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  1. It is the year three-hundred-five of the Age of Sunrise, in the Empire of Mankind

    A Story of Mages: The Rescue

    For those three hundred and five years, the Empire of Mankind has been unified all across the known world, and an age of great glory has been upon us. Unfortunately, the peace we have held has been attacked. One week ago, a group of Mages of mixed class and combat capability managed to break into the city and summon forth a horde of murderous humanoid beasts that we have temporarily named Orcs until a proper title is decided by the Court of Magical Practice. They managed to gravely injure the King, murder many of the royal guard, and even subdue and capture the Court Mage. The attack has made one thing obvious, that as it stands, our armies are incapable of effectively dealing with this heinous crime. If we wish to rescue our noble Court Mage, and prevent the enemy from harvesting his power for evil, we can only turn to one type of warrior.


    If you are receiving this message, that means you are a confirmed practitioner of the Magical Arts and have chosen or have been chosen to participate in the rescue of our Court Mage, and there is no turning back from here. You have already been marked by the agents of the Witch-Hunters, and defecting from this task will result in your demise. Success in this task will allow you, and any individuals of your choice, to openly practice your craft without fear from the Inquisition, under the limitations of reason, of course. By the end of the day, your journey will start. Good luck, and may the gods watch your path.
    -Ulric Wolf-Hunter, captain of the Royal Guard.
    The midday sun was shining over the battered streets of the Capital City of the Empire of Mankind. It has been eight days since the attack by Mages and Monsters, and while the streets have since been cleaned and cleared of debris, many of the buildings maintained structural damage, mostly from fire... some from being beaten down, and many hard-to-reach arrows and bolts on the higher buildings. It was as a tarnish on silver that had yet to be removed. The streets bustled with anxious activity, as today was the day that the Mages that the Imperial Army and Witch Hunters had painstakingly gathered from anywhere they could would be sent off to rescue the Court Mage and bring justice to the villains who took him. Gates were opened, and the Mages were seen, being escorted by what was left of the Capital Guard to the Plaza just outside the Imperial Castle, where the Emperor himself watched down over them silently from a balcony, flanked on both sides by the Castle Guard.

    Excluding the footsteps and jostling of the crowd, there was a silence over the area, brought by equal parts fear of the Mages and respect for the Emperor. Above the streets and within the alleys stood near countless Witch-Hunters holding crossbows loaded with bolts of Silver and Cold Iron, some with holy symbols engraved in... others dipped in poison... a few with red-hot tips. Whatever was needed to take down a Mage if things went wrong. The gates to the castle opened, soon Ulric Wolf-Hunter, captain of the Capital Guard, would leave, remind the Mages of their mission, their reward for completion, their punishment for desertion, and then take lead of the operation.

    Ulric was in his quarters in the castle, looking at an old mannequin adorned in the equipment he used to wear when he was a member of the Witch-Hunters. A long cloak of black and various shades of brown, beneath which was a chain shirt with various belts that would press it tightly against oneself, to reduce the amount of noise the chain makes as one moves. This particular one was equipped with a large ragged hood, giving it a sinister impression. A belt adorned with sheathes that once held silver knifes wrapped around the waist, and many self-tailored pockets covered the suit in random places, once used to hold whatever he saw fit to place in them, from holy symbols to smoke bombs, to more knives. To the side of it, on a desk... was a repeating crossbow that hadn't fired a shot in years. The only noticable customization on it was a large UWH carved into the side, and quite a few notches carved into the handle. The first was simply his initials. The second indicated lives that the crossbow took.

    He sighed, and retrieved his hammer and shield from a trunk as somebody knocked on his door. It was time to go meet the Mages. He uttered a prayer to the gods.
    "Oh, Gods of Courage and Justice, those of you who have lead me to where I stand thus far, Protect my people, let not these Mages, unto whom I shall permit the practice of their craft and all who they see fit to bestow such freedom on, be of wicked heart. Watch over my path, and bring me the strength to fight this war. This conflict shall change the world... may it be for the better."

    He turned, breathed deeply in and out, put on his game-face, and marched out to meet his new Soldiers. He could immediately sense their presence, and went on to acknowledge them.

    The first was a confirmed Mystic, and a practitioner of Enchantments and Communication.
    "You're Leondro Winston, I think you were the one with the dogged determination. You got a clean record, so that's good. You got potential."

    He passed by him rather quickly, and moved on to the next in an orderly fashion. There was a young man, with white hair grey eyes. Must have been Nathaniel Gladstone.
    "I've heard you've been spotted with spirits alongside you, I hope you can command them efficiently, I know the potential for power they hold when directly within our realm."

    On to the next, another young man, grey hair but different colored eyes. He was confirmed to be a mercenary.
    "Well, you've seen combat... consider this a particularly hard job."

    After that, none other than Alexander Grinmar. Warlock and former general. He paused for several moments.
    "Saw the battlefield myself later that day..."

    It wasn't hard to recognize Little Mouse. She was eleven, after all.
    "You're a good kid. Best of luck to you."

    He turned towards her guardian, Loren Briarheart. He couldn't sense any magical energy.
    "Take it from a former Witch-Hunter. Watch out for everything."

    Next was Hildegarde Lockwood. A Witch. Hopefully she wouldn't be trouble.
    "Keep the Demon in check."

    Finally, he reached the one who had worked his way to the back. Doctor Alluni. The kid was hiding behind some magic illusion, so his face appeared different.
    "Honestly, it was suspicious that you avoided me like the plague. Drop the disguise kid. The Witch Hunters need to know what you look like."

