A Strange Fate

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  1. Mistyra sat beside the fire she had built, waiting for the moon to rise. She had set up her small camping site in the ruins of The Hall of Steria-- it only seemed suiting. The broken stone had been picked over by looters years before-- anything truly of value long gone. What had once been shimmering white walls now only served as a bitter-sweet reminder of days gone by.

    She sighed mildly, resting her chin in the palm of her hand, briefly wondering which of the twenty would show. Before leaving the shelter of the convent, she had sent out messages to the people who had shown themselves in her dreams. Many faces were blurred, though others had been clearer than others-- and not all were of Tetrianian decent-- even less of old blood.

    Some were hired hands-- their letters had included the seal of her Convent, promising payment. Others, mere farmers, had been invited and promised a place of honor in death if they came. While here visions were often vague, they were never wrong. Any who did not show to this initial gathering she was certain they could come across at some point in time-- as either friend or foe. She had taken the risk to write them all, in confidence that she would see this adventure through to the end.

    The adventure, of course, to end the war. While most who heard such a thing would assume it meant claiming victory-- the seer understood it might mean simply creating a long lost peace-- or perhaps even loosing. And yet, which ever the outcome, it was the will of the Gods for the blood shed to end...

    Glancing skyward she pushed her hair out of her face. It wouldn't be long now. Those who heard her call and accepted would be arriving any minute.


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  2. Amaranth sat alone in the middle of a lonely and slightly breezy forest near the ruins of The Hall of Steria. She sat in front of a dark blue stream, her legs criss-crossed and her dark blue eyes looking down at the water. Her bag was set off to the side, fairly close to her. The breeze causing her long, straight hair and her sleeves to wave to the side. She caused ripples and drew patterns absent-minded within the water with her index finger, just to watch the lovely water bounce back to normal. With her left hand (also her free hand), she tucked her Amaranth (hence her name) pink hair behind her ear and sighed. She was in deep thought, looking into her watery reflection as if said reflection was going to give her the answers she needed to help Magic win this war. She had heard of a young woman who wanted to, also, give Magic the help it needed to compete against the war with Science.

    Now, there was nothing absolutely wrong with those who decided to practice Science. Some were good people, very friendly, some were even handsome. The others that shunned magic and treated it as if it was garbage were the ones that she wanted to prove Magic is just as good as Science. Who were they to say Science will forever best Magic? She sighed to herself again, standing up and brushing herself off of the grass. It had not been too long since she left her family to participate in the Magic versus Science war. They knew it was for a good cause, so they had no objections. Amaranth giggled to herself at the last thing her mother said to her before she left her home.

    "Make sure to come back with grandchildren!"

    Yes, her mother adored children. Since her brothers were not very good with women, her mother assumed she was going to be her last hope for grandchildren. Amaranth found her mother silly, she was not coming out to find a husband and bare children. She was coming to help Magic obtain the stepping stone needed to compete with Science and mechanics. Without looking back at the stream, she started walking towards the ruins of The Hall of Steria. She had no destination, just to set about aimlessly until she can find out exactly how she was going to help.
  3. Gyde made his way to The Hall of Steria, an obvious look of disdain plastered on his face. He had received a letter earlier that day from someone wanting to end the war. He had been offered payment for his services should he accept. However, no amount of Rets would be worth becoming an enemy to his native country. So Gyde had planned to ignore the summons and simply continue his journey. That is, until Skye intervened.

    ---Earlier that day---

    Gyde stared at his blade, his eyes held a hint of sadness. His last job had been brutal and his blade had paid the price for success. Gyde's longsword was of Niennian technology. One side had a green hue, and with the push of a button and a swing of his sword, Gyde could shoot energy from his weapon. Therefore, when the blade needed repairs, there was only one person to turn to while in Tetranian territory, a young Niennian by the name of Skye. The boy was a great mechanic, but a bit odd. Skye's full acceptance of magic was what drove him to the Tetranians, that much Gyde knew. Regardless of the reasons though, Gyde appreciated Skye's assistance, and was a regular customer.

    Gyde brought his battered blade to Skye, pulling out his coin purse in preparation. However, Gyde's sword was more damaged that he'd thought and the cost to repair it far exceeded the amount Gyde could offer. So Gyde proposed a deal. In exchange for repairing his weapon, Gyde promised to fulfill one task for Skye. Gyde expected his task to be gathering materials, but Skye had a different plan in mind. Turns out, Skye had received the same message that Gyde had, but unlike Gyde, the young Niennian was accepting the task. And now, so too was Gyde...

