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    Current Season: Early Summer

    Current Location(s):

    Dirty Magic: Located in lower Manhattan, Dirty Magic is a small, live music bar that has become something of a semi-regular hangout when the crew gets bored. It's also a convenient location, since the band plays there on occasion and both Reiner and Tony are employees. A variety of music genres are represented there, though rock music is typically showcased on the weekends, since it garners more business.
    Characters present: Alejandro, Tony, Emile, Robert, Alex, Casey

    Output Nightclub: Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Output is a particularly large dance club, with an open rooftop when weather permits. Neon lit and complete with a particularly impressive sound system, a bar, and plenty of comfortable seats on the outskirts of the dance floor, the club is a favorite of Carmen and Sakamae. Carmen also works there on occasion.
    Characters present: Sakamae, Reiner, Cara, Orion, Carmen
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  2. “It smells funny,” the interviewer said as he pulled his big nose away from the glass cup, filled with Reiner’s latest beer. He sat across from the interviewer in a small office, wearing a burgundy dress shirt, with rolled up sleeves, and a pair of black jeans. He took the day off from work to try and snag a job at a brewery in Brooklyn, though the man interviewing him had been giving him a snobby impression since the moment he first spoke with him. The beer’s smell was never something that crossed his mind. To him, beer just smelled like alcohol. He didn’t think anybody took it further than that.

    “Thankfully I’m not looking to be in the scented candles business,” Reiner replied with a small smile. The interviewer didn’t seem amused and put down the cup without trying the beer.

    “I appreciate the offer, but we wouldn’t be starting you out as a brewer for us. We work with a lot of equipment that needs to be very clean. They sometimes need to be cleaned multiple times a day. We’ll call you in a few days if you got the job, Reiner. Thanks for coming in,” the interviewer said, getting up to shake his hand and escort him out.

    “No, thank you,” Reiner replied as he shook his hand and walked with him out of the brewery. Dickhead, he thought as soon as he was on the sidewalk, the fake smile he wore the entire time instantly turning into a grimace when it was no longer required of him. He was almost certain he wasn’t going to get a call back. Fortunately, he only told a handful of people that he got the interview in the first place. He didn’t want too many people’s expectations to be too high. ‘Don’t think I got it. Guy was a weirdo anyway, he kept sniffing my beer. The hell is that?’ he texted to Axelrod, Cara, and his sister.

    It was a Saturday; the night was quickly approaching and his day off left him with nothing to do. He could already feel the restlessness settling in as he stood on a random Brooklyn street, looking like he was lost. ‘You free tonight? I’m gonna be in Brooklyn. Maybe we can hit up a club and dance for a bit?’ he texted Cara, unsure of her weekend schedule.

    Sakamae pulled away from her DSLR camera after taking a shot of the sun setting behind some trees. She studied the picture on the screen and put the camera back into her backpack, satisfied. She was walking through the park after her day at the dojo, heading back to the apartment she shared with Scott. It was a long week, with her training increasingly getting tougher as the tournament that was a month away drew closer. It would be her first since becoming black belt and it would also be her first representing a dojo other than her family’s. But it would also be the first time that winning wasn’t being drilled into her head. It mattered less as judo was largely taking a step back from her life in favor of other things she wanted to accomplish.

    She read Reiner’s text and frowned. He had only been making beer for a year, but she had never seen him show any real passion for anything. It would make her really happy to see him get somewhere with his new skill. ‘So, I’m probably going to just chill in Brooklyn for a bit. You and your friend gonna dance tonight?’ Reiner’s text read. He was talking about Carmen. Sakamae was amused that he wasn’t comfortable enough to call her by her name.

    Carmen tends to keep her distance and although Reiner was typically good at getting people to open up, his methods hadn’t had much of an effect so far. Having spent much of her life around other guys, Carmen was a breath of fresh air for Sakamae and she wouldn’t be visiting clubs nearly as often without her. ‘Hey, are you working tonight? Reiner and I will be around. Maybe we’ll stop by to see you <3’ she texted Carmen as she continued walking toward her apartment, hoping Scott would be around to join her.
  3. [​IMG]

    "I bring you proper sustainece, not whatever shite the Americans are trying to feed you,"
    "Shut up Maeve. You do know I'm one of those Americans."
    The blonde woman shot her friend a dry look, raising an eyebrow. Cara responded with a grin, which proved infectious.
    Maeve was an old college friend, with whom she'd hit it off with immediately. As Irish as they come, she was doing her J1 and visiting the states for a while. During a brief stop in New York, she'd called and asked to meet up. No partying, just a coffee and chat like they used to.

    "Yeah, I guess that accent of yours is coming back." Maeve shrugged with a sigh, passing over a slightly battered gift bag. "Guess you won't be wanting these then."

    Curiosity got the better of Cara, frowning slightly before laughing and grabbing her friend in a big hug. Three massive bars of dairy milk chocolate, a multipack of tayto cheese and onion crisps and a small bag of coffee from the shop they'd first met lay inside.

    All too soon, she had to leave to meet the rest of her travel companions and with a hug and a kiss, Cara was on her own, reclining into her comfy chair. She could almost - the key word here being almost - pass as your everyday, garden variety New Yorker. Dark grey jeans, a snugly fitted black vest, a studded belt, and a pair of combat boots with a two inch platform. A series of leather bracelets; some plain, some studded, adorned her wrists, skull-shaped skulls her ears and a silver chain with a anatomically correct heart around her neck. Her phone buzzer loudly, and she glanced at the name. Ah, it was none other than Reiner.

    ‘Don’t think I got it. Guy was a weirdo anyway, he kept sniffing my beer. The hell is that?'

    Cara frowned a little as she read the text. It was still early days, that she knew, but she could still be disappointed for her friend. His brew tasted pretty good, and it got you drunk, what else was there involved?

    'Sniffing? Seriously?' She texted back, 'Bet he was just looking for a reason to turn you down so you'd offer to sleep with him.'

    She hit send just as another text came in from the same number. She grinned, grabbing her bat-shaped bag and sliding her goodies inside. She'd have to introduce her dear roommates to the finest of Irish produce.
    'Sounds great - just met a friend in the old haunt here. Where do you want to meet up?'

    The old haunt being an old coffee shop she'd used to frequent several years aso, which she was sure Reiner knew.
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  4. Carmen felt more than heard her phone buzz in her pocket and so she stopped, lifting a hand to wipe the sweat from her forehead as the other reached out to grab her Walkman MP3 player and turn off the pounding music she had been listening to while she exercised. Pulling her earbuds out, she grabbed her phone and flipped it open (yes, it was a flip phone) to see what the message was. Ah, a text from Sakamae. Yes, she was working tonight, actually, so that worked out fine with her. However, Carmen frowned at the mention of Reiner. She didn't mind her friend's brother, not really... But she wasn't very comfortable around him either. Her relationship with Mae was simple and easy to understand, but Carmen had no idea what Reiner wanted or expected from her, and that made it hard for her to relax and be comfortable around him. And she knew that he expected things from her... Everyone did. She just had to figure out what it was.

