A Strange Encounter

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  1. It was not a stormy night. There was no thunder in the distance and lightning at every turn. The day was in fact quite bright and sunny with wonderful clouds in the distance. And on this fine day of days a man was running on a fine dirt road. His face was tangled with expressions of perhaps anger, pain, and plenty of fear. His body screamed adrenaline and blood.

    On this most curious of days, this man was followed by strangers. Strange men with strange hats. Stranger yet these hats covered their eyes. How they can follow the man with the pained face is a mystery. But the man and the strangers led their merry chase across this fine dirt road. Perhaps the hats had truly blinded the strangers or perhaps the man was just far too clever for his own good. He had evaded them and put a large distance between them. His side was bloodied, his face still pained with anger and fear, he continued on the road until he reached a rope bridge. This bridge had certainly saw better day. Days where the ropes weren't as frayed, and days were the wood wasn't as rotted. The man crossed the bridge without hesitation and to his surprise... The rope bridge was very sturdy, but alas the man was not. One look below caused the man to tilt over the ledge and fall into the river. It was cold. It was wet. It was unpleasant. How he did not drown, the man could not remember. In fact he wondered how he even got onto land without brutally wounding himself further.

    Now he lays in the forest which he had somehow dragged himself in. His face was no longer pained with anguish. It was a pleasant face. Perhaps a noble one. One with kind eyes sharp features. His light hair was still drenched but it was cut long with a royal flair. Or perhaps these features were tricks of the light. However his clothes were quite common but seemingly entirely new if you ignore the dirt and grime accumulated by the man's chase. Every factor and every step lead to this entirely strange encounter. The man was injured. He was hurt and was entirely unconscious. With slow shallow breaths giving rise to his chest, he slumbered on. His wound are most likely bleeding. He continues dreams of happy things and memories of times before.

    Deep in these wood the man lays. Deep within himself he resides. Deep within the world he is still chased by the strangers with the strange funny hats.
  2. Rave thought it was going to be a normale day. she didnt think she would meet a man in the middle of the woods as she was just going home. and she didnt think some wird people were going to come after him. but were going way a head of our selfs let start in the bigging.

    Rave was at her mothers talking about why she moved to the mashon in the woods her mother didnt understand wh. but the only reson was becuse she hated people. she didnt mind helping them but some people are.... rude. she sighs and notice it was time for her to go home. she said her farwells to her mother and then left. she puch back her black hair from her face. she walked by a flower shop to be stoped by the owner wish was a dear friend of hers. "my dear Rave how have you been." he had a strong russin accent. he was an older man he looked in his 50s with his gray sliver hair. Rave smiled at him and said "I am fine just haeding home." the man laughed and head him a thronless rose which she takes. she giggles and waves goodbye to him.

    she walks to a restrant to get something to eat. she normaly cooks but she didnt feel like cooking that day. so she ordered a hot dog and some rings. she notice some guys looking at her but just ignored them. she left the restrant with a sigh and her lunch/dinner.