    ---Nearing The Hall of Steria---

    Gyde could see the ruins in the distance. A small column of smoke danced in the breeze. Whoever had summoned the Niennians to the ruins was there, awaiting a reply. Gyde paused a moment to let Skye catch up. Gyde had been traveling alone for so long that he wasn't accustomed to matching his pace to a companion's. Gyde addressed his comrade. "You sure you don't want me to get materials for you instead? " Gyde already knew the answer, but it didn't hurt to ask. The older Niennian let the lad take the lead, so as not to leave him behind again. Gyde could now see a figure sitting near the campfire. His eyes narrowed slightly as he zoomed in on the figure's head. It was a Tetrian. Gyde scoffed lightly. Not surprising that it's a Tetrian wanting to end the war. Gyde had become much more tolerant of Tetrians during his travels. However, the seed of prejudice had been planted at a young age, and it's easier to start hating, than to stop. Despite these feelings, however, Gyde was going to fulfill his promise to Skye, even if it made him an enemy of his people.
  4. Skye grinned at the sight of his regular customer.

    "Gyde! How's your last job?"

    His expression suggested it didn't go well. His longsword even supported the fact.

    Seeing the sword in that condition broke his heart. The Aurora was the first and probably the best energy swords designed to perform energy attacks, as well as withstand them. It'd be rare to see an Aurora in these days.

    "You really don't know how to hold back, huh?" He jested.

    The blade's broke in two.

    Heck, he even burned out it's power gasket.

    Gyde is a Niennian mercenary who happens to be in a Tetranian state looking for a job. Since some Tetranian handlers pay even larger than Niennian handlers, he's usually in this town. Skye doesn't know much about his past, but he's glad that he's there.

    Most of the time, the shop is empty. A Niennian Blacksmithing workshop in a Tetranian state isn't really a nice business venture. It's like the Tetranians are afraid- if not, disgusted - of a Niennian working their blades. Either his customers are Tetranian mercenaries trying to keep a low profile or it's just Gyde. But Gyde became a regular in his store, he would stop by and get his sword sharpened while feeding him with the latest news around the city.

    Skye scratched the back of his head. "Well, the blade's easy to fix. But the power gasket...". He flipped the hilt of the sword which reveal a black, melted-down, and completely busted power gasket. "That's gonna set you back a few thousand Rets"

    Gyde frowned, "for a gasket?"

    Skye shrugged and said, "Hey, this is a rare model. A spare power gasket for this baby's hard to find."

    So he wrote a list and said, "How about you do a job for me. Find me some of these runes and the gasket's free. There should be some in a mystic cave not far from here."

    Gyde took the list and was about to set off when he something slipped from his pocket.

    "Hey Gyde! You dropped something". He picked it up and found it was a letter, which coincidentally looks like the one he received this morning.

    "Are you going to come there?"

    He shrugged. "No, why?"

    Skye smiled, the smile Gyde notices whenever he gets a crazy idea in his head.
    "I have a better job for you"
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  5. Growing up and training near the mountains had made them Xeimas's second home and he would often go deep within its valleys to train and live in seclusion from the war. He thought the whole affair of nothing more than a political folly; instead of two powerful races working together to make a prosperous world, they breath into the fire of ignorance making it bigger and larger. Two hundred years of war was long enough, how much longer would they fight? He wondered as his large, sinewy arms swung his blade, beads of sweat raining off of his face.

    He had been there for several days, neglecting his own home for fear of being caught up in the world's madness. Had he a choice he would have stayed within the mountains until death, but he knew he had to go back at one point, albeit that point wasn't now. Stabbing his blade into the earth, he took a seat on a small boulder, his chest heaving when he heard footsteps in the distance. Curious as to who would disturb his silence he stood once more and laid a hand on the hilt of his blade and waited until the trespasser came into view.

    Although he knew deep down it was a tretian, he couldn't help but give a small sigh of relief and removed his hand from the blade to greet his the wanderer. "Greetings! What brings you so deep into the mountains?" He asked walking up to the tretian.

    "You do," the tretian responded and fished a sort of paper from his person. "I bring a letter."

    "From whom?" Xeimas asked taking the letter and received no response. Moving his eyes from the fellow tretian he opened the letter and examined it's contents. A woman wanted him to meet her at the Hall of Steria to end the war. Finally, someone who plans to end this madness, he thought to himself as he nodded to the messenger and picked up his sword from the ground.


