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    Name: Arianna Livingston
    Age: 18
    Personality: Fiesty, headstrong and stubborn, defensive.

    Intro: Arianna is daughter to King Hector Livingston. The princess Ariana's castle is under siege and a malicious King who overtakes Hector's thrown, keeps the young princess for his own pleasures. Arianna after seeing him kill her father, has no choice but to serve him or be killed herself. Though the princess has hatred for this King and fights him any chance she can get. The new King would have to break her and eventually win her over, though not an easy task since she is fiery, fiesty and stubborn.

    Are you up for the task?.....

    This roleplay will be going in the Libertine section and thus it will have brutality, rape, sex, gore, etc.

    What I require from my partner:

    - More than a one sentence response. (I myself am known to be a para or multi para writer.)

    - Communicate with me throughout the role play in a message so that we may collaborate and keep the role play going, as well as this is the time to ask me of any limits and such with my character or yours.

    - If you are kind and gentle, then this roleplay probably isn't for you. I need someone who is not afraid to step into the shoes of a corrupt and evil king who takes what he wants. (who knows eventually the princess could end up forgiving him and it turns into a twisted sort of love between them both..but not right away.)

    Please send me a message if this roleplay interests you and as I have done above, I will require a character sheet.
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  2. Oh my my my, -purrrrrs- What a delicious sounding roleplay my darling ;)
    I hope you find an eloquent and delightful partner. When you're ready for some fun with me do let me know. -blows kisses-
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  3. But of course my darling and I do hope I find a worthy partner as well...~blows a kiss back and winks~
  4. I am interested though I am not certain if i am able to post like everyday, probably few post in a week. If its okay for you then I am ready to go. I have a CS ready.
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  5. Okay, be in touch tomorrow and no worries I am flexible on time as well :)

    P.S. You know this requires a male role right? Is this something your comfortable playing?
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  6. I am somewhat interested in this. I've never played such a malicious character before but I think I could have fun with it. Are you still looking for people?
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  7. absolutely, I love role playing as a guy. ^^ and I am quiet smooth with it.
  8. I am willing to do try this idea out with more then one person. I have one already for a one on one, but I can re-create the thread and do it with you as well. Please provide me with a character sheet in a message and we will go from there.
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