A Swordsman Approaches

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  1. Hello everyone! I have been on this site for a while but I have been so out of my mind recently that I feel bad that I didn't say hello yet. My name is Demonic and my name is the truth about me irl, that is just the way of the darkness. Most people don't ever truly understand me because I hide myself away, but that is besides the point. I have rp'd for a large portion of my life (Has it been a scattered eight years now?!?). I started with my friends during our recess and we would get really involved in what we did (I still do remember some of them if you want to hear) and so we would create full worlds just for one day, then we would do it again. After I left that school, I ended up on a website/downloaded game called Roblox, where I would RP on a Hogwarts map (GO Ravenclaw!!). After about 4 years on that I moved to RP site such as this one and then we find me here. I enjoy Fantasy and anime based forums (I watch Fairy Tail, SAO (:'c), AoT, HLP, mBM, Okami-san, and several others I can't think of at the moment, and feel free to ask what they are about or what the abbreviations mean). I mainly stick to roles that allow me to have my sword (Ill include a pic of it) that I will eventually get. Any who, my class is about to end so I better get back to my walk of loneliness.

    This is my favorite sword, that I will eventually make.
  2. It's to late, you are now a member that has been here for ten years! O__O

    A belated welcome, I think!
  3. Aww, I used to roleplay in school during lunch with my friends. Ahh the days. :3 Glad you're here!
  4. @Asena Those were the best days, until you had to leave your world and return to this one...... still wish I could go back to some of those.......