    She was near the woods and sighed again. she hummed a song as she walked into the woods. "so this is love..." she sang out loud she was smiled but stopped when she saw a body. she droped her lunch and ran up to the man. she was shocked. "Dear god are you alright can you hear me" she said looking at him he was hansome. she shakes her head pushing the thought away. she cheek for a puls. itwas weak but she knew he may not die.
  3. There was something rustling. It was close. It was warm... a kind of warmth that would melt away his cold from the river and in his heart. He opened his eyes. What he saw amazed him. It was a woman with dark hair and lovely eyes. She had a worried expression in her face. That face warmed his body immensely. The proximity to her body gave him such a sense of safety. He croaked a single word before passing out once more. "Beautiful."
  4. she notice his eyes open and then be for she could ask anything he said that one word then went back to the unknow. she was blushing of corse. "what the-. you dont just say something like that then pass out real." she knew she was talking to her self she put one of his arms around her shoulder then helped him up. she half dragged him and half carryed him. "i am not saving you becase you called me beautiful" she huffed at him. she was at her door when she dropped him and herself to the ground. he was heavy and he hes going to have a big time owing her lunchdinnr. she pushed him away then went to get the living room ready for him. once she did she sighed and bring him in and placed him on the sofa. she pulled out a medkit and treated his wounds. "looks like you had a bad day. hun?"
  5. What awoke him now was utter excruciating pain. All that running while wounded had put a strain on his body and now all that delayed senses are flooding through. He opened his eyes, grunting in pain. Tears blurred his vision and until he blinked it away the world was just a haze of colors. Yet he still felt a warmth near him. The blinding pain on his sides was contrasted with a strange feeling. When he heard her voice he finally blinked and saw. He was inside somewhere. There was someone above him. "W-who are you? Where... am I?" He was confused. Pain shot up as he tried to get up. He touched his side only to find bandages. She... patched me up? His head was still groggy from the pain. Suddenly he remembered. "I have to go... They are still... trying to get... me." He barely spoke these words as his side burned once more. It continued to hurt until he could no longer speak.
  6. she smiled at him and just waited till he was done asking things. "well now that your done talking and your up. I have to call the people that are after you." she said jokingly. she rolls her eyes and adds "My name is Rave Nightwood and your at my lovely home." after that she gets up and pase back and forth. 'What to do nexts. maybe soup? water or malk' she didnt know what to do fully. "are you hungery Im going to make you soup now just stay and be a good boy ok" she said then turns to leave.
  7. Sudden fear shocks him awake when she mentions "them." He wonders if she is connected to them, but dismisses it quickly. There was no way they would be able to hire someone this quickly. I'm also not dead yet. Thats another good sign. After hearing her name he felt soothed. She seemed trustworthy and something about her seemed... different. He also felt the pangs of hunger as she mentions food. He tries to sit up but it was still to much effort to lift his body, so he lays there on the sofa. "Thank you, Rave. You could have left me to die but you didn't." He remembered he hasn't introduced himself yet. "My name is..." Does he trust her? He doesn't really know what kind of person she is. Perhaps she'll sell him out immediately. Better to make up a name. "Zack." He heard her preparing and in time he smells the delicious aroma. "That smells good."
  8. "Zack" she thinks of the name "that a cute name. what you do make it up" she giggled then comes out with two soups. "I was joking by the way and thanks" she places the food on the table and help him sit up. "didnt want to make anything today but you made me drop my lunch dinnr so its the lest i could do." she snapped wich she didnt mean to do. "sorry didnt mean to snap at you im just hungry" she gived him a small smile as she spoke. "do you think you could feed yourself or do you need help?" she asked piking up his bowl.
  9. Zack didn't want to impose to much on her kindness. "I think I can feed myself." He tries again to sit up and barely succeeds, gritting his teeth. He grabs the bowl and spoon with quivering hands. He felt so drained. The simple effort of lifting the spoon was now so difficult. After his third spoonful, he dropped his spoon and spilled some on his pants. The sizzling heat didn't even come close the pain in his chest. "I'm sorry... but can I ask you to feed me." He barely lifts his arms, "It seems like my arms are like jelly." He didn't want to waste such a good meal and he was extremely hungry. He wanted to laugh at his predicament but knew it would cause him much more pain.
  10. She couldnt help but watch him. she was staering not meaning to. 'dose he have a wife i bet he dose with a face like that he must have a wife. maybe hes a model. god he's hot wait i already said that maybe i' she snapped out of it when she heard the spoon drop. she taked out her napkin and placed it on his lap trying her best to not blush. she shacked her head and smiled "it nothing" she takes his bowl and spoon then then takes some of the food in to the spoon and put the spoon to his mouth blushing slightly.
  11. Zack didn't know why, but the soup tasted so much better when Rave fed him. It was completely uncanny. Perhaps now that all his focus is not on lifting a spoon, he can now truly taste it. After he finished his soup, he thanked her immensely. "I cannot repay you enough for the kind things you've done for me." Now that his hunger was sated, his body demanded rest. "I'm sorry but I feel quite tired." He yawned and his eyes slowly began to close. "First thing tommorrow... I'll repay... your..." And he fell into a deep restorative slumber.
  12. "it noting love" she smiled as he slowly feel a sleep. "cute" she smiled then grabbed his bowl and bringed it to the kitchen with a big smile on her face. as she washed his dish she started to sing the song called a thousands years. after she was finished she sighed. she didnt know what to do. she hads some guy wounded in her living room she lost her job and to add to this her ex-boyfriend is trying to sue and hopes she dies in a ditch some where. she sighs again "What the hell am i to do" she said starting to cry.
  13. The nightmare crept into Zack's mind and began tearing at his will. There were strange men. Their faces were so familiar yet were distorted in strange ways. They chased him. They chased him while wearing hats. Large hats that covered their eyes. Zack ran and ran but could not escape. There was blood trailing behind him. He did not know whose blood it belonged to but he was scared. Sudden pain filled him, but a suddenly warm light covered him. He could not clearly see but it came from something pure like an angel. She had dark hair and lovely eyes. Her face was sad as if it was filled with worries. Zack wanted to comfort her. To make her feel better. Anything to stop those tears. He held his hand up to her face and brushed it gently. Tears came away and was so cold to the touch. He wanted to embrace her, but the men grabbed him and pulled him back. He stretched his hand out to reach for her but could not reach her. He cried out but could not say her name. He was sinking in to the ground.

