A Summer in Italy

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  1. As Cheyenne Brown woke up the morning she was leaving for Italy with her best friend, she gave a slight yawn and ran a hand through her long, messy brown hair. She rolled over and after a few minutes of stretching, she eventually stood up and changed into and comfortable pair of black yoga pants and a turquoise tank top. Although it was just the beginning of summer, it was still super hot for Cheyenne. After making sure she had everything packed, she dialed her best friend Noah's number and pressed call, holding the phone up to her ear.

    She had to admit, her and Noah didn't always get along... Actually, they rarely got along. They had a few things in common, but not much. They were what most people would consider complete opposites. That was okay though, because although they never really got along, they always stuck up for each other and protect each other. They had always been best friends, and even when they hated each other, they loved each other. . .
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    Noah was already up for a hour and a half when he got Cheyenne's phone call. "Just let me finish up a few things, and I'll be right over." He said before he hung up the phone. He couldn't help but think that he was going to be with her the whole summer, in one of the most romantic places, at least in his mind it was.
  3. Cheyenne chuckled at Noah's response and took her suitcase downstairs before laying back on her couch and sighed. She groaned and threw her hands on her stomach and messes with her shirt for a few minutes until she heard a knock at her door. Jumping up, she rushed towards the door and opened it to see a smiling Noah stadium and waiting. Cheyenne was so excited to get to go to Italy with her best friend at this moment that she just jumped into his arms as soon as she had saw him. "COME ON COME ON COME ON COME ON!! WE'RE GOING TO ITALY!!!!"Cheyenne squeals excitedly as she grabs her suitcase. After putting her bag in the back beside Noah's, she hopped in the passenger seat and buckled up, ready to be in Italy with her best friend on the beach. Although they had so many things to do in Italy that they HAD to try, the beach was the one thing Cheyenne was excited about.
  4. Before they left they went over the list of stuff they needed with them once again. "Okay looks like we're ready!" He said as he started the car. He put on her favorite station and drove to the airport. "It's going to be along time since I see you again." He said as he handed the keys of his truck over to his parents, who were already there. He took Cheyenne's hand and led her through the airport. Once they boarded the plane, he stole a kiss while she wasn't paying attention, "In cause the flight's any longer than we want it to be.."
  5. Cheyenne looked around the airport nervously as she intertwined hers and Noah's hands. The two things that Cheyenne could not stand, was flying and being out in open water. Sure, she wanted to go to Italy, but she was nervous about flying. As they took their seats on the plane, Cheyenne sat nervously, holding on tightly to Noah's hand as they waited and she tapped her foot impatiently. As she turned and felt Noah steal a kiss, she blushed a deep shade of red and looked away."Who said you could do that? Huh?"she joked, poking his cheek. As the plane took off, Cheyenne continued to hold Noah's hand until she eventually fell asleep.

