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  1. Now, most of you are used to playing your own characters in an RP, interacting with other characters to make interesting stories. A suggestion game is something from another forum which was very entertaining. It involves one character controlled by all the players in the game. The players suggestions as to what the main character will do next, and the other players either agree with the ideas or come up with their own. The suggestion with the most votes is used the next post by the GM.

    The suggestion will then use a dice to determine how successful it is. A 1 being a fail and a 6 being an overshoot. The main character then does this suggestion and the story changes with it. Suggestion games can become very entertaining due to the randomness of the dice. To illustrate this more clearly, here's an example game:

    GM: Your character is Dave the Blob.

    Player 1: Dave will grow wings!

    Player 2: +1 to Player 1's idea. (+1 is the way of voting for an idea you want.)

    Player 3: No, I think Dave should grow legs first.

    After a period of time without any further suggestions-

    GM: (6)---(The roll is indicated in brackets) Dave forces his body to grow wings, which he does, but it grows out of hand, literally. His wings grow too large for him to move, let alone fly.

    Player 3: See? Told you we needed legs.

    Player 1: Fiiiiiine. Dave grows legs.

    Player 2: +1 to Player 1!

    GM: (4) Dave forces his body to grow legs. This time it works! Flesh and sinew burst from Dave's soft blob body and grow into short, human-esque legs. Dave can walk! (Albeit slowly, due to his giant, useless wings.)

    End of example.

    Hopefully some people will find this interesting. I know this might not be for everyone. If you guys are willing to play, I am open to ideas for the shared character and the starting idea! There's no limit to how many players join the Suggestion game.
  2. Haha that sounds like a lot of fun! I'm totally interested.
  3. Sounds cool, but wouldn't that be more of a forum game?
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  4. I guess it is, but there will still be roleplaying! Like if you were trying to convince someone to join you, I'd give you bonuses if you actually wrote down what you wanted to say instead of just saying Convince Him.
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  5. Oh okay. ^^ Well I'm up for it. :3
  6. Wanna get this started but I need just one more person as a tiebreaker. More would be preferable but one more is all I need.
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