||A Tale As Old As Time||

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  1. Dawn began to break as the sliver of an orange sun rose just over a secluded forest. The trees remained idle and all was silent, apart from the infrequent breeze that tore between the timber. The lake stood still, causing a reflection of the sun that almost beckoned for its rise. He had often pondered about the inhabitants of the lake, though his thoughts were always brief. Nothing lived in this part of the woodland-no birds, or deer. Just him. The lonely beast.

    With one final crack of his spine as the vertebrae re-aligned themselves, a groan erupted from the man’s throat. The transition seemed to be taking much longer than usual, these days. His rough fingers massaged the back of his neck and a sigh passed between his lips. He had hoped that it wouldn’t last. There had been so much that the enchantress had left out. Side effects like the hunger and the rage. He had been like this for so long that it had almost seemed...normal. Just the thought of it made him want to punch yet another hole into the wall.

    Although his disposition began to change as he cast his hazel eyes from the large window to the woman on the bed. Her body lay almost lifelessly, though her face seemed to be at ease, almost tranquil. She was young, there was no doubt about that. Her skin was fair. He would have even gone as far as to say that she was...beautiful. But so were the others. He raised a hand and allowed it to hover over her for a moment before reaching out to allow his knuckle to brush the side of her soft cheek. However, before he could make the contact, the girl began to stir. Suddenly alarmed, his eyes widened and he slithered back into the shadows, just at the foot of the bed. Her movements subsided and the man let his eyes watch her for a moment.

    Could she be the one?

    It was a question that he had asked himself so many times before. Often, the answer was an apparent no. But there had been two or three occasions where the possibility had been completely plausible. Women who seemed to have fallen completely head-over-heels for him, only to be ripped to shreds in the middle of the night by the their so-called true love. He had learned never to get his hopes up. To expect nothing even if there was the slightest glimmer of hope.

    Back pressed against the wall, the man’s glazed eyes remained on the woman. He folded his arms over his chest and wondered how long it would take this one to wake. He couldn’t say that her timing had not been impeccable, for he had began to grow bored in such a large and reclusive manor. He could have been quite impatient at times and with it having been so long since there was another “guest” residing with him, he was eager to get to work. She would be the one now occupying the idle time on his hands. With that last thought, he pushed himself away from the wall and retreated from the large room. He made sure to close the door especially hard before turning and making his way to the study, in an effort to wake the woman.
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    The woman stirred in her sleep a bit more after being awoken by the loud slam. She didn't know how long she had been asleep or where she was. She took a look around the room. Nothing seemed to be familiar about the room she was in.

    Where am I? She thought to herself

    She stood up from the bed, Her long brown hair tied up and out of her face; therefore making it easier to see her eyes. They were a beautiful deep green color matching perfectly with her olive skin. She stood up from the bed, opening the door slowly and making her way out of the room. The hallway where she'd been led to was well lighted and she was somewhat fearful of venturing deeper into the house
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    He hadn't gotten halfway to his study before the sound of feet hitting the floor and the creak of a floorboard caught his attention. There certainly had been some advantages to having a heightened sense of hearing. He froze. Had he forgotten to lock the door? The man cursed under his breath. The thought of the girl wandering around the manor slightly irked him. It would have been easy for her to have gotten lost, even with the sun rising and daylight becoming apparent.

    His pace slowed and he listened again. The door to the bedroom had opened. There was a pause and he could only imagine that the woman was trying to figure out where she had been taken as she observed her surroundings. The man thought about sprinting down the hall and making himself known by shoving her back into the room but he shook his head at the thought. That would have only ended with the woman screaming.

    His head tilted to the side and narrowed his eyes. Would she scream now? Cry for help like so many others had? He suddenly found it quite odd that she had yet to scream at all or even make a sound. By now, the women he seemed to have brought to the manor were either crying hysterically or yelling for help. There was a glimmer in the man's eye as his interest in the women peaked, though he remained his distance. He wouldn't reveal himself to her. Not this soon. Listening intently, he could hear as her footsteps traveled in the opposite direction of him. The woman was going deeper into the manor and the odds of her becoming lost were beginning to grow. A sigh escaped from his lips, though he remained where he was. She would have to find her way back to the room herself.

    With that, the man turned and continued down the hallway, stopping to unlock a door and step inside of the room. He turned and locked the door behind him. An attempt was made to keep every door in the manor locked. Even if the girl had wandered off, she would not have gotten very far. The tall man crossed a room filled with books piled almost to the ceiling, until he found a back door, that led to the tower. Today, she would be free to wander. But tomorrow, he would make sure that she was returned to the room and locked inside. Tomorrow, the real work would begin. He had only hoped that she would have made it back to her room before nightfall...
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