    Frederick paused for a moment, his eyes darting across the area. Witch Hunters were everywhere, and until he survived thus... he was at their mercy. The crowd was staring at everyone the captain had previously talked to. He very badly didn't want to drop the disguise, but it wasn't like he had a choice.
    "Very well, sir."

    The young features of the left side of his face gave way to the scars caused by grievous chemical burns. The Captain nodded.
    "I see why you had it... Don't try to invent potions while others are in a thirty-feet radius of you."

    Just like that, the Captain of the guard had backed away, and made an announcement to all of the group, as Frederick's disguise faded back, removing his scars once more.
    "Mages, you have gathered, or been gathered, as you have been told, to rescue the Court Mage from the hands of an unknown enemy. As they are almost all Mages and summoned monsters, a normal army cannot match them. With you're aid, we can. You are aware of the rewards. Use them responsibly, you're practice will no longer be banned, but if your practice involves the harm of our people. You will be punished. I, as you may have guessed, will be leading the charge. The Witch Hunters have dispatched five-hundred members of varying ranks and skill in order to aid where they can. This will be a war unlike any we have ever seen, and will usher in a new age of magical acceptance. May your actions be just and courageous. And may we be in the Gods' favor. We begin marching tomorrow morning. You have free reign of the city until then. Don't try to leave."

    Frederick looked left to right, and put his mask on so he wouldn't have to keep the disguise spell going. He hurried back to his shop, with the intentions of packing anything useful into his cart so he could take it with him to the war.

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  2. Nathaniel, The Storm Mage.

    "Rousing Pep Talk." Nathaniel muttered to himself "do as your told or we'll hunt you down and execute you." Not like anything has changed. He didn't care much, They needed him, and they wouldn't bother him after this. Not that they had before, there was little call for witch hunters up in the storm-lands, There was little call for anything except storm Seers as they called mages. Walking outside he looked at the guards and the very overt threat to keep everything in check. He smiled "Well, I have a day to myself, Its not like they are gonna start shooting for no good reason." The boys accent was rough, he was from the north, or atleast he had lived up there for some of his childhood, It wasn't clear where he lived now, his clothes were nondescript and gray, not the soft gray of a court messenger but the rough gray of a angry sky. He called out to Ulric, "Can I use Transportation magic? or close to, and can I call forth my mount? Thanks!" he yelled, and without waiting for a response he started to run. He held his hands out either side of him and lightning roiled down his arms and crackled about them. "Come Forth Morkai, Prowler of the skys, He who has fangs of lightning, Wolf of The Storm." The lightning flashed out forming the shape of a huge wolf. Jumping up and swinging himself on to the back of the huge creature Nathaniel patted its head before giving it a hug. "C'mon buddy, lets go find somewhere to enjoy the good weather. They won't let us out this town, so lets find somewhere High up." The immense lightning wolf barked its agreement, the noise was loud enough to sound like a thunderclap and the pair took off on to the roofs and up. Despite its immense size the wolf left little in the way of markings, mealy scorched paw-prints where its feet had landed. When they ran out of roof the pair shifted in to lightning blasting upwards in a sizzling bolt of energy before reforming, Nathaniel's joyous laughter could be heard for a split second before he jumped off the head of the wolf who dispersed in to sparks before becoming the bolt of energy again, Managing to land atop the crenelations of one of the tallest towers on the castle. arms wide he windmilled madly for a moment before the Lightning wolf reformed and picked him up by the scruff of the neck like a mother wolf would one of its cubs and dumped him on the actual tower itself. Using the crenelations as a wind break both wolf and boy settled down in the mid afternoon sun. If anyone was to actually walk up to the highest tower and try and bother them, they'd firstly find that the huge wolf was laying across the trapdoor, which made it immensely hard to open. the second thing they'd realise if they either did get it to open, or climbed up the outside of the tower was that both wolf and boy were fast asleep in the sun, They would also find that any and all metallic objects were repelled quite strongly from the top of the tower, so grappling hooks would be of no avail.


    Alexander, The Warlock Of Battle.

    "And so now you call me back to you at the time your misdeeds strike you back." He said and smiled before holding his hand out to Ulric. "So you saw the mess I made? I guess I get to make another one but this time without getting told that it is evil and should have let my men die. Anyway, that is all in the past now." He paused. "So, Captain of the guard, You know about me, but I know little about you, care to share your name since I suspect we will be fighting on the field of battle together." It had been a long time since Alexander had worn the armour of the guard, or even his battle armour, He'd defended the small village he'd lived by often enough, but he rarely used his old armour, the fights were far and few between so he could use Simulcra for the entire battle. Yet as he wore it now it looked different still from those guards around him, older, more ornate and stranger as if it had been touched by some otherworldly force. It glistened a deep, wet, red like spilt blood, yet it also bore marks of use without care, the cape was torn and had holes from arrows and magic punched through it. It looked battle worn. "And since the crown is supporting this mission, will we be put up for the night, or shall I look for a tavern?" He asked then paused glancing at a part of his armour where it looked almost melted. "And will the castle armour-smith be at our disposal, or atleast the forge? I would hate to go in to battle with armour that wouldn't be protective." He added. Even after all these years he held himself with pride and dignity, it was as if he didn't care that he was a outcast being asked to aid people in a chance for redemption, he held himself as if he was not being watched by hundreds of guards and feared faces, he acted as if he was here because helping was the right thing to do.
  3. The streets were still littered with shards of glass and shrapnel despite the cleanup operation, the back alleys were the worst of all. Even though most of the cleanup operation was done there was still traces of the attack left. Black smoke stains creeping like inky tentacles along what remained of burned out buildings, gutted homes and businesses and tangled piles of exposed foundations where magic had ripped buildings apart.
    The cleanup was finished but it would take more time still to rebuild. Luckily, Little Mouse's temple was intact. In a poor district of the city, with no notable businesses or residents, a lot of the damage had been minimal, the attack had targeted more high profile areas, Loren and Mouse's home had received relatively little damage and the Temple suffered minor damage.