    "Yeah, I'm working tonight. At our favorite club too. You can bring whoever, I don't mind."

    Carmen spoke out loud as she typed her reply, a habit she had never broken due to the fact that she had never really texted much before meeting Sakamae, and even after. She... didn't have many friends, which is why she valued her friendships so much. She would do anything to not lose Mae as a friend... which is why it was so hard to say no to her. Sometimes, Carmen was tired after a long night the day before, but when Mae asked her to go out with her, she would anyway, just so that Mae would be happy. She didn't want to be a bad friend and lose pretty much the only stable friendship she's had in years just because she was tired. (Carmen knew that it was illogical, but feelings usually were anyway, so she just went with it.)

    "Are we going anywhere after? Your place, mine? Or just dancing tonight?"

  5. Alejandro Rivera

    "No damn it. Don't you remember where the drum set went last time? It was off the center a bit. To the left," Alejandro directed from his seat at the small, two person table. He sighed loudly, waving his hand at one of the male employees at the bar who stood utterly confused on the corner stage. "Where the 'X' is? I taped it. You know, never mind. I'll do it."

    The chair screeched loudly against the smooth cement flooring of the bar as Alejandro made his way to the stage. In his hand, famously known for the black, ring tattoos across all fingers, was his phone with a short message ready to be sent to one of his good friends, Rob. Today was the last day for auditions for the band and all that was needed was a drummer. Alejandro sent out many flyers, ads and social media messages across all sites for the auditions located in the locally known, live music bar in Manhattan. The bar was a quaint place, built in the basement of a very archaic, gray brick building, that served many beers on tap that rotated weekly. The place even had pretty good bar food, which surprised picky eater Alejandro.

    Luckily, Alejandro was able to rent the entire bar purely for the auditions for cheap, thanks to his connection with Reiner. He was even able to snag some employees who worked for the bar as assistance without needing to pay them full minimum wage. The employees were those on the edge of getting fired and needed to work extra hard to keep a job.

    Alejandro, with his dirty blond hair hanging freely down his back, shoved the male employee off the stage. The man stumbled slightly and shot a glare at Alejandro before running to the back kitchen. Everything else was set. Microphones, amps, speakers, a guitar and bass, and now the drum set. Just as he was about to fix the drums, he remembered his text.

    Hey Robbie. The auditions for a drummer is about to start in a few. Want to come? Bring a friend along if you want.

    He sent the message and slipped his phone into the back pocket of his slim jeans. The other band members should be arriving soon. He wanted their input on those audition for their last drummer spot. Lifting up the end of his white tank, Alejandro wiped his face quickly to get rid of the sweat building in his eyebrows from the hot stage lights.

    The audition was about to start in 15 minutes. The center area of the bar was ready for those to sit and wait patiently for their turn, his own table was placed just in front of the stage to observe and listen, and the bar was stocked with drinks for his obligatory free drink for those who auditioned. Alejandro quickly wrapped his hair into a lose tail with the tie that cradled his wrist to finish setting up the drums before someone arrived.

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  6. [​IMG]

    It was a Saturday night and Scott was watching a baseball game on TV. The apartment felt like a sauna with the AC still being broken for the last six weeks. Even with three fans going, the windows open and him in gray workout shorts with a sleeveless black shirt Scott thought about going outside because it actually felt cooler. However, Scott was enjoying the fact that his hometown Washington Nationals were beating the crap out of the New York Mets in New York. He would be able to give Henshaw in Advertising all kinds of trash talking e-mails on Monday if they pulled off the sweep on Sunday afternoon. Scott stood up as Bryce Harper crushed a 2-run homer making the score 14-2 in the seventh inning. He said with his arms raised, “Yeah buddy! That is your reigning NL MVP earning his check! BOOM!”

    Just then there was knock at his door. He looked at his watch and said, “Can’t be anything about the noise. At least I hope not.”

    Scott answered the door and standing there was their landlord Mr. Leonard Dowton. A wardrobe that was late 1970’s and a comb over that hadn’t fooled anyone since about the same time.

    Scott asked, “Yeah Mr. Dowton what’s up?”

    He looked visibly shaken as he said, “Yeah I’m gonna have maintenance come by and fix your AC tomorrow morning. I can’t get him in here tonight but by this time tomorrow you’ll have a working AC again and your rent will be cut by 50% for the next two months. Sorry about the trouble for you and Mae.”

    Scott nodded and replied, “Okay thanks. Gotta know though, as recently as yesterday you said you’d get to it whenever. Now it’s a new tune.”

    Leonard sweating even more like a had seen a ghost said, “I had an interesting phone call from a Laura Holt at Holt, Dempsey, and Brown this evening. She said if I didn’t fix the AC and reflect the downtime in your rent she was going to use the full resources of her firm to take me apart in court.”

    Scott nodded and said, “Ah, well then thanks again night.”

    Scott closed the door and quickly texted his cousin Angela in Houston. The text read, “Thanks Cuz! Captain comb over gave in! Love you!” Scott called his cousin in Houston who was a Corporate Attorney to see if she could help. She told him that she knew Laura Holt from Holt, Dempsey, and Brown, a very prestigious firm on the Upper West side, from law school. Laura was willing to help because she loved taking guys like Leonard down plus she and Angela were good friends.

    Scott sat back down on the couch waiting for Mae to get home. He was hoping she had an idea on something to do. Scott was started become bored with the blowout, and not to mention he was more than pleased to tell her about the AC getting fixed.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Orion stared at his phone for the second time to review the text that Reiner had sent. He was taken back and wasn't sure how to reply at first and he waited for the others to flood in their replies. He looked over them and debated what he could say now without sounding like a thief. He finally figured out what to text back. ' Sniffing, are you sure he wasn't one of those weird purists who want their beer to smell like everything else?' It was the best thing that he could come up with on the sly and he felt that it was terrible, so bad that he wished he hadn't sent it. He sighed and looked up from his phone to see Ryan Thorn, the not so cute-but entirely rebellious sixteen year old who he was always stuck babysitting every Friday Night. He really wished he could do something else, but babysitting the brat paid good money and despite, it being Saturday, he was getting paid extra to watch him this time around.

    " Who you texting?" The teen asked.

    Orion really hated it when anyone asked him that question. " It's nobody, just my uncle," he said, lying through his teeth. He looked at the kid and debated what to do, he didn't want to stay with this kid all- he had an idea. He sent a quick text to his friend Rocky and asked him if he liked to watch a sixteen year old for some of his pay check. However, he stopped when the kid's father came in and took his kid. He looked down at his phone and texted Reiner.

    ' So, do you got anything planned for tonight?' He texted to Reiner. ' I am free from that babysitting brat and I need something to get my mind off of him' He hoped that his friend texted him back soon, lest he would have to go off and find his own adventures and he honestly didn't want to do that. He looked at his watch and decided to check his email and saw nothing- still no news of his brother. Maybe one day he would be reunited with him. Hopefully, he wasn't dead. He bit down on his tongue and considered staying home, but he refused. " Come on Reiner, can you just text me back?" He asked, despite it being barely a second. He had always been impatient and that hadn't changed.

