swayed as he moved. It was clear he was being cautious of both girls. However something changed his intentions. It was only slight, but they girl who had just appeared smelt like Remy. This seemed to calm him slightly. But he felt something else something off about the second girl, like she was had some sort of control over him. This would normally make him feel uneasy, yet he stayed almost calm. His attention was drawn away from this discovery as the girl by the door began to speak. She had a soft voice that showed no anger towards him. It was a first in a long time and was almost comforting. He also enjoyed here slight little stutters, he couldn't help but laugh a little. This may have seemed rude, but it had no I'll meaning to it. Although this did make her harder to understand.

    Alkalbs ability to read, write and listening skills were unfortunately very bad. Since he had very little contact with others he never truly learned a language. However he had been getting better once Remy had showed up, now he could understand most of what people said. Remy's constant reading of books to him allowed him to learn slightly how to speak and understand what others were saying. But the boys language was still slow and rather gruff, just like when someone tries to speak a new language. He wasn't great at constructing sentences so he kept his speech short, maybe not even speaking just nodding or shaking his head. This is what makes him seem like a rather shy boy. That and his awkward behaviour, after all he is more animal than human.

    The animal like boy only recognized both girls a little. However neither seemed like they wanted to harm him, plus they mentioned Remy. Alkalb changed from his offensive position, into a more natural and calm stance. His hands changed back to normal and he had what seemed to be like a soft smile on his face. The boy listened carefully to what the girl was saying, he didn't understand some of it but got the gist of what she was saying. He looked at both girls and then nodded his head slightly, he wanted to go with them to wherever they were going. "See Remy" the boy smiled at them as he moved closer. However the boy was still cautious of both of them. Since he didn't know their powers both posed a threat towards him. But around the girl who smelt a little like Remy, Alkalb felt a lot calmer.
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  15. [Shizuoka - Japan]

    [30 years ago]



    Various colors and lights of the display flickered across the man's thick-rimmed glasses, his fortitude keeping against the cool darkness surrounding one of the last lights left dotting the sleeping city. The sun had set long ago, and now even the moon seemed to shy amidst the clouds as the goddess Amaterasu's creation rounded near again.

    Before he realized it, however, the man's thoughts were not buried in his work. The door to the room then slid open on its hinges, rousing him aware from his slight reverie. As he looked over to the source of the noise, a younger male ambled through the doorway and down the aisle of the laboratory, each hand clutching a cup of beverage. The vapors being given off glinted under the fluorescent lights, and the older man furrowed his brows as he turned back to his display. The younger male continued his approach nonetheless.

    Here you go, Ryo-senpai. It's hot though, so don't go falling asleep now if you don't want to get burned. the younger man held out a cup to the other.

    His junior seemed carefree as always, thought Ryo. Sadly, it only stoked the few of his flames despite the countenance being mimicked by himself. With another gentle smile, Ryo sent a simple word of thanks the younger man's way before putting the coffee down on his desk. The junior passed Ryo and settled down at his own station, indulging in another sip of the bitter, tantalizing liquid warmth. He looked around his desk, before resting his sights on the coat he'd left to hang on a nearby chair. Quickly, he pulled the pen from the stationary coat's front pocket and resumed his work. Or, at least...

    ...Shoichi, it's been one week since we spoke to the Europeans. So... What do you think? Ryo suddenly voiced out, his chair swiveling in its spot to face the rest of the aisle.

    Shoichi's head perked up as his senior called his name. He leaned back in his chair and took a moment to collect his thoughts before turning towards the older man. Though, as always, Ryo found that the enthusiasm he's taken to the initiative is nothing less than admirable the very next minute. Shoichi seemed close to leaping out of his chair as he put to words his beliefs on the subject matter.

    Well, the fact that some people can still find the gall to peg this as 'evolution'... It really puts a smile on my face. Shoichi seemed to start, crossing his arms against his chest.

    Ryo didn't find this bit interesting in the least, but his smile remained unperturbed. He put his hands on his knees, taking a moment before then to re-affix his glasses. Shoichi continued.

    Even putting aside that this seems to be connected to the atmospheric movements resulting from 1908's Tunguska entry... Well, I'm still keeping by that observation, but... But! Shoichi breathed in before he finally felt determined to let out the truth as he sees it. ...This is an act of god, undoubtedly. Humans, as a species, would've reached this peak in no less than another million years, the singularity notwithstanding. And in no ways that we've seen here. There really is no other way to explain this, isn't there?

    Shoichi paused in the moment, expectant of his senior's take on his opinions. From his end, Ryo lowered his chin and rested his weary back against his own chair, running a hand through his short black hair as he felt the muscles on his body struggle to relax. Shoichi wondered the meaning behind it, but he knew the type of person Ryo was.

    That hasn't been the opinion of our American affiliates, however... Not even the highly religious guys at Slovakia think that, do they? It's a difficult case, Shoichi. That's... putting it very lightly, at least... said Ryo, rubbing his cheeks.

    Shoichi pursed his lips at Ryo's words. Both men seemed to know what was coming next.

    ...Then? I mean, I fully respect what opinions they have to offer, of course. Like with theirs, I'd like to hear your own thoughts on this, Ryo-senpai. Shoichi maintained a respectful approach. Ryo quietly felt disgust balling in the depths of his throat.

    Simply, it's the product of ourselves.

    ...Humans? Shoichi's face twisted into a puzzled expression.

    Like everything we do. To ourselves, to mother Earth, and the beings we share this abode with... It's nothing short of a consequence. Ryo continued, eyes caught in the flaring displays to his left from time to time. In the ensuing minutes, the two seemed to be at a loss for words. Shoichi noticed a movement inside Ryo's eyes before the older man turned away, and his own gaze dropped to the tiles on the floor. Suddenly, the silence is broken again.