    As Cheyenne slept, the hours flew by and before they knew it, they were landing in Italy. Of course in the place where Cheyenne and Noah would be staying there was only transportation through boat until they got to the mainland, and then they would walk. As Cheyenne groggily sat down in the boat beside Noah that would take them to where they were staying, she leaned her head against his shoulder and yawned slightly."We're in Italy..."she chuckled.
  6. "Yes we are" He said as he held her head. He knew she was tired so he didn't say much till they landed on mainland Italy. He woke her up but she didn't want to, he picked her up along with their bags and awkwardly walked to the beginning of the pier where he say some one holding a sign with her name on it. "I thought we were walking there." He said to the person holding the sign. "Change of plan sir." Said the man, "You're being driven" So he put Cheyenne in the car and got in beside her he pulled her head into his chest so she wouldn't be in a weird position.
  7. As Cheyenne yawned and crawled into Noah's lap in the car, she fell back asleep and forgot about being in Italy while she slept. When they got to the house, or more of a mansion, they would be staying at, Cheyenne slowly woke up and got out of the car after Noah did. She grabbed her bag and walked up to the house with Noah beside her. As she started to knock, the door was thrown open and a lady in a black and white apron greated them with a smile."You must be Cheyenne and her... friend?"the lady asks."I'm your aunt and uncles maid and housekeeper, Linda. I will show you to your room, but I only made up one room so it may be tomorrow before I have the second room made up. Is that alright?"she asks, helping them in and two guys grabbed their bags. Cheyenne looked at Noah with a raised eyebrow and followed the lady and the tall male up to the third floor and down towards the end of the hall. Cheyenne slowly walks in and looks around, amazed at what she saw.
  8. "Wow..." Noah said looking around the large room, then looking down to Cheyenne. Even though the bed was probably bigger than the king size bed his parents had he told Cheyenne she could have it. He then walked out to the window, what he saw was better than he ever imagined. And a close second to the looks of her, he thought to himself.
  9. Cheyenne grabbed her clothes after Noah walked out to the balcony and she picked out a pair of shorts and a tank top before going in the bathroom and changing. She yawned and finished waking herself up before walking out to the balcony with Noah."We can share the bed. It's big enough and we use to share the bed all the time.... unless you're afraid I'll give you cooties,"she teased looking st the view. A small smile appeared on her face as she look back at her best friend."It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I'm so excited were here together!"She says happily. After a few more minutes she hears a knock on the door and it was Linda, telling them that dinner was ready and Cheyennes aunt and uncle were downstairs waiting for them. She took a small breath before walking downstairs with Noah and sitting at the table after giving her aunt and uncle a hug and introducing Noah.
  10. He thought the table was big enough for every one in New York and their cousin to have a seat there and still have plenty of room so it seemed odd for it to be just the four of them. He didn't know what he was eating but it sure was good. The table was quiet which he thought weird. He tried to start a conversation but he couldn't think of anything to say. So he just kept eating. He looked over and saw Cheyenne, he could tell she hadn't seen this much much food since she was born. Also he noticed her glancing over with her eyes and decided she must be wondering how he could eat this much food.
  11. Cheyenne couldn't help but look at Noah and his huge plate of food that was already almost gone. She had barely ate anything, but then again she barely ever ate. She chuckled as she looked at him and he glanced up at her with a mouthful of food. She smiled and took a drink of her juice, hoping the dinner would fly by fast so that she could go back to bed. Although the plane ride wasn't as scary as she thought it would, it took almost all of her energy and she was still shocked as to how Noah wasn't tired yet. After dinner she walked up the first flight of stares yawning and leaning against Noah. By the second flight of stairs she had her arms around Noah's neck and her legs around his waist as he carried her up the last flight of stairs and into their room.
  12. He laid her down on the bed, she asked him to help her get ready for bed, which surprised him. For all the time they knew each other he had never seen her without clothes on. Sometimes this was a good thing other times, but hardly ever, it was bad. He pulled of her shirt like she asked and handed her, her pajama top. But then she asked him to take off her bra. "Wow. She really is tired." he thought to himself. So he unhooked the clasp, and let it fall. He tried not to look but he couldn't help himself. He now thought she was even more beautiful than before. After she had her pajamas on he tucked her into bed and went back downstairs to try and find her aunt and uncle, he found them. He sat down in a chair and started talking to them. About 10 at night he told them goodnight and headed back upstairs to go to bed.
  13. By the time Cheyenne was in bed she was so tired she didn't even care if he saw her naked... they were best friends, right ? It would be fine... after he changed her, Cheyenne quickly fell asleep and slept for a few hours before she felt the bed move beside her. She yawned and rolls over, seeing Noah. She crawled towards him and wraps an arm around his torso and pulls herself close to him as she falls back asleep. As she sleeps quietly and peacefully, her body unconsciously crawls on top of Noah's and intertwines their legs into a tangled mess.
  14. Noah woke up to see the housekeeper opening up the window. He motioned for her to leave it. He soon fell back asleep. When he woke up the second time he saw Cheyenne on him He wrapped a arm around her and patted her back. He noticed her open an eye part way and smiled. She smiled back and closed the eye. "I'm going to get up and get dressed, but you can stay in bed for a little while more." He said trying to untangle their legs. He grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower.
  15. As Cheyenne heard the shower start and she had no one to cuddle with anymore, she yawned and pulled herself up, quickly changing and slipping her shoes on. After Noah came out of the bathroom she walked in and brushed her teeth and hair and then slipped her shoes on."What're we doing today?"she asks excitedly, her excitement overtaking her tiredness. As they walked downstairs she kissed his cheek playfully and they stopped to get a glass of juice.
  16. "Hell if I know" He said between sips of juice. He asked her uncle how the weather was supposed to be today and if they had anything planned. "Supposed to be pretty nice. Nothing planned either we thought you could use the day to explore and get used to the change in time." He said over his paper.
  17. "Well we could go to the beach and then just walk around and explore it here,"Cheyenne suggests finishing off her juice. She runs back upstairs and changes into her bikini with a tanktop and Jean shorts over it. After packing a small bag with sunscreen, sun glasses, and towels for them, she slips her flip flops on and waits for Noah to get ready."Come on I want to go swimming!"She says pulling on his arm and pulling him out the door. They start walking down the sidewalk and find a beach.
  18. When they found a beach, He pulled off his jeans and his shirt. He watched her take off her shorts and shirt pulled her to the water. "Come on!" He said splashing her. He never thought she could get anymore beautiful but with the sun reflecting off her hair and in her bikini, he found that to be wrong.
  19. When Noah wasn't paying attention she jumped onto him and wrapped her legs around him laughing."Why do you keep staring at me? Am I really that ugly?"she pouted playfully, splashing him with water. She had always found Noah very attractive, and if she was being completely honest, she had always liked him a little. She just never said anything because she knew there was no way he could ever feel the same.. they were just friends, right?
  20. He flopped down into the water, her still being on him. When he got up he pulled her off, and looked into her eye's. He knew what she was thinking but he didn't want to say anything right now cause it might spoil the fun if it went badly. So instead he jumped out to deeper water and called her over.
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