    Loren had carried Mouse to the temple on his back, shattered glass and rock from buildings could be scattered about and he didn't want her to wound her feet as she never wore shoes. She wound her skinny wiry arms around his neck and perched like a monkey as she always did. Once Loren reached the temple she scrambled down from his back and ran down the aisle up to the altar where she knelt down on her knees and bowed her head in silent prayer. Loren kept a respectable distance and his bow notched and hoisted up toward the door, lest she be disturbed.

    A guard entered as Mouse prayed to her God's and Goddesses, Libris most of all, the goddess of justice and mercy.
    "Not a step closer" Loren warned, the guard froze where he was but reminded Loren that Mages had to come before Ulric Witch Hunter and that it was time for them to move, should they refuse they'd be cut down and the guard would have no qualms about going through Loren to get to Mouse.

    "She will come when she finishes her prayers and not a moment sooner"
    Loren refused to yield.
    Quietly, Mouse lifted her head and her bare feet padded softly to Lorens side. She tugged the hem of his tunic and he lowered his bow, sheathing the arrow he'd drawn into its quiver and hoisted Mouse up onto his back.
    "I'm ready now" she whispered in his ear though the guard couldn't hear. Loren nodded for the guard to lead the way and filed out of the temple.

    The streets had been familiar once but now, after the attack 8 days ago, they were mangled and alien to him even though he knew the way around. Finally he came to a stop and Mouse slunk down to stand beside his leg, he was tall and she still short,she only reached his waist when she stood.

    Little Mouse and Loren were radically different. A little girl with barely a pick of weight on her, and the young man with taut thin muscles giving his lithe frame enough bulk to weild a long bow and daggers with ease. Despite their differencs they had one thing in common. They were watching and listening to everything.

    Loren didn't like this one bit. A war was no place for a little girl, despite her gifts, yet here she was and she'd be in trouble if she hadn't gone along.
    He kept his hand by his dagger at all times, the other held onto Mouse's as she looked around and hummed silently to herself. She didn't make a sound but Loren saw how she pursed her lips together and knew she was echoing tuneless songs in her head.

    Ulric appeared to address them, Loren bit his tongue when he wished Mouse good luck, luck doesn't matter a bit, she's a little girl not a mercenary!!! He kept his mouth shut,only because it served to do more harm than good if he spoke out now.

    "Watch out for everything"
    Loren kept his face set seriously as ever and replied "I already do" staying his tongue before he said more than he ought to. Mouse played with the rabbits paw strung to a cord around her neck and didn't seem afraid. Loren wished she wasn't so brave ... they could have run,surely a little girl and a young man with no magic weren't worth hunting down yet she'd insisted that the goddess urged her to follow Ulric and so they wound up here...

    She jumped up and down and clapped her hands when Nathaniels wolf leapt up and bounded about like a majestic fabled creature ... which it was. It kept far enough away from Loren and Mouse so he didn't try attack, as long as it didn't provoke him, Loren was willing to assume that the other Mages wouldn't actively try to kill Mouse on purpose. They called her here for a reason even if she didn't belong.

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  4. As if this day was bad enough, first the employer died before Gerald could even get his pay, then the witch hunters show up to escort him to the newly destroyed city. He had forgotten that today was the day where he was going to be told to fight against his will, even without pay.

    What a load of bull

    The only good thing to come from this is the fact that he can practice and use magic openly if the job gets done right. Which would mean he could have an easy time opening up a place where he could teach younglings on magic, and on the art of sword combat. Of course he still needed the money for the books, and he needed to study more on the different types of magic, as well as the people who use this to there own will. Even if he can't find a way to learn all these facts, he still would feel more than accomplished having a safe place for people to practice magic with the scrutiny of others.

    It didn't take long before they were at the city, the two hunters showed him to the area. "Thanks for the escort gentlemen, but I'll take it from here" the ashen haired kid spoke, giving a sly smile before walking. "Bunch of Arse faces..." He spoke before taking his spot in the line of mages. The person Gerald suspected as the head of this ragtag group, was ulric, big guy, cleric. He never understood the way the clerics did there thing. Praying to gods and such for there magic, but everyone has there own thing.

    When ulric confronted Gerald, he had a feeling that the big man didn't particularly like him, maybe he found out what his line of work was. It was typical though, he was used to the hate. "Well captain, hard is not the word I would use to describe this hellish hole were in" After that he went on a speech, and Gerald just leaned against the wall with his arms crossed, giving everyone a hazy look as he examined the strangers. Only two really stood out at the moment, the man with a huge buster like sword, and the hunter looking man with a child on his back....wait a child?

    Gerald was so astonished that this man took his daughter, or sibling along with him, she must've been either God like, or the man was just plain stupid. Once the speech was over the teen made his way to the hunter man and the child. He didn't even bother to look at the Lightning wolf when it was casted by the other Mage.

    Once he met his target he stood right in front of the hunter, and spoke. "Hey there, names Gerald, and I'm not much for introductions." He extended a hand to shake. "So tell me, what in the hell were you thinking bringing the little one to this" he said straight to the point with no pauses in between sentences with a sarcastic smile.

