A tale of outer suburbia

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  1. warning- The following roleplay contains scenes of violence, language and some sexual content.

    In the days leading up to what in the last few weeks has come to be known as the trigger there were earthquakes and massive storms and that would be a little more acceptable if we were in the US or Japan but were not... We're in the the south of England... Hundreds of miles away from the nearest major fault line...

    The trigger was a perfect alignment of events: A 9.5 magnitude earthquake; A tornado that spanned most of the English south coast; The detonation of every missile in every part of the country and every nuclear device under our command. Then finally, the eclipse that lasted 13 days.

    Those who could, huddled into the mass air raid shelter built over sixty years ago in the second world war.

    On the fourteenth day we came out. We came out to find the world a mess. Only 12,000 people survived...

    No law... no government... with the world literally against us.

    And those who didn't flee are no longer the same... they don't know it yet... but they're different.

    A map of Plymouth to help you out- https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=ply...ed=0CAgQ_AUoAg

    Day 14- 01:23 am-

    A sound now all to familiar rings across the area. Another bomb. Ryu carries his sister in his arms as he runs as far and as fast as he can. Throwing a manhole cover open he helps his sister down before going down himself. "3... 2... 1..." the ground above them shudders sending a shower of dust on top of them. "Ok... lets go." The young man gives his sister a tight, reassuring squeeze before moving on.

    "How...?" The girl wheezes, coughing through the dust and the damp. "How is there still a city to bomb?"

    "I don't know," is the slightly hushed reply, "try and keep quiet, we don't know who else is down here.

    The girl nods in the darkness, it's hard to say calm when your afraid of the dark, claustrophobic and stuck in the tightest place possible. "Another thing, why haven't we seen a single soldier or even...we've not even seen the police. It's like the emergency cervices just quit their jobs."

    "I think the mounting apocalypse is reason enough to quit your job"

    She smiles only to freeze up at a distant sound, "Hello?"

    "Huh, what is it" Ryu backtracks a few paces to his sisters side drawing two throwing knives. There is the sound of a striking match. the two run as a bottle smashes behind them. "Stay close now..."
  2. A tickling cough in the back of her throat that threatened to take hold and show her position was only barely subdued. Daia heard it as well though, the soft hello in the distant tunnels, yet still far too close to allow any feelings of relief or comfort. No. It would be a long time before one would be able to feel such things. She pulled out a match and candle, lighting the wick in the dark with practiced ease. A scream caught in her throat at the sight the candle shed: several men with automatic weapons slung over their shoulders. They saw her light. They saw her. She ran. The candle went out on its own accord. Just before it did, one of the men grabbed a broken, glass bottle from the ground and flung it her direction, in time for darkness to consume them all.
    A burning sensation pierced through her right forearm, shortly followed by the echoing sound as the remains of the bottle shattered on the ground behind her as she ran. Not long now, she reasoned bitterly, before they were able to alight something of their own supplies and kill her. With newfound speed born out of the desperate need for survival, she ran faster, no longer paying attention to which pathways she took, only wanting to hear the sound of the enemies' pace receding.
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  3. Ryu dropped to into a low crouch as he spotted the figures in front of them, "just rats" he heard. Americans, he counted four of them he could count in the almost non existent light. Without a second thought he threw all three of his knives at the men who were conveniently clustered in front of him. The fourth man turned and instinctively opened fire. A panicked yelp and a small splash told him that his sister had just taken a hit, "Kiyra!" A light turned on in the corner of his right eye, he heard the girl's futile struggles as the fifth soldier held the girl in a well executed sleeper hold.

    "Your sister hub?" the man said with a smirk, "don't move or I might just snap her fucking neck."

    Kiyra continued to struggle despite her flagging strength. As her head became heavy she looked to her brother with desperate, fearful eyes. She kicked out and dropped to her knees in a last ditch attempt at freedom but the soldier saw it coming and only tightened his hold, ignoring the uncontrollable stream of saliva. Kiyra was barely conscious but still the man held on until urine ran down the girls leg.

    "dirty little shit," finally the man let go letting the girl fall face first into a puddle.

    "leave her, the others'll find the other one."