    Be that as it may, don't you think it's shaping up to fulfill a higher calling? We humans aren't simply animals to bow to the four corners of the world, just like Aleksander-san likes to say! Shoichi's carefree nature broke through again, as he stumbled to find a course to remedy the atmosphere. Before long, he notices the speck of a genuine smile off the curve of his senior's lips. He was afforded no time, then, to adjust to the sight before Ryo spoke again. This time, however, the gentle smile on the older man's face gave Shoichi a feeling of sadness.

    ...I have something I need to talk to you about, Shoichi. It's about Kaoru.

    Shoichi leaned back again, smiling as he always had. He found that he needed to, sometimes.

    ...Oh? Did something happen to Kaoru-chan? asked Shoichi, losing an ounce to his mirth then.

    Ryo gripped his hands much tighter as Shoichi nonchalantly mentioned the name. It's the end, thought the man to himself. Without him realizing it, his junior over the three years thought closely the same.

    ...She's pregnant.



    [Present day]

    [The Facility - ???]



    | Name: Minagase X |
    | Subject: No. 23210 |
    | Location: Analysis Room |
    | Temperament: Calm, displaced |
    | Mentions: Remy @Wicked |
    | Interactions: N/A |


    "Look to the left, please." the burly physician assigned to X pointed towards the empty section of the wall - to nothing in particular, really - before he could manage to gently undo the bindings that have matted the cotton swab to the girl's right ear. The swab's underside had turned a shade of rusty red, noted the man as he slowly finished peeling off the thing. The girl didn't seem to wince as the drafts coming from the ventilation brushed against her free ear, signs of the most recent surgery still fresh in its cradle.

    "The recovery appears to be progressing at the sufficient rate. Have you observed this to be the result of the ongoing initiative... Hmm..." the man scrunched his bearded chin as he gave another look-over at the tab in front of him. "...Initiative No. 34F-1028; harmonic cellular regenerative studies... How goes it, Mina?" asked the man, familiar enough of her pet name after six years of calling her otherwise. Took less effort to roll off the tongue, at least. But he appreciated her mellow personality nonetheless.

    "...It's going swimmingly, Dr. Bechtel." answered X, brushing a strand of black hair away from the edges of her eye. There was nothing more to add to that statement, she felt. Bechtel had always been the more pragmatic of the researchers, but he was noticeably less... excessive... than a good chunk of the staff. The two shared a mutual gratitude for one another, felt the girl.

    "Alright. Now, we're essentially done here. So we'll go over the upcoming month's review as I apply your new bandaging. First off..." the doctor's hands steadied as he rubbed the medical disinfectant over the exposed skin and flesh of her ear. With a pat, he wraps the ear back up again, settling down to inspect his handiwork as he breathed in again to continue speaking.

    "We're appending three conversion tests on the week after. Before that, however, we're going to continue with the acoustic levitating phenomenon building, 36VV. The research plans have come under review, so we're going to see how that works out for you..." he went quiet at the reawakened thoughts of X's past resonance testing, at the end of the two weeks prior. Her mental developments seem to have taken a dive since then.

    X had always been a quiet character, but the forces pushing that behavior alter as subtly as the pitch of the sound in the room they were in, thought the doctor. True enough, X's eyes seemed to veer to the corner of the room as the doctor mentioned the test plans. In her eyes, X could see the imaginary cracks forming on the wall. All the walls of the rooms she'd been tested in end that way, always, that the doctors were surprised when it didn't happen on the last resonance testing. Of course, what they weren't aware of was the looming thoughts on the upcoming escape plan having subtly disturbed her thoughts for the entirety of that day.

    "Then, we'll hold a meeting to determine the specifics of the next breeding program. We're hoping the fourth time will deliver better results, so the committee are going for a different path... They're slating for subject No. 4491326, whose mental faculties have accorded for a good number of--" he stopped at that very moment, because X visibly enough shuddered in her seat. X, the bloody girl. His eyebrows rose slightly at the sight, but he knew better to ask her outright. Then again, given that this is X, perhaps it wouldn't be pushing his luck too far to do that very thing. Dr. Bechtel passed a furtive glance at the digital clock, however, and found that he best return to his pragmatism. He'd just have to book that last observation of No. 23210 for later.

    "Well... Let's get on with the rest, then."



    !! Location: Analysis Room → Hallway !!
    !! Temperament: Uncooperative, uneasy !!

    Mina stepped out the moment the door gave way. The systems overhead read her bracelet, and mounted the door once more to a close once she was in the clear. Outside, in the hallway, people are moving around more and more as the bell rings, signaling for the subjects to head to the cafeteria for lunch. Mina hadn't taken more than a few steps before then. She let a hand run over the bandages covering the span of her two arms before she came to the notion that it was less eye-catching than an entire cloak wrapped around her body.

    With that, Mina turned around on her soles to head for the cafeteria, when a familiar face suddenly blocks the way. Unruly black hair, combed back into sharp edges. Tall, gangling body with shoulders none too broad. The young man's body always seemed as if it tilted towards one side, she noted.



    "...Matthew." the name found itself slipping in between her lips as soon as her eyes landed on him. The thin line of his mouth, on the other hand, formed a soft smile the moment she uttered his name. Though he came close to unearthing a smile from her once, it'd been that way less and less since they met seven years ago. Nowadays, she wasn't sure what to think of him. Matthew seemed comfortable enough to approach her, at least. He seemed just like he was when he first came on to her all those years ago, and yet nothing like that all. "Did you need something from me?" asked Mina, wanting to get him out of her face for the moment. Especially since...

    "...Today's the big day, huh?"


