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    # of players: 11
    IC Thread
    Character Album


    You think you’re on the verge of greatness. Most of the artistic youth of New York think so. The tales of all those who made it under worse circumstances are written all over the streets and on the subway walls. Most of your family probably would have preferred if you studied something more practical in college (if you even went to college). You have no real reason to believe that you won’t end up like the homeless people you pass by in the city every day, but the idea that you’ll be on the streets sounds ridiculous to you. You live way above your means, with more than nice clothing and exploring the active nightlife. Still, the weight of a rapidly increasing standard of living is suffocating you and the only thing keeping your dreams alive is your friends, who are experiencing the same thing. Three of them are in a punk rock band that is too raw to ever make it out of playing shows in small bars, but you never know. The rest of them are practicing various other art forms, trying to get noticed in any way they can. You all support each other however you can.

    Most of you met through Reiner, who isn’t particularly bright or talented, but nobody can help but love him for his charisma and confidence. He’s kept the group together since high school and it’s only grown and gotten stronger since. He bartends at a live music bar in Manhattan, which has become one of the main places for the group to get together after a long day’s work. The band occasionally plays there too. You may not be into the band’s style, but you relate to the music’s energy. It speaks to the vague feeling that the city is slowly pushing out people like you in favor of the rich and those annoying hipsters who weren’t even born here.

    But once the alcohol starts hitting your blood stream and you’re body is in motion beneath the lights, all that matters is that you’re together, and it feels like you’re standing with an army.

    • 1) This RP will be more character driven than your average RP. As GM, I will not be railroading this story in any direction or in any way. I will have some influence, but I'm not looking to have a lot. This RP is about the lives of our characters and how they're entwined. So, as a player joining this RP, I am asking (and expecting) that you put a lot of effort into your characters and into plotting with your fellow RPers regarding character relations. As GM, I will from time to time ask the group for opinions on things and I expect some kind of answer from everyone, even if it's very simple or the same answer somebody else gave. As a player joining this RP, I expect you to be involved in the OOC, as it will be important for plotting together.

      2) This is an adept RP, which means you are more than familiar with the basics of RPing and are able to provide detailed posts that allow your fellow RPers with enough to work with to provide a detailed post of their own. Your characters have depth.

      3) This is a slice of life and realistic RP. If that sounds even slightly boring to you, I would reconsider joining.

      4) I need an IC post from each of you once a week. If you can't post because you're waiting on somebody else to respond, post anyway. If I don't hear from you, OCC or otherwise, for two weeks, you'll be ejected from the RP. Characters of players who are no longer in the RP do not just disappear. They will somehow leave the group IC and the character's owner may or may not have a say in how this is done.

      5) You can make as many characters as you want, but once you have two characters, you must give me a heads up before making more.

      6) Drama IC is good. Drama OOC is bad. If you have a problem and can't deal with it in a civil manner, you'll be ejected.

      7) I probably forgot something. You're always free to ask me about anything. Have fun guys =)

      *Your character aspires to be one of these and is working to master it. The roles listed are suggestions. You're free to pick one that's not listed here, just get my approval first.
      *I want to see some diversity before there's more than one character of the same role

      The Bassist/Lead Vocalist
      The Guitarist
      The Drummer

      *once all band roles are taken, the players will decide on a band name or I'll pick one for them
      The Writer
      The Poet
      The Graffiti Artist
      The Actor/Actress

      The Cinematographer
      The Graphic Designer
      The Model
      The Fashion Designer
      The Dancer
      The Culinary Artist
      The Comedian
      The Animator

      The Nobody
      *if your character has no current aspirations or is undecided for whatever reason, you may pick this role.

      The Rebel
      *you're a political activitist

      *New York City consists of five boroughs and most of the RP will take place within them.
      Manhattan: AKA "The City." New Yorkers within the boroughs refer to Manhattan as 'the city,' while New Yorkers outside the boroughs typically refer to the five borough region as 'the city.' The City is where a lot of the action is, easily making it the most annoyingly crowded place on the planet, but you're used to that. If there's something you want, the City has it. Somewhere. The nightlife is always active, the food is diverse and top notch, and the city has the best pizza and beer in the world. There's always something to do and the lights are always on. Go to Times Square at 2 in the morning and you'll see why it's called the city that never sleeps.

      Queens: Taking up the largest chunk of land, Queens also takes the crown for most racially diverse population on the planet. Those born in Queens have the unique experience of having grown up exposed to hundreds of different cultures and perspectives, typically making them more empathetic and liberal. Despite the array of cultures, people of the same culture and background tend to live in the same neighborhoods, creating patches of people who refuse to interact with people that are different than them. We generally call these people 'old.' The benefit of this phenomena is the natural organization of things that the City doesn't have. If you want Asian food, you go to the Asian neighborhood. If you want Greek, you go to the Greek one. Queens is also home to the New York Mets.

