A Story of Mages: The Rescue

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  1. It is the year three-hundred-five of the Age of Sunrise, in the Empire of Mankind

    For those three hundred and five years, the Empire of Mankind has been unified all across the known world, and an age of great glory has been upon us. Unfortunately, the peace we have held has been attacked. One week ago, a group of Mages of mixed class and combat capability managed to break into the city and summon forth a horde of murderous humanoid beasts that we have temporarily named Orcs until a proper title is decided by the Court of Magical Practice. They managed to gravely injure the King, murder many of the royal guard, and even subdue and capture the Court Mage. The attack has made one thing obvious, that as it stands, our armies are incapable of effectively dealing with this heinous crime. If we wish to rescue our noble Court Mage, and prevent the enemy from harvesting his power for evil, we can only turn to one type of warrior.


    If you are receiving this message, that means you are a confirmed practitioner of the Magical Arts and have chosen or have been chosen to participate in the rescue of our Court Mage, and there is no turning back from here. You have already been marked by the agents of the Witch-Hunters, and defecting from this task will result in your demise. Success in this task will allow you, and any individuals of your choice, to openly practice your craft without fear from the Inquisition, under the limitations of reason, of course. By the end of the day, your journey will start. Good luck, and may the gods watch your path.
    -Ulric Wolf-Hunter, captain of the Royal Guard.
    This RP will center around the story of conflicting groups of magic users, or, Mages. It features my own system of magic, that centers around two things; Class and Application. Class is the method one uses to acquire magical potential from the spirit world. Application is the method in which that potential is used. There are six classes and six applications. An individual can only be one class, however, they can use any application they see fit.

    - A sorcerer uses knowledge to use the spirit world as a tool, shaping it to their will. To a Sorcerer, magic is a puzzle that requires solving. The risk of overuse is mental strain and, is serious cases, madness.
    - A wizard is one who was born with latent magical properties, usually from being the child of another magic user, or the result of a union between a human and a magical being. To them, magic is a skill to be learned like any other. Overuse runs the risk of physical exhaustion and even damage.
    - A cleric draws their power from faith, prayer, and devotion to the gods. To them, magic is a gift from a higher power. There is no risk of overuse, but doubt, fear, or breaking their Patron God's code can lessen the chances that their request for power will be answered.
    - A mystic is one who, through meditation or rituals, can draw magical energy from the world around them. To them, magic is like music in the air, egging them on and bringing them joy and confidence. Overuse can draw Dark spirits to them.
    - A Warlock/Witch, (Warlock is masculine, witch is feminine.) Are those that acquire their magical abilities through deals with dark spirits. By sacrificing substances of magical worth, the dark spirit grants them a certain amount of power. To a Warlock/Witch, magic is an exchange. Overuse of magical power may drive the spirit away... Or entice it to attack.
    - On rare occasions, an individual is born with a very strong soul, and is naturally capable of manipulating magical forces through focus and willpower. To a Psychic, magic is an extension of the mind. Overuse can lead to a mix of Physical exhaustion, mental strain, and targeting by dark spirits.

    - The direct transfer of magical energy to affect the spirit world. Ex: Throwing a fireball.
    - The assignment of magical properties to items. Ex: Wreathing a sword in lightning or raising a golem.
    - The application of natural magic sources. Ex: Healing potion, pre-prepared spells, Bomb-making.
    - Using magic to alter an item's natural properties. Ex: Turning iron to gold, healing wounds, creating water, growing claws or wings.
    - Bringing creatures from the spirit world to the physical world. Ex: Open portal, monster jumps out.
    - The manipulation of magic and information through the spirit world. Ex: Exorcisms, Preventing magic in an area, Scrying, Teleportation, Telekinesis and Telepathy.

    -The tool one uses to cast is called a Catalyst. An example would be a Wand or a Staff. The use of such a tool does not have a significant effect on it's ability to channel spells, and they are mostly used for simple mechanical purposes, as some people would not like to have whatever spells they are casting so close to their bodies, and if push comes to shove, you can hit someone with a staff, or poke an eye with a wand.

    -A mortal can use magic because he/she exists on both planes at once. Their body exists in the physical plane, their soul exists in the spirit world. Their blood exists in both, which is why open wounds cause disease and we fear blood naturally. Dark spirits are attracted to the power of spilt blood, and may attempt to attack a soul through a wound. The presence of dark spirits around gore is why it sickens us. It is also why blood is a strong alchemical ingredient.

