A story with wolf, werewolf and ghost

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  1. It is a spring day. In the forest of SUA frontier with Canada, in north state Minessota, at frontier with canadian state Ontario, life a lot of more wolfs but one of them was particularly. It was a teen wolf girl with white fur like snow, with sharp black eyes and a thick tail. She born in a Alpha wolfs family or at least she think. The truth was she find by a wolf family at edge of forest and adopted her and named Alethia. She was differed by other wolfs in first row because she not have killer character specific wolfs so pronunced. She had a different diet. She not are a carnivore bloodthirsty. She had a omnivorous diet. She prefer search food instead hunt. She prefer bodies of animals, berries, peanuts and trash cast-off by turists.
    In one a day, while search food, Alethia feel a human smell. She sniffed and followed him. After the few ten minuts, she saw a human form among trees. Alethia hurried there and arrives face to face with one girl.
  2. Liz was just taking a walk in the trees trying to forget about school and the relentless teasing. As she turns a corner she hears a twig snap from deep within the trees. She steps into the open to try to find out what it was when all of a sudden there's a wolf in her face. Hesitantly she starts to back up out of the trees.
  3. Iris's house was just beside the forest. Her way back to home is quite far from school, as it is seperated by the forest. Today too, she took the same usual shortcut everyday by walking through the forest. But, today is slightly different. She feels strangely uneasy. It was as if she was surrounded by stares. And the wind too, it rustled through the leaves of the willow tree. Making a low, whispering sound that sounds almost like a conversation. It's making every hair on her body stands. But Iris is already deep inside the forest, it'll take much longer time if she chickened out now. Thus, She hold her breath, and started to run.
    After a while of running. she heard a sound of footstep in front of her. Oh shit, it's not a wild wolf isn't it? While steadying her feet, she looked at the creature between two tall trees. Fortunately, it's not a wolf as she feared but... It's a girl. a beautiful girl, with a sharp gaze. Both found their gaze on each other.
  4. Alethea they saw the two girls. But they developed smell gave him a little warning. One of the two girls had no smell. Although he could see quite clearly, Alethia suspected that the other girl not can see on girl scentless. Alethia realized that girl scentless is a ghost and probably only a dog could detect her senses. Alethia can't realized the difference when a ghost is visible or invisible. For Alethia the ghost are permanently visible.
    The first Alethia's reaction is that to hide behind the other girls. Proving that it was not a dangerous wolf but much still a puppy wolf although that aspect seemed adult.
  5. Liz stares as the wolf comes closer. She backs up quickly tripping over her own two feet falling through Iris just watching the wolf come closer. "nice wolfy....good wolfy...please dont eat me" She manages to squeak out before hesitantly reaching her hand out Alethia.
  6. I amuse her fear. I sit in front of her like I have received 'Sit" command. Then sit on belly like received "lie down" command and then I roll trhrough grass. they had made because show I am meek and nice. I smell her palm and leave caress on me.
  7. Liz hesitantly pets Alethia's muzzle. "Well that's wierd.." She carefully moves her hand over Alethia's face then pets her head softly. Liz relaxes her stiff posture and stands up slowly.
  8. Alethia want explore the city but single no had courrage. She know the humans scarry by she. Alethia want show her ability but she can't because scarry by potential eyes in approach. Alethia try convince the girl for accept she in her home.
  9. "Are you hungry girl? C'mon i'll get you somethin to eat." She turns and starts walking back to her house, on the other side of the forest. Half an hour later they get to her house, Liz opens the door quietly and walks inside.
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    Alethia befor enter in girl house, she wiped her feet, and then going in kitchen. Alethia looked at refrigerator and wait receive food.
  11. Liz quickly pulls out some chicken from the fridge and sets it down on the floor. She then fills a bowl full if water and sets it on the floor as well.
  12. Alethia eat chicken with bones with all from 3 mouthful than drink all water. Alethia going in house and inspect from see if they are single in house.
  13. Liz watches the wolf quietly. She cleans up the dishes and follows her quickly not sure what she's looking for. She glances around her small house and sighs.
  14. Alethia saw that they are single in house. Alethia stop in living and up in two feet.
    -Hello! Thanks for your ospitality. My name is Alethia and I am not ordinary wolf. I am alien wolf. Says Alethia and wait girl's reaction.
  15. Liz jumps back and falls to the floor. "Oh my......what's going on? Is somebody playing a trick on me?" She looks around quickly for her friend. Not seeing her she backs up slowly.
  16. It's not joke. I am really alien. I crash this Planet when last 3 winter. In fact I suspect that I am Alien because exist few indices. 1. I am different your wolfs. 2. I find few objects which probably come at UFO spaceship. 3. In my collar exist this mini CD. Says Alethia and it looks.
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  17. Liz stops moving away and stares. "What do you want from me?" She murmers quietly, her knees pulled up to her chest.
  18. Nothing bad. Only I want to thank you for you gave me food and I wish pretty please let me live with you. I promisse you, not create trouble.
  19. She looks at alethia and thinks for a second. "Okay...ummm we don't really have a spare room though." While talking she cleans up the mess from the food.
  20. -Besides the fact that they can be an excelent bodyguard, I can be also a excelent maid. Says Alethia.
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