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  5. Hildegarde regarded the other assembled magic users with a cold gaze as she stood there silently, her arms crossed beneath her large chest. "Hmph... what a bunch of misfits, as if this bunch is truly the best they could recruit, it seems more likely we are the only ones who bothered to show up." She thought, having little confidence in the group as a whole right from the start. As Ulric inspected each of them, her only greeting was a dark glare as he dared give her an order, as if she were some amateur at that. As he finished his little speech, Hildegarde simply rolled her eyes. "Gods favor? If the gods cared for your precious Court Mage or your people they'd have intervened." She said dismissively. This entire situation was nothing but a doomed mess as far as she was concerned, but nonetheless the pay they offered her was enough for her to take some risk, though more than anything she merely wanted a better chance to test some of her magic. The witch heard Nathaniel's comment about Ulric's speech, and couldn't help but smile just a bit but she didn't say anything.

    For the moment she merely wanted to find a good place to rest, it had taken her the better part of a week to travel to this scarred city from her home deep in the forests and though she certainly hadn't walked the distance she was no less tired from the journey. A black energy swirled around her hand as she turned to leave, and with a wave the energy snaked out and formed a circle surrounded with arcane glyphs. The circle "sank" into the ground like a hole into nothingness, and from it crawled an enormous black spider with thin spindly legs and a bulbous abdomen. The creature allowed its mistress step up onto it's head and seat herself on it's abdomen like the seat of a chariot. "I'm going to find myself a proper inn, I would advise against bothering me, a lady needs her beauty sleep though as you can see I don't need much" She said with a prideful grin. With a snap of her fingers her abnormal steed skittered off down the street, much to the terror of the few civilians she passed on her way through the city.
  6. Leondro’s jaw was tense as he walked through the crumbled city. He had heard the attack was bad, but seeing it with his own eyes always brought a new perceptive. His hand tightened a bit on his back pack. Inside it were a few rations, but it was mostly filled with the things that were needed for him to perform his rituals. Candles, incense and chalk. He had been a bit relieved to be summoned by the Captain of the Royal Guard, things at home were just as tense as usual. Maybe even more so since his oldest sister had gone and married herself to a neighbor. Usually getting out of the small village meant that he was able to walk without glares leveled at him, but…

    Yes this city had definitely been attacked by mages. Leo pulled his hood further across his face as he followed the Capital guard to the plaza. Those looks of fear from the common people were understandable, but that didn’t stop the prickling sensation on his skin from them. Instead he turned his attention to Ulric as he came up to him.

    He bowed a bit, though not enough to take his eyes off the Guard Captain, and said nothing to the sentence just a nod in acceptance. A small voice in his mind wondered dryly what would have happened if his record hadn’t been clean. He’d gotten close recently to meditating for too long. It was just so much more… more. A laughing bit of music from the magic around them reached his ears and he unclenched his fist as the Captain made his way around the plaza to the other mages.

    He kept his eyes away from the Witch Hunters that lined the plaza, he had no love of the group though he’d had no real conflict with them yet. But this certainly was not striking any confidence in him. The speech was even less so. “Not the best rallying call,” he said under his breath as he moved away from the plaza. His journey here had been long and he’d need food and to make sure that all of his things were restocked. But, a small smirk appeared on his lips. Being able to meditate and practice in the open would make any of this worth it.
  7. -Ulric-
    It wasn't long before Ulric had shut his mouth that two of the Mages had already summoned large monsters from the Spirit world to carry them to whatever part of the city they pleased. Witch hunters across the area, who had just started to calm down, were put on an even stronger alert, a few almost opening fire before being stopped by their superiors. What Ulric found particularly worrysome was Nathaniel choosing a castle tower as a resting spot. He held his hand to his forehead. "This is going to be tedious."

    Turning back and shaking hands with Alexander.
    "My name is Ulric Wolf-Hunter. There are Inns throughout the city if you'd prefer, but the barracks has bunks as well, and the Witch Hunters are setting up camp in the merchant district. The castle blacksmith is repairing armor at a very fast rate, so you could probably stop by. Most of the smithies in the Merchant district are either being repaired or making equipment for the Witch Hunters."

    He looked to the roofs and alleyways, the Witch hunters were bothered by the instantaneous displays of magic. He didn't blame them, the majority of any magic they ever saw was aimed at them.

    Good thing for the Emperor he was surrounded in enough Ward spells to stop just short of anything dead in it's tracks.

    It wasn't long before the lad had set off to his shop that a loud scuttling noise had appeared to his back. He was holding a highly pressurized bottle of a very combustible concoction. He turned around to see a very large arachnid moving quickly past him.
    "Gods above!"

    He had jumped back, his bottle nearly slipping out of his gloved hand before he was able to correct himself and catch it. His heavy breathing reverberating in his mask. The spider's rider didn't seem to be caring about the civilians she frightened. A few moments later, Frederick steeled himself for any more unpleasant surprises, his mind now absolutely set on not blowing himself to smithereens. Luckily, he had not expended all of his acid-cloud flasks during the perils of the week prior. He also remembered that in high doses, the painkiller he created could disorient people, even causing unconsciousness... He headed into his shop and immediately began work. A faint blue glow and the clattering of tools could be seen from within as he pressurized enough painkiller into bottles that he could use it effectively as a weapon, among creating other potions that he felt would come in handy.

    A few minutes later, he was moving whole belts covered in different potions to his cart. Humming a lively tune and having a spring in his step, obviously proud of the arsenal he was in the process of creating. Many of the bottles still had a faint glow from within, it was apparent that magical energy was expended in the process of making them.