    -Magic is a trade-off between the physical and spirit worlds. As we get more powerful through magic, spirits get more powerful through affecting the physical plane.
  2. Character Sheets

    Mage Character Sheet
    Appearance: (Picture, description, or both.)
    Age: (And if necessary, perceived age.)
    Class: (If you are a wizard, specify your magical heritage. If you are a Cleric, describe the God you serve, and if you are a Warlock/Witch, describe the spirit you are allied with. If that spirit regularly manifests in the physical plane, be sure to put in a Spirit Character Sheet for it.)
    Spells: (Simply describe what types of spells I can expect from them, and how powerful they can get before bad things start to happen. Though if you can take on a dragon the size of a passenger jet without too much effort, you may be too powerful.)
    Back story:

    In case your Mage can summon a spirit, command a sapient golem, or has a familiar, I've included a character sheet for spirits. This one is pretty flexible, feel free to edit it as you see appropriate.
    Spirit Character sheet:
    Age: (If necessary, perceived age.)
    Gender: (If applicable.)
    Abilities: (Once again, probably not going to be more powerful than a huge dragon.)
    Back story:

    (Up to three Mages and three Spirits.)
    (PM any secret stuff to me.)

    Cast List:

    Ulric Wolf-Hunter
    Little Mouse

    Leondro Winston

    Gerald Walker

    Nathaniel "Storm Walker" Gladstone

    Frederick Alluni

    Hildegarde Lockwood
    Alexander Grimnar


    Normal People:
    Loren Briarheart​
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  3. I am unclear if its 3 spirits PER mage, or 3 spirits total. I will treat it as 3 spirits PER mage as my first mage will be a dedicated caster/summoner.

    Mage Character Sheet
    Name: Nathaniel "Storm Walker" Gladstone
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Class: Wizard: Magical Heritage Zypher, A wind and Storm Spirit,
    Application: Summoner-Caster
    Caster Spells:
    Lightning Bolt, A simple lightning bolt from the palm or end of his staff arcs in to the target, Due to the simplicity of the spell, the power he can put in to it is only limited by his own magical reserves, but he tends to use it as a weak, rapid fire spell.
    Chain Lightning, As above, but bounces from target to target, He must be careful with the amount of power to avoid it arcing back in to himself or a ally.
    Gust: A simple blast of wind to knock foes back or clear fog, Can throw foes about 20m or so at it strongest. drains almost no power.
    Razor Wind: A compressed wave of air in a crescent moon shape used like a cutting blade. Can be used to slice steel but loses power over distance. dissapates at about 40m.
    St.Elmo's Fire: A crackling orb of lightning forms in his palm, this can be thrown, rolled or used as a melee weapon. while in his hand it electrocutes and burns the target, when released it behaves like a grenade, detonating after a time, or upon impact. This spell has only 1 level of power and deals decent damage, but Nathaniel must be careful of where he is throwing it.
    Ride The lighting: Nathaniel transforms in to a lightning bolt and blasts through his foes to a spot before rematiralisng, dealing damage along his path. This can carry him about 75m.
    Call The Storm: Nathaniel creates a ACTUAL lightning storm upon his command and call down bolts of real lightning upon demand at any target he can see within the storm's radius. The downside of this is that during it he CANNOT cast other spells and it continually drains his magical power.

    Summoner Spirits:
    Morkai The lightning Wolf (Continual Summon, a mix of Companion, Mount, and Pet)
    Fulgrim The Storm Elemental (Semi-Regular summon, guardian, warrior, trainer,)
    Fafnir The Dragon Of Storms (very Rare summon, Teacher, sage, Scorched Earth Policy)

    Personality: Nathaniel is light hearted, kind, but somewhat Flighty with his attentions and affections. He will not care much for something one moment and then be fighting for it with everything he has the next, it is mostly in jest or light hearted enjoyment. It is very hard to anger him overall. Though if something does manage to push him to anger he will stop at nothing to tear them apart.

    Misc: Will fill in when something comes to mind.
    Staff Image:


    Spirit Character sheet:
    Size: That of a Shire Horse.
    Name: Morkai
    Age: bloody hell if anyone knows
    Gender: Male
    Storm Fangs, The wolfs bite is electricly charged
    Static Shield, Morkai generates a field of static energy that repels metals.
    Ride The Lightning, See spell of same name for Nathanial, However this includes his rider.
    Tough hide, His skin and fur is like steel.
    Rending Claws, Much like his hide and fur, his claws and teeth can rip steel.
    Personality: Morkai is warm, kind, compassionate and above all, just a big puppy at heart, but he'll still bite your arm off if you stick your fingers up his nose.

    Misc: Fufills the roles of guardian, pet, and mount to Nathaniel.