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  16. [​IMG]

    [ Subject: 7155178 || Mood: Happy w/ underlying Nevouness || Location: En Route to the Lunchroom ]

    "Uh, Y-yeah. Yeah I was j-just heading th-there..." Iris said with her usually cute stutter. Evie's smile brightened once Iris agreed to head to the Lunchroom with her. It was better than heading there alone. It wasn't like Evie had a huge issue with being alone, it was just a lot more fun to travel with friends as opposed to being by oneself, that's all. Suddenly Ir's attention was drawn to something else, Evie's blue orbs followed the direction Iris was looking. That's when she caught sight of the boy from earlier, still staring. She wonder if he was looking for someone. Though the closer they got the more uncomfortable it seemed he was. She could feel it all over him as they slowly approached him. Her tensed up, getting into a lower stance as if on guard ready to attack should something go wrong. "Sub--" Iris started, then changed what she was about to say, "I-I mean, Alkalb! Sorry, I just came from a s-session. Did they allow you s-some integration time? They j-just rang the bell for lunch i-if you want to j-join us."

    Alkalb, now that name sounded familiar. Oh! Now she remembered. Remy had mentioned him to her before but Evie had never met him in person before. So this was the new friend Remy had made. She wondered why she hadn't seen him around before. Regardless, any friend to Remy was a friend to her. She hoped they could get along. "Oh, but you m-must be looking f-for Remy. He's only a few doors down i-if you want to see if he's in, b-but I bet you a-already knew that..." Evie's feathers shifted as if they had been blown in the wind, though there was no wind inside the facility, they were just picking up on the mood change with Iris. She was starting to feel nervous and it was showing with her dialogue as well. "O-of course you're s-still welcomed to j-join us if it turns out he a-already left for l-lunch."

    "See Remy" Alkalb replied once he seemed to get more comfortable around the girls. He straightened up and she was pretty positive she saw a small smile on his face.

    "Actually, Remy isn't in his room at the moment." Evie said with a solemn pout. "But He's an early bird so I'm sure he just headed to lunch." Clasping her hands together she turned her attention to Alkalb, "I'm Evie, nice to meet you. If you don't mind, we can all go to the lunchroom and look for Remy there? How does that sound?" Evie asked him with a warm smile. She wanted to let him know that she wasn't going to hurt him. He still seemed a bit hesitant around them.

    Characters Mentioned and Interacted with:

    @Wicked > Remington Carmichael

    @Noctis the Devious > Iridessa Lienue

    @parkpyro > Alkalb
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  17. [​IMG]

    [ The Facility; General Area - Lunchroom ]

    Ralyn talked about his current book with great excitement. Remy always found it enchanting when someone would share their interest with such deep passion and talk about them without inhibitions. Just listening to someone else being so deep in whatever really tended to capture Remy's attention, and he always found himself sharing the excitement without even knowing exactly what was the topic. He nodded along as Ralyn went on, trying his best to be vague as possible. It did sound rather interesting kind of concept, but Remy was not sure if it was quite his kind of thing. He preferred more lighthearted stories; adventures, fantasy and humor, with a dash of romance to make the relationship developments more interesting here and there, though it was not something that was a must have. Call him a kid, but he did love his Percy Jacksons.

    Ralyn had replied to the question about the attire, and then gave him a knowing look with words that held more meaning to those within the conspiracy than to those outside of it. Remy understood suddenly, and made a silent "Ah..." noise with a nod, acknowledging the meaning. Now he felt kind of stupid, of course the guy would wear something easy to move in. Dress pants were nice, but they were not exactly meant for escaping evil facilities that made human experiments with the supernaturally deviant. Making sure your butt looked good would not exactly be the first in the list of priorities. Trying to stay alive kind of tended to snatch that.

    As the duo made their way to the lunch line, Remy noted that it was still rather quiet. But it was nothing unusual, as Remy and Ralyn tended to be the type that were up and about before others, and also more punctual. It was rather common that they were one of the first ones there during meal times. As they reached the lunchladies, Ralyn typically struck up a conversation with Michelle, flattering her hair. Remy smiled a bit at that, following the interaction back and forth, until something about it changed drastically and it took a completely new kind of turn. His eyebrows rose up as he watched the flustered Lunchlady Michelle give more food to Ralyn, and the said guy feigning innocence. Remy was not entirely sure what he had just been witnessing.

    Ralyn sauntered off with his tray, and Remy turned to Michelle who looked bothered for some reason. Remy tried for a reassuring smile, and politely offered his wristband; "Please don't mind 2059191. He can be very eccentric sometimes..." The woman just scoffed and scanned the band, not looking very reassured at all, the information appearing to the screen of her scanner. All the statics about Remy's health, the nutrients and vitamins he was lacking or having too much, his fat percentage, pulse rate and everything else Michelle might need to know to give him the correct kind of food today. Or, at least that was what Remy figured it was how they operated with the foods. He purely assumed this, and his theory was mainly based on watching Evie's meals -- and the ones she disliked and made him eat for her. Like her vegetables. Or all the milk products they gave her. No wonder Remy had ended up so tall, huh. Might have been also all the hugs she gave him, he had read from somewhere that physical affection helped kids grow.

    Since nobody that Remy hanged out with a lot seemed to be yet in, he followed after Ralyn. A little awkwardly, because the odd situation with Lunchlady Michelle had seemed... weird. Ralyn had been pleasant, smiling and almost flirty even. But somehow whatever he had said had come off almost... threatening. Obviously there had been more to it than the necrokinetic was aware of, something that only Ralyn and Michelle knew about. If Remy would have known better, he would have said that Ralyn had been blackmailing her there. But Ralyn was a nice guy. Of course he would not do such a thing.

    ...Would he?

    Not being sure about the answer made him uncomfortable as he took a seat across Ralyn. Somehow, for the first time after witnessing that, Remy suddenly understood a little bit what Evie had meant when she had tried describing what Ralyn made her feel. Or in this case, not made her feel. Remy had always shrugged it off this far, telling Evie that her fear of the guy was irrational and that he must have been just immune to Evie or something. The other man seemed to snap out of whatever thoughts he had been in and directed his amber eyes at Remy, who poked his food on his plate with little interest even if his stomach was already growling. He did not want to start before his best friend was was there.