    It had taken him a few days shy of a week but the Hall had finally come into view and a few hundred meters to his right he noticed two figures also headed towards the Hall, perhaps they were also given the letter. Ignoring them he entered the hall from the left-most side, it's whitewashed walls broken and aged and nearly overtaken by vines and shrubbery. There, sitting within the building were two female tretians waiting patiently for their arrivals. He approached the campfire, greeted the two women and sat at the fire to warm his hands.
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  6. At first Drakon really couldn't care less about the war that was ongoing in the land between magic and science, but as he trained and saw the war through the perspective of others his view had somewhat changed to see it had to end. One night when he was walking back to his campsite deep in the woods something flashed in front of him, lodging itself into the truck of a nearby tree, unfazed by what had happened he strolled up to the truck and dislodged what seemed to be an envelope stuck to an arrow. "How odd," he said to himself as he skimmed the contents of the letter, someone wished to end the war and those who wished also would meet at the Hall of Steria to begin their journey. Throughout the years many people said they were going to end the war but no one ever has succeeded why would they now? Wait, could it have something to do with that weird dreaming I've been having? That could explain how I could have gotten this message when I've kept myself secluded in the forest, he thought to himself while he unconsciously folded the letter and stuffed it into his pocket.

    He let out a small huff and against his better judgment, packed up his belongings then headed east toward the Hall of Steria.

    ---Present day---​

    Drakon arrived relatively quick by traveling through the tress instead of the paths and roads, because of his appearance he kept himself covered in a cloak and took the most indirect ways to get to his destinations. When he saw the distinct form of the ruins he changed his course so he would arrive at the south side of the hall just incase the letter was actually a trap, he silently leapt on to the south entrance's wall and positioned himself there when he saw three forms below him. He could make out two were female while the other was a large male, he quietly chuckled to himself, it was Xeimas. This outta be an interesting adventure...
  7. Mistyra had welcomed the two to arrive first warmly, introducing herself and explaining that she was still expecting a few more to arrive. "Three more should be on their way, actually." She said, turning the meat over the fire. It looked like a hare of some sort. "Once it has cooked some more, you're welcome to help yourselves." She offered, simply grateful to have them arrive at all.

    Her voice was heavily accented- though aloof yet clear- obviously from the south. Her curled horns and dark hair made for a very traditional look-- not to mention the dark dress she wore. Beside her lay a long bow carved of a dark wood speckled with white flakes. Her startling blue eyes gave off a dim glow in the fire light-- like an animal at night.

    "The last few of us should be here in just a moment, then I will happily explain why I have asked for you all to meet with me." The blue eyes woman mused, her gaze turning to peer over her shoulder. "I trust you have no violent reactions to Niennians?" She raised an eyebrow-- once more looking back to her present guests. "I've sent invitations to a few." She explained.
  8. "I trust you have no violent reaction to Niennians? I've sent invitations to a few."

    Amaranth looked at the black haired Tetrianian as she explained, then smiled warmly.

    "I do not mind Niennians...as long as they show the same amount of respect given to them..."

    The pink haired Tetrianian tucked her pink hair behind her ears and flipped it behind her shoulders, a habit she had picked up from her mother. She sat near the campfire next to the other Tetrianians and kept examining the campfire or the ruins of The Halls around them. Occasionally, she stole glances from the black haired Tetrianian and the large male Tetrianian.

    The black haired Tetrianian appeared to be one of water at first glance, but she could not immediately assume things. Her magic could be of something else. At first impression, she appears to be a hearty individual who wanted the same thing as Amaranth did. She wanted to end this war, just like her. As long as the mystic Tetrianian was absolutely devoted to ending this war and is more than willing to fulfill this huge change, then the pink haired Tetrianian will be more than willing to help. Amaranth folded her legs so her knees were against her chest, folded her arms on top of said knees and used them to rest her chin. The pink haired Tetrianian kept her attention on the fire or the ruins in front of her to keep herself from staring at one of the two. She had just arrived and she wouldn't want to make things awkward already.

    Amaranth's dark blue eyes stole a glance of the very well built man sitting close to her. This man gave a warm introduction, but at first judgement, she would have been very afraid of him. This man looked like he could break just about anything, and anyone with his bare hands. If he really wanted to, he could break Amaranth herself with his bare hands. Of course, if one looked past his huge muscularity and the throbbing veins (or scars) on his arms, he seemed to be a kind hearted, maybe soft, individual. The pink haired Tetrianian knew he'll be a very valuable member to this little pact, and she hoped his magic was just as strong as him.