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  8. Robert exhaled heavily in irritation as he left the penthouse of the French brat he was attempting to tutor piano to. Inhaling then exhaling, Robert shook his head, attempting to clear his head. The child was clearly not interested and his parent's were cruel enough to keep calling for him every week.Sighing, he chose a direction (left) and walked, trying to calm his frayed nerves. It didn't quite help that he had a paper due in two days, not that he wasn't done. He just wanted to make sure everything was written right.

    Robert shook his head in frustration, knowing he couldn't quit. Not if he wanted to get out under his parents' (-and his aunt and uncle's) grace, he needed to keep this obscenely good job. If it didn't pay as well as it did, he'd left after the first day. The brat was tiring and he exhausted all his patience. He was determined to make his own here in New York, a fresh start as Em would say, and this job was helping him get by. His phone twittered softly in his pocket and Robert paused to pull it out. He blinked as he saw Alejandro's name. Narrowing his eyes, he opened the text, not quite certain what the other had to say.

    "Hey Robbie. The auditions for a drummer is about to start in a few. Want to come? Bring a friend along if you want." It said and Robert had to scoff in amusement. While he wasn't expecting this, it was a welcome distraction. "Ale, what have I said about calling me that? >U And an audition, in the middle of the week, when I've got a paper due? Sure, I'm game! :D Tape the ones that I'll miss for me to critique too. HA HA" He texted, pausing as he tried to see where exactly his legs dragged him. Knowing his horrible sense of direction, he decided against trying to figure out the right way towards the music bar and hailed a cab instead. He quickly gave the instructions to the cabbie and went back to his incomplete text. "ETA: 15 mins tops. See you then."

    He pressed send and looked at the buildings that passed by, realising that he recognised the some of them. Though they were in places that Em dragged him once in awhile, he scoffed. Looks like he wasn't that far from the music bar, after all. Smirking to himself, it was a plus side that there seemed to be no traffic jam. He'd probably get there in time. 'Prolly...,' he thought as his phone began to sing an obnoxious song. Hearing the tone, he looked upward for patience and answered without looking at the caller ID, "Emile, what is it now? Did you forget your keys again?" Rob paused then added, "I think Scott's still home, bug him till I can get there with your spare. I keep telling you to hide one under your mat."

    Emile whistled to his phone as he heard Rob's response. "Calm 'yo tits, Robbie Rabbit." He replied, as he waved good bye to the staff he passed as he left the studio. He winked at a pair of girls ogling him as he stepped into the sidewalk and put on his sunglasses with a smirk. "I was just calling to make sure you weren't getting lost again," he said as he walked towards one of the best small time coffee shops in NYC. It was a good place, plus it was just near the agency where he worked. "Liar. You want something, what is it?" Robbie deadpanned and Em had to bark a laugh, though he knew he hit the mark. Robert only snapped like that when he was right, which was all the freaking time. That was only because Emile was awesome like that. Emile could probably add that titbit in his portfolio; Rob Prediction 90% of the time.

    Placing a hand to his heart, he exaggeratedly moaned, pretending to be in pain. "That hurts, for you to throw my concern away like used toothpick." He replied, smirking as a few passers-by looked amused at his little act. "But since you ask so nicely, I want your love, my dear, my sweet, my Robbie Ra---," he attempted to say but Robert cut in, "I'm hanging up." Emile panicked and hurried to reply, "Wait! Wait! Rob, wait!" He heard Rob sigh and smiled. "I've finished my shoot and am free for the day. Where are you now? I'll catch up." He asked, smiling as he saw the cafe in sight. He could hear Rob move and speak to someone and suddenly, he heard more background noise and a door closing. "I'm headed to the music bar. The band's holding auditions for a drummer," Robert told him then added with slight amusement colouring his voice, "You're sure you want come? This isn't your thing."

    Scoffing, Emile had to give the younger guy that. "Yeah...I hear ya." He answered as he opened the cafe door and removing his sunglasses. Em waved his arm to the current barista, frowning when he saw that Cara, his most favourite barista in the world, wasn't there. He waited his turn in the short line. There weren't much people around, for that he was grateful. "I'm at cafe Cara works at." He told Robert, winking at girl at the counter, who blushed when their eyes met. "But I'm bored, Cara's not here, and poking a stick at Ale is fun...yeah, I'll come over, just to see him squirm. I see why you found him for me." He added, "You want anything caffeine for your soul, Robbie?"

    Robert scoffed at him, which was Rob speak for I'm-amused-but-I'm-too-English-to-laugh. "Alejandro's not a toy nor your pet, Em, and you know what I like." Rob replied, his voice a little muffled. "You know he secretly likes it, don't argue with me. Now, is it tea or coffee, come on. I'm next!" Em egged him, smiling at the group in front of him as they turned to look at him, though if Rob were here he'd call them a gaggle of girls. "It's past three, Em. Of course, the time for tea has passed." Rob explained, in that patient teacher-voice of his. "Talk sexy to me, Robbie." He teased as he came to face at the nameless girl on the counter, giving her one of his favourite expressions. "Gorgeous hello~" He greeted her with his most obnoxious smirk-smile, one that Rob would smack his face lightly for.

    Rob, it seemed could tell. "Grammar, Emile? Remember that?" Rob commented in his ear, amused from what Em could hear. Emile laughed at him and joked, "Grammar? You mean your middle name?" He smiled at hearing Rob snort. He then added, "I'll text when I'm close by. Don't miss me too much, Robbie Rabbit~" He could feel Rob rolling his eyes. "Shut up, Emile. You're a parasite, I can't get rid of you even if I tried." With that, Rob hung up on him. Frowning at his phone, he shook his head and smiled. "Can you believe him? He hung-up on me." He whined at her, in mock disbelief. Sighing, he turned to smile at her. "Despite your lovely face, I'm really here for the caffeine stuff. I'm sure you could remember my favourite; my Latte, extra sweet, just like you." He told her with a smile. She giggled and Emile had to hold back the smirk, because he didn't want her to think he was coming on to her. This was casual flirting, like a sport, or more like a way of life. It was easy as he breathed. "And I'll have one iced Caramel Macchiato, with extra caramel, for my favourite musical bunny." He told her with a wink and paid the amount.

    Sitting down at one of the chairs close to the counters, he sighed and wondered if Cara was okay. This place was great, though the clientel, not so great. "Ass-butts..." he muttered, recalling one incident. The nameless barista, glancing at her name tag was named Judy Anne, winked at him as she handed him his orders. Smirking at her, he took his orders and skedaddled quickly once he saw that she scribbled her number on one of the napkins. He should have expected that.