      The Bronx: The Bronx is an old timey place, with plenty of historical sites and parks to visit, home to the New York Yankees, and the birthplace of rap and hip hop. The Bronx Zoo is the largest zoo in the world and always worth a visit (especially on wednesdays. It's always free on wednesday).

      Brooklyn: Taking up the second largest chunk of land, Brooklyn is also the most populated borough, both in people and in beaches. It is the home to an independent art scene and Coney Island, a historic amusement park that has rapidly improved to include more modern rides. It is easily the most beautiful borough, particularly the northernmost side, by the water. If you want to go on a particularly romantic date, you probably want to go to Brooklyn. The borough is well known for its three hour Christmas lights tour in December.

      Staten Island: to be written. maybe.



      Name: real names

      Age: 21-24. include birthday. the RP is in 2016

      Sexuality: optional

      Occupation: since your character is still practicing their craft, they probably don't have a job in their field yet. if they do, it's probably not what they were hoping for. maybe your character is a huge moocher and is living with another character and relying on them for income.

      Appearance: height, weight, hair color, eye color, clothing style, etc etc.

      Personality: include flaws. nobody is perfect. one paragraph.

      Borough of Residence: Your character lives in one of the 5 boroughs. They're all about 40 mins away from each other by car and about an hour and 20 mins by public transport, with the exception of Staten Island. Do not pick Staten Island. Nobody cares about Staten Island =) (seriously don't pick it.)

      Likes: literally anything


      Family: who are your parents? do you have brothers or sisters? were you adopted? i hope they're still alive.

      Relations: write a sentence or two about your character's relationship with another player's character. how/when they met, what they think of them, etc. Not everyone met in high school and we don't all need to like each other. Maybe you became a part of the group through only one person and only care about that one character. you'll probably have to edit this once everybody has their characters posted.

      Bio: How did your character come to start practicing whatever it is they're practicing? What did you do in high school? Did you go to college? If so, how far did you get? If not, why not? Are you going for your masters? The bio does not need to be extensive, but nobody is stopping you.

      Misc: anything else you want to share about your character. totally optional

      IC Sample: write a scene from your character's past IC.
    • *You can view the whole album here

      Reiner Seiger (The Brewer) played by @of Dirt
      Sakamae Seiger (The Photographer) played by @of Dirt
      Scott O'Connell (The Writer) played by @MST3K 4ever
      Alejandro Rivera (The Bassist/Lead Vocalist) played by @Pray4me
      Cara McGinty (The Graphic Designer) played by @Absinthe

      Robert Allan Xerxes Corell Sinclaire (The Composer) played by @Boss Megu
      Anthony Tristan Rushmore (The Drummer) played by @Mippu
      Alex Wong (The Guitarist) played by @abalint
      Casey Straton (The Graffiti Artist) played by @BoB (Best of Boxes)³
      Emile Thaddeus Kingsley (The Actor) played by @Boss Megu
      Orion Blake (The Nobody) played by @LuckycoolHawk9

    • Places our characters have been to so far

      Dirty Magic: Located in lower Manhattan, Dirty Magic is a small, live music bar that has become something of a semi-regular hangout when the crew gets bored. It's also a convenient location, since the band plays there on occasion and both Reiner and Tony are employees. A variety of music genres are represented there, though rock music is typically showcased on the weekends, since it garners more business.

      Output Nightclub: Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Output is a particularly large dance club, with an open rooftop when weather permits. Neon lit and complete with a particularly impressive sound system, a bar, and plenty of comfortable seats on the outskirts of the dance floor, the club is a favorite of Carmen and Sakamae. Carmen also works there on occasion.​
    • TBA
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  2. by the way, anybody here actually from NY? Just curious
  3. Reserved for lead vocalist of the band~

    I'm familiar with NY, but I'm not from there.

  4. If you DO NOT like the look of this CS so far, please let me know and I will revert back to the original character sheet.
    Graphic Designer
    Queens, NY.




    write a sentence or two about your character's relationship with another player's character. how/when they met, what they think of them, etc. Not everyone met in high school and we don't all need to like each other. Maybe you became a part of the group through only one person and only care about that one character. you'll probably have to edit this once everybody has their characters posted.