    She sat patiently with the two Tetrianians, waiting for the next person or people to arrive. The silence was not awkward (for her at least) since she was not sure if either of the two Tetrianians were about to start a lively conversation. She could have started one herself, but she was shy. Especially around new people. Instead, she just sat there; Occasionally tucking her Amaranth pink hair behind her ear as her beautiful blue eyes looked down to the fire and the ruins around them. She waited for the arrival of the others the other female Tetrianian had sent invitations to.
  9. The two Niennians entered through the north entrance to the ruins. Gyde eyed the bare, crumbled walls. He wasn't sure of its previous purpose, but the building must have been important at some point long ago. As Gyde and Skye walked up to the group, he heard one of the Tetrianians asking if the others were bothered by Niennians. After a pink-haired Tetrianian response, Gyde scoffed loudly. "I'd think that would have been an important thing to mention before having us meet here." Gyde adjusted his glasses as he eyed the giant Tetrianian at the fire and the one atop the southern wall. In all honesty, Gyde hoped one of the Horners would reject his and Skye's assistance. Then maybe the lad would stop this silly quest and return to his shop.

    Gyde took a moment to analyze the group before him. All of them were Horners, which wasn't surprising. Most Niennians were happy with the turn the war had taken. Gyde wouldn't even be here if it weren't for Skye. War was what helped keep Gyde fed and sheltered. With soldiers busy fighting in the war, bandits had no one to combat them, besides lone mercenaries who happened to pass by. Gyde had earned large sums of Rets for disposing of bandits, an opportunity that would have never existed had the war not kept the military occupied.

    Gyde gaze fell to Skye, hoping to see his reaction. Would the boy be filled with innocent wonder at the prospect of ending the war? Would he become fearful upon realizing that no other Niennians would aid them? In the end, Skye would be the one who decided whether the two would stay and help, or abandon the group and their futile mission.
  10. Skye fell silent in wonder as they entered the ruins.

    He's not sure what was it's main purpose. Nitrol worship? Tetrianian forum?

    But just by looking at the ruins, he can tell that the architecture of the place was once grand and elegant.

    At the middle of the ruins he saw a group of Tetrianians. Two female Tetrianians were conversing with each other, one with black hair and the other with pink. The other two male Tetrianians were seated near the fire, one more well-built than the other. All of them have full-grown horns in their heads.

    Horners, as his Niennian fellows would call them because of their horns. He couldn't help but wonder what would happen if one of their horns were cut off. Would it grow back? Also he wonders if the Horners would sometimes use their horns in combat.

    But he feared one more thing. Seeing there are no other Niennians in the group, he fears they may be hostile to them and think they are spies sent by the Niennian military.

    But Skye immediately dismissed the idea.

    All of them have the same goal therefore all of them are allies, disregarding the races they came from.

    "I trust you have no violent reaction to Niennians? I've sent invitations to a few." said the female Tetriannian with black hair.

    "I do not mind Niennians...as long as they show the same amount of respect given to them..." said the other female horner with a pink hair.

    Gyde suddenly scoffed, "I'd think that would have been an important thing to mention before having us meet here."

    The well-built horner seated near the fire turned to their direction. He wasn't sure if he was staring or glaring at them because of the poor lighting.

    Uh-oh, Skye doesn't want to be rammed by the bulky Tetrianian so he turned to the black haired Tetriannian and pulled out his letter, "Were you the one who sent this? We wish to help."
  11. Xeimas, having stayed within the mountain in seclusion for most of his adult life, knew when something was watching him and turned his head to where Drakon was perched on the wall, and even though he felt something, he couldn't quite see the figure in the shadows; after a few moments he turned his head away unsure of what exactly it was that he was feeling, though the fact he was uneasy was apparent. Ignoring it for the time being, he looked to the small group in front of him, two tretians women, one with black and the other with pink.

    If he focused enough, he could feel the power of the earth resonating through the pink haired tretian and despite her delicate appearance, he could almost palpate the it within her. it was clear to him the woman who had sent the letter - most likely the black haired tretian - knew who she was choosing for the perilous task, and hadn't sent the letter to any tretian willing to do the task, but those who were willing and able. How she knew who they were and how to find them, however, was the question and it bothered him for a while when he decided that it would be best to ask when everyone was present.

