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    "Tell me I can't join the football team...? Fine. I'll show them...." Asherra murmured to herself through a calm tone as she walked away from the football field. She wasn't going to not join just because the gender-discriminating coach told her she couldn't. She'd show him--she'd show all of them, and she possessed the perfect idea to throw into action in order to do just that. Asherra walked inside of the abandoned gym and ran into the girl's locker room. She dumped out a clump of hair pins onto the metal counter in front of the mirror and quickly began to wrap her long hair prior to placing the pins in to keep it up, which normally streamed down to her waist. It was a generous amount of hair, but she managed to pin most of it down as she had decided to leave a bit of hair hanging out in the back. She placed a rubber-band around the thick strands of hair to make it resemble a normal ponytail that a guy could get away with casually wearing in modern society. The low ponytail stopped a little past her shoulders. Shortly after preparing her hair, she wrapped the dark orange bandana around her head. She didn‘t really wear the bandana on a regular basis, and it wasn’t like she went to this high school due to home-school, so she doubted that she would have to worry about anyone recognizing her as ‘that girl from their class’. Well at least that's what 'she' thought.

    The determined 16 year-old was quite skilled at disguising herself for some reason, but this was the easiest task yet. She had plenty of ‘boy-ish’ clothes, and she possessed another pair of clothes with her in the bag since--well, she had an odd premonition that would get rejected and would have to resort to this. She threw on the pants, but before putting on the shirt, she wrapped an ace bandage around her entire torso region to push them in so it'd give the illusion of have little to no breasts. Sure, this would be quite irritating after awhile but if she left them as they were, everyone would apparently know she was a girl. She needed to play it safe. After a short period, she scanned her new appearance in the mirror and smirked with subtle satisfaction. Her new name would be...Ash instead of Asherra. Her attire consisted of an oversized blue shirt that looked like it would engulf her small body frame, a pair of loose black pants, and the orange bandana as well. She grabbed her belongings and walked back out to the field, recalling to deepen her voice to perceive the tone of a young male. " Hey, coach~!" Asherra called out to him, doing the best she could to mask her original voice as she came to a halt in front of him.

    "What can I do for you, young man?" he asked, which only obliged Asherra’s smirk to resurface. 'So he fell for it... Good.' she mused before replying. "Yeah, I'm interested in joining your football team. Got room for one more?" The coach smiled and asked for her name. " Name's Ash. Nice to meet you!" she said with a nod while the coach abruptly pointed over to the field. " Alright Ash, let's see what you’ve got..." he stated, watching as Ash launched towards the field. A half an hour later, the coach handed Asherra a football uniform. " You're on the team Ash! Your throws are amazing--so's your speed!" the coach exclaimed prior to giving out the other uniforms. Asherra smiled slightly in response, in spite of her accumulating excitement, and happily went on home after practice. She’d always used to play football as a child. She had definitely received plenty of practice throughout the years. It was no wonder she was immediately accepted onto the team.

    -Two Weeks Later-

    Asherra was now one of the top players on the local team and everyone on the team, as well as some of the football fans of the school, knew who 'Ash' was despite that her teammates still playfully called her a ‘newbie’. She was regularly attending practice four times a week and her skills merely strengthened with the additional sessions. Today was a Friday afternoon. A typical practice weekday for the team. Asherra threw on her uniform and ran outside to swiftly join in on the mock game. After being assigned to a team, one of her team-mates had tossed her the football. She was prepared to dart until ones of the guys on the opposing team ran up to confront her in attempts to steal the ball. To be more precise, the lad just so happened to be one of the team’s exceptional players. They were evenly matched, in other words, so she needed to be additionally precise. “You’re not taking this from me!” she teased with a smirk. She knew him just as well as all of her other teammates, so the casual playfulness occurred naturally among them all on occasion. Besides, she was positive that he’d have a comeback just as he always did.

