A strange kind of chemistry

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    "Come on, you are too slow."
    "Come with me, if you want to live long enough to see me save this world."

    You awoke on the street in your birthday suit and those were all the words that sounded in your head - all spoken in a rather hoarse, yet intimidating male voice. That voice sounded so relieving to you, though, almost as if an angel was singing.

    But all that is in the past, of course. It was an episode of sleepwalking, or so the doctors said. With the medication you were able to get away from the terrible nightmares, even completely forget them. You never forgot those words, though, nor the raw feeling of sheer, unadulterated relief that rushed through you on that cold, drizzly Monday morning when you woke up in the middle of the road, three miles away from where you had been camping with your parents. Why you were so relieved, though, you could never remember. Human mind is kind in this way.

    Ever since this little accident, you turned quite extraordinary, as opposed to being everything but exceptional before. You finished highschool with highest merits without even making much of an effort. You got through freshman year in your local university with a similar ease. You easily became popular and liked. You almost never came back to your little camping accident all those years ago.

    Until now.

    You sit at your room in campus, as summer draws ever so close. The TV is mumbling in the distance, as you are surfing the web aimlessly. And then you hear it. That same voice you could never forget. Some person is being interviewed on the screen, you quickly shift all your attention towards it. The man looks kinda young, but his face is covered in wrinkles and his hair is so white and messy, combined with this scruffy, mildly shaven beard, that it is hard to tell. The man is a survivor of some disaster or something like that. In any case, now he is a patient of psychiatric ward 55. You quickly take a scrap of paper and write that down. The interviewer asks the man on the conditions in the hospital, but the latter seems as if he is not there physically. He answers half-assed, staring exactly at you through the screen, with a mischievous smile across his pale face with uneven eyes. You know it is impossible but somehow you are unable to break the feeling that he is looking at you, no... that he knows you are looking at him.

    "Mr. Chernev, do you get visitors often?" the interviewer asks a final question
    "Not really" the man turns towards him for the first time. You are happy he is no longer looking at you, as ridiculous as that may sound, however his last words make the blood in your veins feel cold all of a sudden - "but I am expecting an old friend to drop by pretty soon."


    Be spontaneous, be courageous, be comfortable with plot twists.

    I have no idea how this idea will develop and where it will end up. I have some ideas, obviously, but those can change as well. If you are fine with that, please, shoot me a PM or reply in this thread. Don't tell me your life's story, just answer IC (or chat me up OOCly, I don't mind that either).

    Your character can be both male and female, if it isn't obvious.
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  2. I am quite intrigued~ :3
  3. Feel free to drop me a post here or in PM then :)
  4. I'm interested is it mainly an action or adventure based rp?
  5. Alice, how about we do your Slice of Life roleplay with the biologist working at Yellowstone, instead? I've never done a good slice of life, tbh
  6. Sure I don't mind.. The thing with slice of life is both role players need to be active in developing plot twists to keep it exciting. Smooth sail = short boring rps lol.. Are you fine with playing npc's as well I will play anyone involved in her life.. Childs father, family member, friends, ect. If you can play his npc characters.
  7. Of course, it's the same premise I gave in this request. I wouldn't mind playing side characters as well. I imagine things would get quite stale in a slice of life, if nothing exciting ever happened :D The physical surrounding can also be untilised for that purpose, right (no, I'm not going to make the Yellowstone super-volcano erupt)?
  8. Yes and please no super super valacainos I always feel like one of the main characters need to die in those situations lol. You know to make it more dramatic lol..
  9. The lols kind of diminish the dramatic effect as well :D
  10. Well out of character I like to us lol's. Actually I was laughing slightly when wrote that. I'll get a post up unless you prefer pms.
  11. No, and I'd love for you to make the first one, I would have no idea how to describe the setting at a biology lab somewhere in the States, lol (see what I did there? xd)
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