    "Did you read the Big Friendly Giant yet?" Ralyn asked with a lighthearted snicker, and Remy slowly lifted his gaze from his food, and chuckled -- awkwardly. On the inside, he was actually quite stale. It seemed that some jokes just never got old, or that anyone in this facility never seemed to get over his height. Probably because you needed to climb over it like Mount Everest. Nevertheless, his height was always something people found deep amusement in pointing out like Remy himself would have not been aware of it, and often making jokes about it like they would have been the most original in the world. As funny as it probably was for other people, the joke tends to die out when you hear it over and over again, endlessly on repeat, for years. Probably the only person that Remy found amusing in it was Rook, because he tended to find all kinds of imaginative ways to make fun of him because of it. Often sarcastically while using a tone that Remy just found outright hilarious. Why so little people appreciated the scarred man's sense of golden humor was beyond him.

    "Evangeline would make a perfect Sophie." Ralyn added with a more serious tone, and Remy just hummed with a shrug. Despite Ralyn's constant egging on him to read the tale, Remy had just never gotten around to it. So he still had no idea what he was talking about, or who Sophie was. A small, polite smile graced his lips as he took a sip of his water. He observed how Ralyn glanced at the clock, just as much on the edge as he was, just trying his best to act as normal as he could. But the nervousness just increased by the minute. Remy was afraid he would die of an anxiety attack before the end of lunch at this rate.

    Suddenly a white haired head popped up from the crowd few tables away, his back towards Remy who's attention had immediately snapped towards the man. Rook.

    "Hey, shit breath, give me your food." The dermakinetic demanded from some other guy who was sitting near him, who looked at the scarred man with wide eyes. "Didn't you hear me? Come on shit breath. Don't make come over there." Rook had lifted his fist, and it had an odd sheen to it. Like metal. The guy he was threatening blanched and quietly but quickly slid his tray to Rook. He questioned the others if they wanted to fight or why they were staring, but everyone shook their heads in that table. At that, Rook sat back down and pulled the tray towards himself, and dug in. Remy followed from behind in silence, feeling a bit ambivalent with that. It was kind of shocking to witness Rook get like that he did with others, but it was just the way he was; aggressive, demanding, dominating. All the things Remy was not. And maybe just because of that, Remy had always found it... Well, attractive was probably not the right way to put it. Interesting? Enchanting? Something along those lines. Rook was brash and very straightforward, but it was just that "give no fucks" attitude that Remy had always admired. The dermakinetic knew what he wanted and how to take it. Meanwhile, Remy was a bit bland in comparison. Like a boiled potato. A big, awkward boiled potato. With lots of freckles.

    "Excuse me," Remy said to Ralyn as he picked up his tray and started to raise from his seat, "I'll go and see my friend won't start anything unnecessary that attracts unwanted attention. I'll talk to you later Ralyn, okay? When... yeah. Later." He finished the discussion rather ungracefully, feeling just a tad bit dumb about his own word choices -- like he tended to feel a lot around Ralyn -- and turned on his heels and made his way towards the Mr. Grump.

    "Hey, glutton." Remy said as he slid to the seat across from Rook, flopping down casually like it was the most natural thing in the world and unaware of the invisible unapproachable bubble around the white haired man which manifested itself as several unoccupied seats around him. "You can have some of mine if you're really that hungry. And I bet Evie doesn't mind sharing either, but I'm pretty sure she's getting mainly veggies only again." He turned to look at the group that had been threatened by Rook just now, flashing an apologetic smile at their direction. If everything went alright, none of them would have to deal with them ever again. The idea was exhilarating.

    "And you don't even have to go to war about it..." Remy started to joke, but his words drifted off as his eyes caught a sight of something that did not belong in the middle of the vast room. It was a woman with long dark hair that looked like it had been unwashed for weeks. Her head was bowed down so he could not see her face, and she was wearing paper scrubs like a surgery patient. And she just stood there, unaffected by the people around her, like she did not see or hear them. Remy frowned, wondering if she was in some kind psychosis -- it was not that unusual with the subjects around here. She might have needed help, and a worry for this stranger gnawed Remy from the inside. But that changed fast when she looked up.

    Half of the skin on her face was missing. Her mouth was pulled into a permanent grimace due to the missing part of her lips, revealing a line of yellowing, bloody teeth. Few of them were gone. Her eyes were glazed over like a dead fish or someone with a bad case of cataract in both eyes. She looked like she could not see, but was staring still straight into Remy's soul with those dead eyes. He sat there frozen, watching her as she reached a hand for her mauled face... and tore her own skin with her fingernails, like she was trying to get off an itch under it and the only solution to rid it was to remove the skin altogether.

    Remy turned his attention sharply to his food, trying his best to pretend he had not seen her. But nervousness and fear radiated off him blatant as day. He took a deep breath and grabbed a fork, apologizing in his mind to Evie that he was going to start without her after all. He needed to act naturally as possible, so the half faced woman would not realize he could see her. She was most definitely a Creep, and Remy was not very good at dealing with her kind. He took a bite of his meal, looking up at Rook and trying for a wavering smile and wondering if he should quickly figure out a conversation topic. But as nothing came to mind, he lowered his gaze again as the woman kept staring at his direction from his peripheral vision. It might be too late to pretend. She might have already realized.