    She was going to evade his lunge, but as she swiftly began to dash off to the side, the boy’s hands came at her at an awkward angle. Alas, this caused him to accidentally grab one of her boobs. Of course, he wasn't trying to grasp her there....but alternatively, he seriously wasn’t expecting to grab 'anything' as a matter of fact, since she was supposed to be a guy. Therefore, she was supposed to be relatively flat-chested, especially considering that she was posing as a skinny young man. Instinctively, Asherra’s eye twitched. And she had to suppress the temporary reflex to punch the daylights out of him for grabbing there, but she remembered that she wasn't 'supposed' to be a girl. Therefore, she wasn’t supposed to have boobs either. Above all, she knew it was an accident so... Instead, she winced and pulled back. She then proceeded with pretending to fall onto her front as if the force of his push had knocked her out of balance. Thankfully, she had been able to perform the fall quickly after he had pushed her. That way, it would seem far more believable that she was injured. After all, she needed to make something up as soon as possible, in order to cover up what the lad had just touched. Though, somehow, she had a feeling that it wouldn’t work out as well as she had hoped... Pretending to be in pain, she dropped the ball prior to falling. Well, at least her acting was right on cue. "Arghh--damn, my chest....!" she exclaimed, clutching it.

    “What happened?” the coach queried as he approached. "Er--I fell down on it earlier--my chest--and it was already swollen, but now it’s a little worse off..." she added in while she emitted a phony small groan of discomfort. Hopefully, he would believe that he had grabbed a 'swollen' chest instead of an actual breast. “Ash, go sit on the bench if you're injured. I'll get an ice-pack for you." the coach said as he walked off. Asherra quickly walked off the field with sweat pouring down her face. She was starting to ponder about whether her teammate had bought the 'swollen chest' comment or not, which was genuinely beginning to unease her slightly as she sat on the bench. She remained in her seat for the rest of the practice, always fond of watching the practice sessions go on even if she could not participate. However, she was the last one to enter the boy's locker room. After changing, the coach wanted the entire team to meet him in the gym for some reason, and it made her ponder about what kind of announcement he was going to be making. As per the norm, she made her way to the very back of the room to get to her locker. Asherra retrieved her casual male clothes and set foot into an available bathroom stall to change. In the back of her mind, she continued to hope that the guy had been convinced by her fake injury and that he didn’t suspect the fact that she was--well, a female in disguise.


  2. You would see this boy on a street and think him no exceptional. He would be just another boy who looked handsome and might have an aspiring future in front of him. The truth is that Jake was an ordinary high school student with all the worries that boys his age had, but coming from lower middle class and having the need or almost urge to do some amazing with his life, Jake devoted himself to sports. In particular, it was the American football. After all, his dad was on the team during high school though he never got all the way to the quarterback position. That was unlike Jake. This boy, who you looked so ordinary, worked hard every day to gain the QB position. Even if there was no training, he would still exercise, he would drill and train his body to be still on top, because that way, someone might as well notice during the match and who knows, later on he could get a scholarship to go to university. Don't think that Jake was planning that far ahead, all those are just possibilities of what could happen and, in fact, what his parents were continuously subtly pushing him towards.

    However, things got a bit strange when the new boy came – Ash. He was a tiny boy but quick on the field and just as exceptional with the ball as Jake was. At the beginning, Jake used to despise Ash joining the team as he endangered his position as QB. Yes, Ash was that good and Jake didn’t like it. Moreover, since the very beginning there was something odd about this boy who wasn’t even studying at the same high school. His features were too feminine; he never changed in the same room as the rest of them did. Suspicion was getting the better of him until the coach noticed and had a little chit-chat with Jake. Jake couldn’t say the truth why he didn’t trust Ash, since not even he was sure what it was that was so strange about the new team member. Therefore, he just reasoned his lack of focus with the dislike of Ash being as good as he is. Coach was good natured most of the time, so all he said was that Jake better suck it up and work even harder if he wants to hold his quarterback position because Ash is equally as suitable for the position as Jake was. Since then, Jake did try not to suspect Ash so much and in fact, and time, he began to accept Ash into the team and joked around with the boy too.

    All that was until today. It was usual training. Jake was in the opposing team to Ash’s. Recently, they did a lot of matches like that as if the coach wanted to test who was better in the leading position. Pressure, pressure, pressure. But so far, Jake was keeping up. However, it was this moment when Jake went for the ball. Ash was playful as usually and it was exactly those moments when he looked so…girly. Jake pushed out those thoughts and focused on the ball replying to Ash’s tease with a smirk and eyebrow as if daring the opposing QB to actually fulfil his statement. At the point, when he tried to block Ash from running away something happened that threw him off balance. Did he just…? Jake stood there as Ash fell on the ground, grunting in discomfort. Swollen chest? Did that really feel like swollen chest? Jake frowned deeply as he watched Ash being taking of the pitch.

