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  1. It happened in the midst of the Second World War. The birth of the first super-soldier took place in a secure, top-secret location in the United States. It wasn't long before the Axis forces soon cracked the formula and created a super-soldier of their own. The battles between these two men soon became the stuff of legends, and even after the end of the war, the world watched with awe as they continued onwards; one for truth, justice and freedom, the other for what most saw as evil and corruption.

    Despite the end of the war, governments all across the world continued to create super soldiers to defend their countries and the world, hoping that one day they would rival those of the 1940's.
    Soon 'natural' supers began to appear, with new abilities appearing after an accident or simply manifesting on their own. In time, both military and civilians trained ordinary human beings to gain incredible physical prowess and even pilot mechanical suits to rival the gifted supers. Even one or two aliens are rumored to have appeared and taken a particular shine to the planet and it's people.

    These events gave rise to the so called Golden Age, where suppers defended their chosen cities, countries and even the world once or twice. Heroes and villains alike became celebrities, worshiped by the public at large. The clashes between good and bad almost became a sport, enjoyed and supported by people around the globe. However, by the early 90s the lines between good and bad began to blur a little as celebrity and corruption began to penetrate the lives of the supers. It became harder to distinguish hero from villain, and even amongst those who still fought for good, complacency and indifference started to set in.

    The result was disastrous, accumulating into a series of events worldwide the showed the super world for what it had truly become. It became a torrent of failures and scandals that left the super hero world unpopular, in disgrace and very quickly in decline.

    It all too soon began to become dangerous to be a superhero, even one truly working for a good cause. Public outrage turned to protests, protests quickly turned violent. Vigilante 'normals' soon began to target super-humans. A prejudiced police force and even the occasional lynch mob soon resulted in the end of the super hero phenomenon. For their own protection, the government helped them to start over with a new identity and a new life.

    Ten years later, life as normal has been resumed. The 'super-issue' is a taboo subject, a history mostly ignored by the population. However, young supers are still manifesting powers, and the supers from the old days are still very much alive and kicking... just in hiding. With this new generation of supers though, they are growing frustrated. A small group of supers is planning on an uprising, hoping to bring their people back to glory and stopping at nothing to achieve that goal. There are also rumors of the old guard reuniting to prevent a war that will only make things a whole lot worse from everyone.​
  2. Common Sense; A rare thing to come by nowadays...

    The rules that goes without saying, but still needs to be said... No GMing, PPing, Mary-Sueing/Gary-Drewing, auto-hitting or auto killing on other characters. Please wait until your profile has been accepted to post in character, but feel free to lurk, or hang around in the out of character if you want.

    By your age, you should be able to construct a proper sentence.

    This is a literate to advanced roleplay. Posting requirements include a 700 minimum word count, good spelling and grammar, in the third person. I'm not looking for novellas, but I want a nice, good, post. If you get writers block, just take some time out and wait for more people to post, or take a little time out and find some inspiration!
    Use " " for speech, italics for thought.

    Please queue in a polite and orderly manner.

    Please fill out a reserve first before filling out a profile. Drawn or manga images please and thank you. Please don't use painfully overused, badly drawn or distorted images. Crop and resize on a site such PicMonkey or Photobucket. If you have any problems with images, please contact me. I'm only happy to help.

    Staying active is the key to all life's difficulties.

    Please post at least twice a week. If you can't manage that, please let me know! Have some consideration and don't leave anyone hanging if you take a break or leave. I don't take any BS about 'lacking creative inspiration', unless you seriously have nothing to work with. Also, please try to show your face occasionally in the OOC so we can get to know each other a little better.

    Consistency is key

    Please be consistent with your posts. You can't be talking to person A in a bar, and then be making out with person B on the opposite side the city in two lines. As time goes by, weapons run out of ammo, powers weaken, characters get tired, injured and need to rest, eat, and sleep. It's oh so nice to believe in love at first sight, but when the bullets and laser beams are flying, survival is priority.

    Say that again and I'll wash your mouth out with soap!

    You can swear and be as violent as you want-- within reason. No swearing after every second word, or killing people left, right and center without reason. Please refrain from giving unnecessarily detailed descriptions; this isn't a slasher. Also, as far as amorous activities are related, please stick to the site rules; time-skips and fade outs.

    Good soldering is the key to good connectivity

    This role play will have a major emphasis on character relationships and interactions. There are going to be a lot of different roles, so you're encouraged to plot with other people. Some suggestions for relationships are friends, mentor-mentees, bitter rivalries or old enemies, tag-teams, ect.

    I got the power!

    Due to a long and colourful experience playing in super RPs, no psychic powers will be allowed. This includes the ability to read minds, possession, mind control, the ability to predict the future, time travel or manipulate future or past events. This does not include astral projection, telekinesis, or the ability to sense emotions or moods. If you want to clarify any powers, or really really want to have a psychic, please PM me. I might even make an exception or two if you make a really good case.

    P.S,[strike] I love you.[/strike]
    I reserve the right to add or change rules.

    Don't forget to have fun! I don't bite, so if you have any questions or suggestions, send me a PM or drop in on the OOC.
  3. The Skeletons:

    Show Spoiler

    [img]500 x 600 image here[/img]
    [CENTER]Real Name;
    How old are you? A minimum age of 18 applies here.
    Super-human, ordinary Joe Soap or maybe something else?
    How old are you?
    Male, female or something more exotic?
    What ever rocks your telephone box.
    Where were you born?
    To whom do your loyalties lie? Those willing to oppose the bill with force, those hoping that it might improve their lives, anti-super, anti-human? The lines are pretty blurry at the moment...
    Marital Status;
    Single, married, widowed or engaged? You can update this as the RP goes on.
    Your life before supers fell out of favor. 1-2 paragraphs please!
    [list][list] After:
    [list][list] What happened afterwards?
    Describe your character's powers, or what sets them apart. One thing I ask is that first of all, you don't overpower your characters. For each strength, you should have a weakness. Second up, if you have multiple powers, they should be linked in some manner, e.g, cyberpathy links with technopathy.[/CENTER]
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