A Strange Visitor

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  1. When a neko comes into town, the world goes wrong.
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  2. The neko walked into the cafe. He looked around as people stopped and stared at him in a weird manner. He walked normally to the bar stools and he waited for someone to look at him. All he wanted was a doughnut.
  3. Rinne watched the neko at the table confusedly, her stare intermingling with those of the crowd. Was this man a cosplayer or something? If so, why not take off his costume first? She shrugged to herself and approached his table.
    "Good morning, sir! Welcome to Hoshi Cafe! Would you like to order something?"
  4. "Oh yes um I would like a....." As he was talking. The cat ears wiggle in a cute way. "Doughnut please? And a coffee would be nice........" He gets out his wallet and gets out a $10 bill ready to pay for the stuff.
  5. Rinne nodded and wrote his order down on a notepad, heading to the kitchen to make it herself. The cafe wasn't that busy, so she had enough time to do so. Soon, the girl returned to the "neko" (?) at the table and handed him his order.
    "Here, sir! Also, that was for nine dollars, so here's your change!"
    She tried to ignore the strange looks from her co-workers. They probably thought she was blind.
    Admittedly, though, the cat ears were cute.
  6. He smiled and took it. He pulled out his wallet again and gave it to her. It was real. The weird thing about it is that it had his phone number. But not his name. Then he gave her a twenty she can use. "Keep the change." He then walks out of the cafe.
  7. Rinne blinked.
    D-Did that man just-?
    She turned back and tried to ignore the stares. There was no way that just happened. No way.
    If it did, that was awesome.
  8. He went into the neighborhood he was in and sat in an alley as people wanted him to bless them. "Please sir!!" They all yell at him.
  9. The girl watched from the window, a frown on her face. This was not normal.
    Is this guy a cult leader or something? Damn, this day started out so normal...
  10. The male looked at everyone and cried. He just wanted to be like everyone else. A normal human being. Not this, other worldly thing that people would take advantage from.
  11. Rinne blinked when she saw the group mobbing the stranger. The "neko" seemed to be crying. She frowned and left Hoshi Cafe, taking with her a bucket of water.
    "Hey! Screaming mob!"
    She dumped the water over them and started running.
  12. He looked at her. "Was that the cafe girl..?" He asked himself and got up. He looked for her to thank her. But was cautious of her asking for a 'blessing'.
  13. Rinne peeked out of the alley she was hiding him, seeing the "neko" approaching her. She allowed herself to be seen, leaning against the wall boredly.
  14. "Oh. It was you. I just want to thank you for helping me......I think i'm some gift from god or something." He said standing next to her .
  15. "Everyone is!” the girl laughed. "It might be the ears and tail, though. You might want to hide them."
  16. "Even if I do. They'll pop out some how or another....." He shrugged and kinda smiled
  17. Rinne laughed. "Well, that's got to be a problem. Do you need a place to hide for a bit? I have an extra room at my apartment. I get it if you don't want to, though."
  18. He blinked. "You would do that for me...?" He asked confused thinking it's a joke.
  19. "Yeah, sure! I never use that room. I could clean it and let you use the bed there to crash whenever you want to! Don't really mind having others around." Rinne smiled brightly. Whatever would happen in the future, this was more fun than her life ever got.
  20. He smiled. "I would like that......You're the first that treated me like everyone else.........But I'm not like everyone else though......" He sighed.
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