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  1. Hello there everyone, Captain Keyes here, with a Interest for a Superhuman RP [Name Pending] , Set in a world where the holy empire of Castleham has taken over most of the known world.The Year is 1908,but there is stuff like Modern Medicine, Assault rifles, Main battle tanks, Etc etc. This is Code Geass based, expect with without mechs, their is guys with superpowers.The main setting is that there are two sids, The Holy empire of Castleham, and the Resistance,There are minor nations that will not come into play, but where your character can come from,Basically the idea is that you play as supers on the Castleham(Bad guys) or Resistance (Good guys) side, that make up the special forces of the two groups,This will be a episodic Rp.

    So anyone interested? Don't worry, I am a experienced Oper on another site (Nation states). I just have trouble coming up with Plots, so we need to discuss a starting plot.
  2. Omaigaa sign me up. Love your idea.