A strange marriage

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  1. Allo all, looking for something a bit... smutty.

    Hey, I didn't ask to be judged!

    Ahem... Looking to do a rather simple plot that will have a good bit of smut but probably some romance, tenderness, drama, and other simple candies!

    The plot is as follows:

    Your character (either male or female) sends away for a mail order bride, having found an advertisement for exotic women from a strange land (working under the theory that the world, while probably modern is still a bit unexplored). What they get is anything but a normal human... what do?
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  2. Hmm... I'm a bit interested. Want to discuss it in PMs?
  3. You're in libertine, I think you're fairly safe from that
  4. I see you judging me by saying I'm not being judged •.•
  5. -_-

    Well, I was interested
  6. Nooo, come back! Judge judge!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.