A Tale of the Pure and Fallen

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    The Explanation...
    For years, the rivalry between the pure and fallen have been going on for years and years, not knowing when this will come to an end. The pure believe the the fallen should even exist and should rip off there wings and banish them forever, while the fallen believe that they should have a second chance. No matter what, this rivalry can't seem to stop.

    Yet some believe that this war is ridiculous. Some of the pure secretly meet with the fallen and some even fall in love with them. They sadly keep there love a secret because they know the faith they must fall if anyone knows about it. There wings will be ripped all all will be left are there ashes that usually flow into the mist.

    The pure take over heaven, the fallen take over hell. The secret lovers meet on earth. On earth, the wings are not seen by normal humans, but can be seen by other angels. Angels can sadly not participate in school because of them not having a 'legit' birth certificate. Yet, they do still hit the clubs and party like all other humans do. But in a world called The Everlasting World is where not stop war happens. When an angel is damaged, they instantly go back to heaven or hell. The only way a angel can be slain is by having the wings ripped off.

    In heaven and hell, there is a place for all the pure and fallen that have fallen into the tragic faith. The Cemetery of Memories is not that full, yet if you walk in there, you can feel all the sorrow and pain that the angels felt as they fall into the faith. Many pay there respects to them, while the others consider them to be foolish and trash the place instead.


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  2. I love this and hope many more join. My avatar picture actually is Tesrael.

    Name: Tesrael

    Age: 130, looks 25-30

    Type of Angel: Fallen

    Lover or Fighter?: Both, see below.

    Personality: He is indifferent to nearly everything except his own survival and his lover's well-being, having no particular interests when it comes to passing each day or year of his eternal life other than dwelling in safety, which usually means hiding on Earth. He always faces reality with no wishful thinking, and doesn't flinch from committing brutal acts when necessary. Defensive rather than aggressive when it comes to the war, he fights his former Pure comrades, new Fallen allies, or any force in all the worlds if necessary to prevent his own death or his lover's harm.

    Appearance: His feathered wings were black even when he was a Pure. Many took that as a bad omen and he's gotten used to superstitious dread in other Pures when he was one of them. His physique is 6'0", not bulky in muscles but all toned. Bronze skin and black hair down to his waist complete his "dark" look and make humans think of Native Americans when they see him, but his facial features themselves do not conform to any particular race.

    He was a Pure until he loved a Fallen, and rather than visit in secret and risk either one of them being destroyed by their wings being ripped off, he became a Fallen willingly. Therefore he is not seeking anyone else to love. However, I do not wish to play a second angel. So either that lover remains behind the scenes, or another player who wants my Tesrael would say his/her character is the one in a relationship with him. (Ask first; let's make sure we're compatible.)
  3. @Seraph: If you want, I'll play the lover
  4. I looked up your Resumes and previous posts and found Dwindling Glory - Lament of the Fallen. Whether your character is Pavlana or new, not only do I accept, I hope to live up to your quality.
  5. I can make up a new one with the same qualities
  6. As you wish. She is very admirable. She definitely impresses, inspires, and earned his faithfulness. That serious, intelligent demeanor is worth crossing factions for; I could see that much more readily than for a bubbly princess.

    Tesrael wrote a one-shot declaration of love to a former beloved, if you'd like to get to know him better, if you'd like an example of how he might treat yours too. http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=15726 His partner in that one is my OC from his 'canon' storyline where he's a seme.

    Well. Don't be shy, people, you know you've always wanted to play an angel.
  7. Name: Heva (Hay•vuh)
    Age: She appears to be around twenty, but her actual age is 132.
    Type of Angel: Fallen
    Lover or Fighter: Lover
    Personality: Heva is very even-faced, intelligent and calculating. She is very passionate about what she cares for even though she usually acts indifferent towards others. Under this harsh exterior is a woman who is very kind and loving as well as motherly; the only ones who see this are close allies. In times of stress, Heva can sometimes go into panic and become angry or irrational.
    Appearance: Angelic.jpg
    Bio: Heva was thrown into darkness during a previous war. In her youth, she was a rambunctious Pure that left the glory of Heaven for something foolish. Ever since then, she swore she would to achieve perfection. When she fell in love with Tesrael, Heva learned better and was able to accept things easier after a little cajoling.