    Ryu growled and sliced the throat of the other man having retrieved one of his knives. He then turned to find the last soldier dropping a match on his sister. "Shit..."
  4. Daia's first instinct when she heard the gradual increase in volume of voices coming from the tunnel up ahead was to flee. There was something else though that made her freeze, the audible sound of desperation and fury that was within a male's voice as he called a name. Cautiously, she ventured closer to where the sounds were coming from, soon able to distinguish the sounds of a muffled struggle until she reached a junction in the sewer. She held in her breath, not even daring to breathe lest it give away her position. With a sharp eye she took in six limp bodies lying on the ground, one noticeably smaller than the rest. A large soldier stood over it, flicking a match into burning life and giving sharp relief to their surroundings. It was the body of a girl, she realized, and if the moving of her chest was anything to in by, still alive. For now. Without hesitation, she reached over her shoulder and silently removed a large crow-bar from the sling that was tied securely to her back. Having a solid, two handed grip, she whipped the bar in an arch motion above her head and towards the soldier's. He turned only in time for the bar to hit his face instead of the back of head. There was a sickening crunch as his nose broke, pouring blood and snot down his face. By chance, the hooked end of the rod snagged on the place where an eye now should of been, gouging it from it's socket. Only as shock became apparent on his grotesque face, not yet registering the pain, Daia whipped the bar around for a second blow, this time hitting her first aimed at target on the back of his head. There was a sharp crunch before he fell limp beside his comrades, smothering the small flame beneath his weight.
  5. Ryu stood, surprised as an empty hip flask and the still lit match dropped onto his sisters face, he choked on his breath as the alcohol spilled and ignited. It was an unbearable sight and an un-nerving one as Kiyra didn't even flinch in her unconscious state. Rushing over he poored what little water he had left on the girls face and arm where the flame had spread. Only then when the comparable biting cold of the underground touched her face did she wake up.

    Kiyra looked around almost as if unaware of the events that had just unfolded. "I'm sorry, I should have been more careful," She whispered in a dry, fatigued voice. She looked at the stranger "You could have just stayed away but you helped... thank you."

    Ryu also nodded his thanks as he held Kiyra in his arms keeping her calm as the situation sunk in. "Thank you," He looked around for the nearest body dragging it towards him and stripping it of every usable object. "Americans using the British army load out." He could tell from the shape and weight of the objects. Finally he found a lamp, "finally some light."
  6. Daia nodded once firmly at each of the two whom she had helped, in acknowledgment of their thanks. "Anytime," she assured them softly. The world was no longer a place where people could ignore the needs of another, or if they did they had better expect similar mannerisms handed out to them when they are in need of assistance.
    She looked down at the still, lifeless body that was still attached to the end of her makeshift weapon. With a soft grunt she ripped the metal from his skull, then followed suit, digging though the dead soldier's belongings for anything of use. She slung his automatic weapon off from his shoulder and slipped in onto her own, adjusting her meager belongings to cope with the weight and her sense of balance. Daia looked back down the tunnel which she had come from, subconsciously touching the place where shards of glass had pierced through her forearm. It was far from a fatal injury and would be dealt with properly once the bombings had receded or she could go top side. For the time being she took the gauze from another soldier's pack, tightly wrapping it over the gash. It would help to stop the bleeding and help keep infection at bay. At least for now.
    "We need to keep moving," she suggested softly. "The others aren't far behind and they'll find the bodies soon enough." Daia lifted the body nearest to her under the armpits, dragging him into the darker shadows.
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  7. "I agree," He fitted himself with a combat vest, and a holster for the pistol before slinging one of the other weapons over his shoulder. "I'll have to clean these." He heard the distant rumble and felt the shower of dust as another bomb fell. "We cant stay down here for much longer without breathing equipment anyway," he said as he finished packing a bag. He crouched next to his sister to properly check the extent of her injuries. He started with a thick bruise on the side of her neck from where the man had held on so tightly for so long and then there was the burn, Ryu gritted his teeth in anger Carrying the girl in his arms as they continued in the dim lamp light.
  8. Daia finished tucking away what bodies weren't too heavy for her to handle, their large physique and dead weight not helping to speed up the process. Once finished, she found a lamp of her own and lit up its soft light, making sure to muffle what she could with her body so that it would still illuminate the front, while being unseen from the back. "We can look for a pharmacy, or the remains of one, and try to get some aloe vera for the burn," Daia noted, knowing that the actuality of finding any form of medical aid would be slim. She liked to have some kind of goal to reach though, even if she didn't know what her next step would be once she reached it.
  9. Ryu nodded, checking the ammunition within each magazine before saying anything, "alright then." Ryu kept walking for a long while before he came to a ladder. He helps his sister up and looks up at the sky, "it must be about 3 am now." They keep walking but there is always the same thing on Ryu's mind. Finally they find something, The hospital but before going in Ryu turns to the stranger, "they didnt just go looking in the sewers for nothing... They were looking for someone. They were looking for us and they were looking for you and i'll bet my mony they'll be looking for others and seeing as this hospital holds over a thousand people there'll be a few inside. So if you're still coming, what's your name?" He is about to speak again but is cut off by his sister as she whimpers slightly, she shakily moves her hand from the bullet wound. "It's got worse."
  10. Daia quickened her pace as they approached the hospital, mentally contemplating just how much she could tell him. Not too much, she decided, a name would be sufficient for the time being. "My alias is Daia, but my true name is Eona," she said, practically whispering the last words. "Don't say it aloud unless you must." She looked across at the younger girl beside him, giving her an encouraging nod and tight smile.
  11. Ryu nodded in agreement "fair enough. I'm Ryu and this is my younger sister, Kiyra." He makes his way into the hospital carrying his sister in one arm and holding the pistol in the other.
  12. Inside, the hospital is in an uproar. Exhausted nurses run from one patient to another, assigning them to different wings of the hospital based on the extremity of their injuries in order to try and instill some form of order. Overworked doctors, ignorant to the attempts of the nurses, are running from one injured person to the next, yelling out demands for specific medical devices over the cries of the injured.
    Of course, there were also many very much uninjured people milling around. Some were locals who were taking shelter, but most were sharp eyed soldiers who would occasionally gang up on an unsuspecting individual and forcefully 'escort' them from the hospital.
    Daia reached up to the back of her head to pull out a faded brown scrunchie, releasing her thick cocoa colored hair. She ruffled it up, running her fingers though the kinks, and tossed a good amount to the side, veiling half of her face from general viewing.
  13. (sorry, been pretty stuck with college work and stuff)