    How did your character come to start practicing whatever it is they're practicing? What did you do in high school? Did you go to college? If so, how far did you get? If not, why not? Are you going for your masters? The bio does not need to be extensive, but nobody is stopping you.

    write a scene from your character's past IC.
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    Role: The Writer

    Name: Scott O’Connell (Nicknames include: Scotty-O, or Scotty)

    Age: 23: May 8, 1993

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Occupation: Obituary Writer for the Queens Tribune.

    Appearance: Scott is 6ft 2” with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He is athletic and works out as often as he can. Enjoys wearing blue jeans and T-shirts.

    Personality: Even though Scott played sports a lot in school, and loves to play on the weekends he is very intellectual and appreciates others who are as well. He appreciates a good joke and enjoys making sarcastic remarks from time to time. Scott can dish it out as well as take it he’s not afraid to laugh at himself. To those who are his friends Scott is very protective of them, and he trusts people until they prove him wrong. He is no Saint though Scott does have a temper, and he is not one to forgive very easily if ever. Scott also inherited his father’s stubborn streak and his mother’s sense of “you slap me fine, I’ll knock you out!” (An overdeveloped sense of “revenge” if someone hurts him) Scott likes to party and have fun, but he will get drunk very quickly.

    Borough of Residence: Queens
    Likes: Scott loves being with friends, sports (playing or watching), the music of Bruce Springsteen, working out/running, cooking (he's an Italian food junkie), mysteries, The Daily Show, history, movies (all kinds), and reading.

    Dislikes: Know it alls, liars, holier-than-thou-hypocrites, and bullies.

    Family: Father: Edward (Homicide Captain), Mother: Brenda (4th Grade Teacher), 2 older brothers Thomas & Nathan and 2 older sisters Katherine & Michelle.


    Mae: She and Scott knew each other from various classes at St. John's and they instantly became friends. Though Scott never has felt anything more than just being friends with Mae she is the one person Scott trusts more than just about any other on the planet.

    Tony: He and Scott live in the same building. They would see each other every now and then, but it was during a "Star Wars" film festival at the Valasico Theater that they became friends. Plus the fact that Tony loves cooking pasta, and Scott's Italian food addiction makes Tony one of his best friends.

    Em: Since he and Tony are roommates Scott has met Em on more than few occasions. He likes him and for some reason he enjoys that Em goes through a lot of trouble at times to look good. Scott will admit though that Em does look good and they both like to have a few drinks when partying.

    Cara: They share a common ancestry and Scott loves her accent as well. They also share a common love of movies, and if there isn't a movie festival in the area that they like Scott, Cara and Tony will organize their own. However Scott has to clear it with them if he tries to host one from now on. Scott thought it would be fun to do an Elvis movie film festival once. By the second movie they had turned it into a drinking game festival, and they all had the worst hangovers in recorded history.

    Bio: Scott was born and raised in Washington, DC to a large Scottish-Catholic family. They were not flush with cash, so if he wanted to go to college Scott needed a Scholarship. He got a baseball scholarship to St. John’s University playing first base. As much as he enjoyed playing baseball Scott loved writing even more especially murder mysteries. Scott was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the fourth round of at the end of his sophomore year, and figured on playing for a few years until he finished writing a book he was working on. However, during his junior year two weeks before he was to report to the Sox minor league club Scott tore up his right knee during a game. He took that as a sign he wasn’t supposed to play ball, but the school didn’t revoke his scholarship and he graduated with a B-S in English and a minor in Theater.
    Scott decided to tough it out in Queens, so he moved in with a friend of his from college. Scott wanted to be a writer so badly, but he needed a job otherwise it was back to DC and Scott liked being on his own. He knocked on door after door until he finally landed a writing job. Writing classifieds for the Queens Tribune. It wasn’t exactly a glamor job, but he is able to pick the brains of other writers and in New York there are tons of publishing houses.

    Misc: He owns a fish tank and frequently looks to it for a calming and centering device.

    IC Sample:
    Scott was in the basement of the Queens Tribune looking over the work he just did for a 2005 Honda on his computer screen. He said, “$900.00 or best offer made. Yep you have a real flair for the written word Scott.”

    A friend of his Mary Hawkes at a nearby desk said, “It could be worse you could be writing the human interest pieces for this weekend. Farm shows are big this time of year.”

    Scott replied, “True at least with these stories we don’t have to worry about being in a field and stepping in cow shit.”

    Just then he heard his editor Ernie Wells bellow from his office, “O’Connell! In here now!”

    Scott looked over to Mary and said, “I may not be stepping in cow shit, but I gotta feeling I’m in deep shit right now.”

    Scott walked over to Wells’ office and said, “You rang.”