    Zack woke up immediately without a sound. He was still on a sofa and was still aching but feeling a lot better. It was still dark and probably late. There was someone near him, a woman. She seemed to be completely asleep crouched over him like guardian angel. He smiled. She had done so much for him. He noticed her eyes were a bit wet. Zack wiped away her tears. Why was she crying. She probably cried herself asleep. He felt some strange feeling move within himself. He dismissed it and stood up. His body screamed with pain. After a few moments to recover, he focused on her. Her position seemed so uncomfortable. He decided to move her to a bed. It would be painful lifting her when he was injured but he decided it was worth the pain. Zack bent down and lifted her gently and softly. He was surprised to feel how light she was at least compared to him. The warmth that emanated from her body felt so good against his own. She looked so helpless and he certainly saw the allure in her lips, but he fought against his urges. She saved him and he did not want to ruin it. His body hurt a bit carrying her to the bedroom, but her slow beating heart against his body and soft breathing kept him rejuvenated. After he successfully tucked her onto her bed, he felt tired. A weariness so strong, he could not stop but fall beside the woman. He slowly fell into slumber once more but not before whispering her name, "Rave Nightwood." It felt strange saying her name, but he did not know why he did.
  14. (OOC holy men with beer i feel like i hit a dead end. wow like really wow i didnt know what to write thats why it tock longer then i wanted it to wow)

    you know when you have a feeling when someone is watching over you but not in a bad way but in a good way that what she felt at that moment. she felt like an guarden angle has came and stole her from her nightmares and dreams. she didnt want that feeling to go away and it didnt. she even heard it call out her name. wich was funny she didnt know his name. but sooner or later she was going to wake up and find that her gauden angle is gone and will always be in her dreams. or maybe he wont but she wouldnt find out anytime soon.