    Ryu looked around at the mess, and looked around when he felt a sudden tightness on his hand only relaxing a little upon realizing that it was Kiyra, "hey, calm down or we might get noticed." What ever else he might have said died in his mouth as he looked down at a trail of blood, "don't look down ok." They kept walking through the building and were about to talk to one of the doctors when they heard a voice from behind.

    "You three, stop there; turn around slowly, drop the weapons and put your hands up."

    More Americans, Ryu un-clipped his rifle and reached into his coat turning the safety off his pistol, he was ready for the soldier when he one of them went for him, he threw the man over his shoulder and broke his wrist and instinctivly shot the other in the tompol and the throaght as he tried to attack Kiyra. "Fuck you!" He picked the soldiers gun up a P90 with a full clip, aiming it at one of the solders who was inching towards a nurse.
  14. (( No worries, I understand. ))

    Daia bristled as a commanding male voice ordered them to drop their weapons and turn around, hands in the air. She refused to lower her weapon however, and turned to see Ryu struggling with an American soldier. Another soldier made his way towards her, aiming for what would have been a solid punch to her face, had she not dropped down to all fours, tediously balancing out her body in accordance to the pain in her arm. The large man stumbled, but it was enough, and with a sharp kick to his knees that was followed by a sharp crack, he fell, biting down on the pain of his broken legs. A gunshot was heard before a profanity coming from Ryu, but she didn't have time to look over, preoccupied as the soldier lunged at her crouched body, pinning her beneath his muscular weight. She spat in his face. "Get off!" she yelled, bucking under him, nailing a knee to his groin, fury burning in her eyes.
    "Little bitch," he growled in disgust and pain, legs acting as a dead weight. He raised a meaty fist to wipe away the saliva from his eye, flicking it to the side before preparing to use that same fist to pummel her face in. Seeing her chance, Daia jerked her body violently towards the gap where the raised hand had been previously blocking her escape. His leg gave way as his hand hit the concrete floor, sending spikes of pain up his arm, braking several fingers with the force of his impact. She scrambled to her feet, backing away swiftly before he could grab out at her legs, and raised her gun, sending a single, well aimed shot through the man's skull.

    Her eyes flashed heatedly around the room. Most of the people had pushed themselves towards the walls furthest away from the bloody scene, not wanting to get hit by a stray bullet. The nurses and doctors continued their runs, one or two occasionally pausing to check the dead pulses of the fallen Americans. Upon realising their certainty of death, they moved on to help those who were still breathing, locking away their feelings of horror and disgust behind a firm mask of professionalism. Daia stepped over the bodies and stood beside Ryu, watching the remaining soldier carefully pick his way towards a nurse. "We have to hurry," she reminded him softly, behind his shoulder. "More will be coming soon."
  15. Ryu growled, "Then let them. I'm not leaving until my sister gets at least some pain killers." Hate blankets his face while his eyes dart from left to right, he smirks spotting one of the nurses crouching over a soldier who had been shot in the knee, he shot the man in the face, not even twitching as blood sprays onto the nurse. "They tried to kill you, you were being used. And still you continue like this."

