A Supernatural Victorian Epic.

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  1. Now with the tags aside are there any writers around not bothered by graphic violence, character death, language, and quite possibly explicit sexual themes? If you have not been scared away then a female character is what I need for a one x one idea. One able to post either a few times a week or day, I'm not picky.

    With posting status in check, I also seek out a spirited individual to help me plot out this idea, meaning, we both put together twists and turns to get the ball rolling and developing characters.

    Lastly, I also seek out descriptions, details. Hopefully you don't mind lengthy responses because that is what you're going to get from me. I do not expect you to do the same but just a little warning, I can't write for one liners.

    Still interested? Well, great, here's my first official idea. Below:

    Note: Respond here or a PM will work. First come, first serve.

    The Darkness Will Take

    Even though it is a peaceful era, darkness lurks upon the corners of the streets were carriages occupy, deep in the shadows awaiting for it's time to use the living.

    Your character, the eldest of three, is doted on by your loving aristocratic father and stern yet loving mother. Your siblings, Maisie-younger sister, and Eugene, little brother, look up to you for guidance. Support. Rumors have spread throughout the town that people have been falling prey to an illness that seems more mental than physical. Seeking out answers, your parents tell you not to worry, they are simply rumors.

    On an outing with Maisie through the woodlands behind your property, Maisie disappears for a moment when you are not looking. Before obvious panic sets in she returns, however, she's not herself. She seems distracted. Returning home, your younger sister becomes gravely ill, she begins talking out of character even going as far as to attack you and your, Eugene. As time goes on Maisie grows worse. Doctors called in know nothing of what could possibly be the reason though they mention it is nearly like the others around town. Having no other choice, your father decides to call on a man who has been to all other cases. He's been rumored to be a miscreant of evil.

    This man(my character) arrives to your household, shrouded in black, barely uttering a word. His destination is Maisie's room. It is there where something inside your sister reacts. Your parents are killed, your brother, the mysterious man avoids a similar fate by placing Maisie in a coma. Now it is up to you either go with the man to help your sister or allow authorities to take her instead.

    I'm open to ideas if you need a partner. Just let me know.
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  2. I'd be interested, if I didn't already have a full plate. :(
  3. Oh I'm interested in the idea if its still open
  4. Nydanna: Haha it is alright. Maybe if you plate becomes a little empty we could work on an idea.

    Kid: Why yes, it is.
  5. If you don't mind one post a day I might be able to squeeze it in. I forgot that one of my partners just quit. @_@
  6. Since you both responded, I don't mind doing this idea twice.

    Nydanna: I don't mind that at all. It actually works. Apologies about your partner.
  7. Sweet~! I can post multiple times a day, usually in the morning and/or late at night
  8. I will send you both PMs.
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