    His thoughts moved on to the hare over the stick and he watched it cook over the fire with a mild fascination when he heard footsteps from behind him and turned to find two nienians approaching, uncertain of who they were or their intentions for being there, he began reaching for his blade with his right and preparing his magic with his left when the black haired tretian welcomed them. So they're part of the group, it seems, Xeimas thought to himself as his hands returned to their initial position and turned his gaze back to the fire.

    He supposed bringing a few nienians was unavoidable if the goal was to end the war, if tretians and nienians couldn't even work together to do that, and they somehow still managed to end it, the tension between the two races would only spark another. Swallowing his pride he turned to the two nienians once again and greeted them both warmly and offered them a place at the fire beside him as he moved out a bit to make more room.
  12. One edge of Drakon's mouth went up as Xeimas looked toward his direction, he had always be excellent at sensing what was hidden around him but Drakon had gotten better at hiding himself from such skills until the light of the moon illuminated his form to the others. Without hesitation he simply walked right of the wall and plummeted down, at the last second wings of fire grew on his back as he safely landed. He kept his cloak tightly around him only letting his face and yellow eyes show, he started over to sit with Xeimas but instead stayed in the shadow of a column near the others. His head slowly turned when he heard footsteps as his eyes readjusted to the brightness he could instantly tell these two were nienians, he just simply looked at them for a moment then returned his gaze back to the fire and added a bit of his own fire now and then watching as the fire turned blue, to green, to pink then finally back to normal.

    When the nienians sat down, Drakon glanced at them, gave them a short nod for a greeting before turning his attention to the sky. I wonder how this will turn out, will we finally extinguish the flames of war or will we simply had more fuel for it to burn brighter, he pondered then glanced at the woman who was clearly the one that summoned them.
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  13. Mistyra stood as the final man arrived. "I think only we six will be arriving tonight, and assume then that it's safe to begin discussions." She mused, looking around the camp fire. "My name is Mistyra, but you may call me Missy if you prefer. Obviously, I am the one who wrote to all of you-- and I'm glad you've agreed to at the very least lend me your ear for the time being."

    Her iridescent blue eyes seemed to almost flicker-- reflecting the flames light. " I am a seer of the De'Neii Convent. I've seen all of your faces, I know your names-- I am familiar with your stories and I know your willingness and hesitance." She stated calmly, looking from face to face. "I understand the hurt and joys you've all seen and endured, and I know how this war has effected you--" Her eyes lingered on the two hornless men among them. "Even if you yourself do not. I've seen you all scrape by an existence, rather than thrive in a life as you were meant to. All I ask is that you allow for me to show you what I've seen. What will come, and what I hope will be the end of the blood shed."

    She pulled a small dagger from her hip and cut her hand, clenching her fist so that her blood pooled into the palm of her hand, while she removed the hare from the flames, handing it off to Xeimas. After a moment, and a few snide or doubtful remarks, she flicked her wrist, sending her blood sizzling into the embers.

    The fire grew- giving off blue and green flames, dancing wildly for a moment before taking shape.

    People. 21 of them. Six of the flaming faces currently sat around the fire, looking down at flame versions of themselves. The flames morphed to show a city-- the Capital city of the Niennian people. It was in ruins-- similar to the ones that sat in now. The only still defining structure was the Archway leading into the ever so esteemed Academy. The steam escaping the wood embers cried out, mimicking the cries of the people.

    The scene shifted once more, now showing the ruins of village after village-- hills covered in small stones-- graves.

    Finally- the images showed a great battle. Countless faces formed a sea of screaming masses, clashing against the other.

    The blue and green flames dissipated finally returning to their natural amber color.

    Mistyra's eyes lost their eerie glow-- returning to a vibrant yet less metallic blue.

    "What I have seen is a battle that will spill so much blood that the plants themselves would turn red. There is only so much the flames can convey. It's this battle that I hope to prevent. Should it come to pass-- this war will end-- as will all life as we know it. As such, I feel there is an urgent need to end this war-- before the hate escalates to such senseless destruction."
  14. What she thinks about the last three (open)

    Before "Missy" began to explain why she had written to all of them, Amaranth had been watching each person arrive to this small campfire. These people were going to be the ones willing to listen to the black haired Tretian's words. These people were also going to be her teammates. She began to steal glances at the final three she had not been introduced to yet.

