A story of Mages.

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  1. Hello, thanks for checking this out. This RP will center around the story of conflicting groups of magic users, or, Mages. It features my own system of magic, that centers around two things; Class and Application. Class is the method one uses to aquire magical pottential from the spirit world. Application is the method in which that pottential is used. There are six classes and six applications.

    - A sorcerer uses knowledge to use the spirit world as a tool, shaping it to their will. To a Sorcerer, magic is a puzzle that requires solving. The risk of overuse is mental strain and, is serious cases, madness.
    - A wizard is one who was born with latent magical properties, usually from being the child of another magic user, or the result of a union between a human and a magical being. To them, magic is a skill to be learned like any other. Overuse runs the risk of physical exhaustion and even damage.
    - A cleric draws their power from faith, prayer, and devotion to the gods. To them, magic is a gift from a higher power. There is no risk of overuse, but doubt, fear, or breaking their Patron God's code can lessen the chances that their request for power will be answered.
    - A mystic is one who, through meditation or rituals, can draw magical energy from the world around them. To them, magic is like music in the air, egging them on and bringing them joy and confidence. Overuse can draw Dark spirits to them.
    - A Warlock/Witch, (Warlock is masculine, witch is feminine.) Are those that aquire their magical abilities through deals with dark spirits. By sacrificing substances of magical worth, the dark spirit grants them a certain amount of power. To a Warlock/Witch, magic is an exchange. Overuse of magical power may drive the spirit away... Or entice it to attack.
    - On rare occasions, an individual is born with a very strong soul, and is naturally capable of manipulating magical forces through focus and willpower. To a phycic, magic is an extension of the mind. Overuse can lead to a mix of Physical exhaustion, mental strain, and targeting by dark spirits.

    - The direct transfer of magical energy to affect the spirit world. Ex: Throwing a fireball.
    - The assignment of magical properties to items. Ex: Wreathing a sword in lightning or raising a golem.
    - The application of natural magic sources. Ex: Healing potion.
    - Using magic to alter an item's natural properties. Ex: Turning iron to gold, healing wounds, creating water.
    - Bringing creatures from the spirit world to the physical world. Ex: Open portal, monster jumps out.
    - The manipulation of magic and information through the spirit world. Ex: Exorcisms, Preventing magic in an area, Scrying, Teleportation.

    A mortal can use magic because he/she exists on both planes at once. Their body exists in the physical plane, their soul exists in the spirit world. Their blood exists in both, which is why open wounds cause disease and we fear blood naturally. Dark spirits are attracted to the power of spilt blood, and may attempt to attack a soul through a wound. The presence of dark spirits around gore is why it sickens us. It is also why blood is a strong alchemical ingredient.

    Magic is a trade-off between the physical and spirit worlds. As we get more powerful through magic, spirits get more powerful through affecting the physical plane.

    Any questions, concerns, or ideas are encouraged and appreciated, as always.
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  2. sounds like a cool idea. id be willing to join
  3. I might be interested :3
  4. Very much intrested Thinking about a
    or a
  5. I may have forgotten to specify, a person can be one class, but are not restricted in applications, for example: A Mage could use (and perhaps combine) casting and enchanting.

    I'll start carving out a story, if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to state them.
  6. Well I have 3 suggestions:

    Something or Someone is draining magic from the world, and these mage's have set out to find it,
    The Arch-Mage has gone missing and these mages have been tasked with working out where they have gone (Arch-Mage, Someone who can use 3+ of the classes and is considered 'head' of the council of mages)
    The nearby country has developed Steampunk/Cyberpunk technology and have started to invade, and these mages are sent to fight.
  7. Dang, this sounds decent. I'd also be willing and able to join!
  8. The idea is tempting and I like the detail in each class. What would the story be like?
  9. I like these classes, I'd be interested in joining if there are any spots left!
  10. The Wizard/Sorcerer thing is messing with me because I'm used to D&D. Their roles got transposed and I'm going wall-eyed for it. But, other than that, I can dig it. Although, would it be much to ask for convenience sake if you switched their names so it's more familiar to me?

    Also, possible plot.

    Heinous villain and his retinue escape through a massive portal with a currently unnamed McGuffin (could be artifact, a power he has that is threatening, or something like that) into an unexplored world of magic and new wonders. All the players know is that he seeks to raise his army, and his power, and retaliate.

    Motivations of the villain and other fun details can be filled in. But whatever this villain is capable of, they are a massive threat and must be stopped.
  11. Ah yes, I've heard of the switching. I actually made the classes before I heard of the definitions D&d gave them, with my reasoning behind it being Merlin and Gandalf both being magical because they were born/created that way, thus leaving Sorcery to be the other meaning. I suppose if the others would like it as well, I can switch the words.

    So here's what I've got.

    When an extremely powerful Mage of the Imperial Court is overpowered and captured during a massive ambush in which over three-hundred hostile Mages snuck into the city, summoned a horde of monsters which have been named "Orcs" it becomes apparent that no regular army can bring him back, and thus the Emperor orders a decree, that a team of Mages be tracked down and assigned the task of recovering the Court Mage, before his immense power can be used to bring forth a massive army of Monsters. The RP will focus on the team of Mages burning a path through the army of other Mages, Dark Spirits, and Orcs and finding leads to where the Court Mage is located, before the enemy uses his power to unleash an army that's probably big enough to conquer the world.

    I'll be getting OOC up later today or early tomorrow, depending on if there are any interruptions.
  12. Yes, All the yes.
  13. Wouldnt mind playing my fav cast summoner. Drops coin in.
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  14. IC will be up tomorrow, so if you haven't posted a character yet, be sure to do so.
  15. I might have to join in later. Schools been kicking my butt and I've only had time to answer one or 2 roleplays >_<
  16. Can you link me?
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