    Maybe dying of an anxiety attack before lunch was over was not such a bad idea after all.​

    Characters interacted with:
    @DarkiusHeavenstein - Ralyn Cremont
    @Tyrannosaurus Rekt - Rook Malik

    Characters mentioned:
    @Misaou - Evangeline "Evie" Reed
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  18. [​IMG]
    Cruciakinesis || 6441325 || Sleeping Area Hallway→ Lunchroom
    Mood: Relieved → Disapproving → Anxious
    Interaction: Alkalb -@parkpyro || Evangeline Reed - @Misaou || Remington Carmichael - @Wicked || Rook Malik - @Tyrannosaurus Rekt
    Mention: Mallory - @WishfulNemo || Nikolett Mint @Shattered♦Secrets™ || Mathias Leif - @DoomyCakez || Donnovan Davenport - @Shattered♦Secrets™ || Ralyn Cremont - @DarkiusHeavenstein || Harley Smith - @Brea
    Iris couldn't help the small smile that graced her lips upon hearing that Remy was indeed not in his room and relaced when Evangeline didn't seem to mind bringing Alkalb along. "Th-then it's settled then," she declared, taking it upon herself to lead them to the lunchroom. For obvious reasons Iris didn't see the need in striking up random conversations unless spoken to, so she was more than content to walk along in silence, though that didn't mean she didn't listen to whatever her companions may have said or offered a response when it was required of her. When they reached the lunchroom, the first thing the redhead noticed was the group members already present with a couple still missing; the most notable being a certain dark haired, dark eyed Umbrakinesis user. She already guessed Donnovan would already be present all things considered, but also present in her group was Rook. So far Harley remained MIA.

    She scanned her bracelet for the lunchladies and graciously accepted her meal, which as healthy as it was, was often sweetened - naturally of course. It was mostly a treat when she performed her experiments correct but also an experiment all in itself since her specialist wanted her to be able to have something to compare all the tasteful sounds to, but on the flipside, the edible experiments, and not so edible, occurred to help her identify the tastes of pain. On those days her meals were extra sweet. Too bad she was often left without an appetite to appreciate the gesture. Iris sidestepped to let Evangeline by just in time to watch Remy break away from Ralyn to sit near Rook, and she motioned to Alkalb to get his attention, if he hadn't found Remy already. Being one of the tallest, if not the tallest subject in the facility kind of made it hard to overlook him. For a second she weighed her options. Occasionally she would sit near Mallory, but she seemed to be caught up in sewing her bedding... in the lunchroom? What an odd location of choice. She also wasn't alone as Nikolett accompanied her. Ralyn was also a choice, but she wasn't comfortable enough with him to sit next to him alone. Her mind made up, she went the safest route and approached Remy and Rook.

    It started with faint hints of a "gamey" taste, ebbing into a more "organ"ic taste the closer she got to the males. The Cruciakinest frowned but tasted enough pain to remain neutral to the foul taste festering on her tongue, seeing it rude to make a face at something the other couldn't control. She paused near Rook where the taste was the strongest and reached out, yet not close enough to be viewed as a threat. Most subjects hated being touched, which quickly lead to Iris developing a short distant range of use for her power. What came next was as natural as breathing. The pain gradually faded from the scarred male's body and manifested itself in the redhead; however, to say Iris had a high tolerance was an understatement. She didn't even bat an eye through the process as spending fourteen years taking away others' pain made her use to it, and now very few held pain she couldn't endure. Though she did fight the temptation to roll her shoulders while the pain set in. She blinked when it dawned on her she hadn't yet said a word to the other two subjects and offered a sheepish grin. "S-sorry, I forgot t-to ask again, huh?" Now becoming more aware of the situation on hand, her smile reset itself back into a frown when she noticed the extra helping of food and the miffed owner not too far away. She gave a disaproving shake of her head and approached the threatened group, not hesitating to offer her own serving as compensation before making her way back.

    She didn't have much of an appitite anyway.

    "Oh, w-we found Alkalb w-wandering the halls looking f-for you," she explained, feeling like Remy needed a reason given on why she came in with the animal-human. "N-no, wait, I mean he found us," she licked her lips and tugged at the hem of skirt. "H-he found us in the h-h-hallway." She took a seat near by, not sure how close she should sit knowing Evangeline would prefer to be no further than directly next to the male while Alkalb might prefer a closer seat as well, which mainly left Rook's side of the table open and she probably should have felt more reluctant to take the open seats than she did. She tucked her skirt underunderneath her, only to have it sink in that they would be making a break for it in less than a half hour and here she was wearing not the most appropriate attire for such an occasion. Granted she made the right call with her jacket, blouse, and undershirt, but in her defense she didn't have much in the way of pants, probably claiming ownership over no more than one pair. She gnawed on her lip, debating whether or not she had the time to go ransacking her room for that one article of clothing.
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  19. [​IMG]

    | Name: Minagase X |
    | Subject: No. 23210 |
    | Location: Hallway |
    | Temperament: Conflicted, a mess |
    | Mentions: Remy @Wicked | Evie @Misaou | Ralyn @DarkiusHeavenstein |
    | Interactions: N/A → Everyone @Everyone |


    On the wall, there was an analog clock. Preferably one of the last of its kind within the Facility, but with age came the accompanying reliability.

    With a noiseless strum, the clock struck eight.

    And of the two souls underneath the curiosity, only Matthew Cork took notice of the passing of time. For them, it was running out, and he's long past the point to afford to be greedy. As he's always been, as it turns out.

    "That's... It isn't something I'm supposed to know. As they see it... we don't need to know." he finally answered the girl's question, to her dissatisfaction. But that didn't come as a surprise to her, of course. The very reason she would be doing what she needed to do later that day was to change all of that. Mina's figure slumped against the chrome railings, as her black orbs peered out into the forestry skirting the Facility's outer walls. Her bracelet would resound with a low vibrating sound in between every few minutes, as if not very condoning of her proximity to the large glass panes overlooking the courtyard outside. From time to time, people would be coming up the row of stairs separating her from the windows, passing a wary glance at the pair before going about their way again. "You have to go, Mina. You're gonna go back to China?"

