A Taste from Above



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Simple. It's a classic.
Imagine you can taste whoever that has posted right before you.
What would it taste like?

I'm the first posting, so I'll taste the Iwaku banner above.

It tastes like... Carpet, sweet lime juice, new car and cake icing.
It's tastes like tiger hamburger.
Tastes like wet cigarettes and raw chicken.
Tastes like... dried up old beans and soy sauce! D:
Tastes like...Hmm... I distinct taste of apples, with a whiff of strawberry, and carefully added bit of spice.
Tastes like a fibery meat well seasoned with a pungent, savoury mystery mix and worn leather.
Tastes more like feline than like wood.
Tastes like a sweet mixture of vanilla and armaretto, but with some sort of odd minty accent that strikes the tongue.. in a good way. :3
Taste like warm and frothy love mixed with melted marshmallows.
Tastes like.... A whole thanksgiving dinner...O_o
Tastes like smoldered ash from a cremated body mixed with strawberry sauce and ice cream. ; D
Tastes like...death...with a hint of french vanilla ice cream topped off with chocolate syrup and marshmallows
Tastes like critus sunshine, a dash of nutmeg and some amaretto sprinkled on top.<3
Cardboard. You know, like, a puzzle made of cardboard? Get it?
Tastes like sweet taste of dolphin with a hint of ostrich. Seasoned with cow's blood.
you taste like color...yes color now has a taste and it's el cartel
Tastes like...hmm... you taste like catnip and anise