    The music bar was a good few blocks away and getting outside, he managed to not spill the drink and put on his sunglasses. "Man, I'm good." He praised himself and walked towards the bar. After a few feet, he realised something. "Both my hands are full..." he said out loud, "How am I going to text him?" Groaning, Em shook his head and walked onward. "I'll figure something out. Yeah, I'm awesome like that." He muttered, already dreading Robert's smug look.
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  9. Rarely does Anthony look into a mirror for longer than two minutes. Yet there he was, pondering on his drumming skills as he arranged and disarranged his black hair. He was a nervous wreck so he knew he shouldn't let it show. For quite some time, his thoughts were on auditioning at the band Reiner told him about. Tony has seen the flyers and the posters. Three of those flyers cluttered his room and one was in his pocket. However, his practicing had been sporadic at best, having no actual space to do so. From time to time, he practiced at one of the music rooms at his university, but since he didn't actually belong there, it wasn't enough practice at all. He bit his lip, worried about everything: his clothes, the bleached tips of his disobedient hair and even his handmade denim drumstick bag.

    Tony has never been in a band. In fact, not a lot of people knew he could even play the drums at all. Reiner and Sakamae did and it was from his suggestion that Tony tried music. His close friend who moved away abroad knew too, and she appears in his older videos. His humble online channel now has a few hundred followers but it was a secret of his and he hasn't made a new drum cover video in a year.

    When he decided that his outfit of the day would suffice-a black shirt under a simple plaid shirt that was kept open, paired with classic jeans and a stylish pair of boots- he picked up his drumstick bag, keys and wallet and walked briskly outside the small apartment. He had made sure to tidy his things as courtesy to his roommate. As if an omen, the wind immediately restyled whatever Tony did to his hair. He shivered slightly, realizing he forgot his jacket. To get to the music bar, it took him fifteen minutes instead of the normal ten, but at least he was warm with his leather jacket on. He practically jogged the whole way, his necklace jangling.

    The last time he came by earlier than his normal shift as a dishwasher, it was when he came to apply for the job at the bar. He had almost forgotten what it looked like before it was all crowded. Somehow it felt different because of the work going on inside. Tony peeked in and saw some of his fellow employees arranging band instruments at the corner stage. He froze in realization that if he succeeded, it was a dream come true for him. Tony slipped inside quietly, as if he was already to be judged by how he entered the premises. Some of the employees recognized him and knew about his auditions, greeting him and wishing him luck. Most of them were surprised when he asked permission to audition, but they supported him. Tony smiled, bowed and waved-and automatic reaction.

    "No, damn it. Don't you remember where the drum set went last time? It was off the center a bit. To the left." a blonde man called out haughtily to Tony's work mates. "Where the 'X' is? I taped it. You know, never mind. I'll do it." Tony winced, feeling second-hand panic as he watched them adjust to the man's liking. It didn't go too well since he had stood up and had marched over to the them. Benny and Marcus were on some list somewhere in the office for being tardy too many times, Tony knew because he's had to cover for them a lot. Perhaps that was why they were given the task of arranging the instruments.

    People started to come in and look around anxiously as Tony had. His bar employee senses clicked into place and he welcomed them inside, showing them the way and seating them. That was when Aditya the cashier tapped him on the shoulder and reminded him that he was part of it too. By the time Tony sat down to register, he was in the middle of the line. "Tony, you've been covering up for half the kitchen crew slaving for Mr. Rivera there. Do the audition thing and get that drummer role. Okay? Don't make Reiner regret it." The cashier handed him his free drink and clapped him on the shoulder.

    Tony felt indebted to him, and finished the iced tea in one gulp. It didn't help with the butterflies in his stomach and the fact that seeing Alejandro Rivera made him even more nervous. He waited anxiously, bouncing his knee.
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  10. Text box:

    Alex rushed into the apartment and immediately jumped into the shower. She glanced at the clock and cursed under her breath. Taking off the muscle tee and her sweatpants, Alex moved into the shower. She didn't even care that it was cold. Alex washed quickly before pulling a towel off the rack. She wrapped the towel around herself as she rushed to the small room in the apartment. Currently, she was sharing the apartment with another guy, who she barely knew. The only reason she was there was because she indented on joining his band. Pulling on a long-sleeved black shirt and loose jeans, Alex grabbed her guitar and moved to the bed.

    Alex was rather annoyed with herself. Already she was running late to the auditions and her guitar needed to be restrung for the performance. While she was practically broke, she found a way to pay for new strings. Their silver shown brightly as her hands trembled slightly. Alex continued to pull each string through the bridge to the tuning pegs. As she struggled to get the old strings out and the new in, Alex cursed softly under her breath. She knew that there were tons of guitarists in the area who'd die for the opportunity to join a new band and now she was running late and probably going to miss the audition. With the third string strung, Alex decided to string it at the place. At least then she could say that she showed up.

    With a hard guitar case strapped to her back, Alex ran through the streets of New York. She had a simple red woolen scarf pulled around her neck. Checking her watch, Alex cursed again as the crowds continued to grow. The one thing she hated about New York was the foot traffic. For some reason, things always seemed to get busier when she was in a rush. Carefully, Alex pushed through the crowds. Her hands were still trembling, but she wasn't sure if it was because of the hard training before or nerves. Her small figure seemed to be pushed and pulled by the crowd of people. Nervously biting her lower lip, Alex rushed forward despite the crowd.

    Finally, Alex saw the bar in the distance. Feeling invigorated, Alex began to run to the bar. She weaved carefully through the crowd and managed to make it to the bar without much trouble. Alex knew that she was really late and hoped that the auditions would still be open. Rushing in, Alex heard the sound of people moving around. Looking around, Alex saw the long dirty blonde hair and immediately called out, "Ale," as she made her way over to the young man. With an embarrassed smile, Alex continued, "I'm so sorry I'm late. Can you catch me up while I string my guitar?"

    Alex waited a moment, hoping that Ale wouldn't be too angry with her. She noticed that there was a bit of a crowd growing. Secretly, Alex hoped that this would be it. She hated being in large crowds where she didn't know anyone. As of right now, she knew all of three people really. She barely knew Ale due to the flyer and she knew the Seiger siblings from random martial arts competitions. Seeing a waiter, Alex waved him over and asked politely, "Can I have a glass of water. Nothing else. Thanks." She gave him a smile as if to offer something in return for being so disheveled. Turning back to Ale, Alex pulled off her guitar and placed it on a table where she could continue restringing it. Already she knew that things were not going well.

    When the waiter brought the glass of water, Alex downed it in less than 8 seconds. Remembering not to slam the glass back on the table, Alex placed it on the wood before returning to her guitar. Her hands were even more unsteady than before. Already, Alex knew that she was going to be cursing more. Trying to keep a relatively professional persona, Alex finished stringing the guitar and turned to Ale. "Where do you need me?" She asked still rather frazzled.
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  11. ‘Definitely not mine, our AC is still busted,’ Sakamae texted back, smiling that Carmen would be working at Output nightclub. They had the best sound system around, without making talking to somebody totally impossible. The rooftop was open when the weather allowed it. ‘We’ll see what we feel like doing after,’ Sakamae texted to Carmen, though she was surprised that she’d be willing to do something else afterward. Dancing for fun was one thing, but she imagined getting paid to dance all night could be exhausting. She admired her friend’s energy.