    A band of Witch Hunters had set off, with the intent of five following each Mage from a good distance., with the exceptions being Ulric, (Who was now being flanked by Capital Guards instead) Nathaniel, who was inaccessible at the moment, and Little Mouse, who was not seen as a threat.
  8. Nathaniel The Storm Mage.

    Nathaniel was oblivious to all below him, Infact he was oblivious to absolutely everything. He'd managed the spectacular task of falling asleep on a stone floor and huge wolf.
    Nathaniel dreamt, He dreamt of skys as far as the eye could see, he couldn't see the ground. or he could but there was so little of it and it was so far away that it didn't matter. From behind him came a wind, soft and warm, before him was a open vista to explore, one that might yeild anything, friends, foes, food, treasure, knowledge, his hearts desire, his downfall. All of it excited him and so he spread his wings and lept forward out in to the infinite sky, he didn't know when he'd find a suitable place to land again, nor did he care, he could fly for eternity with the wind behind him and the world in-front. He sailed through the endless sky, passing by other denizens of this realm, all looked different, some floated along propelled by gas ejected from balloon like organs, others flew like huge squid in the sky, He even saw some mechanical flying machines, piloted by humans, huge things made of fragile balloons with ships hung under them. He treated all with respect and kept his distance. on the horizon he saw a new creature, a huge dragon of lightning and clouds, he was not afraid he flew onwards. He passed by the dragon, it was Fafnir. Nathaniel would have shrugged, but he knew that would have thrown his flight off. onwards he flew. he knew not how fast he was going now, only that the small islands whipped by in a blur and other creatures were so slow it was as if they didn't move at all. all of a sudden he stopped, He'd reached the edge. He'd reached the edge of the sky, where land and the infinite sky met, and what he saw stunned him, he saw forests, villages, he saw the edge of the world and he saw in the far distance, the town he'd grown up in. Was this really a dream? or had he some how drifted in to the spirit world? but if he had, why was he off the edge of the world? He knew that far to the south there was deserts and arid lands where earth and fire elementals ruled. but he'd presumed that was mearly because that place was closer to the spirit world. what if they were all wrong?
    Then he woke up with a start. as if landing back in his own body. Morkai looked shocked and nosed Nathaniel who patted the wolf reassuringly before laying back down, but he didn't close his eyes, he watched the sky almost as if he was asking it questions. He looked to the wolf to ask it a question, but found the immense beast had fallen asleep again. looking back at the sky he swore he could see something up there.


    Alexander The Warlock of Battle

    "They are but children Ulric. Remember that. and children who have been shunned from society because of your kind, so they are all the more likely to be unstable and lash out." The warlock started to walk away before pausing and turning round. "This is a mess of your own making Witch hunter." He managed to make the title sound like the worst insult anyone could ever give,"Remember that." And with that parting remark he walked away towards the castle blacksmith.

    Upon Reaching his destination he rapped on the doorframe before walking in and sitting himself down. "I was told you could repair armour, As you can see, some parts of mine are in need of reconstruction, I was send by Ulric as part of the band of mages." He paused and part way through removing the parts of his armour that needed replacing he smiled "I also need a blade for a young boy, about 18 or so, he is about yay high" he said holding his hand out to show Loren's hight and then considered. "It also needs to be light and have a training scabbard. for practice. I will also require a training blade of similar size and weight, though for my stature." he added, If the boy was to come with them he might as well get some informal training along the way, he may be good with a bow and dagger, but when someone swung a sword at you a dagger was more likely to get you killed than save your life. He waited politely for his request to be finished before collecting his equipment and heading out for the merchant district. He knew he was being followed, he didn't care, if they wanted to attack him they'd have a fight and a half on their hands, and if they were watching him then they would report back diddly squit.
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  9. Loren didn't return Geralds offer of a handshake, instead he kept his hand firmly at his side, poised for his dagger, the other held onto Mouse's tiny hand. Geralds sarcasm wasn't well met, Loren answered his question with a blunt seriousness.

    "She's the one bringing me into this. Had I a choice she wouldn't be here." he retorted. Mouse was much less cold, usually very shy, she was oddly open, actually looking up at Gerald and Loren noticed that immediately. She tugged on his sleeve and he knelt down on one knee, levelling down to her height. She cupped her hand to his ear and said "I saw him in a dream"

    Loren knew she had many dreams, he never encouraged her to do the Magic Dreams that allowed her to control, he told her to just sleep when she was tired but sometimes she practiced clairvoyance, a lot of the time she just accidentally had premonitions.
    Loren had to look up at Gerald as he was knelt down ... he didn't like having to look up at people, he was rather tall so it wasn't normal for him ... he also knew that these magic-wielders probably thought he was utterly useless since he had no powers. Magic men die the same as regular men, we all bleed pretty much the same, they'd do well to remember that and reserve judgement on me.
    He ignored his discomfort and relayed Mouse's whisper, as if he was an interpreter, she was usually too shy to speak up, though there were a few people who could wrangle a word out of her from time to time. All these magic folks were strangers though, with any luck, she'd keep her distance from them and stick close to Loren.

    "She says she saw you in a dream, a premonition"
    Mouse shuffled on her feet, tugging slightly at Loren's hand, she wanted to look about at everything but he wouldn't let her go run around. EVen though this was her city, it was unsafe, she wasnt in her area on a sleepy sunny afternoon, nor were they in a wooded grove just beyond the city where there was scarcely a harmful soul to be found.

