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  1. I have a story I am writing and it is my first story and I really really need someone to read over it and check for mistakes and provide positive feedback to make it better. I would love to have at least three people doing this if I can.

    Here is the basic plot of the story if you are interested in proof reading it then please ping me.

    9 children are born able to control 9 elements. These children were government experiments. One child in particular never showed signs of his powers until the age of 19. The story centers on this one particular child. His name is Ulrich and he has to search to find the other 8 children before the government does. Many other things will surprise him and perhaps a romance swings itself somewhere in there.

    I really suck at summaries.

    This story will contain in the future:

    ~Sexual content (Including MxF, MxM and some FxF)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.