    A soldier lunges for the nurse, this one is different, like something out of a sci-fi movie. Black cambat gear, twin pistols and a sword like nothing he had seen. Now there were three, the other two carried katanas. One even had a high calibur sniper rifle.

    Ryu moved slowly towards Daia, not once lowering the P90. a red dot hovered in and out of his periphery, "I don't think they have the numbers to cover the entire building. This is the sixth floor, and there are another six on top of this with the top floor being the childrens wards. Go to the top floor, find help and wait for me." He reached into his pocket and turned on his MP3 player which was connected to a speaker in his bag. He grinned as more solders filed in. "full volume should do it." Ryu smiled to his sister, "when the vocals kick in I want you to run, stay close to Daia alright?" Ryu felt the adrenalin run through him as he grinned and started to bounce on the spot He grabbed a megaphone from one of the corpses. "Everyone who doesn't want to get hurt move to the sixth floor in... 3... 2... 1..."

    -------> <------ ​
    The vocals kicked in, Ryu dropped to one knee as the sniper took his shot and missed allowing Ryu to take his shot, He cought sight of the reflection on the scope and aimed for that point. and missed. he stood streight up and booted a bed in the direction of another soldier, the one who had tried to use the nurse as a shield. The nures had ran leaving the somewhat awestruck man to take the full force of the hit.​
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  16. Daia reached down and took the younger girl's hand within her slightly larger one, ignoring the slippery, warm feel of the blood on her palm that had been spread when Kiyra had been pressing on her bullet wound. A small nudge of her head showed the direction to the elevators that she intended to take. The ones closest to them were blocked by the masculine bodies of the soldiers who would happily stab their weapons through hers and the young girl's chests. However, another set of elevators could be found on the opposite end of the floor, which was where they were headed. The hash words of metallic depression and hate screamed through the hallways at a near deafening volume, causing several doors to shake in their frames and the drowned out cries of small children to start up in surprise.

    Daia rushed towards to dull buttons, pressing the up arrow until it successfully glowed a bright green color, elevator appearing moments later, half filled with people and soldiers from lower levels. A majority of the soldiers pressed past her and Kiyra towards the sound of the disturbance, where they had been alerted to the presence of certain individuals who posed as potential threats. She paused, waiting for them to leave, before ushering the younger girl into the elevator amongst others who were injured, visitors and the odd, single American who was staring up at the ceiling. "He'll be alright," she assured under her breath, giving the smaller hand a reassuring squeeze at the statement. The ride to the children's ward was overall uneventful, the young woman making sure to keep her back to any curious eyes that glanced her way, occasionally shifting her body around so that no one might get a clear view of Kiyra. For all they knew, they were simply an injured niece and her aunt, on their way to get some medical attention.

    When a soft 'ping' announced the arrival of the passengers having reached the top floor, the two females were to first few to escape the metal box, immediately turning down several bends before coming to the front desk for that level. A nurse was on duty behind the counter, eyes bloodshot, and it was to her that Daia addressed her orders. "We need aloe vera based burn cream, gauze, a bottle of paracetamol, a syringe and a doctor." The nurse nodded as each item was listed off, until she heard the last one. She bit her lip anxiously. "The doctors are all very busy, as I'm sure you can imagine-" Her nervous explanation was cut off by Daia's firm tone.
    "She has a bullet that needs to be removed immediately. Is such a simple procedure really so time consuming?!" she stated hotly, giving the woman a fierce stare before a reluctant nod of acceptance followed and she hurried off to grab the supplies.

