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    Please keep in order, so that no one is skipped. If you have not found a good spot to jump in yet, wait for your turn, and the person before you in the order will try their best to make an opening. If you can not find an opening by the second go-around, post on this forum to bring attention to the issue.

    1. AngelLass
    2. Jessica 2477
    3. Xylime
    4. Sleeping Hat
    5. Torack
    6. White Bane

    At this time, we will not be adding anyone else to this RP. Sorry!

    ::::Setting and Back Ground::::

    The Role play will take place in a world called Tretta.

    In Tretta, it is customary to keep an article of personal value of those who have passed on, regardless of which race you are. Keeping a moment or heirloom shows respect and more importantly, for some, status. If the same item has been passed down for three or more generations, you are considered to be of Old Blood. Those of Old Blood are often given seats of Honor at events or discounted lodging while traveling-- again as a sign of respect. Pretending to be of Old Blood and being found out is a crime punishable by death.

    Among the Tetranians it is believed that those who have accomplished acts of heroism during life should be honored and visited in death often. As the common religion of Nitrol states, "When all of the body is lost, the soul no longer belongs to this world."

    People of the Nitrol Faith belief that the afterlife is not a place of peace and final resting- but a place where you will suffer for every misdeed you have ever committed, until the High Lord of the dead himself so chooses to send you back to Tretta in a new body. That is to say, Reincarnation.

    Tretta-- a world of magic, mystery, and mayhem-- has been a world at war for the past 500 years. Before then, the world was at peace. Magic and science worked with one another.

    There are two major factions. The Tetrianians, who's common major features include horns, pointed ears, and claws are the followers of Nitrol. Tetrianians live to be in their early 300's.

    Then there are the Niennians, who's common major features are long pointed ears, pastel hair colors and dark skin, practice science and only have faith in what they can see, feel, and touch. They live to be only a mere 100 or so years olf.

    Now, the Niennians have the high ground. Teaching magic had become taboo; and the belief of Nitrol had become something of an 'evil' believe as new Religions arose. Some Niennians believe that when you die you enter The Void-- a blissful sort of slumber, while others still believe there is no existence outside of life.

    The Museums that were public reminders of heroes past had been burned down- the relics inside sealed away and forgotten. Books, of arcane knowledge, burned and shredded. The remains of Tetrianian Ancestors had been dessicated and brought to labs, never to be fully destroyed but also to never be visited. For the people of the Nitrol Faith, it was like holding souls captive. The faith in the Gods had dwindled to a mere cult as Science tore a bloody path through the worlds very heart...


    Before (The Religious focal point of the Nitrol Faith) The Hall of Steria fell, a group of priests had stolen a single artifact, over 4,000 years old. Stolen, and destroyed. A skull of an ancient fallen hero- Xeimas.

    Xeimas had been, according to legend, a traveling man who had fought the God of Death himself in order to save the world from the embodiment of Pestilence. Though he was slain, the God of Death had been shown that the Tretians were a determined people, capable of compassion and destruction both-- just like Death himself...

    Legend said the God of Death took pity on civilization. At the cost of Xeimas' life, the God gave a cure for the disease that had plagued the lands to a woman who had been with the hero at the time of his demise. The cure was presented to her in the hallowed skull of Xeimas himself.

    That woman was crowned Queen and the Skull became the royal emblem used to always remember the noble mans sacrifice. But as all things do, this Queens reign soon turned sour. The war was in fact started by her very decedents-- a group of Tretians who attempted to outlaw 'Science', claiming it was an abomination to the Gods.

    Now, Magic is losing...

    OKAY! So this is 525 years into the war. Yes, that was a lot to read!

    Xeimas has been reincarnated and reborn- almost as soon as the priests destroyed his old skull. That is why, in fact, they destroyed the skull. They had hoped that he would be reincarnated in a hurry to help turn the tides of the war.

    This is pretty much going to be an epic battle/ adventure rp. A war against magic and science.

    Being a Reincarnation, the Tretian belief is you will have round ears. The Niennian people think its just a birth defect. Xeimas, who I will need someone to play, will thus have round ears. He will have been raised like any other of his race-- meaning he will be trained in magic, martial combat, and the Nitrol Faith. He will have no memory of his past life. Everything else is up to you as to how he plays!

    I am looking for a couple of people for this, as it will be a small traveling party. If you want to play another race and add to the lore, post your idea here and let me take a look!

    We need 5 or so people and then we can start the RP. I will be playing a Tertian woman, and I will post her character sheet here in a few minutes.