    "No Mouse, stay close to me." he chastised gently. He wasn't sure how to feel about their entourage, but mouse appeared in phased by it all which was better than it upsetting her.

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  10. Mouse? What an interesting name
    The teen noted the hunters hand was on the dagger, so to ensure that he meant no harm, he put his hands in his pockets.
    The mentioning of the little one stating Gerald was in a dream had the teen wonder, was she capable of future sight? If that was the case, Gerald decided it was best not to ask the context of that dream, Timelines are best left untouched, no bother tampering with them. The hunter made it obvious how he felt towards the ashen haired teen, which was normal for people who had no magical capabilities. "hey bud, let the little squirt have her fun, I mean not my place to talk here, I'm not her caretaker, But once tomorrow comes, that fun will be gone for a long while" he added with a shrug. his nonchalant look then became more serious, his eyes now on Loren's face. "I would've ran if I were you when you got that letter, the witch hunters would've been the least of your problems compared to whats gonna happen tomorrow. If they're strong enough to take the court mage, then were basically just bugs waiting to be crushed under a boot." He sighed, and looked off into the distance. "I'm not gonna lecture you though, It's too late now anyways." Gerald spotted what looked to be a fully intact tavern, Slightly scorched on the walls of the building, but still busy none the less. He mood lightened as he spotted this "well, if you need me, I'll be enjoying a nice pint. And who knows, maybe I can get some rest and sleep like a baby tonight" He started to walk off, with one hand on the hilt of one of his swords. "wonder if they sell sleeping potions" he thought out loud before disappearing into the bustling crowd of people.

    sitting at the wooden bar, Gerald held a wooden pint, full of a yellowish brown foamy liquid. Taking sips from time to time, leaning onto the bar table. In the tavern was a witch hunter, just on the other end of the room. Of course watching the ashen haired teen closely, even Ulric didn't trust them. Witch hunters were brutal, fast and precise in combat, and of course Gerald has killed a couple before, but not without getting the snot kicked out of him. one was a challenge, you have to be lucky to be able to take on two and survive, not to mention a whole army of them which was what Ulric had at his dispense. But it was nice not having them shoot at him with their crossbows, of course he couldn't have any privacy, but at least there was no danger. Gerald took another swig of the drink, and just stared off into the distance, dreading tomorrows battle.
    here's to hoping I don't die.

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  11. Castle Smithy-
    Overlooking the majority of the work done at the forge was a musclebound man with a messy stubble and his head shaved. He was currently in the business of sharpening the edge of a halberd, one of the ones commonly used by guards all over the empire. As soon as someone walking up to him made a request, he answered.
    "Huh? You want Armour? I'll get yah some armor... Simon... SIMON! This guy's armor is busted, smooth it out. Fetch some trainin' blades while yer at it! One for a small guy, and one for a big 'un... It's that Warlock-general-guy who's goin' to war, so don't give 'im the shoddy ones you made last weekend!"
    There was a response from a guy in the far back, who was hammering another hammer into shape.
    "You got it boss! Two swords and some repairs for the meat-grinder!"
    Simon walked off into an adjacent room, and brought two training blades.
    "Here you go."

    Ulric had not ruled out the idea that the recent attack was backlash from the Mages that were previously prosecuted. In fact that was much more likely than any other possibility at the moment. Hopefully the Emperor's new policies towards magic would allow an environment where practitioners of the magical arts and be safely and effectively monitored. He didn't think that they should be allowed unlimited freedom of their arts... he was a Witch-Hunter too long... and he saw the worst of what that kind of power can do that to a person. Possessed Witches... Wizards who couldn't control their powers... Sorcerers driven mad, unable to tell what's real and what's not. And if he was right, he was a few days from seeing a whole lot more of that...

    Frederick continued to pile assorted clinking bottles onto his cart, as a single Witch Hunter about forty feet away watched, not sure whether to be concerned or awed by the sheer amount of magical junk this guy managed to stow away in the bloody capital. On the bright side, he seemed to be harmless, compared to the huge bloody wolf on the Grand Imperial Tower... or that huge bloody spider. He allowed his guard to get down, content that he was told to guard the harmless doctor.
  12. Marin

    The young woman stumbled on the cobblestone road just before the Capital's gates, and, from a distance, glanced at the officials guarding them. They sure didn't look friendly, but she probably wouldn't too if her town had just been invaded. She sat on the floor by the road side and opened her sack to get some fruit - those were the last ones left, and after that she would have to live on dried food. It was the fifth time she took a break from her journey, and her arms hurt from rowing her master's (or was it hers now?) canoe all the way from the island to the continent. Her legs also hurt from walking all the way from the shore to the capital, but it was going to be worth it. She was as excited about the idea of being allowed to perform sorcery as she was about going to a big city - being used to living in an island in which you could see all you had to see in one afternoon, the excitement only grew when she got closer to the gates. She stood up and dusted her old, brown cloak, and gathered her belongings. She was late already, so she hurried along the cobblestones.