    The first item that was delivered by a male youth was the PCM and syringe, taken with a small nod of thanks before he ran off to get the rest. She shook the bottle rapidly to make sure none of the actual medicine was at the bottom, out of reach, then popped the lid with a simple twist. Seven point five millaliters were sucked up by the syringe, the artificially sweetened suspension an orangey-peach color as she handed it to Kiyra. "It will help with the pain and reduce your temperature if you have a fever. If you don't have one," she shrugged, "it can't hurt." The same male returned a second time, setting a small tube, the length of a pinky finger perhaps, on the table beside a strip of gauze that was a generously rolled up yard in length. A demanding, sharp voice that had to be the doctor was heard further down the hall, stopping its yelling every once in a while in substitute for a softer tone, presumably for the sake of whichever youngster that she, for it was a female voice, stopped to help or briefly speak with. It wouldn't be long now.
  17. Ryu had taken one of the swords and the pistols. He used the blade to support himself. He had removed his coat having wrecked it in the fire fight which showed the extensive cuts and bruises that drenched his arms in blood. He heard the pop of a silenced pistol and ducked behind a shredded desk.
  18. She waited until the girl had finished the medicine, setting the empty syringe down on the desk's tabletop beside the bottle before continuing on. Next would have to be the burn cream. Daia bent forward slightly so that she would be level with Kiyra's area of burnt flesh. She took the small tube into get hands, squeezing out an inch of the white medicine onto the tip of her finger for easy application. "It'll burn," she warned, eyes meeting hers briefly in warning, "but then it will become cool very fast." Her gaze then focused solely on this task, hand upon the burnt flesh, determined to finish it before the doctor emerged so that she would see just how much they needed her to hurry with the bullet. Then, in the next second, she was done, a good amount of the flesh now covered in the stuff. She snagged the gauze off of the table without looking away from the girl and began to carefully wrap the wound to stop any bacteria house agpwdpmm getting into the open cream.

    The female doctor arrived shortly after, the same desk nurse from before now trailing behind her with a cart of medical supplies in hand. "A bullet wound?" she snapped at Daia, not trying to sound impatient, but simply wanting to get the the job done and over with. It was answered with a quick nod. "Right." She cast her eyes over Kiyra, softening some as she looked, voice becoming more feminine and less so demanding. "Hello, young miss. My name is Doctor Hannah." She continued on talking in a soft and non-threatening voice, explaining to the girl exactly what she was doing, as she did it. The majority one-sided conversation ranging anywhere from pills, to weather, to how there were many other girls in this ward who had had bullets shot into them and with a bit of medicine were now doing much better. Anything to distract the girl's mind from the pain as she used an alcohol swab to clean the area of the wound, then, using a tool that resembled a long pair of metal pliers, she removed the bullet. Once out of her body, the doctor immediately called for more gauze, disinfectant, an antibiotic medicine which was handed to Daia and a needle and thread to close the wound tight. "She'll need stitches," she explained, briefly returning to become the impatient doctor as she spoke to the woman. That side of her was soon lost though as she began talking again, sealing the hole closed, adding the disinfectant and wrapping it all in a tight bandaging. With a last, fleeting smile, she left, leaving the medicine and supplies she used on the counter for Daia to keep.

    She rubbed the younger girl's back as her eyes darted around the hall for any possible threats, only seeing the same, single American soldier from the elevator side up. Apparently he had needed to come off her, too, but for what was questionable. He would simply stand there against the wall, gaze occasionally turning to stare at Kiyra and her, watching them behind the look of boredom that donned his face every time he was caught staring at them.
  19. Ryu stood in the lift, his hands were shaking in a mix of emotions: pain, anger, fear. He looked up reaching for the knife that had been driven into his chest, he removed it looking at his bloody hands. "What a mess." He looked down at the solder who had tried and almost succeeded in killing him. The tables had been turned, the man lay on the floor with two broken ribs and a cracked skull. Plus a bullet in the throaght for good measure. The door opened and three nurses huddled around him, "sod off, I'll live. I think."
  20. She stood protectively beside the girl for some minutes, the pack that she had acquired from the dead Americans back in the sewers now on the desktop with a majority of its supplies scattered in a somewhat neat order on the table. There was the food, the newly added medicine, a change of clothes that were far too large for her but perhaps with some work, might fit, a single knife that was dominated by a foot long, curved blade and a wide handle for easy grip, as well as some other essentials that would be helpful depending on the situation. After repacking the bag and slinging its over her shoulder, she clipped the knife against her hip by the sheath, making sure it was secure and easy to grab when she needed it. At the sound of a lift announcing that it had reached the top floor with a muffled 'ping', Daia looked towards the direction as several nurses suddenly bustled around someone, someone who didn't seem very keen to be treated. She took Kiyra's hand in her own and strode over to Ryu, several feet outside of the ring of nurses, a look of silent disapproval quite clear on her face at the degree of his injury. "If it gets infected, you won't," she noted, hearing his comment.