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  1. So, think pre-apocalyptic, with magic that seems a little odd to some.

    People who're able to lift and degrade concrete, asphalt, and generally man made substances and turn it into their own weaponry/armoury.

    It could be seen as telekinesis in a way, and also I'd see it being as smooth and such as Avatar bending, yknow.

    I'm just not sure on the plot, and what would happen, and main points, and this, and that. It'd be good to have someone to brainstorm with on this idea. There's a lot of expansion to be done.

    So yeah, just post if something catches your eye here!
  2. It's pretty cool...
  3. This reminds me of the powers from Infamous. I've been wanting to do something kind of like that where people manipulate elements in an urban setting, but instead of the classical four elements it would be the things that you mentioned or even something like gasoline.

    I thought the basic concept would be urban druids who had adapted to an inner-city environment and could manipulate the landscape through their connection to the city.

  4. Id imagine the surface of the world to be a literal concrete jungle, bodies of water exist but no other natural phenomena exist anymore. Humans would have to be adapted to survive without food and water, I'd say.

    Though, there's a Sky City which is sometimes seen within the, well, sky, and this is where the group of people on the ground wish to go. 'Normal' humans live up there, and they want to reconnect, but there's no real way they can craft an airship or something. Rather, they'd have to make wings made of asphalt or concrete, but then gravity would be against them as well. It'll be really tricky to make a legitimate way to get them up there.

    So the elements: I'd say, concrete, metal, blood, flammable liquids and composite materials.

    The culture of the people on the ground could be something very religious, or very spiritual, which allows them to bend the 'new natural' elements to their whim. Without belief of being able to do that, they cannot.
  5. Okay. I like that idea. What would the level of technology be like? I'd imagine somewhat futuristic or at least modern given that the entire planet is one city. If there's electricity would people be able to manipulate it as well?

    And about the Sky City and reaching it, maybe there could be a character (NPC?) or piece of technology that falls to the surface that they could learn from. Think like Aang's role in A:TLA as representing a culture/resources that were thought lost to the world.
  6. Yeah, pre-future but post-modern would work, say, within 100-300 years into the future? As for electricity, well... Might be able to tie that into the next paragraph of yours.

    How about, instead of another person or even technology, merely the knowledge of how to fly is enough to make one use their imagination, ie, spinning some metal very quickly to get lift, one example there. Though, this knowledge isn't known as first. Electricity exists, but only through reactions between metal and (whatever substance) here. I put that like that because I'm not too knowledgeable in this kind of area.
  7. So the technology exists but it is largely unknown how it works or how to use it. Or at least it's that way for the surface dwellers. Instead they have a spiritual connection to the materials that make up the city. (Let me know if I'm getting this wrong.)

    So the RP could conceivably be about a group of surface dwellers coming together to figure out how to reach the city in the sky?
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