    The dark pink haired Niennian male was the one who brought her great discomfort, more discomfort than the very large and orange haired Tretians. They brought discomfort too, but this Niennian just made her thankful the white haired Tretian put some space between her and the other. This pastel haired individual was trying to disguise a look of disgust in his light green eyes; She brought her attention to the ground so she could avoid eye contact with him. This look she had seen was the same one other Niennians had in their eyes when they saw a Tretian. This Niennian most likely saw Tretians not as Tretians, but as Horners so they call them. Amaranth kept her dark blue eyes looking down and remained quiet, she was going to have to cooperate with him to help end this war. She could almost feel that working with him was not going to be pleasant.

    She stole a glance to the other Niennian. However, this Niennian did not bring too much discomfort as the other one. This Niennian too had green eyes, but he had messy black hair which had a minor contrast from his friend's dark pastel pink. He especially contrasted from the white haired Tretian, they were complete opposites appearance wise. The black haired Niennian appeared to have a higher tolerance for Tretians. He did not have the same look of disgust that was always in a Niennian's eyes. Perhaps this was one to actually embrace magic? Once again, she kept her attention somewhere else to prevent eye contact.

    The last Tretian to have arrived, the one who made a "grand entrance" so to say, was the one who really received attention from her. His right arm appeared to be one of a demon's and his horns had straightened out, something that does not happen with a Tretian. Once again, she prevented eye contact by looking down. However, inwardly, she wanted to steal another, slightly infatuated glance. No, this was not the sudden development of romantic feelings or "love at first sight" as her mother (constantly might she add) suggested could happen to her. She certainly did not look at him as if she was looking at a "specimen" or some freak found in the forest. Rather, she only glanced as if he was just another Tretian who has come to help simmer down the flames that was this war. The orange haired Tretian was intimidating to the shy Tretian (which is why she will dare not ask him anything (except for assistance, maybe)). In her opinion, his arm and horns were not disgusting, but rather interesting.

    The pink haired Tretian turned her attention to the woman who summoned them. She listened closely to her words of caution. She was a seer of the De'Neii Convent? She knew who we were and had seen our faces? Confusion struck Amaranth but once again, she kept her thoughts to herself and remained quiet. She did not want to interrupt with questions, and perhaps the answers she seeked would be in the explanation the young woman was giving. She explained that she, too, wanted to prevent this war. However, this Tretian has seen more than the dark blue eyed girl has seen, so she says.

    The woman made a cut in her hand and allowed the blood to pool within her palm. Amaranth was not confused, as blood was a necessity in some spells and certain magic. She would know because some of her Earth magic required her blood.

    The scene that portrayed in the very campfire that was in front of them made Amaranth's skin as pale as the smaller Niennian boy. This screams of the innocent that was mimicked by the steam made her very blood curdle. She could not believe what was being shown to her and the others who had come tonight. The Niennian capital, in ruins. Village after village, in ruins. Blood shed. Violence. Graves. Battle. Everything that motioned within the flame's very embers struck Amaranth's heart like a piercing sword. She did not want this to become a reality, and she was almost certain the people around her thought the same. When the image flickered away, she began to look around the other five. She remained quiet, speechless really. What intelligent response, or even plain words, could she possible say about this massacre?
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  15. From what Gyde could tell, most of the Horners seemed fine with the Niennians. The large one gave a friendly enough greeting while the cloaked one only glanced their way. The pink-haired one, however, seemed uneasy. Gyde wasn't surprised, he wasn't exactly exuding a friendly aura. Taking the buff Horner's offer, Gyde took a seat, offering a small, but gruff thanks as he did. Gyde sat away from the fearful woman, not wanting to make her feel any more uncomfortable than she already did. Gyde noticed the fire changing colors, and he couldn't help but stare at it. How could magic possibly change the fire's color to green? It made no sense. When everyone was situated, the black-haired woman spoke, introducing herself and offering thanks for their cooperation up to this point.

    She continued with her speech, mentioning how she knew everyone and their struggles because of her 'magic'. Gyde had a strong desire to question the woman's statement. As a Niennian, the need to prove such a thing was built into his being. However, the Horner claimed she'd show the group what she has seen, which would be enough proof for Gyde. She cut her hand, which caused an eyebrow to raise. "You better not make us drink that." However, the seer sent the blood into the fire, after removing the hare of course, and Gyde watched as the flames drastically changed yet again. They twisted to form the group present, as well as other beings. Gyde couldn't make them out, they were too blurry, but it was obvious that there were Niennians other than Gyde and Skye among the 21 people. The flames continued to shift, and obviously formed the capital for his people. It looked almost beautiful in the fire, but this beauty was soon replaced with destruction and death. Gyde could hear the screams of people, the sound of weapons slicing through flesh. It was something Gyde was familiar with, but didn't necessarily enjoy. After showing a great battle, the flames subsided.