    (Tell me if it needs editing)
  8. Albina, Tesrael, and Heva
    You're sign-up form is.....
    Thank you so much for joining^_^ Sorry if my approval was late. Had some stuff going on yesterday. :/
  9. Hi, Ahri-san,
    Would you allow such a newbie as I to join your tale?

    Name: Akemi- meaning "bright beauty"
    Age: 110- young for an angel, she looks 17
    Type of Angel: Fallen
    Lover or Fighter: Lover- but can fight very well if needed.
    Personality: she's dark, mysterious, and loves to socialize, but tends to scare people away. She's really nice once you get to know her.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Biography: Akemi never intended to fall... She was a fairly good little girl that got caught in a bad situation. Akemi got caught with the wrong people at the wrong time and was pulled down with the scum that she happened to be with at the time. She was transformed into a broken shell of the bright and cheery Akemi that she used to be. The shell that is left is the Akemi that you see now- the Akemi that's fighting to stay alive and trying not to fall apart completely.
  10. Akemi...
    You're sign-up form is.....

  11. Hooray! When will we start?
  12. Name: Damon Lee Salvatore
    Age: 390 23/26
    Type of Angel: Pure
    Lover or Fighter?: Fighter, but lover once you get through his barriers
    Personality: Damon is mysterious. He has the attitude of belonging in hell, wanting to make people suffer and wanting to torture. But he is a good guy who just let the right people control his life landing him in heaven. Tough, has many layers that are hard to crack even under pressure.

    Damon is smart and analyses more than he should.Loves blood and the feel of it running through his fingers. He draws and sometimes doesn't like to speak so he writes poetry or uses his pictures to show words. He deeply wants someone to love him and get a second chance to be where he truly belongs. Very Dominant.

    Damon Salvatore.jpg
    Damon 4.jpg Damon 5.jpg
    Bio: Damon was a troublemaking kid. He was getting excellent grades until his mother left and his father became abusive. Damon spent 7years of his life building up his defenses until his father got put in jail. Having no living relatives Damon was on his own, having only one girlfriend and the rest used.

    His girlfriend committed suicide on their 2 year anniversary. He's been alone. Working as a writer of horror stories. Until a man with a gun ended his life for the money in his wallet. The rest of his life is a mystery, a mystery which a mistake happened. He was placed in heaven. Horrible for his black heart, he just made the wrong friends.
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  13. How many may join and can there be a half breed since some pures and fallens fall in love?
  14. Damon...(Vampire Diaries much? XD)
    You're sign-up form is.....
  15. Since we have many people so far, maybe we'll start next week. This week, I have no time to get start on the GM and the thread.
  16. If you want to sign-up, go ahead^_^ And by half breed you mean have pure half fallen..?
  17. Yep that's what I meant :) Is that even possible?
  18. I love the Series........... And I have a straight man crush on him, I'm not even gonna lie. Ian Somerhalder is a god.
  19. Name: Ariana Han
    Age: 20, young but wise
    Type of Angel: Hybrid, half pure and half fallen
    Lover or Fighter: Both, in her defense she uses a bow and arrow to make up for her loss of flight.

    Personality: Outgoing, kind and caring. Because of her unique race she doesn't care to join a side, but would like to somehow unite the Pure and Fallen to end the war. She is defensive when her friends are in danger and will do anything to get them to safety.

    Appearance: Because she is a hybrid her wings are small so she cannot fly; one white wing and the other black. Her hair is brown and wavy down to her shoulders, and brown eyes to match. Standing at 5’5, her skin is fair and her body toned.

    Ever since she could remember she’s been searching for her parents. Her mother a Pure and her father a Fallen, but the war had separated them. Her parents sent her to Earth in hopes she’d never be discovered and live a happy life.
    When she turned twelve her wings were born. Luckily her foster parents are Human and couldn't see her wings, but others who were angel-born could. A couple, a pure and a fallen, risked their lives by taking her in claiming to be her relatives. It was a tough battle for her foster parents, but in the end the decision was made that it would be best for her to stay with immediate family. It was with them she learned about her origins and the never ending war.

    **NOTE** Please let me know if there's anything not ok with this CS.