    “Hey Jake, what’s that look on your face?” asked one of the team members while smiling widely as if he has just discovered America.

    “That’s concern, Dave,” Jake replied and looked at the boy. “After all, he is the second best player we have, slow poke,” adding to the explanation, Jake just jokingly knocked on Dave’s helmet before he ran off.

    However, during the training Jake couldn’t get his mind off that feeling. It was as if he grabbed something. But could it be what he thought it was? Nonetheless, his team won the mock match and after all of the guys had shower, Jake stayed a bit behind. Suspicion got the better of him and so he decided to find Ash. Sure, he was curious about the important announcement that coach had, but right now, this was more important.

    It wasn’t hard finding who he was looking for as there was only one locker closed and there were rustling sounds coming out from it. Jake walked towards it, not caring if he makes audible noises or not. As he reached the locker, he leaned his back against the wall next to the door, crossing his arms on his chest.

    “Hey Ash. You ok? How’s your chest?” he asked casually but his expression was very focused as if he could get answer even from the tone of Ash’s voice, which of course he couldn’t unless there would be a major and sudden change.
  3. ‘Careless...’ Asherra mentally sighed as she left the bathroom stall, now back in her casual attire. She paused in front of her locker and opened it up to place her football gear inside. Eventually, she was going to have to take it home for cleaning. ‘I should have paid more attention and protected that particular region. That should’ve been automatic, but I guess...not...’ she mused to herself, trailing off when she looked up only to see Jake leaning against the wall next to the door. Her jade optics dilated with relative surprise. She’d been pondering so deeply that she didn’t even hear when he had walked back here. The girl could’ve sworn that her heart had skipped a beat at his abrupt appearance. Sure, the young lad was handsome but that wasn’t why her heart leapt temporarily. Instantly, she assumed that maybe he was onto her...? Perhaps he didn’t buy the ‘swollen chest’ fib after all? “Hey...” she spoke, hesitantly, as if trying to ensure that she kept her deeper tone of voice even and crack-free.

    No, she should just play it ‘cool’ and act oblivious to what had occurred. She proceeded with answering his question. “Ah, yeah--I’m a-okay and the swelling’s starting to go away.” As Asherra replied, she took note of how his expression looked very...focused on something, but what exactly was he paying attention to? “I’m getting old, so you know--more aches and injuries are the norm for that I guess.” she joked in a flat tone, shrugging. She gave him a weak smile, but it began to subside after she shut her locker. Silence loomed over as she looked up to him. She blinked blankly a couple of times, uncertain of what else to say to him. Asherra didn’t want to just rush out of there. That would make matters more suspicious on her part, thus why she decided to take her time with departing. “Well, I’ll see you--,” Finally, she was about to give a ‘good-bye’ to him...that is, until the coach had peeked into the locker. “Oh, there you are.” he said, stepping in all the way.

    “Hurry up you two. Need to make the announcement before everyone needs to leave.” And as quickly as he had appeared, he had disappeared to head back out into the gym where their teammates had been joined. “Oh, coming coach.” She had nearly forgotten about the announcement that he wanted to make, what with being worried about the whole incident and all. However, she was relieved that the coach had appeared just in time. It gave her the excuse of leaving the deserted locker room in a swift manner. She stopped behind the group of students, curiosity peaking as she waited for the coach to make his announcement. Asherra had grown quite fond of the coach over the couple of weeks, despite that he had turned her down beforehand. He was a kind and understanding man that she’d come to genuinely respect. She wasn’t really the one to hold grudges like that anyway, and figured that perhaps there was another reason for him turning her down as a girl. “So, what’s up coach?” ‘Ash’ questioned as she casually squeezed through her teammates to get to the front.