    Basic information required on a Character sheet:::

    -Sub field: PICK ONE
    (Magic users: Healing, fire, water, ect.)
    (Science: Splicing, guns, computers, mechanics, ect.)

    Back Story:
    Old Blood? Yes or No
    If yes; what is your heirloom? (It can not be magical)

    Other than that, have fun!
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  2. Name: Mistyra (Missy)
    -Sub field: Magic-- Seer
    (Ignore the tail. >>; It isn't hers... >>;....)
    Age: 76
    Gender: Female
    Back Story: Mistyra was brought up in typical fashion-- with a high value for knowledge of history and religion, and a great respect for Old Blood. Her magic is innate and well studied, under a few of the remaining convents of the Nitrol Faith. She left the convent before taking any vows of chastity, seeking instead to help her people once more gain their footing in the war against Science. Afterall-- she's already seen the end.

    Old Blood? No
  3. Name: Amaranth

    Race: Tretian

    -Sub field: Magic

    Magic users: Earth

    Age: 67

    Gender: Female

    Old Blood? No

    Back Story: Born and raised within a family of different elemental magic, Amaranth longed to become great within her field. She practiced Earth day and night to get where she was. Her brothers were fire practicers, her mother water, and her father air. They practiced their elements separately, then would come together to master their techniques, often spar. Her life was good, she loved her parents and her brothers unconditionally, and they loved her the same.
    Now, she seeks to help those in the field of magic. She refuses to stand by and allow Science to take over.

    Appearance: http://www.freefever.com/stock/fantasy-girl-forest-hair-pink-wallpaper.jpg

    (Longer hair and dark blue eyes, without the flute/staff thingy)
  4. Awesome, I like it! ^_^
  5. Name: Gyde
    Race: Niennians
    -Sub field: Science -- Electronics
    Gyde has long, dark pastel pink hair. He has light green eyes and tan skin. His pointy ears are small for a Niennian, so he wears his hair long to try and cover them.

    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Back Story:
    Gyde was the child of a female mercenary and a male scientist. His mother settled down only long enough to birth her child and nurse him, for she was a traveler at heart. So Gyde was raised by his father, who taught him what it meant to be Niennian. Gyde learned to hate magic and embrace science, taking up a hobby in learning to use varying kinds of electronics at a young age. However, after Gyde had turned twelve, his father's life was taken in a lab accident. Filled with grief, Gyde awaited his mother's semi-annual visit to learn of his fate.

    Gyde's mother returned a few days after her husband's death. She considered settling down to take care of her son, but Gyde refused. He knew how much his mother loved her job, and this place now held sad memories, at least at the time. So Gyde started his life as a mercenary for hire along with his mother. He was trained in the basics of fighting and learned about the world through his experiences, as well as stories from his mother.

    As Gyde aged, he was taught an interesting ideal from his mother, neutrality. Being picky on what is wrong and what is right only makes it more difficult to earn money. A job is a job, regardless of what you believe. Though he still held onto some of his principles, Gyde became more lenient of the Tetrianians and their ideology.

    At age 25, Gyde's mother was killed during a job, leaving the lonely son to continue his travels and seek out work. Luckily he had gained a reputation while adventuring with his mother, and Gyde found enough jobs to sustain him. To this day, he continues to travel around, taking jobs when they come.

    Old Blood? Yes
    Heirloom: The glasses Gyde wears are his heirloom. They come from his father's side of the family and were given to him upon his father's death.
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  6. @Xylime Pink hair for the win :3
  7. I like it! I'm happy to see not everyone is going to pick Tretians!

    I enjoyed reading the back story too. ^_^

    It looks like we only need a couple of more people. We do still need someone to play Xeimas, as well!
  8. Name: Skye
    -Sub field: Science--Mechanic

    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Back Story: Skye is a son of a Well-known scientist in the Niennian society. Skye's mother died while giving birth to him. Among the rest of his peers, Skye is considered odd. He does not dislike the idea of Magic, rather he believes that it could improve and co-exist with Science. At the age of 19, he made a proposal on his research focusing on the possible improvements on various mechanical tools and weaponry enhanced by Magic. He was branded a heretic and his research was shunned.

    But his father supported him. Skye continued his research with the help of his father. Together they made various theories and made different designs of Magic-enhanced Mechanical tools and at some point, Magic-enhanced weapons. When the Niennian scientific society found out, they were enraged and ordered his father to be executed. Their laboratory and their researches- along with their home- was burned to the ground. Skye was ordered to be imprisoned and to serve as a slave for 10 years, but he escaped and seeked refuge in a Tretian state. He worked there as a blacksmith, while secretly continuing his research.