    Rave wocken up by the shine of the sun coming into the room. she felt alive right now but daed at the same time her garden was gone. was everything going to be just a dream. she looked out the window and sighed just to feel something move next to her. she turns aroun to see Zack. she jumps out of her bed and trys to calm down. 'why is he on my bed? how did i get on my bed? omg did we...' she looks down and see she still in her clothing. 'oh thank heaven' she put she hand on her chest. she looks over at him again then gose over to his side. she went on her kness and then want face to face with him. she spocvk softly so she didnt wakes him "Zack thank you" she lean in closer but stoped shortly once there lipes were afew inchs away. she pulls away confussed and blushing. 'why did i'
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    Zack's mind was entirely rested and in peace. The morning light seemed so warm now. He shifted his body and wrapped around what he thought was a pillow. It was quite comfy, but something was off about it. He opened his eyes in surprise. He quickly let go and apologized, "I'm sorry I..." He was disoriented. Why was I on her bed? Did I fall asleep here too? His face was a burning crimson now and his ached sides no longer seemed relevant.
  16. Rave blushed lightly then started to laugh. "its fine" she said once she calmd down. she got up and was giggling. 'he cute when he blushes' she shaked her head with a smile. "im going to change then going to make something to eat" with that she when to look for some tees and joggers. then went to the bath room with a small sigh. she didnt know what was worng with her. sure hes hansome but he wound andlike i would be wired. no?
  17. Zack was surprised at her calmness. Obviously he had lifted her and even slept next to her. He didn't know what kind of reaction she is suppose to have. The memories of her body that close to his made him redden once more. He had a sudden sly thought. I could have easily taken advantage of her in that state. His pain returned to his side and he changed his mind. No... I would be feeling an entirely new kind of pain if I did. He looked around the room. It was decently furnished and felt homey. I wouldn't mind staying here for a bit longer. But he couldn't let them find her too. Zack had to leave as soon as he recovered. He got off the bed. At least my wounds don't hurt that much. He smelled himself and found it quite awful. "After you're done in there. Can I use the shower to freshen up?" He sat on the bed and examined the room some more.
  18. Rave smiled "sure Ill get everything ready for your shower." the room walls was white and had some photos of her and hr mothers . the black and white queen sized bed was in the middle of the room with hand made night stands on both sides. on right night stand was a lamp an old alarm clock and a photo of her and her ex. the lift had a lamp aswell but had some pills. once the door was close she turned around and slide down the door to just land on her butt. 'whats wrong with me?' she looked at her hand and saw they were shaking. 'clam down Rave' she said solftly out loud and in her head. she had a felling something was going to happen. she shakes the feeling off but was still a little shaky. she breath in and out a few more times then got up to change. she got out of the bath room like nothing happend. "ok i will get you a thing you need then Im going to go out and get use something to eat becase well i dont have food here. so anything you want to eat?"
  19. "Judging by your soup earlier, anything you make must be good. So you can choose what you want. I'm heading to the showers." Zack wasn't really particular on what he ate, but he was honestly complimenting her food. It tasted great. He didn't know if it was cause by his injuries or hunger from running away. But the main thought in his mind was to get clean. To get rid of this dirt and grime. He took off his clothes as carefully as he can. Blood stuck to it and he saw the wound through the bandages. He grimaced as he took off his shirt. After kicking off his pants, he entered the shower. It was good. He turned on the shower and threw off his remaining clothes. He looked at himself in the mirror. His hair looked almost brown and his body was caked in sweat and blood. Certainly he had a bad day yesterday. The shower was hot and he enjoyed it. He let the heat wash away all his pain and dirt. Then he began scrubbing vigorously. Blood and dirt came off with much effort, but after a while he was satisfied. He left the shower, dripping wet, and looked at the mirror once more. His hair was the bright blond he was used to. His body was clean and toned from years of exercise and training. Certainly he was fit. Zack looked around and saw no towels. He cursed for forgetting to bring one in. He was so focused on cleaning. Zack left the bathroom to find some towels.
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    Rave walked back into her room "Zack here some tow-wows" she said as she looked up to see Zack pacs. 'he fit as hell' then she notice he was naked and turned around not facing him. "Towle clothing is coming up next need to know your size" she couldnt get his hot wet body out of her mind. 'If sues was coming over she wo-' "Shit" she said out loud she throw him the towel "Zake stay up here and if you hear screaming and yelling its ok im just a crazy women trying to kill me.... that was a very bad joke" and with that she ran down stair.
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