    “Hm...” he began, glancing around one last time to ensure that everyone was there. “First of all, I wanted to congratulate you all for your past winning streaks. You’ve all been working very hard, so I wanted to reward you guys.” The coach folded his arms and smirked slightly when he noted how much more interested the young boys had become. Their expressions alone silently urged him to continue with the details of this ‘reward’. “You deserve a good break from practice sessions too, so I’m taking you guys on a week-long trip to a theme park resort.” He finally came out with the surprise, moderately astonished looks spreading throughout the crowd of students. Asherra gaped for a moment herself before a notion crossed her mind. “Wow, seriously?! But...won’t that be kind of expensive?” She’d never stayed in a resort before, but of course, she was well aware of the high price. “Well I introduced this idea to the school board and they agreed to fund the trip for us. They’ll be providing a school bus for transportation too.”

    Quite the reward this was, and so suddenly. After the team’s noisy excitement settled down, Coach Damon proceeded with his explanation. “And since this is a really large resort, you will be required to have a partner. Your partner will also be your roommate in the hotel. Go ahead and pick your partners now so I can make a note of it.” The minute that was stated, everyone chose their partners with ease. All except Asherra. By the time she’d looked around for the third time, everyone appeared to be taken or so she thought. “Okay, Ash, who’s your partner?” Damon asked. “Hm. Looks like I don’t have one.” Perhaps she’d get lucky and he would allow her to go without a partner. She did want to go along for the trip. However, the roommate concept didn’t sit very well due to her need to keep her secret concealed. “Seems that Jake doesn’t have a partner either. Why don’t you two pair up?” the coach suggested, creating a note of it prior to even getting some sort of confirmation from them first.

    “Um...okay...” she replied. As she kept a casual demeanor upon glancing to Jake, she was mentally wondering how she’d gotten into such a mess. Oh yeah. It all started when she disguised herself as a male. She wasn’t sure if Jake was already dubious of her from the incident, but if she were to back out now, it would certainly make her look suspicious. She was going to need to prepare exceptionally well for this trip, if she was going to continue keeping her secret to herself while remaining in the same room with him. “Oh, and we’ll be leaving tomorrow at noon.” the coach added with a sweat-drop. Upon hearing that they were to depart so soon at such short notice, everyone went into uproar-mode as they hurried out of the gym to head home and prepare as soon as possible. “Sorry guys! The school board notified me of the arrangements at the last minute.” He shrugged and eventually made his departure as well. Habitually shoving her hands deep into the pants of her pockets, Asherra decided to do the same.

  4. Jake looked down at Ash his focused expression somehow easing as if a very heavy thought just left his mind. The truth was that he just found out how thoughtful he must have looked and decided that he better not look so worried. After all, if his suspicion would be right...well, what would happen next? What would Jake do? Before, he could add something more, ask a bit more, the coach came in and told them to hurry up. Yes, there was the announcement that all of the players had to attend. Ash seemed to be in kind of a hurry to leave the room. Was he nervous? Why would he be if he had just a swollen chest? Frowning slightly again, Jake walked leisurely to the gym and stood at the back. He was as tall as the other boys or maybe a bit taller unlike Ash who always had to stand in the front in order to see. Which was another strange things. Boys of that age were usually taller unless they had some problems with growth or their family members weren't that tall so it was a genetic issue. Thoughts ran through Jake's mind so he nearly missed the important part of the whole speech that the coach gave them. A theme park resort? Jake was as surprised as all the other members were. At first, he just stared at the coach before a wide grin spread across his face. Jake naturally wasn't so loud in showing his appreciation or excitement but you could see all the strong feelings in his blue and grey eyes that at moments like this shone like stars. Dave who was the loudest of all slapped Jake across the back shouting something into the commotion that Jake made out as 'Hey thanks man'. If it was possible, Jake's face would have split in two in that moment due to the smile that unbelievably widened even more.

    “And since this is a really large resort, you will be required to have a partner. Your partner will also be your roommate in the hotel. Go ahead and pick your partners now so I can make a note of it,” said the coach when all the noise was gone. Before Jake would actually count to ten everyone was paired and ready, but Jake was left alone. A shadow of uncertainty dabbed on his heart, while he looked around for someone who was left in the same situation. His eyes ended up on Ash exactly at the same time when coach consciously assigned the two of them together without much hesitation or second questions. As a matter of fact, Ash and Jake were not left much of a choice since they were the last two. Would Jake be able to penetrate the mystery that enfolds Ash? Is there any mystery at all? The quarterback's mind went back to the match and the moment when Jake was supposedly grabbing 'swollen chest'. Somehow, he was sure it wasn't swollen chest. After all, he already held girl's properties before and he remembers the feeling and this was way too similar but due to the suddenness of the moment and how unexpected it all was, Jake might have as well been confused. So deep in his thoughts, he didn't notice the gym to be empty and Ash walking past him.