    Sakamae opened the door to the suite she shared with Scott, who was possessed by a subtle smile that he probably didn’t realize was there. “Mets losing?” she asked with a sigh as she entered the suite and closed the door behind her. She wasn’t nearly as passionate as most people were about the sport, but she kept up to date during the season and enjoyed watching a game from time to time. “Oh my god,” she said in a hushed tone after taking a glance at the score as she walked past the television. Though she was well-accustomed to the Mets losing, they always seemed to find a way to lose even more every time. She laughed a little and pretended to cover he eyes as she walked over to her room to drop her stuff off. “I’ll forget I saw that.”

    “I’m going to get ready to go out with Carmen and Reiner, we’re going to Output in Brooklyn. You should come,” she said, stopping at the door of her bedroom. Most of her time spent with Scott was doing something athletic. She had few friends that could challenge her in that regard, but she sometimes needed to embrace the side of herself that she often neglected. “It’s a really nice place and they even have an open rooftop. The sky will be clear tonight. Let me know if you want to come,” she said before entering her room and closing the door behind her. She changed into a pair of black, torn high-waisted shorts, with a black crop top that flaunted her toned mid-section. A pair of spiked ankle boots completed the simple outfit. She examined herself in the mirror, noting how much her boyishly short, red hair stood out amid all the black. She wondered if she should dye it another color soon.

    ‘Yea man. Lets go to Output nightclub. Some girls oughta do the trick, right?’ Reiner texted Orion. Though Orion only mentioned wanting to take his mind off the kid, Reiner knew his friend had his fair share of demons that he had to contend with. Reiner was horrible at consoling, unfortunately. All he really knew how to do was have fun and all he could do was hope it was enough to keep his friend away from dark thoughts. He told him he’d meet him there as he began to walk toward the club. It was a long walk and it’d be conveniently dark by the time he got there.

    ‘I’ll meet you at Output. Hey, maybe bring your friend too. You know, introduce her to Axelrod. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen him with a girl,’ he texted Cara.

    The sun set behind him as he approached the bouncer to the club, where he was promptly eyeballed from head to toe before being allowed entry without a word. He walked in with his hands in his pockets, the loud electronic music quickly reaching his ears and the sight of a filled and spacious dance floor came into view beyond a doorway. Standing on the outskirts of the dance floor, he looked at all the women there and smiled at some that he managed to make eye contact with. Some smiled back, but he approached no one. Instead he walked over to the bar and ordered a drink, taking a whiff before he began to drink. The bartender laughed at him and Reiner chuckled along momentarily.

    “That’s beer alright,” he declared.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Cara grinned as she read Reiner's text. She hadn't planned on going out clubbing, and she wasn't really dressed for the occasion -- but she was never the kind of girl to say no to drinking and dancing with her friends. She mulled over the thought of introducing Maeve to Axelrod as she stepped outside on the busy Brooklyn streets. She didn't know Axelrod all that well, but he seemed like a nice guy. Maeve wouldn't exactly be looking for anything serious anyway - according to their earlier conversation, this trip was partially to celebrate the demise of her latest relationship. They could both use some fun, so she didn't see the harm in it. She found Maeve's number quickly, hitting the dial button.
    "Hey, it's me. You can't really expect to come to my neck of the woods and not come out, and besides, I've got someone I'd love for you to meet..."

    Rather than trek home again and back, Cara met her friend at her hotel, swapping her brothel creepers for boringly plain black stilettos, and borrowing her make-up too. Just like old times. She consoled herself with the knowledge that she wasn't really going out on the 'pull' tonight, it was for getting drunk and having fun. In line with this, she settled for relatively simple make-up, opting for dark red lips and cat flicked eyes, her hair framing her face in messy waves. Her friend in comparison was going the full nine yards, having had more time to prepare. A skin tight black dress, red skyscraper heels, red lips and smokey eyes, her golden hair coiffed and perfectly falling around her shoulders. New York had better be ready.

    The two women might have struggled to look more like opposites walking into the Output. Maeve, blonde and tanned, dressed to perfection, whilst Cara, walking arm in arm with her, was dark, pallid and looked much more comfortable. Needless to say, the pair didn't have much trouble getting inside, and the dark haired woman quickly spotted her roommate. She dragged her friend over to Reiner, ordered two fruity looking ciders, and slid into the seat beside him.

    Maeve smiled suggestively at Reiner, ignoring the slightly annoyed look it earned from her friend. "Wrong guy," Cara had to raise her voice a little over the music. "This is Reiner. My roommate. Reiner, my old partner in crime from Ireland."
    "The Reiner?" The blonde's eyes widened along, the grin spreading across her face.
    "How many have I been fucking talking about?" Cara smiled dangerously, cutting her friend off before she could say any more.
    "Well, if I recall you did once talk about f--" Maeve ventured, teasing her friend. "Shit, no, that was Raymond, wasn't it?"
    Cara rolled her eyes, taking a long, large mouthful of the almost sickly drink. Ugh, she didn't really expected it to be this sweet. Her nose wrinkled slightly at the taste.
    "Any sign of Axelrod yet?" She asked her roommate, glancing around for the aforementioned friend. Her friend had already seemed to grow bored of waiting and was dancing on the outskirts of the floor. Cara took another mouthful of her too sweet drink, slightly more tolerable now. "I know we're gonna help Axel have a good time, but what do you have planned? Don't think I'm playing wingman all night tonight."
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  13. Casey's closed eyes winced at his mind's starting to stir to wake up, body feeling sore, and not even able to register that he was waking up yet. Last night, he'd spent the entirety of the night outside, going in when he saw the first light of dawn, more like a vampire than a human, having been out 'casing' areas for possible paintings, and he was feeling inspired. It was just a little too bad that when trying to practice how he'd run away from the scene of the crime as it were, it felt like he'd pulled every muscle in his body. He'd thought that running through the scaffolding and construction nearby would look cool, and that swinging from the various pipes and such would make for good footage. Turns out it also made for a good involuntary stretch of the arms, followed by a loss of control, and a different scaffolding pipe to the face. He was hoping that he didn't have a black eye when he'd went to bed, and now his squinting and fluttering eyes were hoping that they were still in his head at this point.

    He rolled over on the couch, as if wanting to get more comfortable, instead just dropping off the couch with a thud, and a groan, still completely clothed in his 'gear' from last night. He was aware of a pinch in his neck as he sat up, pulling the mask away from his neck, having not taken it off, dropping it on the coffee table and rolling his neck to work a kink out of it. He at least took the spray cans off his body, but not the harness. He hoped he took the plastic board off his back, but the sharp digging into his back told him that wasn't the case, after finally freeing himself off everything but the pants at this point, he decided he'd probably do well with a shower. It took him a moment of wiping his face with his hand to be able to see properly, standing up and fumbling his way into the shower, head resting against the tile as he nearly slept in the shower. The only thing that made him get out was remembering that there was a party or something that everyone else was going to, so he figured he'd show up. Well, that and the water going cold.