    Spirit Character sheet:
    Size: That of a Articulated lorry stood on end (small 3 bed house)
    Name: Fulgrim
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: N/A
    Shocking Grasp, A grip supercharged with Lightning
    Dust Devil, A small tornado the size of a car is thrown at the target
    Lightning Bolt: See spell of same name
    Storm Wave: A shockwave of lightning in a arc
    Razor Wind: See spell of same name
    Immatiral Form: Fulgrim is unaffected by physical attacks (energy such as cold, darkness, light ect still hit him)

    Personality: Fulgrim is, Well all at once kind and caring and harsh, he is strict beyond belief but will guard those he cares for with vicious fury. he is willing however to share his knowledge

    Misc: He fills the roles of Teacher, Mentor, Guard and protector for Nathaniel.



    Spirit Character sheet:
    Size: Huge Dragon
    Name: Fafnir
    Age: bloody old
    Standard Dragon Esc abilites.
    Lightning Breath: A immense rain of lightning bolts scorches a area to ashes
    Personality: Nathaniel knows little about Fafnir, as summoning him takes immense amounts of energy and strength. All he knows is that the dragon is immensely wise and powerful and often has sage advice on almost every topic.

    Misc: Fafnir fufills the role of sage, and some times mentor to Nathaniel, He will also provide a 'scorched earth' service should Nathaniel request it. but it requires good reasoning from Nathaniel to persuade Fafnir to unleash his fury.
  4. Three characters and three spirits each? I'm out. Too many cooks.
  5. Up to, not required, you can have only one if you want.
  6. #NoFaith

    I'll think on it. I'll wait to see how much everyone submits, but if the character/player count gets to high I'm gonna bounce.
  7. Makes sense, I'm gonna have only 2 mages, but probably a few spirits, but only ever use 1 or 2 spirits at a time. as a summoner should.
  8. I was thinking one Human-level-intelligent spirit per mage.
  9. but than means no discourse and arguments between spirits of the same mage!
  10. Do you want us to use a specific type of picture for our characters? (Such as anime/real photo/painting etc)
  11. Personally I would opt for traditional art that isn't anime.
  12. Any picture is fine.
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  13. Photo (open)


    Name: Leondro Winston
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Class: Mystic
    Enchanting – he focuses mostly on enchanting his own and others weapons. He uses elements to up the offensive capability of the weapons (lightening/fire etc.) but the elements cannot jump off the weapons. To activate they have to physically hit another person/thing. If he ups the enchanting to try and do long range attacks with the elements he will be swarmed by dark spirits. He can also up the stability of a weapon enough that it won’t crack or break in battle for a long time. Things start to go wrong when he tries to make them completely indestructible, a large golem/mid-sized dragon or other creature can break the weapons.
    Communication – Scrying able to scry someone or something if he knows the person/area. More than a hundred miles and things will begin to go wrong with the ritual. Teleportation – short range teleportation, mostly across battlefields. Telekinesis – nothing over the weight of a small cart. Telepathy – Only those he knows wells. Preventing Magic – can prevent magic within a ten radius of his own position. Exorcisms/Communication with spirits – can force lesser spirits out of the physical plane, but not ones that have sentience or have some other sort of high power. Can speak with spirits of those he knows well, but not with enemies or unknown spirits.

    Personality: He's a perfectionist when it comes to anything he does. He hates to feel as if he hasn't tried his hardest and that tends to lead to many sleepless nights practicing or doing homework. Though he isn't a genius like some, he's intelligent enough to realize it and study harder than others. He tends to finish whatever he starts. He's hard on himself whenever he comes in second. Because he's the oldest of five brothers, he's grown up feeling he has to carry everyone else's problems. He isn't very good at making friends, but once he does he becomes extremely protective and loyal. Most of his brothers feel that he's extremely bossy, but it's really a way to protect himself from situations he feels he can't control. Once he sets a goal, he works towards it with an intensity that can be frightening.

    Back story: The oldest of five brothers and three sisters, Leondro’s parents ended up putting a lot of responsibility on his shoulders at a young age. He originally thought that the feeling like music just on the edge of his hearing was something that everyone experienced. But when he mentioned it briefly in front of his parents they were quick to realize that it meant their son was a mage of some sort. They were ecstatic since it meant that the family would have a mage to lean on during hard times. He was sent; to the dismay and jealousy of his siblings, to become trained in the Magical arts.
    His parents while he was away training ended up dying. His mother took ill with something terminal and died only a year after he left. His father ended up falling down a cliff after a hunting trip went wrong.
    Since then he has found solace in the meditation and rituals of being a mystic. Because he was sent away, he has a very tenuous relationship with the rest of his family who find him either too bossy, or too cold. As a consequence he spends as much time away as he can from them (his money, and support being sent through messengers), though he always finds himself missing them dearly and wishing he still had a good relationship with his siblings.

    Misc: Carries an enchanted staff for defense. Spelled with wind magic.
  14. Mind if I reserve a spot so I can work on my CS ^_^ I'm gonna make a psychic.
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  15. Go ahead.
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  16. WIP.