    "Hey Ash," he called after the boy and caught up with him. "The trip is pretty cool, right? Have you ever been to any theme park resort?" He asked friendly and the excited smile appeared on his face again just thinking about how much fun they would have and what was even more exciting, was that they were leaving tomorrow noon!
  5. In this case, ‘nervous’ would be a bit of an understatement. She was still internally freaking out about the whole situation. However, temporary relief washed over when the coach entered the locker room to retrieve the two of them for his announcement. Although she attempted not to leave so eagerly, it was rendered difficult to completely suppress one’s habits. Her tendency to ‘power-walk’ integrated with the concern that Jake could have been on to her overtook that attempt. She knew that being the most petite one out of the group was expected, but...she’d been hoping that they would merely assume ‘Ash’ was naturally on the short side. The girl was 5’6” or about 168 cm in height. As a female, she was kind of on the tall side, but as a male she was certainly a bit on the shorter side of the spectrum. You know, according to the way all of the other boys seemed to tower over her. She learned of her specific height when the coach had managed to get her to participate in a portion of the physical that took place after practice once, as well as her weight. Which was another component that was apparently on the low side, seeing as how she was mildly teased about being ‘so light’. One of the players even stated that he could bench-press her with ease.

    Needless to say, Asherra was just as excited as everyone else was about the coach’s announcement. She honestly couldn’t wait to get going, in spite of the fact that she’d need to be far more cautious. She comprehended that the team was ecstatic, but how in the world did they all pick their partners so quickly?? A quizzical expression had crossed her face prior to answering the coach, stating that she didn’t have a partner. However, it turned out that Jake didn’t have one either. So, instinctively, the coach paired them up without hesitation. Honestly, Asherra didn’t have a problem with being his partner. It wasn’t like they didn’t get along at all, but...the point that she wouldn’t know what to expect from him put her on edge slightly. Upon glancing over to Jake, she flashed a small but friendly smile in his direction. However, her eyes were quick to widen when the coach expressed how soon they would leave. She figured that they’d have to wait at least a week to actually depart, but--well, this was even better. Even if it meant that she would need to be quicker with figuring out what she should and shouldn’t pack.

    She had walked a good distance away from her starting point by the time Jake called out to her from behind. Seizing in her pace, she turned around just as he caught up to her. Once he did, she resumed walking but this time, she did so alongside him. Asherra nodded in full agreement when he mentioned that the trip was cool. “I’ll say--this is going to be awesome!” she said with an excited smirk of her own. “Nope, I’ve never been to any resort before so I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like.” Opening one of the gym’s double-doors, she emerged outside and was reminded of the lovely weather. The perfect weather for going to--well, a theme park resort. “Have you ever been to one Jake?” she asked, keeping a casual pace along the straight path as she waited for his response. For now, she tried to push back the incident from earlier in order to have a normal conversation with him. A couple of minutes had passed along until a split in the straight path was reached.

    “Oh, I need to go this way.” She pointed a thumb towards the left path. She hadn’t recalled ever seeing him walking in this path to go home before, so she assumed that this was where they’d be splitting up. “So, I’ll see ya tomorrow, okay?” She smiled and gave him a slight wave while walking briskly down the left path. Once again, she was in a hurry. However, this time, it was because she seriously needed to get ready for the trip and could use as much time as possible to gather some necessities.

  6. "No I have never been to one. You know, we can't really afford fancy stuff like that," Jake shrugged as if whatever was about to come after wasn't worth mentioning. In fact, it really wasn't. Jake's family wasn't poor at all, but neither they were rich. They had nice house, food everyday and from time to time an extra money to spend on something they liked. As they left the school and the sunshine brushed over Jake's face, once again his excitement burst to life and for quite a while he was just grinning like a madman, imagining what great time they would have. Just about when he was about to ask Ash something they reached a crossroad. Jake usually went right on that crossroad and that's what he planned to do today as well but as he was about to say bye to Ash, he noticed that Ash was a bit restless.

