A tale of Mages.

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  1. "If you're reading this message, that means my sources have figured out that you are in possession of certain skills, skills that would greatly aid my cause. There is a great danger brewing and I am in need of those who possess magical abilities. I can't ask you to trust me, and I have no way of proving to you that this is not a trap... but I can assure you the task I require you for is very important, and the reward for completion will be immense."
    ~A certain Archmage

    This RP will focus on a group of Mages, a perilous quest, and the nature of magic itself.

    This is the nature of magic as the world knows it.

    -Magic is derived from a realm known as the spirit world. This alternate realm is inhabited by magical forces, sentient and non-sentient, and magic is used by tapping into and manipulating these forces, but this is not without a counter, much like how we can reach into their world and turn it to our benefit, they can manifest in our world. The way a person interacts with these spirits and forces, determines the "class" of Mage they are, an the use they put these interactions to determines the "School" of magic they're using.

    These are the classes of Mages.
    These Mages use knowledge of the Spirit world in order to manipulate the world around them, but this comes with the cost of years of study, and there is a great risk of mental damage, and even insanity.
    They're often proficient in physic abilities, due to the strength of their minds.

    These Mages have deals with spirits in order to gain power in exchange for regular sacrifices. The more power they want, the greater the sacrifice must be. These sacrifices are generally alchemical ingredients, precious metals, or offerings of blood. This class caries the burden of whatever being they serve, who often follow them around as a familiar. The worst spirits may even possess their servant.

    Depending on the nature of the spirit, their spells may be directly affected. Ex: Dark spirits may be more inclined towards giving their servant dark magic.

    This class is the result of an offspring between a magical being and a mortal being, and thus is essentially a spirit confined to the mortal world. This comes with the ability to learn magical abilities more naturally, with the easiest comparison being like this; You would learn a spell like how you would learn a dance. This comes at the cost of physical exhaustion, and the risk of losing control of these abilities.
    Depending on the nature of their magic blood, their spells may be directly affected. Ex: Fire elementals are more adept at fire.

    Clerics answer to extremely powerful spirits which can be likened to gods. This class has no particular risks or dangers, but has the greatest cost of all. In order to use powers, one must have complete faith in their abilities to use these abilities. Druids are also clerics, but associated with forest spirits in lieu of gods.
    Exorcisms generally have the same effect, but can vary in use depending on the god. For example, A god of justice may have the caster wield a spirit blade, while a god of the sun may have the caster send a beam of golden light.

    *A danger to all classes is the spells themselves, for example... you should should fire from directly in front of your hands rather than actually out of your hands.

    The application of Magic.
    The direct use of magical force. Ex: Throwing a fireball or using telekinesis.
    (Magic can be cast through three main methods; Hands, Wands, and Staves. The effects of each is purely mechanical. Ex: You may want to keep your stream of fire as far from you as possible, so you use a staff.)

    Assigning magical attributes to objects. Ex: Putting lightning on a sword or animating a golem.

    Drawing spirits from the spirit world to do your bidding. Ex: Summon a pack of hell-hounds.)

    Using the magic in nature to your advantage. Ex: Making a healing potion.

    Questions and suggestions for both story and application of magic are encouraged.
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  2. I like it. Alot

    I would put which class can do which casting
  3. Each class can do each type of magic.
  4. Oh cool perfect well I am in
  5. Count this Cleric of Fenrir in. (or maybe Cleric/warlock depending on how you intend to play things). a simple question is; is magic like D&D magic or do all classes have acess to the same spells?
  6. I'm an interested wizard
  7. Most mages have access to the same spells with a small exception. Only Clerics can use exorcisms. It is also common for Wizards to be limited in their natural abilities depending on the source of their magical blood. Ex: A Fire-elemental Wizard would be unlikely to use ice spells.
  8. yeah, there needs to be clarification further than that, do warlocks gain spells dependedn on their master? do clerics get unique exersisoms dependent on gods?
  9. Edited first post, I hope that is in depth enough, If not I can further edit it.
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