INTEREST CHECK A Story centered around a main character/characters?

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  1. I feel awfully selfish trying an idea like this, having the story focus heavily on one or just a couple characters.

    But I think it could really be good in terms of making plot to have something like this. Something along the lines of 'The Adventures of So-and-So' or 'The Myth of whats-their-name'

    From there, the question is what kind of genre should we shoot for, what kind of main character(s), and the world they live in along with whatever the world is going through/plagued by/etc
  2. Hmmm.
    There are so many possibilities for this kind of skeleton idea you got goin' up in hur.

    I guess it's more like what do YOU have a craving to run right now?
  3. My personal idea on what we could do is have a group of explorers/heroes each with their own set of unique skills led by a jack of all trades leader who requires each character's areas of expertise.

    They could travel the world. Encounter all sorts of people from various countries, from world leaders and members of the criminal underworld, to scientists, terrorists and their organizations, etc. Very Jonny Quest/Adventures Of Tintin/Indiana Jones/Fantastic Four/Doc Savage in nature.

    There could be amazing technology/chemistry/SCIENCE!!1 involved, plenty of travel to exotic and ordinary locations, the group in possession of their very own supersonic jet, a headquarters in New York, and allies all over the world which function as an intelligence group.

    They could tackle international smuggling operations, spy rings, assassination plots, seek out olden artifacts, high-tech terrorist organizations led by super-intelligent criminal masterminds, fight off all sorts of monsters, mythological or scientifcally made abominations.
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  4. Yes.
    SO yes. <3
    I adore this whole concept. All the time. In every comic I read, where it occurs.

    Good job, good person. Good job.
    Well, if details are cemented out, I would be glad to perhaps crew your little group.
  5. Really? I've been dying to do a modern-ish day adventure like this. Just straight up adventuring with a pinch of mysticism and science fiction.

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  6. reminds me of my old days when I had a crew of 15 that was a good few years ago. its a good idea. I used to set it round myself and people come and go. it worked around it quite well. most of the time we was either battling monsters or treasure hunting. that went on for about 2 years. But I'll be game when you got things organized
  7. Thanks!

    I both like and dread the idea of a rotating team in-character to accomodate players coming and going.

    I should also note the best way to write something like this would be an episodic format.
  8. Epiiiiiiiiic.
    Good word for this.
  9. Oooo, can I play, too!?
  10. Sweeet, but---I charge by the mission.