    Wells motioned for him to close the door. Scott closed the door and said, “O’Connell I like you. I do I like your grit and determination to do anything you can to help out, but this…” he held up an article he wrote and said, “this isn’t creative writing time. Remember just stick to the facts and keep the wording simple. I know you got talent kid, but this shit ain’t gonna fly here.”

    Scott nodded slowly and said, “Sorry boss. I just wanna write and doing this isn’t exactly helping me out in that arena. I appreciate the job here but…”

    Wells said, “It’s called paying your dues kid.”

    Scott nodded and said, “Right boss.” He started to walk away and Wells said, “Scott, I’ve heard a rumbling that there might be an opening upstairs next month in Obits. Noah Elliot is retiring. If you stick with what I say and continue helping me out I might be able to help you out. You got a gift for this kid, and granted the obits ain’t much but it is a step up.”

    Scott smiled and said, “Thanks Boss.”
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  6. Reserved for graphic designer

    Role: Graphic Designer

    Name: Cara McGinty

    Age: 23 - 3 April 1993

    Sexuality: Hetero

    Occupation: Barista and freelance web designer

    Cara stands at about 5 feet 5 inches in her stocking feet, with a buxom, hourglass figure and long, shapely legs. Her hair has a slight curl to it, and while naturally a rich nut brown, has been subjected to a rainbow of dyes throughout the years. Currently it is is a rich burgundy, almost brunette until the light hits it. Her eyes are hazel and usually contain a glint of bemusement or mischief beneath. Her complexion is quite fair, due to her Irish heritage, and it is a constant source of irritation for Cara to keep it from either tanning or just plain burning.

    Having never grown out of her goth phase as a teen, Cara's wardrobe consists of a rather eclectic mix of styles and clothing. Corsets, stockings, jeans, long, flowing skirts, graphic t-shirts, creepers, stilettos and combat boots all make regular appearances.

    Cara is laidback and upbeat, and despite appearances, the eternal optimist. She's usually quick to laugh and smile, and the first to dance at parties. However, she's something of an introvert, preferring to keep people at a cordial distance until shes befriended them, and still treasuring her dwindling alone time playing video games and catching up with her books.

    She values the trust she places in people. She isn't the kind of person to get violent or to even hold a grudge for very long, but to those who lose her trust are rarely treated with anything more than polite cordiality.

    Borough of Residence:

    Bats, Cats and Rats
    Old Movies
    Gothic Music
    Punk and Metal
    Video games

    Bad Coffee
    Posers and Attention Seekers


    Cara's parent split up when she was too young to remember, under quite amiable circumstances. Her parents remained friends, and both her father's wife, Siobhan, and her mother's wife, Emily, were involved in her life growing up.
    She has an older brother, an older step-sister and two half siblings, all of whom she gets on with. Cara also has extended family in Ireland and in the UK, but she is not in contact with them.

    To be continued

    Reiner Seiger -- Roommate

    Cara was born in Galway City, Ireland whilst her parents were staying in the country for a year. She, her brother and her parents moved back to New York a few months afterwards. Her life was pretty unremarkable growing up - her parents were both very well off, loving and supportive, even throughout a divorce, her father remarrying, and her mother marrying another woman.

    She did very well at school, intending to follow her brother back across the Atlantic to go to college 'back home' as her parents called it. Sure enough, she qualified for a scholarship and was set to study engineering at University College Cork.

    Despite having spent many holidays in the old country, Cara didn't quite settle in Cork like she imagined she would. She transferred to NUI Galway the following year, blaming the differences between the south and the more laidback west where she had spent her holidays. Again, while she made friends and settled a little better, it was still not what she wanted. She was missing something...

    A trip back home following her second year in Galway clarified things for her. New York was were she needed to be.

    Cara moved back to New York and took up a job in a cafe making coffee, a job she enjoys doing, but not for the rest of her life. She designed a couple of logos for her societies back in Ireland, as a hobby - an email from a friend suggested that she had a knack for it, so why shouldn't she give it a go full time?


    IC Sample:
    Ah, the hiss of the steam wand, the whirring of the grinder, the smell of the fresh coffee... There were really worse jobs in the world than being a barista. It was like an old dance now, Cara barely had to think about what she doing any more. It was lunchtime, she was on her own making coffee, and sure enough the queue was starting to grow. Better to be busy than bored right? It meant she was doing something right.

    She beamed at her next customer, a high-maintenance college girl who insisted on ignoring Cara's repeated requests to order and focused instead on taking a selfie. "Can I have a skinny, large, no-sugar decaff latte with two vanilla shots and full fat milk?" She stated eventually, flashing a look of disgust at her server.