    He was suddenly glad that he was living out of a couple of suitcases, not taking more than a minute to get out clothes for the night, rather casual, a zip up hoodie, button t-shirt, and a pair of jeans. He patted around in his old clothes for his phone for and wallet, before stuffing it into his pockets, it didn't take him too long after that to be on a subway towards the bar, doing his best to avoid trying to fall asleep on the train now, if he overshot this he'd be traveling the rest of the night. He was feeling a lot more awake once he stepped off the train though, walking through the crowd, wondering about who was going to be at the party. He didn't know exactly everyone there too personally, but he figured he could at least remember names well enough to at least not stumble over them. That was the worst thing that could happen at any social gathering in his books at least.

    He knocked on the door all of once before opening it to the bar, saying aloud to anyone in the room without really reading the situation. "Hey, what's going on?" He gave a rather wide wave, going to just sit in a chair nearby, avoiding a groan as his body complained about it, realizing that he hadn't even eaten yet, wiping his face with his hand for a moment before shaking his head, trying to find a menu for the bar, wondering if the kitchen was even open yet for it. He'd taken care of most of his appearance, other than a eyesore to most, quite a literal one to him. He hadn't quite taken the time to glance in the mirror for very long, not even trying to do something with his hair, having decided that putting on a beanie was a easy and better solution, and so he hadn't spotted it.

    Over his left eye, and most of his cheek, was a brown and purple patching dominating any attention on his face, no mind paid to it just yet by him however.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Scott couldn’t stand the Mets at all, but his dislike for them was never personal because he had a good balance in his life between what mattered and what didn’t. His friendship with Mae was one of those things that mattered to him. Besides he knew all too well what it was like to be on the other side of that score one time too many when he played in high school and in college, so he never got too high or too low. Although every once and a while he did allow himself a quiet moment of a low “yes” followed by a fist pump. Not to mention living in an area where in terms of sports teams he felt like a pilgrim in an unholy land this one was particularly sweet.

    Hearing Mae’s offer he said cutting off the TV, “Yeah beats the hell out of staying here in our convection oven. I’m up for a good time tonight I’ll grab a quick shower so I don’t smell like the apartment.” Heading down the hall he stopped at Mae’s door and said, “Good news for us, Laura called Dowton this evening and said if the AC wasn’t fixed a-s-a-p and if our rent was cut by 50% for compensation she threatened to tear him up in court.” Scott paused for a moment to allow Mae to take that in and said, “He said it’ll be done by tomorrow night, and we get a 50% cut for the next two months. Apparently, when a high price attorney from the Upper West Side threatens captain comb over in the wallet he responds. We should get the word out to the other tenants at some point about his kryptonite.” Scott smiled as he knew that would make Mae’s night, because more than once he felt like Dowton was trying to put the moves on Mae. Scott wasn’t having any of that. He knew Mae could handle herself, but Scott still felt the instinct to protect his friend.

    Scott walked into his room and closed the door. Quickly he jumped in the shower and rinsed off washing his hair twice and just letting the residue wash over him figuring that would be good enough. Scott was one of those people that could be in and out of a shower in less than 5 minutes and look like he spent hours in it. After toweling off Scott walked over to his closet and stood there for a moment. He said, “Okay Scotty Mac, pick out something comfortable, but not grungy.” Scott pulled out a pair of black cargo shorts, a dark red short-sleeve bowling shirt with white stripes, and a pair of black slip on shoes which he laid on his bed. He sprayed his feet with a foot spray to keep his feet from smelling, and Scott actually enjoyed the cooling sensation. Scott nodded and said, “This’ll work.” Scott slipped into his clothing and ran a brush through his hair. He took a look at himself in the mirror and said, “Not bad I can live with that.”

    Walking out into the hall he stopped in front of Mae’s door and said, “Ready when you are, and yes you should dye it another color in honor of us making Dowton cave in. Although, we should be careful that suddenly our AC keeps running all the way into winter. I don’t think comb over takes defeat graciously.” With that Scott walked into the living room and waited for Mae.
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  15. Carmen sighed softly as she closed one eye and looked in the mirror, her tongue sticking out of her mouth slightly as she tried to gently apply her own makeup. Another hand plucked the brush out of her grasp and deftly swiped the eye shadow onto her skin for her, a teasing voice scolding her for even attempting the task considering what happened last time. Carmen had to smile, thinking about how close all the dancers were to each other backstage. People liked to think that there was a lot of rivalry between different dancers but really, it was like a big puppy pile in the backstage room, everyone laughing and having fun. It was just a shame that Carmen had never truly felt part of it all, but that was mainly due to herself and not the others, so she didn't think too much of it. Grabbing her phone, she checked for messages from Sakamae, and smiled at the fact that Mae was willing to do something else besides dance tonight.

    "See you tonight then, I'll wave at you from the stage."

    Carmen texted back, right before one of the dancers came in from the stage and tapped her on the shoulder, telling her it was her turn on the stage. Thanking her, and the woman who did her makeup for her, Carmen took a calming deep breath before strutting down the hallway that led to the stage, putting on her public persona of April. She emerged to cheers, both from those who recognized her from previous performances and those who didn't care who was dancing as long as someone was. The beat started to play, a song that she loved and knew how to dance from muscle memory, so she just closed one eye in a wink to the audience and let her body begin to move, flowing and bumping to the rhythm of the music. She thrust her hips into the air, gaining another cheer from the audience, before twisting around and dropping to the ground before coming back up, flicking her hair over her body as she did so. A quick glance over the audience to see if Mae was there yet (she wasn't but there was someone who looked a lot like Reiner) and one more dance move before Carmen's first dance of the night was done, the song coming to an end as she made a pose and walked backstage, breathing hard.​
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  16. [​IMG]
    Orion stared at the text. Going to the bad part of Brooklyn this late on a Saturday night was on a list of bad ideas that his uncle would tell him never to do if he valued his life and didn't want to be mugged or something. He really didn't want to think about the old man, so he texted Reiner back. 'I am game for that', he texted back to him. He ignored his better judgement and decided to take train their and he would be there in not time flat. He of course as always was dead wrong about these things when it came to the end of the day. He arrived at the N train station and stared at the construction,fuck, he had forgetten about that.

    He looked at the ground, as he boarded the N train and took it one stop to the New Utrecht Station and went upstairs, across the station, back downstairs and to the left and got on the train to Manhattan. After about 35 minutes, he had gotten to the station where he could transfer to the L train. He took it all the way back to Brooklyn, Bedford Av and started to walk towards the club. After about five minutes north, he had a man pull a knife on him and well, he wound up with a black eye and the other guy had been clocked out cold, he was behind pissed by the time that he got to the club.

    " I hate this neighborhood of Brookyln," he said, as he approached Reiner and Cara. Thankfully, the trip home would be much better. " Hey Reiner, hey Cara," he said, as he didn't know about the friend that Cara had brought along at all.