    "Why?" she voiced promptly. "Is it because I'll be out there, today?" Matthew's posture didn't betray any of his feelings. Rather too well, in fact. The back of his weight was propped up against those railings by his elbows, and despite the answers coming to him easy, the man found himself greedy as always. Matthew switched his legs around and opened then closed his mouth again before Mina egged him on, confronting him with an unusual look for persons like her. Just like everything else to her, the anger came quietly.

    "...It isn't just you. It's never been just you." Matthew finally gave. Turning to look away again, every muscle on Mina's face seemed unwilling to accept his statement, her eyes tensing into a vague wroth gleam. Secretly, Matthew felt his half-lies slither in back through his teeth. It was the least he could do after everything he couldn't. "You need other people. Or else, they won't need you." he added to push her, feeling to his credit that someone was going to need to support the embarking group from the inside. The perfect cinnamon roll duo came to mind. And that Cremont... even if Matthew disliked him for reasons he could never properly put to words.

    "So what you're saying is, the Facility needs you?" Mina hissed. "Just what is it they can give you that they haven't given me?" she rose from her slump, gripping the girth of the railing between her fingers. She just didn't have it in her to look him straight in the eyes. The only person to have ever been allowed to come so close to her... And he was just as much as an enigma to her as the rest of the entity known as the Facility. To her, Matthew appeared to her embodying the walls surrounding her and the rest of the subjects. She has known him for so long, and yet in that very statement lies the contradiction.

    "They need the kind of guy I am. Or... really, the kind of guy I can afford to be. But that won't stop me from doing this." Matthew turned to lean on his side. His palms stacked on top of one another. For a moment, he joined Mina in staring out into the unknown, uncertain vast. Though it didn't belong to him."...At least, this." he finally ended rather unfeelingly, for all he wanted to tell her at that moment. What they had was not so abundant, to be sure. But in here, that much could have meant a lifetime. But the girl simply couldn't be satisfied with a lifetime like that. For the last time that the man hoped they had the privilege to approach one another, they were finally apart again with that single thought.

    The two wordlessly brokered an agreement in the silence that filled the halls moments afterwards. Turning on her soles to leave it all behind, the black-haired girl then left again without so much as another breath to his name. But not without a final warning from the black-haired man she knew as Matty.

    "...When we meet again. Next time... you can't hold anything back."


    Matthew just watched as Mina kept low and turned the corner to make for the lunchroom, disappearing from his sight. He wanted to call out to her one last time, but his final words were an ultimatum he otherwise didn't want to break. For the sake of the both of them. Maybe he was just feeling hopeful. Suddenly feeling tired, Matthew turned his back against the clock and let himself arch over the railings, perching onto the metal with his two elbows again and cobbling his hands together as his head inevitably hung low. Matthew grouched, and an itch seemed to find its way onto his scalp through his fret. He couldn't help but remark aloud to himself as he raised a hand to tame the itch.

    "When people get together... They can't help but make a mess out of things, huh...?"


    [Lunchroom - The Facility]



    Mina now felt like a disheveled mess. She couldn't see it, and everyone else was no better. It was a skill that she had busied herself nurturing every day since she had only been eight years of age. Every night, before she had gone to sleep, and every morning after, before she had faced the rest of the day. Rinse and repeat. In no more time than twice when she had begun, she would've been able to come across as expressive as a plank of wood. Of course, hadn't it been for... Matty. Mina rubbed an arm as she stood awkwardly in the lunchroom, now teeming with her peers. With her back up against the north entrance, she looked over her shoulder occasionally for anyone coming her way before deciding to fuel up on food with no time to spare wantonly.

    She shuffled forward rather minutely to the outsider, though in essence more akin to a lost soul clambering through uncharted territories. In truth, Mina simply wasn't sure if anyone would be feeling up to the food if they had been grabbing a look or two at her in her bandaged state. Halfway across the room, she passed two members of the other groups as she identified them. It had always been the case for her; though the faces were largely familiar, rarely half the amount of names would come freely to her.

    Mina absently twirled a tuft of hair that had hung close to one of her eyes, then brushed it to the side, as she recognized the squared, darkened complexion belonging to the fervent fellow, Rook Malik, attached to one of the tables. He was surrounded by a few others as she fitted the scenario into her head... and they all turned out to be subjects involved in the operations, as well. She didn't know what to think of it, other than herself would've definitely been suspicious had her not been a part. But they could've simply been friends all along, much to her unknowing. As her attention poured from Rook to the others, however...

    "Re-Remington...?" Mina could tell the tall youth's profile fairly easily. A twinge of unease flared across her expression as Mina seemed to turn away at the sight of the kinetic. She noted that the usually smiling guy looked to be keeping his sights glued face-up to the table, which had been rather even more suspicious-seeming, though Mina began to quickly scold herself for attempting to look too closely into the lad whom she's wanted to steer away from all this while. She passed the particular bunch as she shuffled even faster to reach the line of subjects waiting for their daily dose of medicine-laced food.

    With the dawning realization that she was being rather shifty herself, Mina began to stroll up to the line of bodies, passing a member of her own group, the bright-headed Ralyn Cremont. The assigned Medic was sitting by himself, which piqued Mina into considering taking up the seat adjacent to his, as they've met and studied a few times before. Ralyn was a dependable sort of person, peppered with an eccentricity or two that surfaced plenty during the days, but he always knew what to say - as far as she'd seen from him, at least. Perhaps he had more in check regarding the escape later, and any insight of his would prove useful. For the time being, Mina kept the profiles of the others closely at the corner of her eyes.

    It wasn't quite easy, of course. With Remy in the picture... and that potato mash behind the counter.

    !! Temperament: Hunger !!
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  20. [​IMG]

    Subject: 0131569
    Power: Umbrakinesis
    Location: Sleeping Area Hallway Common Area/Lunchroom
    Mood: Conflicted and Brooding
    Mentioned: Tehuri, Ralyn (@DarkiusHeavenstein), Iris (@Noctis the Devious), Rook (@Tyrannosaurus Rekt), Donnie (@Shattered♦Secrets™ ), Remi (@Wicked)


    "The speed of light is generally rounded down to 186,000 miles per second..."

