A supernatural RP anyone?

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  1. I have really wanted to do one of these for a long time! I'm really open to anything as long as they are in the supernatural genres so werewolves, demons, shapeshifters, angels or vampires!

    Anyone interested?
  2. @seeing the reflection

    *Claps hands excitedly*

    Okay :)

    Do you have any preferences with what species/genre you would like to do?
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  3. I've never done werewolves so that sounds fun, but I've also never done shapeshifters, and if I chose that... Picking shapeshifters would kill sixteen birds with one stone - though vampires is a classic...

    What do you think?
  4. @seeing the reflection

    We could try combining the two. Maybe one of us could play a vampire, while the other is a shapeshifter?
  5. Fine by me, which would you prefer to be? And should we start brainstorming plots.
  6. I prefer playing the shapeshifter, but I don't really mind.

    Is there a genre you want this to go in? And what gender do you want to play as?

    They could probably meet up in an old alley or something, where one helps the other? Or they could meet (like normal people) in the middle of the road or a shop...

    Up to you really, I don't mind!
  7. A bloody vampire propped up like a rag-doll in an alleyway, rambling about how the whole of the vampire community is after him because he committed a major taboo - I could see myself getting into a character like that.
  8. @seeing the reflection - sorry i disappeared there!

    Ahha yeah, so maybe we can have my character maybe see yours half passed out in an alley, then against better judgement take he/she home?

    Then we can see what happens from there?
  9. Yeah, I wouldn't mind.
  10. Okay :) Sounds good. I'll create the thread now!
  11. Okay, though: are going to make our characters now or just create as we go?
  12. I think we should do a rough outline of who our character is, what they look like and their age. We can do it now :)
  13. Rough Outline. Okay.

    I feel like being a dude so, I guess something like:

    Looks: blonde, pale as crap - green eyes maybe... Something like that.
    Age: 18
    And I shall name him: ...whenever I think of a name.
  14. yep. rough outline. I think I'll be a chick.

    Name: Wren
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Brown hair and slightly tanned skin. Vibrant blue eyes.
    I think she will be a snow leopard shifter and she'll look like a normal snow leopard.
  15. So, she's going to be crazy cute then?!
  16. pfft yeah. And really warm and fluffy.

    Is your character just going to be rambling in a random alley?
  17. Here is the thread - thread

    the title is really boring so let me know if you have any better ideas for it!
  18. Heh, he sounds crazy when you put it like that xD
  19. Yeah he does... but I'm sure he'll have a reason to be there... I think?
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