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  17. Alejandro Rivera

    With a heavy sigh of relief, Alejandro smiled at his accomplishment at the drums perfectly set. He stared out to the crowd from behind the drum set, emerald eyes temporarily ignoring the sudden crowd as he pictured the view those auditioning would have. Each rehearsal, each gig, each concert, the drummer would be placed at exactly this position, staring at the backs of the guitarist and Alejandro himself, leading the beat of the song in perfect time. While each position was important in the band, the drummer held the job of keeping the entire song on track. And, with some songs arranged with very complicated timing, only the best was needed.

    Alejandro jumped off the stage, finally taking notice of the crowd in the bar. His welcoming smile appeared on his slightly tinged face as he introduced himself to each person or groups of people. Most were observers as the audition was held to the public, but Alejandro was able to meet some of the other drummers and guitarists.

    "That's right. I do need one of those," Alejandro laughed with some women carrying their guitar cases, placing his hands on their shoulders.

    He assumed Alex, his temporary roommate, already grabbed that spot. But, he never saw her performed or even practice back at their apartment. Just like the others, she needed to audition as well. Thankfully, Alejandro set up the entire stage for the guitarists as well. He wandered from the group of women, stopping every so often to take a quick photo with some fans, before suddenly sitting at a table near the first drummer who arrived, standing in a growing line of people.

    Emerald eyes scanned over the anxious man as he rested his elbows on the table and placing his cheek on an open palm.

    "You look familiar. You work here?" Alejandro asked as he grabbed his phone to read his newest message. "In the back, right?"

    His blond ponytail fell across his shoulder and resting on his chest as his thumb scrolled on his phone. On the local social media scene, the audition was already the buzz of the city. Many commented on the band in general, about the music they played and the few solo songs Alejandro sang at the bar, but most commented on Alejandro's luscious locks. His face stuck at a mid-eye roll. Hopefully his social media manager will pop up to keep the talk about the band and the auditions rather than his hair or the looks of those performing.

    "You came right on time. So gold stars for that. I like punctuality. We have a few minutes before it begins. Feel free to mingle with the others, grab a drink or ghost drum on the table here for some practice. You practiced before coming, right? You better have..."

    Alejandro glanced up to see Alex nearly crashing into the chair next to his. He straightened his back, his face full of concern for a brief second before falling back to his typical nonchalant, yet firm facial expression. He shook his head.

    "It's Alejandro," he corrected, letting Alex string her guitar. "You're late...about two minutes. That's alright. I'm still waiting for a few more minutes for any late arrivals before I close the door. Just like what I told this guy here, feel free to mingle around and get ready. Or, if you're volunteering to get on my good side, you can check the amps and speakers to see if they're set right for whichever guitar you're using. Most look like they're using acoustics instead of electric."

    Before the waiter left after setting Alex's glass of water down, Alejandro ordered himself a bottle water and met his eyes with the man.

    "This is Alex, by the way. You should say hi to her. She may be one of your new band mates too," he said to Tony before taking his leave, giving Alex a reassuring pat on the shoulder.

    Alejandro twirled out the way of a new group of musicians to make his way outside the Dirty Magic. Already the sky was a New York shade of black, the darkest shade diluted with the artificial lights the city always produced. Streets were lined with black, glossy high end cars and SUVs while the expensive restaurants that combed the street were bustling with late dinner arrivals. The attached gray buildings that seemed to forever grow in the sky, the well dressed patrons of Manhattan and the ambiance they radiated gave Alejandro a sudden homesick feeling. For about five years he had lived in Manhattan, going to university before quitting his quest to become a doctor to start up his dream band. Using his own money meant for medical school to finance the band and his life, it was difficult work full of stress. Deep down, a part of Alejandro wanted to return home to Puerto Rico and live that simple island life of care-free and relaxation.

    He wanted to be famous though. Returning home was out the question.

    Alejandro turned back to the dingy Dirty Magic bar, shuffling in the last groups of people before erasing the chalkboard sign that welcomed those for the auditions from "Open" to "Close."

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  18. Text box:

    Alex finished stringing her guitar as he ignored Alejandro's last remark. She didn't really care for his attitude, but she cut him some slack since it appeared that he was under a bit of stress. "Amps. I'll look into that," Alex replied as she finished pulling the last string through the bridge. Since most were using acoustic guitars, she didn't have much to worry about. She went up to the amp to check the levels and make a few adjustments. Of course, the final tweaks would have to be made just before her audition when she was all hooked up. Like normal, Alex ignored the quarter-inch since she brought her own. One thing she learned from her time bar hopping was BRING YOUR OWN LEAD CORD CABLE!

    Returning to the table where she initially sat, Alex finished her water as she looked at the guy Alejandro practically introduced. "Hey," Alex said as she looked intently at the guy, "Tony right? We met before at a martial arts thing a while back. I remember since you were with the Seigers." She stood now and held out her hand for Tony to take. "Alex, pleased to meet you...again," she stated with a pleasant smile. Not wanting to get too nervous, Alex continued the conversation, "Yeah, just came from the gym. So you play the drums? For how long? By the looks of it, you might be the only drummer here. That's unfortunately not the case for guitarists." Her tone was light and playful. But she was honest, there were a good number of guitarists.

    Alex recognized a few of the potential guitarists as fellow street performers and from open mic nights and bar gigs. She knew that a few were pretty good and most were talented enough to make it in the city as musicians, but that also meant that they took whatever jobs they could. To be honest, Alex knew that in the long run, she was probably less experienced then the majority of the others, but she had confidence in herself to make an impression on Alejandro. Since he hadn't heard her play yet she never secured the spot exactly. That was going to change tonight. Alex was determined to blow that cocky-sob out of the water... While she didn't exactly think of Ale as a SOB, she didn't like his attitude. Nevertheless, she had respect for him and his ambitious nature.

    For a moment, Alex turned her attention to the crowd. By now, she was teeming with excitement. The crowd was rather large and had every kind of person under the sun. Most of the crowd was young people, but there were a few that seemed rather out of place. Alex wondered what they were doing here. She allowed her attention to return to Tony as she checked to make sure everything the needed for the audition was ready and working. Pulling out her phone, Alex began the annoying process of tuning. Her eyes darted between the phone and Tony. With her fingers making small adjustments to the guitar, Alex finished tuning in record speed. Something about the performance made her hyper. While she still had the nerves, she wanted so badly to perform. She wondered if Alejandro would make her audition last. If he did, she'd be somewhat pissed.
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  19. The crowd grew into the regular population Dirty Magic has on Friday nights and Tony watched Alejandro taking pictures with some ladies. He was a little starstruck by Alejandro's presence. The way he carried himself was like he was used to all the attention; like he thrived from it. Tony had looked around at social media sites the week before and read comments from Alejandro's fans, many of those about his hair. Tony wasn't into fame and all that, but he wanted to play music, original music. Alejandro had the air of a professional, as far as Tony knew. It nearly made him jump when the bassist sat in front of him coolly with his cheek on his palm.​

    "You look familiar. You work here? In the back, right?" Alejandro said as he texted away. Tony looked at the people beside him to make sure it was he that he was talking to and tried to respond, only for it to get caught in his throat. "This is Alex, by the way. You should say hi to her. She may be one of your new band mates too." he finished. Tony pulled his eyes away from Alejandro and lit up on seeing Alex.

