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    (Monsters lurking in the shadows)

    The Start

    As a child, you were told stories of the beasts lurking within the dark, creatures with gleaming eyes and predatory natures. Beasts that await your smallest mistake to capture you within their monstrous grasp and pull you down with them. The creatures that inhabited your nightmares. However, like most you stop believing in these creatures after a few years, confident that they were just all a...myth.

    You are wrong.

    They exist and live within this world, creating the legends you heard as stories. Vampires with gleaming red eyes, fangs and blood lust. Those who change form and take those of simple animals, vicious and deadly. Even those who stand proudly with wings shifting behind them, feathers falling. All are real without a doubt. The question then is, why have we not encountered them in our normal lives? Here, I'll tell you.

    The Cause and Ixalt.
    During the midevial ages was when they first revealed themselves, stepping out from the shadows, brushing off the fact they previously hid in caution off. At this point, humans were just cattle to their selfish desires. Be it blood or simply because they wanted to kill. Humans were just ants to them, causing them to be careless. Blood was spilled needlessly across the grass and fields of the humans hard work, the small number who died during the times they hid increased to hundreds.

    Humans always adapt and grow, something that a certain vampire would soon realize when he witness them try to rebel. After all, the supernatural ruled without a position, controlling each life if they desired to. Even after being supressed for years, some still forced up the courage and began a battle against the stronger beasts. At first this future uprising was only a few as many were slaughtered for simply joining in this secret. However, more and more people lost their families and friends which resulted in more people joining the group known to be Ixalt.

    These brave fighters gave up their normal lives, swearing themselves to God to fight these creatures, to slay them where they stand so they could not harm the Lord's creations any more. The numbers rose and experience gave them knowledge. Soon enough, the humans had gained methods to kill them, weapons to strike them and shields to protect themselves. Ixalt had become well respected group within the mortal society as they slowly began to suppress the beasts.

    Eventually, they vanished again.

    The Island - Gyreol
    The creatures of the night fled to the shadows once more, now seeking a home where the Ixalt did not threaten their existance. Leaders of groups flocked to a uncharted island, attempting to form it into their own territory before any other could. It was a race. They panicked, rushing towards the desolate spot in hopes of a home to live comfortably in.
    First came the elves.

    The Elven priestess at this time, Xyleri had taken the first step upon this empty land, gracing it with the elven race as they flooded in. Despite having gained the humans hatred, she and her followers were a peaceful race, meaning no harm to the humans but caught up in the stories the more violent species created.

    The Emperor of the vampires, Daryl appeared next, allowing the blood driven creatures to spread out within the shadows of the vast island, cautious of the elves but also vicious towards the other inhabitants of the unamed land. He stood tall against the peace loving Xyleri, his aim to conquer the land so that his kind, his kin would remain superior.

    Days later, the Fae arrived. The Queen, Ylisa stood before the two rulers by name, staring at them before asking to form an alliance. While Xyleri agreed in hopes of some type of negotiation, Daryl disagreed and began to send his soldiers for the two heads of the leaders. He failed as he underestimated their skills and he himself was forced to withdraw his own plan, yet even despite this, Ylisa and Xyleri did not have enough people to fight the vampires and so remained quiet.

    Shifters were the next to arrive, taking the forms of simple animals except with small changes such as height and features. They were easily hidden, wrapped up in the skin of another as they were able to easily avoid the eyes of the more predatory species. The leader, Gustav only found Daryl's irritation amusing as he failed to hunt them down to be rid of their presence.

    The last main character from this story was Ferinco, the leader of the tengu who took the skies of this land. He used their territory to his advantage, eventually landing to speak with the other leaders of the many groups who now had inhabited this large island. With confidence, he proposed something Ylisa had done a year ago. An alliance, except that it kept them mostly separated by together.
    This is known at the Fiore agreement.

    The First King and Champion.
    The Fiore agreement was simple. Each species would submit a 'Champion' to fight for them every hundred years. This fight would determine which leader and his family would rule Gyreol for the hundred years that they were given as prize. Within this period peace would be forced and so there would be no...unneeded death.
    Upon this first tournament, the hundreds of leaders submitted five fighters, if they lost all five, the ruler which wiped out their last would take that species in as part of them, taking control of their land and society. At this point, territories grew and armies followed, increasing as groups lost the lives of all five fighters. The best fighters.

    During the finals, only two remained to fight for their King or Queen, the Vampires fighter and the fighter of the Valkeryie, both not the last of their chosen groups. The battle later was known to the vampires as a day they finally respect another species, their pride being curbed as the female warrior battled to her last breath. However, the vampires were victorious and Daryl became the first king of Gyreol.

    Currently, the land is under the reign of the Vampire leader for the tenth time. All territories will refer to him as their king for six more months before the Fiore agreement will strip him of power for two months as the tournaments will start and the bloodshed they all await will occur.

    However, there is still six months till that day and so the leader still rules with an iron fist, watching to keep both peace and hopefully his position. In control of everything and everyone until the timer stops and his end comes.

    The island is set in a period similar to the Victorian era.

    You are based on the island of Gyreol. Count this as a game where you will try to manipulate the other pieces so that you reach the final point. You can either place a species ruler or one of their underlings but be warned. Some people are lurking, reaching with greedy hands for the golden throne with absolute command. The choices are to be loyal, a betrayer or simply manipulative.