    "Yeah, sure, see you," he murmured to himself because Ash was already few meters away and Jake was startled. He noticed a lot of mood swings today and just as he carried on the path on the right, he mind returned to all the suspicions and theories. It was getting somehow annoying though, thinking about all that so much. Therefore, Jake has decided that as he was paired up with Ash for the room he might be able to find out a bit more about this 'secret' that Ash might be hiding. That put an end to his on restless thoughts and as he got home, his mother was already there. You usually find 17 years old boys being quite reluctant to spend some time with the family or to talk to them extensively, but Jake was different even when he was at the rebellious stage of growing up and so as he went to the kitchen where his mum was, he told her all about the trip. Afterwards, he went to his room, to pack his stuff while buzzing with delight.

    ((Sorry, I didn't manage to write more as there is really not much to write about. I think that at this point it might be good to do a time skip. What do you think?))
  7. (It’s fine, your replies are great! :) And sure, I’ll skip on to the next day).

    When Jake turned right to head home, Asherra went from walking swiftly to sprinting. If she wanted to catch her aunt in time before she left for work, she needed to pick up the pace. She was just glad that her house wasn’t too far away from the school. Upon entering, she ripped off her bandana and pulled out the pins to let her hair down. Then she moved on to go find her aunt. “Auntie...? Are you home?” Honestly, she wasn’t expecting a reply. Her aunt worked constantly. It was among one of the reasons why she had chosen home-schooling over traditional school. She needed to be there for her little brother after all. And although her aunt had been kind enough to take them in, she was just a tad too busy to be there all the time. “In here Asherra.” For a moment, Asherra froze with astonishment. So her aunt was here after all. Eh. All that running for nothing.... Enthusiastically, she greeted her aunt and told her about the upcoming trip, asking if it would be alright for her to go. She merely stated that the trip was for a school ‘organization’ that she had joined, which wasn’t completely untrue anyway. Due to it’s week-long duration, she was uncertain about whether she would get to go because her brother would be alone for too long. But to Asherra’s luck, her aunt just happened to be on her vacation for the next two weeks so it all worked out perfectly.

    The next day, the entire football team had been gathered outside by the school bus. Their excited commotion travelled throughout the parking lot. Asherra sat atop her erect miniature rolling suitcase and contently listened to the chitter-chatter surrounding her, all the while beaming. She was happy that she’d successfully packed in time, even managing to catch a couple of hours of sleep in the process. The coach arrived a couple of minutes later with the bus driver, stopping in front of the group with a clipboard. He took attendance to ensure that he wasn’t about to leave anyone behind. “Alright, looks like everyone’s here. You can start boarding the bus in an orderly fashion--,” he began, but was interrupted by the team’s sudden rush to get onto the bus...in a not-so orderly fashion. “...Never mind.” While the team boarded the bus, Coach Damon went to lock up the backdoors of the gym. Asherra shook her head and smirked at her teammate’s eagerness to get onto the vehicle, but then she realized with a slight frown...

    Darn it, they were probably going to take all of the ‘good’ seats. Oh well. Swiftly, she tossed her petite black suitcase into the storage compartment of the bus and hopped on. She slid into one of the empty seats, pressing her knees into the cushion as she looked out the window. She would properly seat herself once the bus started going, but as the coach stepped in, he wanted to reconfirm that ahead of time. Coach Damon neared her and flicked the baseball cap off her head, which had been covering her trademark orange bandana. Her falling hat was brought to her attention, obliging her to sit down in the seat in order to retrieve the fallen hat. “There. Now keep seated like that for the rest of the trip Ash. I’d rather not have anyone fly out of their seat.” The coach took a seat as well. “Will do Coach. I’m touched by your concern.” Asherra replied brightly but sort of jokingly, deciding to place her cap on backwards this time to reduce the coach’s urge to flick it off again.