    "Hey. Tony right? We met before at a martial arts thing a while back. I remember since you were with the Seigers." She held out a hand to shake and he took it with a smile. She didn't look very different from when he first saw her, still unassuming but also pretty cool. "Yes, that was me. I remember you too, Alex." He felt a little less nervous having her there, but also a little worried about screwing up in front of her. He chuckled at their re-introduction. "Didn't see you when I came in, sorry. Or did you just get here?"

    "Yeah, just came from the gym. So you play the drums? For how long? By the looks of it, you might be the only drummer here. That's unfortunately not the case for guitarists." She went on. Tony was grateful for the small talk. "Yeah um, I do. Since like, high school or something. Nothing major, never played in front of a crowd in my whole life..." He looked at the people who gathered to see Alejandro. "I do hope we both get in." He grinned at her and hoped he didn't creep her out since she was also looking at the crowd. She looked back at him for a moment before tuning her guitar with her phone. He watched her, somewhat amazed. He wasn't aware of the existence of music apps.

    He looked back at the bar. He was at least a little excited about the prospect of being in a band with Alex and Alejandro. He wondered if Alejandro did all his composing and expected the same from his members. Tony gulped, never having tried to read music sheets after elementary school.
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  20. Reiner spotted Cara and her friend approaching him as he casually drank, along with the stark differences between the two. Cara always had an affinity for black and, though he didn’t meet her in high school, he’d venture to guess that she was the goth girl during her high school days. She was almost exactly the kind of girl that would’ve caused people to scratch their heads when they saw Reiner with her. Despite quickly being assimilated into the jock clique in high school, he had always been easily bored and in need of meeting new and different people. Heavy metal came into his life and Cara followed shortly after, with a bond that still held strong.

    He returned her blonde friend’s smile, though a quick read of Cara’s lips told him that it was meant for his friend. He didn’t mind. “Very nice to meet you,” he said, giving her a brief hug. “Has New York spoiled you get? We have a thing for the Irish around here,” he asked, with a small laugh. The conversation between Cara and her friend quickly escalated in an amusing way, suggesting Cara had once or still had a thing for Reiner. He was never unaware of that fact, though he sometimes pretended that he was. He found out the hard way that he valued his freedom far too much to ever be held down by any one woman. A friend with benefits was one thing, but very few were into that, even if they thought they were. And he wasn’t willing to put their friendship on the line just to find out.

    Reiner chuckled after seeing Cara’s reaction to her choice of beer. “Yea, a stout would’ve been the safer bet, huh? Try mine,” he suggested as he slid his half-finished glass over to her. Maeve ventured closer to the dance floor as the wait for Orion grew. Reiner honestly wasn’t expecting a girl like her when Cara mentioned having an old friend around. With how well she dressed for the night, he was eager for Orion to meet her, but there was still no sign of him, which was unlike him. Cara seemed to be growing bored as well.

    “What do you have planned? Don’t think I’m playing wingman all night tonight,” she said to him. There was never much a plan with Reiner. He just did things. He lived and thought only with regards to the present. He visibly held back laughter toward the suggestion that she would be Orion’s wingman.

    “No, no, no. Axelrod’s a big boy now. You brought a friend; your favor to him is done. I’ll be sure he thanks you,” he replied quickly and with a grin. “You’re nobody’s wingman. This is our night. I texted you to dance, remember?” He said with a more serious tone, somewhat evading the first part of her statement. He squeezed her forearm gently and gestured to the dance floor with his head as he got up from his seat and led her closer to the stage. He recognized one of the go-go dancers as being Carmen, so he gave her a small wave when he thought she was looking in their direction, unsure if she noticed. Turning his attention back to Cara, he clenched his fists and began moving casually to the beat. “Your friend really went all out,” he commented. “Did you tell her Axelrod has a fat wallet or something?” he added with a grin.

    Speak of the devil, Reiner thought as he caught sight of him making his way to them. “Good to see you,” he said to him as he clapped his shoulder, his comment regarding the neighborhood completely going over his head. “Hey, Cara brought a friend, you should go say hi. She’s the pretty blonde over there in the black dress. She’s expecting you,” he explained, pointing out Maeve. He furrowed his brow when he finally noticed the black ring around his eye. “What is that? Were you trying on some makeup?” he said with a chuckle as he examined it with a squint. Then his comment about the neighborhood sunk in and his heart skipped a beat. “Whoa, wait a minute. What the hell happened to you?” As far as black eyes went, it could’ve been worse, but the fact that he was supposed to meet somebody new and have a dance with them with that thing on his face concerned him. “You wouldn’t happen to have some makeup that could cover that up a little, would you?” he asked Cara. I’m so sorry, he thought as though he were speaking telepathically to her. He hoped he wasn’t about to waste her friend’s time.

    “That’s amazing. Finally!” Sakamae replied from her room excitedly. Staying in the apartment for long periods of time was a drag for a while, especially once the summer weather really kicked in. The nights were simply unbearable. The fact that their rent would be reduced on top of getting the AC fixed was just the cherry on the cake. It was sad that it takes a lawyer to get a landlord to do a very simple thing, but that was the world they lived in and it felt good to win. “Oh, for sure. Once the rest of the building knows what to do, everything will run smoothly from now on,” she replied, still playing around with her hair as she thought about its future color.

    “And yes you should dye it another color in honor of us making Dowton cave in,” she heard Scott say, as though he were reading her mind. She laughed and smiled wide in the mirror. Was she really that predictable?

    “How about strawberry pink?” she thought out loud as she opened the door to her room. “How do I look?” she asked, posing with one hand on her hip, before bursting into laughter a moment later in acknowledgment of how out of character the question was. Going out to dance always put her in a good mood, but the big reduction in their rent put her on cloud nine. We’d have so much more money now, she realized. I could buy a new lens. “Let’s get out of the frying pan,” she said as she linked arms with him and walked out the door.

    A short train ride took them a few blocks from where they needed to be and the more than familiar bouncer let them into the club without asking questions. She waved to Reiner, Orion, and Cara when she saw them, but she wanted to get close to the stage and see Carmen before approaching them. “Carmen should be performing tonight, let’s move up a bit,” she said to Scott before she less than politely made her way through the crowd. “We wanna see April! WOO!” she shouted at the top of her lungs once they made it close to the stage, earning her some annoyed looks from those around her. She immediately began to dance in large and aggressive movements, causing those around them to give them much more space than normal. Sakamae shot Scott a deviously satisfied smile as she began to dance normally. “This floor has our names on it,” she said. “Want to get some drinks?”
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