    Before the first light itself had appeared, there had been vast nothingness...A blackness that blanketed and coated the nonexistence around it, anti-matter: the purest blackness there is. It had been an abyss of this vast nothingness, all consuming and all present...until. It simply was not. Everything seemed to coming into being from the blackness' underbelly; a cataclysmic event that dispelled with darkness and forced it to yield to the ever glowing light that had come to being.

    "In exact terms it is 299,792,458 meters per second..."

    So it was this day that darkness was forced to yield to the light, the catalyst of an ever present battle for good and evil...but what many failed to realize was the actual titling of this "good" and "bad". Nothing was always black and white, and the lines seemed to blur on this topic. Many wished to believe that light was the healing presence, revered as a God and praised by the masses. Darkness on the other hand...due to the mysteries it was able to hide...due to the utter nothingness, it has been cast aside, labelled as the rebukable and the terrifying. A demon, only to be cast down by the light; however, how little people actually knew. Light, this strong presence, could only be admired from a distance, for with its dastardly ways, it can burn you...destroy you in a single second with its awesome power. A wolf in sheep's clothing. Darkness was not perfect either, for it fuels the fears and nightmares of the common man...Cold and Unwelcoming in high doses...So it is here that the two balance each other out. An endless struggle for rights over the universe...

    "...which is 186,287.59 miles per second."

    Eyes, unblinking, flickered noisely over the darkened ceiling in the utter darkness of the surrounding area. Upon first glance, those eyes would seem dead, like that of a caught fish ready for slaughter; however, they glinted in the darkness, radiating a small fire, a sharpness that, like a knife, cut through those who fell upon them. They were unblinking, the whites glowing a dull cream in the black overcast, before they shifted in response to a small buzz.

    "0800...Light on in preparation for morning activities." A voice broke through that darkness, a dull monotone...possible baritone with a small huskiness to it. The voice barely broke a whisper, the suffocating silence of the surrounding darkness shattering as the buzz gained momentary intensity. Those eyes fell shut then, shielded by their owner just as the lights flickered and came to life.

    "Ugh..." The owner of those onyx orbs was probably one of the least unimpressive of the entire lots of experiments in the facility. He was pale, so much so that he had the smallest hint of a grey undertone. His face, which was shielded by an unkept mane of short raven locks, was sunken in, the hallows of his cheeks sharply accented by the intense shadows that seemed to crowd his form. A lanky arm, which seemed to lack the healthy amount of muscle mass, had moved up, slender forearm shielding those fish eyes from the light that was suddenly blaring down upon him. The smallest frown plagued his thin lips, which were pressed in a straight line, only further showing the annoyance he currently felt.

    His free hand moved up, resting upon his chest, which rose slowly in an oddly consistent beat. He was slender, and from his position it more painfully obvious. He laid upon his back, dark grey covers having slipped off of him due to a night of restlessness. He had not even slept, for he hardly ever did so, but upon the request of Tehuri, he had been more inclined to at least attempt what he felt was impossible. Even now, as he laid in silence, this thin...sickly male could hear the woman's powerful voice.

    "Stop being a little bitch and get some rest. We need you at your best tomorrow, Mathias..."

    Mathias...He had never been a fan of his name...In fact, there was little Mathias could say about himself that he actually liked; however, he was no pessimist. He was actually the more chatty sort; however, realistic in his appearance and attributes.

    The male shifted, allowing that arm to fall from atop his eyes, revealing them to be sunken in and rimmed with dark, bruise like rings. Those eyes slowly fell open; however, his vision remained blurred, melding the objects of his room into vaguely noticeable shapes. He seemed to blink a few times then, glimmers dancing across his vision before he finally decided to sit up. He stretched then, long arms raising above his head to the ceiling, bony fingers curling about for a few moments before Mathias was greeted with an audible crack. He let his arms fall then, hand slowly snaking up to claw at the frequent itch he received on the back of his neck. He scratched at it, dull nails reddening that vastly pale skin before the slender male decided to stand.

    He rarely understood why he even laid in bed anymore. Was it to settle to fears of the doctors and fellow patients that watched him? Mathias had learned long ago that his behavior was not exactly the most acceptable, so to be able to do what he wanted he was required to play along. Lay in bed with the lights off would be enough to assume he was sleeping, when in fact he was quite opposite. It was at night when his brain was the most active, for he was more or less nocturnal; however, due to the rigid schedule and uncaring nature of the facility, this small fact was usually overlook...So he was left with sneaking small naps throughout the day. He had learned to cope with always maintaining a mild air of exhaustion, for it did little to hinder him.

    Light, however, was a different story. It was blinding, uncomfortable, and plain annoying to the raven haired male, who's eye remained in a permanent squint for a moment or two. His slender arms extended, blindly groping around in the harsh light as he fished for his towel and shower kit. It always took him longer to adjust to the light then others, important information that he relayed to the doctors for analysis; however, was once again ignored. It rather miffed him, that the doctors were allegedly experimenting on them for the sake of a better understanding; however, when Mathias happily told them his own analysis he was often ignored and looked over...The Doctors would discover it on their own eventually, which only further irritiated that brilliant mind.

    He knew it all in essence, most details of everyone in the facility, even the recent additions added to the mix. There were a few of them, and it did little to settle Mathias' assumptions about this place...That was why they were leaving...Why they needed to escape...However, there was a small voice in his head...a small annoyance that was telling him he was missing something...That something was being looked over. He did not wish to dwell on it, out of fear of worrying his teammates; however, the thought itself could not be ignored.