    If you play a leader you can plot, scheme and try to remove the current leader from power in hopes of grasping the document of Fiore so control is yours. If you like you can await the battle and try to win fair and square. The choices are based on what move you make next and each step will lead you to a different path. The question is will you experience rewards and a path of joy or suffer the consequences and fall to a terrible fate?

    Playing as subordinate or person of a territory means no less. If you want to, go a head and betray everyone. Form a group with others to remove the document of Fiore and gain control, even try to fight for your own place of Gyreol. Be a loyal follower of your leader or just remain quiet until the time comes.

    Its now your move.

    The Territories.


    Leading Species : Vampires.

    Leader : -Can be filled.-

    Species under this land : Banshee, Spirits, Fire and Dark Elementals, Encantado, Selkies


    Leading Species : Elves

    Leader : -Can be filled-

    Species under this land : Drow, Dwarves, Siren, Mer-folk, Pegasus, Earth Elementals, Neko


    Leading Species : Shape Shifters

    Leader : -Can be filled-

    Species under this land : Hydra, Chimera, Gorgons , Ice elementals, Kitsune, Yuki-onna


    Leading Species : Demons

    Leader : - Can be filled-

    Species under this land : Hell hounds, Wyverns, Shadow people, Witches, Necromancers, Nephilim


    Leading Species :
    Valkyrie - Tengu

    Leader(s) : -Can be taken-

    Species under this land : Phoenix, Wind Elemental, Angels, Kelpie, Harpies, Thunderbirds

    • Rlisye is located to the west of the island
    • Mometare is the mountain range of the islands since most creatures prefer to be high up. In the case of the Kelpies they remain within the rivers on the mountains.
    • Grigari is located within the south of the island, where the shadows are most prominent due to Mometare casting its shadows over it.
    • Traveselli is in the center of the island of Gyreol.
    • Krikim is located in the east of the island.
    • Some creatures are neutral. Such as dragons and Nagas who remain within the slips between each territory. There are cases of some Dragons and Naga aligning themselves with the groups, mostly due to blackmail.
    • All creatures in this RP can take humanoid forms but will often retain some features of their true form.
    • The Fae people are rarely seen now as it is believed that they left for the land of mortals, this is due to them trying to create peace with the humans and Ixalt.
    • The Document of Fiore is always under the protection of the current King/Queen. Despite the tournament, if it can be taken from his/her grasp they retain all rights to take the throne.
    • This rp is about many creatures struggling towards their aims. Some will try to be the ruler and have power while others will be followers.
    Character Sheet.

    Abilities: Optional
    Weapon(s): Optional
    Appearance: Picture or description, both if you like.
    Accepted characters:
    Aeona, queen of the Fae

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  2. Consider this spot reserved. This looks like it'll be great fun. Though, you mentioned the Fae somewhere in that, but then when races were being assigned a ruler, you missed the fae out. If I wanted to be a fae, what would I be fighting for? Or are the fae just a separate thing all together? If I can't be a fae then could i reserve the spot as leader of traviselli?

    Edit: SO many questions :P

    Edit 2: never mind I read the notes. In that case would a fae still be a possible option?
  3. Yep! Not all would have went. There is a possibility for anything since I like seeing how other people twist and turn information to create characters. So yes, A Fae creature could still remain on Gyreol. Be it working under another Leader/Lord or remaining neutral.
  4. AAw yeah! Thanks. I'm guessing having a pet dragon is taking it a step too far though so i'll leave that out :D

    Edit: Im also guessing magic exists given Fae, Vampires.. etc.
  5. Goddammit fine!

    Colour me reserved.
  6. Of course it does :3 Um, for the dragon part It could be done. However you could not consider it a 'pet'. The only way it could happen is if your character remained on the island in the neutral lands. Say if he/she was accepted by a group of them then it would be possible to grow up with one.
  7. Of course!~ :3
  8. Name: Aeona, queen of the Fae
    Age: 221, appears about 25
    Species: Vampire Faerie
    Abilities: Storm and blood magic, also able to teleport short distances and summon spectral and physical allies.
    Weapon(s): Strunnezahkrii, Sword of Storms
    Territory: a small mountain range, with an idyllic valley in the centre, called Elendra
    Position: (I dont know whether this is alliance or actual location, so im gonna leave it)
    Appearance: Aeona has a white-blue skin colour, similar to that of ice. She has long, wavy, regal blue hair, and wings that resemble that of a dragonfly. Her eyes are a magenta/red in colour, which creates a fiery composition in contrast with the calm blue of her skin and clothes.
    Height: 1' 2"
    Weight: unknown
    Personality: Aeona has a complex disposition. She is incredibly intelligent and intellectual, but she has a burning passion and is easily enraged. She is rather sadistic too, and enjoys to watch the suffering of humans, especially.
    Bio: (Can I do to be RP'd? I'm gonna write one anyway, but I always find that RPing bios is much more fun and engaging. It allows for some great character development given certain circumstances.
    Other: I couldnt decide whether I wanted to be vampire or faerie so I thought
  9. Awesome! Go ahead and rp the Bio if you like. :) Accepted.
  10. Wooh! thanks. Ill start once Hellsing gives me some inspiration. (im guessing it wont give any appropriate inspiration though)
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