    It was a couple of hours after noon when Marin reached the gates, and searched her sack for the message addressed to her mentor. She approached one of the guards, and tried her best to sound confident.
    "Good afternoon, sir. I'm here to meet Captain Ul... Uf... Hang on"
    She checked the message again, and showed it to the guard.
    "Captain Ulric Wolf-Hunter. Would you please show me the way?"
    The guard grabbed her wrist quite rudely, and Marin wondered if her mentor would be treated the same if he had come in her stead.
  13. Alexander Saw Marin getting dragged along by the guards. After a little prodding from his demonic patron Alexander walked over and carefully interposed himself between the guard and the intended path. "There is no need to treat the young lady quite so roughly. I will take her from here, I am more than sure that the five or so witch hunters tailing me will do a sufficient job of guarding the populus." He said just loud enough for his tails to hear so it as clear he was not intent on causing any issues outright. Should the guard let the girl go he would smile politely, thank the guard, and offer his hand to Marin before heading towards where he'd left Ulric. If he refused he would suggest that the guard accompany them however he should be more gentle with the girl. If the guard was rude, it was likely the guard would end up getting a broken nose.
    "Sorry, they treat all us magic users like trash. and yet they ask us to save their sorry hides. My name is Alexander, and who might you be?"
  14. Marin's eyes went from the guard to the man and back to the guard repeatedly. She didn't want to cause any trouble, but from what she gathered from the situation, magic users were considered trouble no matter where they went, no matter what they did. And here she thought that people were more open minded outside her island. Still unsure if the guard would release her or not, she smiled politely to the man called Alexander.
    "I'm Marin, and I'm here in the name of my master, Endres." She shook her arm and tried to get it loose from the guard's grip, and looked directly at him while she spoke to Alexander. "I suppose you have already met this Captain Ulric, then?"
  15. ((Since @~\The Talentless/~ @CaptainObvious @adabotcon @CursedDawn are not posting I'll respond))

    "Yes He has allready given us permission to wonder the streets as we see fit and do as we please." He said and placed his hand on the guard's wrist "Sir I suggest you let go before I force you to let go." He warned "If you would like I could show you around?" He added before taking a half step to one side and twisting the guards wrist away and out from his body. The tension would put a immense amount of stress across the wrist tendons forcing the guard to let go and lean back as so not to tear his wrist tendons, he made the motion so fast that the guard would be slung on to his back before bending the wrist the other way and locking the guards elbow under his hand, his knee on the guard's back. "I suggest you go back to your post. Despite what you foolish people think, Mages can fight hand to hand." He then stood up and smiled "shall we go? I know of a lovely tavern that does fantastic shepherds pie."
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  16. The guard ignored her attempt to free herself, but he couldn't ignore Alexander. Marin massaged her wrist while her eyes moved from one man to the other. The guard seemed to be in pain, but there was no way she was going to offer to heal him after the way she had just been treated. Oh, but master Enders would say, 'Child, you should heal those who need healing, whether you like them or not'. Well, master Enders sent her out to see the world and, from what she saw, not everyone appreciated sorcery.

    Marin smiled at Alexander and thanked him. While she followed him on the way to the tavern, she took a small vial with sweet weed and lime tree oil and rubbed some on her arms. She felt her palms heating up from the soothing spell and hoped the smell didn't bother anyone around her. There was no other way around it, though, her arms were really sore from rowing all morning.
  17. Hildegarde calmly glanced around as her eight legged mount carried her through the streets, a particular shop caught her attention as she rode by. She saw the alchemist boy from earlier in the window going back and forth as he worked away, she grew bored with the sight quickly however, having no reason to stay nor any need of Frederick's work. It was several minutes later that she finally found a suitable inn that had no serious damage to it nor was below her standards. "It is far too crowded here for my liking..." she muttered discontentedly, but given the state of the city that was to be expected and Hildegarde knew she wasn't liable to find another suitable place soon and though she did enjoy riding her "pets" around now and again she didn't fancy having to do so for much longer given she'd been riding them for days just to get here.

    As she gracefully dismounted her "steed", she dismissed it and called a new one in its place. This spider had a near identical form though it was much smaller and around its abdomen were strapped Hildegarde's bags. The smaller creature followed its mistress inside, much to the shock and fear of the patrons and employees alike though the witch paid them no mind. She went straight to the counter, her "pet" assuring she had the full attention of everyone present. "I need a room, whatever is the best available" She demanded with no hesitation. She pulled a pouch out of her wide sleeve and dropped it on the counter. Without a word the girl attending the counter opened it to inspect the payment, only for her jaw to drop at the number of gold coins stuffed into the purse, "T-This much-!" she stuttered in awe, that much gold was nearly enough to buy the inn itself, let alone a room for one night. It took a few moments for her mind to get going again and when it did the young woman hurriedly rushed to grab a key and hand it over to Hildegarde.

    "D-Do you wish for me to bring you something to eat? or drink? we have quality mead and a famous shepherd's pie" the young innkeeper offered, trying to be as gracious as possible for the wealthy witch, something Hildegarde knew would happen. Showing off her money like that often got things to go her way, and for her money was no object. It was easy to build a small fortune after all, when you had access to a ready abundance of silk far finer than anything in the mortal plane. Hildegarde flashed a barely perceptible smile, "No thank you, I have a strict diet, a figure like this requires great care to maintain." She said rather boastfully. "I do not wish to be disturbed tonight, no one save a man named Ulric or a message from him have any reason to bother me. Understood?" She continued, not even waiting on an answer as she took her key and went upstairs to her room for the night.
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  18. ((Contrast Time!))