    He found his shower kit and towel by his desk, which was littered with loose papers, journals, novels, encyclopedias, you name it. He had a small chess set in the desk top left corner, which he usually played in his boredom. He had a few models as well: small tokens of entertainment his doctors would bring him for good behavior; however, the young male was usually through with each object within a few hours. These last few days, he had settled on tactical and strategic steps needed to be taken in this escape. He had relayed them to the other leaders, of course, but had found minor problems with each one....There was only one chance at escape...Each strategy had a high probability of capture...and most likely, many of the experiments would not make it out alive. A few of the older individuals here in the facility had offered their services to him as a distraction: 43 year old Mable the Cryokinesis was one of the more notable of the offers...He hated the thought of using others for his success, but there seemed to be little choice in the matter.

    "There is a 87% probability of capture, far greater than one can be comfortable with; but those odds are better than the others..."
    With that, the young male offered a small sigh and left the room, grunting at the vast whiteness in the hall before he made his way to the morning showers.


    3 hours later...

    Mathias sat in silence at the simple metal desk provided by the facility. His vision had adjusted to the harsh light after a grueling 30 minutes of discomfort; however, now he was seating in relative complacency, those black orbs grazing quickly over one of the journals on his desk. It was his own, Mathias reviewing the details he had jotted down in the silent hours of the night for any signs of mistake. He had made none and his assumptions were rather correct. "This is a suicide mission." His voice was no higher than a hoarse whisper, the natural scratch voice blending with the monotone verbrada to create a rather unique sound. It stood out from time to time when he spoke, for his voice was not the deepest. It also offered little comfort or emotion, but it was distinct and served its purpose...That was how Mathias could fully describe his self analysis... He served his purpose. He was not the best looking of the male populace in the facility. If anything, he found himself to be rather lacking in that aspect, but he cared little for his appearance.

    Even now, one could tell from his attire that he was rather minimalistic. He was dressed currently in a pair of dark grey sweatpants -they were the recent korean style trend, the doctors offering him a choice that better suited his overall appearance-...Mathias simply thought they only further highlighted the slimness of his legs, being that they tightened drastically around the calf, while remaining loose around his crotch and thighs. It was a silly concept to him; however, they served their purpose. His shirt was a simple, white V-neck, which was worn as loose as possible without him looking too thin. Over that was a Navy blue cardigan, which was a size or two too large for his lanky from; however, it offered the necessary warmth he had wanted. He was currently only wearing a pair of white socks, his white tennis shoes placed on the mat by the doorway. He would be leaving soon for lunch anyways. He never wore jewelry, said from the small silver band required by the entire facility. His dark stare momentary flicked down to it, expression remaining void as he noted the small glint it gave off.

    He scoffed, eye closing as he raked his fingers though those messy, unkept raven locks. It looked as though he had made no change to then since this morning, the mane splaying out in all directions with no sign of control. It had become a staple style for him, setting him apart slightly in a protest against the social norms set upon physical appearance. He liked to think he was being rebellious in this aspect, but understood a majority of that rebellion came from utter boredom and the natural human need to search out some sort of cause...

    A sudden buzz caused this moment of brooding to break for Mathias, wide eyes raising to glance at the camera in the left corner of his room. It was lunch time...He had not even noticed that he had missed breakfast, the doctors having long sense stopped trying to force him into compliance. If he did not wish to eat, it was his decision... It was not even that he was not hungry...He hated the food here, actually being rather picky. He would much rather eat something sweet, like cakes and cookies and fruit for that matter; however, what they received was just above prisoner food here.

    He set his journal aside then, hand reaching out to pluck one of the many pawns from the black side of the chess board. He fumbled with the smooth object for a few moments, twisting it between long fingers before finally sliding it into his pocket. He moved to the door, slipping into his shoes before exiting. He paused in the threshold of his room, eyes grazing over the sad display of papers, books, a few posters, and not much else. This place he had known for so long would soon be behind him...He would soon be free, but he still could not shake the feeling that something wasn't right...that he was missing a key component in all of this; however, he left it for now and turned down the hall to join the others in the lunchroom.

    His steps were rather hurried as he made his way to the common areas, the shadows thst clung to the walls seemingly the move slight towards him, as if caught up in some sort of odd gravitational pull. It many, it would seem creepy, borderline terrifying to watch the darkness behind him build; however, he ignored it and came upon the lunchroom rathe quickly, stepping through the threshold to be greeted by the audible abomination of cattle chewing their cud. He visibly grimaced at the sound; however, took in the scene around him with quick eyes.

    The vast majority of the gang was here, said for a chosen few that Mathias would have enjoyed gathering with, Tehuri was the most notible of those present, grimace slowly fading back into his usual bored stare before he glanced around for anyone he wished to converse with. He noted Iris in the corner near Rook and Remi. She was always the nicer sort, slightly nervous...slightly shy, but kindhearted nonetheless. He noted the bandages on Rook, guessing Iris's presence was mainly for assistance.

    He turned then, stepping in line behind the others as he continued to survey the scene. Ralyn was standing off slightly to himself, being that Remi had left his presence to speak to Rook. Mathias assumed it had something to deal with the threatened nameless bunch just across from them. He did not know everyone in the facility, just the ones interesting in their plans. Ralyn was good for pleasant conversation in most cases.

    Tehuri was across the area, sitting scross from Donnie. Donnie was the assuming sort, a natural bad boy that Tehuri had been coupled with only a few months ago. He knew she may not have been the happiest at the time; however, the two had slowly faded into an odd sort of couple complacency. Mathias shrugged, having long ago pushed back any thoughts of coupling with anyone for that matter. It wasn't that he was asexual...It was mainly due to his realistic view of himself. Little found him actually attractive, not to mention his lack of want to mentally torture himself with the idea of romance and love...It just seemed rather pointless to him.

    He was behind a few people in the line, so it would be a moment or two before he actually got his food, not that he would actually feel inclined to eat it...If anything, it would sit in front of him as he partook in any random conversation thrown his way.
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