    Mage Character Sheet
    Name: Alexander Grimnar
    Gender: Male
    Class: Warlock, His deal is with a Demon.
    Hellfire: A simple fire-creation and shaping spell, can be used to produce a fireball, a firebolt (think flame-lance), a flame-thrower like effect or similiar. it can also be used to create a rain of fire over a wide area, however this stops him from using Synaesthesia for a day. It can also be used to encase his blade in flames.

    Synaesthesia: Alexander calls upon the pact made with the demon to create a suit of battle armour that Alexander wears in replacement of his own, This increases his strength, speed, durability, and magical power to superhuman levels. Allowing him to tap in to the demons innate powers and use them as weapons. However Overuse of this not only strains Alexander but the Demon the deal is done with, as such Alexander tries to wait untill the last minute, and banish the armour as soon as possible. The additional Spells are Listed below

    Black Lightning: A bolt of Hellish Lightning that strikes at the foes soul
    Necrosis: A festering spell that eats at the foes life force
    Ablative magic: This creates a magical sheild around Alexander that negates a single spell utterly, but is shattered afterwards, this can only be used twice per Synaesthesia casting.
    Obsidian Lance: A spear of obsidian is fired at the target.
    Screams of the Dammed: The immense sheild lets lose a wailing scream from the dammed souls trapped within it, blasting back everyone around him, as well as disrupting the very flow of magic between spirit and real world, This causes immense pain to casters, dispels most spells and dismissing most magical creatures/spirits.
    Burning Gaze: By pausing in combat Alexander can turn his baleful gaze upon the target and focus all his magical energy through this piercing gaze, a very breif combat of wills ensues between the combined forces of Alexander and the demon against the target. Should Alexander win, the target's life force is snuffed out and consumed by the demon, should the foe win, the demonic armour is dismissed as the Explosive Dismissal spell, but rather than a area of effect, the blast is directed in a line towards the target.
    Wings of Blood: The Red cape upon his shoulders draws upon the blood of the fallen, becoming a pair of immense wings that drip boiling blood under them, allowing Alexander the power of flight as well as a pair of additional weapons/defences in the forms of the wings.
    Explosive Dismissal: Upon Dismissing the Armour the energy left within it erupts outwards in dark fire and black lightning, knocking foes away.

    Alexander's personality is rather fiery. He is passionate, not only about his duty and magic, but about those around him, he is the first to give nicknames, the first offer a handshake, and the first attempt to cheer up a disheartened comrade. but he also has a very short temper, he has a unbridled fury that when unleashed as it is in his Simulacrum will drive him to leave nothing but ashes and bodies behind him.
    He was once described by one of his friends as follows: "A kind man, and a good hearted one to, but should someone anger him, you best have a mop and bucket on hand. and a grave dug for the poor sod who pissed him off."

    Back story: Born the child of A knight and a lady of the court Alexander's primary education was in swordplay and courtly manners rather than in magic and forbidden lore. He discovered magic when he encountered the local witch using her pact with the creatures of the forest to heal people. he was young at the time and asked her to teach him. She did so, and he learnt combat alongside magic, though he focused more on his 'proper' learning rather than the 'back ally magic' as his parents called it.
    When he was 15 the witch died and his education was left unfinished. She was at the time teaching him to summon his first spirit to make a pact with. So to finish his education he went exploring the library and found books on demons and battle magics, and so being young and inexpiranced he summoned a demon and asked for armour and weapons to let him defeat any foe. Strangely enough the demon took pity on the young boy and Gave the boy what he asked for with little in return, He balanced the boy's personality out, changing him from the caring, loving and eternally happy child to the fiery and passionate man that does battle today and granted him enough knowledge to know what he had done.
    It wasn't well known what Alexander had done until he was on the field of battle and the fight had turned against his side and he called upon the demon for the first time and left nothing in his wake but a bloody trail rendering foes unto nothing but gore and dismembered limbs. after slaughtering a path through the enemy forces and destroying the enemy commander with nothing but a baleful glare he was all at once applauded by his troops and comrades and commended by his superiors. He was stripped of his knighthood and position, but he was not executed, given a small cottage on the outskirts of a small village and enough money to live off he was cast out and forgotten. Until they Needed him again.

    Misc: he is highly proficient with his blade, as well as those weapons provided by the Synaesthesia spell.
    Synaesthesia form:
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  17. All currently posted Characters are accepted.
  18. quick question, is there a spirit world thing here? like a plane of existence outside the mortal world for spirits/demons and stuff, or are they all just together in one world?
  19. The spirit world and the physical world are, essentially, two different states of existence.

    Though as Mages regularly interact with the spirit world, they interact with the physical world.
  20. okie dokie just checking :3
    otherwise working with my witch's demon partner woulda been a bit more complicated
    my CS will be done shortly
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