    The seer spoke once again, giving more of an explanation. Gyde's face showed no emotion. It was an interesting show, but that's all it was. There was no proof of what she claimed. However, as Gyde kept reminding himself, he wasn't here for any other reason besides Skye. He did not feel great animosity towards the Horners, the same as he didn't feel strong loyalty to his people. Gyde spoke, his voice held an even tone. "I can't say I believe you." Gyde looked to Skye before returning his gaze to Mistyra. "However, if your demonstrate has convinced the boy here to accept, then you have me at your disposal." This was pure insanity, but Gyde couldn't bring himself to let Skye gallivant around Tretta alone with a group of Horners.
  16. Skye forced to hold back his chuckle. What kind of name is Missy?, he thought.

    He couldn't help but notice the pink-haired tetriannian stealing glances at them. Perhaps she isn't used to seeing a Niennian, he thought. He noticed she also has green eyes, the same as his. He also wondered what kind of magic she's practicing. Air? Water? Perhaps Earth?

    He also couldn't help but steal glances at the arm of the orange haired tetriannian who'd just arrived. What kind of burn is that? Perhaps it's a mutation? Maybe it's a curse? He found that the same horner is a Pyromancer when he saw him add fire to the fire in front of him. He wondered if his power has something to do with his arm. His eyes gleamed in curiosity. What would happen if he rigged a power amplification gauntlet on the arm which might be already amplifying his powers?

    Stop it. He brought his attention to the ground.

    It's rude to stare at guests like that. His dad would tell him that whenever they have guests.

    'Missy' continued her speech. As she mentioned how she knew everyone's suffering, it sparked his curiosity. He wondered how he could attain the same effect using machines by the use of electromagnetic waves. Maybe if he could find a way to manipulate the spectral waves a seer emits maybe.... enough Skye, he told himself, just listen.

    When the seer cut her hand, Skye shuddered. Didn't that hurt?

    He chuckled a bit when Gyde asked if the seer was going make them drink her blood. Then his smile turned into a frown. "You aren't, right?"

    The seer sent the blood to the blazing embers. The flames grew, giving off blue and green flames, then shifted into images.

    21 people, 6 of them he recognized as himself, Gyde, and the rest of the people who sat around the fire. The rest of the people shown in the image are blurred. Are they allies?

    The flames shifted, and showed the Niennian Capital. As soon as the image was displayed, Skye felt a little homesick. Then he realized the Niennian Capital that was being shown was in ruins.

    The flames shifted into more disturbing images. Ruins of different villages. Mass grave sites, and finally, a great battle.

    The blue and green flames dissipated and the camp fire returned to normal. Skye realized that he was shaking throughout the following scenes.

    The seer spoke once again, giving an explanation to the images shown.

    "I can't say I believe you." Gyde said. Skye smiled. The typical Niennian response. "However, if your demonstrate has convinced the boy here to accept, then you have me at your disposal."

    "I'd like to help, but I'm curious miss, err, Missy." Skye asked, "How do you intend to stop the war?"
  17. Xeimas raised an eyebrow at Mistyra's claim of knowing each and every one of them out of amusement rather than disbelief. Unlike all the other tetrianians there, he had round ears, and as his faith claimed only the reincarnated had them, which only meant one thing for him and he couldn't help but wonder if she also knew of his previous life, perhaps she did, but his belief that she didn't held firmer ground in his mind and made more sense; even as a seer one cannot know all things. Though, asking her - his thoughts were interrupted when Mistyra handed him the hare; it took him a moment to realize what she wanted of him and took the hare off her hands and watched as she drew blood from her palm and spilt it into the fire.

    He saw the flames change into green and blue hues but the images that came from them drew in most of his attention. Therein he saw faces, a face of himself and the others around him and even more faces, then the flames shown an image of the nienian capital in ruins save for the academy, screams were heard as the image changed to burned village after burned village before finally showing a great battle. Just as it began, the flames returned to their original colour, Xeimas unable to steal his eyes away from it. Complete shock had overtaken him, the images were brutal and frightful, he knew the war would continue for a few more years, but what he didn't expect was the complete destruction and annihilation of both races.