  8. Jake managed to pack within the evening. After all, he didn't need much, right? Both of his parents were excited about him going to a week-long exciting trip, but both were equally worried that Jake might go crazy and do something and so the whole situation had to accompanied by a fifteen minutes long discussion about how Jake should behave, what he should do and not do, who to talk to and overall the general be-careful kind of talk. At those time, Jake got teenager-like and he would just nod, telling his parents that he knew all the stuff and that they should not worry. In fact, it was the truth. No matter how young he was, he still got enough sense in himself not to get involved in something that could harm him or others. That evening, it took Jake a long time till he fell asleep. He was just too enthusiastic about the whole thing. Even after he fell asleep, what he dreamed of was the trip.

    In the morning, Jake was the first one up which was unusual for him as he liked to have a lie in for as long as possible. By the time, his dad got to the kitchen to have breakfast before he had to go to work, Jake was already dressed and clean and satiated carrying his back down the stairs.

    "Hey! You are exceptionally early!" His dad greeted him happily but as he noticed, Jake was already leaving and so before they could have the usual morning conversation, Jake's dad only managed to inform his son to be careful before the door closed and the young lad was on his way to the school. It was chilly morning but the sky was clear blue and sun would come up soon too which would make the whole trip even more enjoyable. Jake wasn't the first one in the parking lot, there were already couple other team members and so Jake joined them and chatted about the fun they will have. Being completely absorbed in the conversation, he didn't even notice when Ash arrived. As the bus came, Jake could assure himself that this whole trip wasn't just a dream and that it was in fact real. Of course, it was hard to believe that school would be so kind as to let them go for a trip into such an amazing location.

    Just as he placed his bag in the storage of the bus, Jake suddenly needed the toilet. In the rush of the morning, he completely forgot to go and now it was getting urgent. Informing the coach, who told him to be as quick as possible, Jake ran off. He hoped they would not leave without him and also he didn't want to make the other's wait. Also, due to his sudden need, he completely missed boarding of the bus and so as he got back, everyone was in and Jake could imagine that no good seat would be left. Which was in fact true and the last free seat was next to...guess who - Ash. Shrugging to himself, Jake made his way to the boy and sat down.

    "Hey. How is it going?" He asked and gave Ash the friendly smile that he gave to everyone all the time.
  9. Asherra’s notions began to wander as she sat in her seat properly, waiting for the bus to depart from the school. She leaned back, attempting to ease her restlessness as she thought of some of the potential activities that were there to do. Well, aside from the obvious. No matter how hard she tried to relax, it wasn’t very effective. The only cure to said restlessness would probably be to finally arrive at the theme park resort and engage in the various things to do there. She casually looked out the window, momentarily staring at the back of the school. It had been so long since she went to a physical school, but she couldn’t possibly start going to traditional school again. At least not right now. Especially not with what she needed to keep concealed from the rest of the team. To start attending this school would certainly be asking for more trouble. Asherra blinked, becoming aware of the bus’s engine revving up. Looks like they were about to go. The anticipation and waiting was most likely beginning to suffocate everyone mentally.

    The cross-dressing girl eventually turned her head from the window when she heard Jake’s voice. In response to his friendly greeting as he took a seat beside her, Asherra revealed a grin and said, “Just great~. Today arrived much faster than I expected it to.” And it really did. Most of the time, when one couldn’t wait for a particular event to occur, it would seem to take agonizingly longer to come than it normally would. However, the duration between yesterday afternoon and today felt relatively average. As the bus moved onward out of the parking lot and to their destination, Asherra glanced out the window in thought. “So when we get there, what did you want to do first?” she questioned, looking back up to him. He had been assigned as her partner after all. She might as well check to see if he had anything in mind that he’d like to do. Although there was something in particular she wanted to take part in, she did not mind doing what he wanted to do first.

    In cases such as this one, she preferred to be considerate of the other person--or in other words, Jake. Ultimately, she wanted to take part in all of the activities there anyway, if it’d be possible within the week they would be there. Perhaps Asherra should have brought something to keep herself busy during the ride to the resort. It was going to take about two to three hours to get there, thus why they had left fairly early, to ensure that they would have enough time to ‘explore’ upon arrival. Then again, she didn’t mind just sightseeing with the views through the window that were rolling by. It was what she was always fond of doing on long car rides with her family. Either that or playing some sort of odd road trip game with her brother.