    Nathanial awoke again, this time slowly and lazily. He'd slept well enough, and now he was sure that the witch hunters had no eyes on him as he'd been happily napping up on the tower for gods knew how long. Glancing at the sky the sun was starting to touch the horizon. "Hup!" He shouted as he and the huge wolf bounded off the side of the tower, and in much the same fashion as they made it up they made it down, First Morkai shifted in to the bolt of lightning, then Nathanial did the same, hurling himself of the massive wolf and touching down amongst a fearful and awed crowd before making his way down the street. He'd seen the girl riding the spider enter a inn or tavern of some kind a while ago and was hungry enough to give it a look, He just hoped that the fact he had no money that would be considered 'legal tender' in this city wouldn't bother anyone. making his way through the people that jostled him as he walked he started humming a tune to himself, as he did so the crystal focus at the end of his staff glowed and started to arc lightning to the metal surrounding it. Walking in to the inn just has he saw Hildergrade flash the money to everyone and then boast about something her figure. He sauntered up to the table and gave the woman behind it his most devilish and charming smile before bowing. "Nathanial Storm Walker, at your service, I'm terribly sorry about my friend. Though I do hope you don't mind me she forgot to mention that she would be paying for two rooms, and that shepherds pie sounds absolutely fantastic." He said warmly, still with the Kind and charming smile dancing across his face. It didn't take long before he was seated on a table with a plate of the pie and a key to a room in his pocket.


    Alexander lead Marin through the city and looked at her. "So, I know its not the best introductory question. but may I ask what sort of magic you practice?" He questioned, then he saw the poultice she was applying "Well I would guess healing magics of some kind?" He asked as he walked, unlike the other mages that had made their way in to the tavern so far Alexander's arrival and appearance were normal, excluding the now fixed blood red armour he wore. He smiled at Marin, then looked to the young lady at the bar. "Two rooms, One of your finest for the young lady and a standard room for myself, and..." He trailed off spotting Nathanial waving at the pair of them like a lunatic. "And two portions of shepherds pie along with drinks to go with. We will be at the table with the energetic gentleman in the gray robes." He said as he gently gestured for Marin to walk over to Nathaniel. He himself pulled a small pouch off of his belt and opened it. "Ah...I do apologize, I don't have any actual coins, However I do believe this should cover the costs." He said and pulled from the pouch a small blood red garnet and set it on the table. "please, don't mention this to anyone, and if the young lady who came in with me asks for anything, I will be paying." He said.

    The woman at the desk was looking more than a little shell shocked, after Hildegrades flagrant display of wealth, Nathaniel's whirlwind charm and warm hearted jokes and now this knight looking fellow paying with gemstones she was not quite sure what to say other than: "Ok, the food will be with you shortly." and walk off to inform the chef that any repairs were paid for as well as a few new expansions and probably a holiday to the local spa for all the staff and to bring up the REALLY good mead for the new customers.

    Arriving at the table Alexander seated himself between Natheniel and Marin before sighing. "This is....oh I don't know his name." He said and Glanced at the storm mage.


    Nathaniel after getting the attenion of his companions to be he went right back to devouring his food only pausing to introduce himself to Marin.
    "Nathaniel Storm Walker, a Wizard of the skys at your service." he said, giving her exactly the same devilish and charming smile he'd given the barmaid before ripping right back in go his food. seeming content to have a companion at the table with him, he stayed quiet when Alexander arrived, expecting Marin to introduce him.
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  19. Hildegarde was just getting herself changed into her nightgown, carefully folding and stowing her normal robes into a suitcase, when a few small spiders found their way under her door and skittered over to her. Noticing the movement, she knelt and let them crawl onto her hand. These spiders were essentially her warning system, to prevent anything from catching her off guard, Hildegarde was rarely without a hidden envoy of these arachnids. She tapped into their minds to see their message, and grinned just a bit as she saw Nathanial's "charm" through their memory. Dismissing her little helpers back to their duties, she held out her hand, a soft, dark glow forming on her fingertips as she snapped her fingers. A small portal formed on the floor, from it a small swarm of various types of normal spiders pulling themselves from it.

    The swarm rushed out of the room under the door and immediately dispersed so as not to be noticed as they made their way downstairs. As they went, Hildegarde began writing a note. "You think yourself quite the little charmer don't you? Perhaps you are, it certainly is cute how you attempt to be clever with freeloading off of my money thinking I won't notice. I do hope you enjoyed my little pets' surprise for you. I just couldn't help send them for you after that oh so charming display. Perhaps next time I should send a few of my larger pets to truly show my feelings? Enjoy your meal~" She wrote. Meanwhile her little helpers would be "striking", dropping down from the ceiling above Nathanial and crawling up his chair onto him, just enough to give a scare. Soon after another of her helpers would deliver her note to him. Smirking at herself, considering her point made quite clearly, she climbed into her bed and let herself doze off.

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  20. Marin put the vial away and smiled at Alexander. "Yeah, I study healing sorcery... I can also cast some fire and water spells, but I still haven't wrapped my mind around them...". When they arrived at the tavern, Marin took off her battered, second-hand brown cloak to reveal a plain, cream coloured cotton dress. She put her cloak in a hanger by the entrance and took a look around while her companion talked to the bartender. She saw Alexander smile at her and hand a small red stone to the bartender. Now, she didn't know much about stones, but from the look in the bartender's face, she assumed that one was quite expensive. She smiled back and waited for him to come closer. While they moved towards a table already occupied by a young man, around her age, she turned to Alexander. "Thank you again for being so kind! But, you know, I still have some gold, you didn't have to spend so much..." She scratched her chin. "Maybe I can repay you somehow... I know! If we get in trouble in our... mission? Well, if we do get hurt I promise I'll heal you first," she laughed before turning to face the table.

    When they sat down, the young man introduced himself. He was quite the charmer, and she chuckled at the way he gobbled his food. He had reason to, the shepherds pie really was delicious. It felt good, to just sit at a tavern and talk to other people her age - she was used to hanging out with the sailors and fishermen from the island, but most of them were a lot older than her. She was almost finished with her second beer when she saw the spiders.
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