INTEREST CHECK a Sword Art Online RP?

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  1. Sword art online was a popular anime that recently ended this year. it takes place in a sort of future where the most popular online game is played by wearing a helmet that sends signals to the brain, perfectly simulating all 5 senses and intercepting signals you send your body for complete immersion. The game however was made "real" by it's creator, via removing any possibility of logging out of the game, and making it so being disconnected or dying in the game world, fries your brain in real life.

    I think there's plenty of room in the anime to do some role playing with, both on the psychological side of it, as well as the romantic side, (the two main characters get married in the game world and adopt a child). any sort of RP, one on one or groups even, I would very much enjoy, either using original characters or characters from the show. Maybe even mature stuff?? I guess that depends on the type of interest that is out there. If we ever did the romantic route however, I wanna play Kirito, the male lead character of the show! ^^:
  2. I know I personally thing a SAO RP would be easy to do and interesting. The idea of playing it whether it be in the game or not is also intriguing, and in general, this is definitely an interesting idea to go on. I personally wouldn't be able to play a canon character (thus, I can't play Asuna for you), but I think the idea of playing SAO would be enjoyable, possibly mixing the psychological and romantic sides together even. This could make a good group or one on one, too, which is neat.
  3. yeah, its very flexible in what you could do with it. it's set in the future, but it's a fantasy adventure in game with serious survival elements.

    I'd be up for making new characters as well, it would give us more to explore for sure.
  4. Even though I just got into the anime....well I'm halfway through it, I'd still be interested in doing a SAO as well. Actually, I kind of had an idea for one.
  5. I just got back home from travelling across the US. sorry for being absent without notice.

    What was your idea Junkie? Talking is always a free action :3c

    I was thinking we could do a world building thing where everyone gets to make up imaginary classes and having everyone interacting in the towns and dungeon crawls.

    I really like the idea of an open roleplay like this because instead of in a traditional role playing game someone takes up being the game master, here we can just control the NPC's by doing OOC discussions in game.

    I still really want to do a romance type thing however... let me make up a character sheet for this.
  6. It sounds like a really interesting idea ^^ I'll be watching the discussion.
  7. Ok, so here's my character idea.

    Sebastian "Mint" Arcloud

    Hair: Brown, Curly
    Eyes: Hazel
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'6" (168 cm I think)
    Weight: 155 lb. (70 kg I think)

    Role: Neglected by his parents, Sebatian started playing Sword Art Online to pass time. On release day, however, he was stuck in the gaming world. Now he misses his parents the most. He has been slowly working up the courage to play the game, but has been hiding out in town since then.

    In combat, He likes to pretend to be a healer via spending most of his money on curative items, otherwise he uses a dagger and buckler. He is most practiced with skills like cooking and trading, Since he has been trying to emulate living at home. When he runs out of money, He hunts boars to both eat and sell the meat and tusks. He doesn't enjoy it however.

    Personality: Sebastian is primarily driven by his timidness around others and fear of dying in a strange world, so he attaches himself to others when in need. he becomes more reckless when upset. He treats his friends in Sword Art Online as if they were related.

    Looks: A shortish young boy who wears mint colored clothing (to match his in game name) and a poorboys hat. Wears a light coat as well. His clothes look a little big on him.
  8. YES.

    I loved the show. There were bits I didn't like the direction, but I loved it. :o

  9. This is really good, though I would probably put eye color, height and weight along with you characters look. Also, what about weapons, armor and abilities and can we use a picture for the looks part or would you prefer description?
  10. Well, I'm not so sure about that myself ^^; it sounds like a good idea, but I wanted to use the world inside Sword Art rather than outside being the main focus.

    Umm.... that being said! I don't really have any particular plot in mind right now... although I think the focus should still stick with the core elements of the show, which is attempting to break free from SAO, and staying alive, and how people change when put in that enviroment. Some people crack under the presser, while some give up on leaving and try to live normal lives, while some struggle to break free of the game world.

    I'm new to all this so whatever way you want to make characters is fine by me >_<;; I don't know what I'm doing honestly. Feel free to use as much detail or pictures as you want. if you want to go into your weapons armor and abilities and such that's fine too. If you're not too sure what is going to be used or not, you can add in more detail later I would think, as long as you let everyone know before hand.

    As far as the height and weight and stuff, thats just as pass over from when I used to play Role Playing Games on paper! ^~^ They always included that stuff at the top like it's important.
  11. Well glad you liked it. If you want, maybe we can work together to come up with a plot. Maybe I could rearrange my idea so that it would fit what you want?