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  1. The idea
    - Four people have been choosen to be apart of an experiment, to test out and determine how well humans can adjut to life changing situations. The results will be taken into consderation as the earth begins to play for the 'end'. The chosen are giving only one task: to survive.

    The Who
    - HOOT ais a group of scentists, who think humans have gotten lazy when it comes to the constant technology advances. These scientists are simle sadists using a good time as an excuse for testing. You will never see the scientists, but will hear any and all annoucements echo out from a single pole in the middle of the coutryard dressed with speakers.

    The Area
    - Wal-mart; it will be fully stocked, but once you run out of a certain product it will remain gone. A condition with the Wal-mart is that you will find it sealed up behind metal doors. Only to be opened when HOOT decides.

    Motel Six; a single two-story buildig with a ttal of 24 rooms. this motel has the appearance of being shut down ages ago, good luck on finding yourself a bag and a door that locks. What once was a kitchen had been stripped down to a lone set of sinks and the sueaky never closing freezer door. On the main floor is the locker room, and an empty pool.

    Library; a single two-story building, with a basement. All computers one may find will fail any interenet access, and will be deemed lucky if they turn on at all.

    Church; an old- fashion church with a door at the back which allows access to the stairs of the tower.

    Boarders; While the board itself is the typical invisible line, any attempt to wander too close to it, an alarm will blare in warning. Then if one proceeds, instant death is brought to that player.

    Rapid dogs; a pack has made themselves a home out of the library basement. We recommend to avoid being out at night. While they wont directly attack you unless threatened, they will have no shame in picking apart the weak or already deceased. If you don't act quck enough, they will gladly steal your food.

    Them guidelines
    Im looking for paragraphs, three per post.
    All four spots are open, but only one per person.

    Joining this game means that you understand that your character can die within certain events and becaue of certain tasks. As characters die, others will have the chance to be dropped in as replacements.

    I HAVE DECIDED TO HAVE YOU PM ME THE COMPLETE TEMPLATE, WITHOUT ANY OTHER PLAYERS GETTING THE DETAILS. This will allow all to approach as strangers, and allow a learning process for everyone to play out.
    Character Sign-up (open)
    Age (17-25)
    Appearance (Remember you are in your pajamas to start out. Otherwise photos of anime, or real are welcome.but please type out an example.)
    Personality (Give us detal, let us know how they think.)
    History (Basically I want to know what job they had, who was important in there life and such.)
    Secret (Each player is to have secret that will be discovered throught the game, please pick a good one.)

    Opening post - Giving you a feel (open)
    You wake with a start, the oncoming of a raging headache pounding its way through our skull. Side effects of the meds, or just another hassle to you. What had happened that morning? And why couldnt you see now? Why couldnt you move? As you struggle against the restraints your brain fully processed the information. Tied up, bare footed. Wait, were you wearing clothes? A chill skids down your spin as a mild panic set in, but the shifting of your legs would banish your fears. Yes, there were clothes. Well, whatever you happened to wear to bed the night before. What had happened to your bed? Your dream fillled night of rest!

    A crackle of a speaker would cut through your panic and question, a rumble sounding roughly like someone clearing there rough gathers your attention. Would it have all your answers?

    "An experiment has begun, one we would like to consider the last chance for your species. The chosen four that stand before me have been selected after numerous tests. They will take up residents in Society 99. This new home consists of a fully stocked Wal-mart, an empty motel six,a library and a churhc with a clock tower. While utilites remain in workig order, there will be no people other than yourselves.

    To provide a better understanding we have gatherd together what one could call guidelines. Any attempts to escape the resident area wll result in death. Once inside they become completely responsible for food, shelter, protection and any medical care they may require. We will never make an exception to this. This isn't a game, you cannot pause, rewind or quit. A pakc of dogs have made a ahome out of the church basement, so we recommend not to wander at night.

    As my speech comes to an end, please come to accept that some of you will survive while the rest become scraps for the dogs."

    The husky man have gven you answers, but only at the risk of further questions. Why you? What the hell were they talking about a Society? Where the hell were you? A sharp snap jerks your focus in once more, and suddenly you find yourself falling. The tension in your body catching up as you thud to the ground. Your limbs are free, but it will be up to you to free your eyes and jolt to atention.

    Will you work as a group or thrive as a single?

    Please let me know what you think and if you would be interested, i really want to get this going.


    I hadnt mentioned that i will not be a player in this game, ill be the 'Game Master'. We will move with a posting order and after each round a GM post will make annoucements and add features.

    1. Kit Taylor @Dawn
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  2. Sounds like fun. :D What posting speed are you looking for? Cause I'm kinda slow :|
  3. Well i want alot of detail and thought put into this rp from each member, so
    I think it will pace along with a posting order and OOC plot posts for extra fuss.
    I dont at all want this to be squeezed dry in a week or two
  4. Hm...
    I might like to do this. c:
    Question, though: can my character secretly work for the scientists, tasked with interacting with and making life arder for the others? If not, it's okay. I just thought it would be an interesting secret.
  5. Okay. I'll give it a shot then. :) I'd also like to play someone with wonky morals.
  6. Hm, kind of. Id be on board for a member of the four givning the scientiss secrets and info on the others for goodies such as food, water, medicine. So you could work in there favor, but no completel for them. Be so consumed with the idea that betraying the four with the scientists promise to free him\her. (Which would of course be a lie) @Herimone

    Thats fine Dawn, wack away! @ Dawn
  7. Good point; for some reason that didn't cross my mind at first. And okay, I think I'll be able to work from that angle. c;
  8. Alright! Two slots taken.hurry and tell your friends, and feel free to start your character sheets, on the secret however, pm that t me for it will become part of the plot and should be a secret to everyone else.
  9. Whoops. *quickly makes her blog post private* >_> <_< >_>
  10. @Dawn 's Kit Taylor has been approved, and the juicy secret he has will carry an interesting plot twist.

    @TheRealHermione Check my edits at the top around the sign-up. Ive added in an additional instruction.
  11. Okidoki. Although, you actually have to make an OOC/Signup thread in the genre forums for this. Did you know? o_o

    Of course I could always just move this thread over instead if you feel this is good enough for the Signups. B)
  12. I do. 0= I didnt know, Im still neew. But if you could move it over, ill use this as sign-ups cause its ought to be,
  13. Is this still a go? Just checking up on it. :)
  14. Yes. Just need the people. I lost my net for a short while so now I must get going again. X3
  15. Well welcome back :)
  16. Hey! May I reserve a slot?
  17. Yes! I'll hold it for you so please get your app sent to me in pm and tell all your friends.
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