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  1. So. I was at the beach with my boyfriend and his family for the past week and wasn't really able to get on to do things. But now I'm back and I'm looking for some partners for Fandom Pairings!

    I'm really craving some CanonxOC roleplays. I would prefer the OC role in the pairings only because I've played too many Canon characters before and haven't really gotten the chance to express myself in the way of OCs.​

    Anyway! Here's my list~

    Fandom Pairings:


    Any Avenger x OC
    OC x OC

    Dragon Ball Z

    Vegeta x OC
    Teen Trunks x Teen Gohan
    Future Trunks x OC

    DC Comics

    Harley Quinn x Joker
    Harley Quinn x OC
    Nightwing x OC


    Yato x OC (Or Yukine)
    OC x OC


    Any Pairing really

    Fantasy Life

    I don't know if anyone knows what this game is. If you do, message me and I'll tell what pairings I like ^^


    Danisnotonfire x AmazingPhil
    Markiplier x OC
    Danisnotonfire x OC

    BBC Sherlock

    Sherlock x OC
    Moriarty x OC

    Doctor Who

    Doctor!OC x Companion!OC
    Companion!OC x Master!OC
    Doctor!OC x Master!OC
    11th Doctor x OC


    Dean x OC
    Castiel x OC​
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  2. Still searching for partners!!
  3. Doctor!oc x companion!oc

    Every doctor who rp I have taken part in has been left to rot, so do you wanna rp with me?
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  4. Or the Markiplier x OC one! I might go a little off at times because i've never really rped as a cannon person before but hopefully i'm not terrible.
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  5. Still looking for some partners~!
  6. Oooooh I like the Phan.
  7. Would you be willing to double?
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