    The warmth faded a fraction from Cara's smile as she set to work, and further still when she heard a tittering and several eye rolls and snickers as she took the complicated, contradictory orders of several of the college girl's friends.
    "I actually didn't think people like her are even allowed out in the daylight. Like, don't they burn up and shit?"
    "Well, I guess sucking blood of virgins doesn't pay the rent."
    "Dressing like that she's going to attract enough,"
    "What some people find attractive, eh?"

    Cara handed over the drinks with a stuff smile, making sure to count the change carefully. No tip, of course. She sighed heavily, before turning to the next customer with a beaming smile again. This wasn't her forever job.
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  7. Reserved for my grafiti artist
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  8. Reserve for Actor/Actress^^ if open
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  9. BTW is it okay if i add a few parts to the sheet to flesh out my character more?

    FC:Jussie Smollett
    Role: Graffiti artist
  10. Wouldn't it be prudent to flesh it out in the post where you reserved the character? :P @Mr.Scales ⚖

    I'll reserve a spot for the Guitarist.

    The Guitarist (WIP)

    Name: James Carrick.

    Age: 24, born on December 12th 1991.

    Sexuality: Heterosexual.

    Occupation: Part-time clerk at a guitar shop in the city (Manhattan). Bouncer. Petty thief.

    Appearance: 6' 5" tall, about 200 pounds heavy. Grey-blue eyes and black hair with hair cut and piercings as pictured. James' appearance makes for a naturally imposing figure, and he does nothing to counter it. Typically dresses in single-colored shirts and jeans or similar clothes - casual but stylish. James is fit, strong and vain about his appearance, something seemingly at odds with the music his band plays.

    (picture lifted from the excellent mckadesinsanity on Deviantart)

    Personality: James is very direct and up front. If he doesn't like something or someone, he'll say it. The same goes for the opposite. He values honesty (somewhat hypocritically considering his thieving) and quickly disregards those he find dishonest. Moreover, James has quite a temper and is quick to anger, especially when it comes to his little sister; he's overprotective and tend to react impulsively and with anger whenever his sister gets in trouble, often directed at her even though he might not mean it. He did poorly in school and had (nor has) any intention of attending university. James is well aware of his average (or perhaps slightly below) intellect, and shuns intellectually demanding practices since he is quite vain and very competitive minded - he thoroughly despises failing. His EQ - emotional intelligence - is another matter entirely. James is a charismatic man and not only enjoys being the center of attention, he craves it. He has a rather large social circle, and finds engaging socially a very rewarding experience. Often very superficial. Above and all, James is decisive and determined, even to a fault. That is; James is stubborn as all hell.

    Borough of Residence: The Bronx.

    Likes: Hanging out with others, no matter the occasion, though drugs (alcohol or other) is always elevating. Also enjoys being praised and asserting himself over others. Loves to play the guitar, as he sees his talent for it as a surefire way to reach above and beyond. Cursing. Is a materialist. A big music buff, with a penchant for the 60's and 70's.

    Dislikes: Being left out. People who don't take care of themselves - especially in terms of fitness and style. Laziness. Finds most commercial music despicable.

    Family: A (remarried) father, James' mother died when he was a toddler and he has no memory of her. One little sister.

    Relations: No one to write about yet. As a note to others; James is generally speaking someone people tend to either love or hate. He is vain and full of himself, yet charming and social. He wants to be liked, yet his narcissistic tendencies might be a problem for some.


    Misc: James has a little sister in the right age span (though younger than 24). If anyone wanna take this up and make their character that little sister, feel free to do so. I've avoided mentioning details about the sister for now for that very reason.

    IC Sample:
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  11. a super lesbian cinematographer will go here
  12. Started working on my sheet, and as mentioned in the misc section of my CS in the reserved post, my character has a little sister in the right age span. Feel free to have a look if anyone's interested in making their character said sister.
  13. just to be clear, he's also the bassist. it's a 2 for 1 deal

    I'm on the fence about this. I'm just going to say not to get too carried away with traditional painting. The focus of the character should be graffiti.

    No, I added the 'Misc' part of the sheet specifically for that reason. What were you looking to add?
  14. Oh okay it's no problem, just wanted to know :P

    was going to add things like nicknames, birthday and other stuff, but I'll just put it in the misc section.
  15. Reserve for fashion designer :3
  16. Question: Do you want real life pics? Or is that not required?
  17. It's very much preferred. Realistic drawings like what cider has is okay, but definitely no cartoons.

    And try to size them down to 250x250. I would like for us to use them with our IC posts and if they're any bigger it looks messy
  18. Is the nobody open for grabs?
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