    Now with the war between Magic and Science is on the rise, Skye is determined to coerce peace between the two ideologies.

    Old Blood? No

    Average height. Skin too pale for a Niennian. Messy black hair. Green eyes. Pointy ears.
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  9. I like the bio. ^_^

    And we still need someone to play Xeimas. If we have no taker soon, I can play him.
  10. @AngelLass
    Since sleepinghat gave his character Mechanics (which goes along with Skye perfectly), and I have Mechanics (which was more of a small sidenote in my character sheet), would you like me to change my sub-field so we have a bit more variety? All I'd have to change is that Gyde's hobby was computers instead of mechanics.
  11. If you like. Or you can pick a specific type of mechanics. Bio- enhancements verses vehicle or something like that?
  12. Alright, I discussed with sleepinghat about what Skye's abilities would be and I have an idea for Gyde. We were thinking that Skye would do mechanics, which would focus on building things (weapons and the like) whereas Gyde would have the sub-field of "Electronics" meaning he would be skilled in the use of machines (computers, splicing, etc). However, if this is too broad, giving Gyde more power than he should, I'll just go with "Computers". Let me know what you think!
  13. As your character is old blood and has a pretty solid scientific backing, I think it's fine. ^_^
  14. Alright, thanks! I made the edit to my CS, but I would like to state that should another player want to specialize in some kind of electronics (splicing, computers, etc) I can change again and focus on something else. (Gyde's Science abilities aren't as important to his character because of the years he has spent as a merc so his skills can really be any kind of scientific ability)
  15. Awesome-- thanks for being so flexible!

    I will wait until January second. if we do not have a Xeimas by then, we will start.

  16. [​IMG]



    -Sub field: Magic - Earth.



    Back Story:
    Xeimas grew up near a valley of mountains with a father who trained him strictly in the art of martial combat and a nurturing mother who patiently taught him the art of earth magic. Ever since he was at the age of eight, Xeimas's father would wake him before dawn and they would run deep into the mountains and come back by afternoon where he would have lunch, afterwards he would train with his mother in earth magic for several hours before once again being taken by his father to the mountains to train his physical strength and combat skills.

    Although he never truly understood why his parents were so bent on making him the best fighter and leader, he obediently followed the routine they had set up for him until the age of sixteen when his knowledge of martial combat, magic, and the religion was that far beyond his parents. They hired trainers and tutors from nearby villages and cities who began training him until his early twenties.

    Old Blood? Yes - A jade ring on his right index finger.​
  17. Awesome! So that's everyone! I'll go ahead and start up the role play. If you do not readily see an opening for your character, give it a few posts-- I promise to move it along fast enough to get all of us in it ASAP. ^_^ HAPPY NEW YEAR
  18. When I saw magic I had an idea, what if someone had forbidden magic formed into them? I thought I'd try that approach with making my guy, if anything is wrong left me know and I'll edit his profile.

    Race: Tetrianian
    -Sub field: Magic- Pyromancer
    (http://images.ados.fr/1/medias/photo/hd/4937691493/21467878c8/img_title-big.jpg a better pic of what he looks like)
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Back Story: Drakon came from a very poor but powerful family magic wise at least. His father craved power more then anything, so his father taught him very powerful and a few forbidden spells. Drakon steadily grew stronger in close combat and controlling his magic until the accident happened when he was sixteen. His father's patience was wearing thin so on that horrid day he constructed a magic with forbidden magic and summoned an fire deity. He cast Drakon into the circle and forced the power from the deity into his young son which deformed Drakon's right arm into the appearance of a demons and straightened his horns. Disgusted with what his father had done to him, Drakon killed his father then left into the mountains to train himself. There he met Xeimas and his father, a fast friendship was formed between the two as Xeimas was one of the few people who weren't appalled by Drakon's right arm and horns.
    Old Blood? Yes
    Heirloom: The sword he carries belongs to his mother's side.
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  19. Should work out fine. ^_^

    Though-- all these freelancers make me a bit hesitant. There is no major money character to hire them all and thus I see no real reason for them all to come and work together as a team... Maybe you can bring this character in a little later on? Or is he a friend of Xeimas (as you are playing him as well?)
  20. Since Torack is playing Xeimas I can bring Drakon in as a friend of his if that's fine with him and change the free lance warrior part.
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