    While he gazed at the fire still, he listened to the question the young boy asked and he took his gaze from the fire to Mistyra. "The boy asks a valid question," Xeimas said, adjusting the steel plate around his right arm. "We are but a few against - against a legion from both sides. The odds seem against us to an extravagant degree."
  18. Drakon said nothing and didn't even show any emotion on the outside but inside, he was disgusted with the carnage he was being shown. He knew the war was horrible but if it was to turn into what he'd just see both sides would be completely decimated, when the fires died down he had already gotten rid of his cloak long before and brought his right hand up to his face as he processed what he saw. This small group of mismatched people were supposed to stop a large scale massacre like that from happening?! Was it even possible he couldn't imagine the enemies they would face, both sides had powerful warriors probably even stronger then everyone in the group combined but if that was the case they wouldn't have been summoned then. He slowly dropped his right arm back to his side and finally looked at the others then to the young nienian when began to speak. His attention then turned to Xeimas as he commented, when Xeiams stopped speaking he turned to glance at Missy but his eyes caught the pink haired female that had been glancing over at him but never made eye contact. He didn't know what to think of the looks she gave him, they were something he had never witnessed before so it confused him greatly but he shoved those thoughts to the side then looked at Missy.

    Drakon was going to stay quiet and just listen but their questions finally peaked his own interest. "I have to agree with Xeimas and the young nienian, I do not see how it is possible for us to win against these odds," he calmly said as he tightened his sword's sheathe. If she did not have a plan of action, Drakon would simply leave then return back to his forest and act as if nothing had happened. Sadly though, if Xeimas decided to help he would have to help too, he didn't want to lose the only friend and person that understood him.
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  19. Mistyra sat back down, crossing her legs off to one side. "Winning and odds are not what I'm concerned with. I'm not attempting to claim any one race the victor." She said calmly. "There was a time when Science and Magic worked together, before our Grandparents time. It's when the trains were built-- and yet now all we see are some ladders imbedded in the ground with no use. Most people don't even know what they were." She shook her head slightly, realizing she was getting off topic. "We will undoubtedly have blood on our hands by the end of this, though I hope more will be saved by spilling a little now. With the God's blessing, we will pull through. We are not looking for victory-- we're looking for peace. If a group as mixed as ours can get along, I think then that there's hope for the world at large."

    As she spoke, she wrapped her bloody hand. Her hands were nimble and at work while she took turns keeping her eyes on the faces of the people around her. "While I know you may not share my conviction or faith-- Science is the pursuite of knowledge. Knowledge is power, and what is magic but power? A equals B and B equals C--- thus A must also equal C." Her eyes lingered a moment longer on the pink haired man. "Your father taught you this transitive property. I hope that puts this into a bit more perspective for you... I propose heading to the Niennian town of Tro'iell. It's a good a place as any to begin our trip. There, we can get the parts you need, and supplies we may need. As a rule the people there are tolerant of my kind... In the end, we will need to build a case for peace-- and if we can not, kill the war mongers before this nonsense escalates any farther."
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  20. Amaranth listened with not just her Tretian ears, but heart as welll. She knew she made a good decision to come and listen to the black haired Tretian. They were going to ensure peace among the two races, something Amaranth is hoping they could all succeed in doing. However, the one line that made her a bit uneasy was "We will undoubtedly have blood on our hands by the end of this". The blood would most likely not be hers, that she could not deny. A little blood will have to be shed in order to kill the ignorance that was gradually growing among the two races. She hugged her legs tighter. It was not that she wasn't used to blood on her hands, she had hunted with her hyper active brothers. But, it was how she became when it came to bloodshed...

    Her dark blue eyes paid attention to the only other female, snapping out of her thoughts to listen again. She saw the other girl's metallic blue eyes lingered onto the pink haired Niennian for longer than the others as she spoke. Her proposition was to head to the town of Tro'iell, a Niennian town that was tolerant of Tretians, and pick up supplies or mechanical items needed. This was good, they could go get whatever they needed. She was in need of a few powders, for her more special techniques (when the time called for it, of course). Her eyes lingered once again to the mixed group, the reason why Missy had invited Niennians had clicked long ago. If they were to spread peace among the two races, it couldn't be just Tretians or just Niennians. They would look like a walking group of hypocrites. Proving to the two races that they could work together will further encourage peace, and possibly help kill the hatred and anger between the two. The thought of peace made Amaranth smile a little. Maybe once and for all the two races could set aside their beliefs and become what they were before.
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