A Stellar Expedition

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  1. Wuk Koth was eager to get off of this planet already. The busy city-like setup wasn't at all appealing, but at least he didn't have to do anything except wait with his ship at the docking bay. Everything was prepared for his passenger, who he was told to be a female scientist type with valuable knowledge. That's all he needed to know, really. It was his responsibility to take her where she needed to go with as few scratches as possible. This would be his biggest job yet, as a matter of fact. A handsome sum would be waiting for him, and he was delivering to a powerful Sith Lord. Well, not the Lord in person most likely... Even so, it was a worthy risk to take.

    During his wait, Wuk was snacking on something he purchased from the nearest restaurant. It was a seasoned meat of some kind in between two slice of bread. He could smell a sauce, too. Nothing about the sandwich was too pleasant to him, but as long as he got meat in his system he would not complain. Making a half frown, he dropped the bread slices into a nearby waste bin, leaving the scraps of meat in his hands. It was devoured in seconds by his sharp teeth, leaving a few streaks of sauce on his fingers and lips. Wuk preferred his food to be plain... He was filled for now, though.

    Pointedly ignoring the passing people who gave him suspicious looks for eating like a savage, the mercenary licked at the messes he made and called it good. He didn't have a kerchief handy, nor did he want to go in his ship to wash up until his 'cargo' was received.

    Wuk stood there with no intention of moving, like a boulder defying the winds of a storm. He had a serious look in his golden eyes, his lips seeming to frown naturally. Judging by the length of his horns, he was pretty far into adulthood. Over his fabrics of black and brown, he had an assortment of tools that made him useful, but dangerous as well. There was a Proton carbine secured on his back and gadgets on his belt that ranged from explosive damage to melee damage. Wuk liked to handle violent situations without weapons if he could, though. He was raised to be dependent on the unique martial arts skills his parents had him learn as a youngling.

    Believe it or not, he'd look more frightening without the weapons and clothing he wore. His body was bulky and he had rough skin that might as well be counted as armor. In addition to the spikes on his head, he had lethal looking nails. Getting into a fist fight with him was often regretful to his challengers. Wuk's pain tolerance and skill were terrifyingly good.

    Which was why the Sith hired him for this job.

    To pass the time, he stared down anyone he met eyes with. It humored him to make people feel uncomfortable, or defeated because they were too intimidated to keep eye contact. This could go on for only so long, though. Where was that woman? How much luggage could she possibly have?

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  2. Outfit (open)

    Jayda Yar moved smoothly through the crowd, bringing a bit of attention to her as several droids followed after her with trunks, all marked to show that they worked on the dock to assist travelers. Though, her looks could also be the cause of the attention, as those who were staring were mostly male to some degree. She was of average height for her species and, as was common for Omwati, slender. Her eyes were a pale violet hue and a few bits of white down peeked out from under her head dress, right in the center of her forehead. She had picked a rather elaborate outfit for traveling, but it was also her darkest and most covering piece of clothing, and it would be easier to blend in if less of her pale blue skin was showing.

    She was moving through the docking bay in search for her pick up. She didn't like all the secrecy that she had to put herself through, it wasn't in her nature to hide things from people. Still, considering who she was now going to work for, it was an understandable requirement to her new job. After all, the Sith didn't like to be too public with their actions. Then again, her transportation to one of their own institutions in their territory would attract some attention...The Jedi couldn't keep their nose out of anyone else's business. Approaching closer to the mentioned docking bay, she started to slow down and actually look over the numbers.

    She remembered the message very well, she had gotten a recording and memorized it before burning it to keep it secret, yet another request of her soon to be bosses. She had to pack all of her tools from her labs, every single one, and then limit the amount of personal items that she could take. They claimed they would supply everything that wasn't a personal item, like a photo. So that was really all she had, photos, many books of personal importance and then a few personal items were all tucked into a smaller sack being carried by the smallest droid. All that she had other than that was the clothing on her back.

    Stopping in front of a docking port, she glanced at the number to see this was it. The droids all paused behind her, waiting for further command or for her to start moving again, whichever came first. Jayda looked up at the male standing near his ship, making eye contact with him and staring from the watching from the path to the port where his ship currently rest. She didn't seem to get intimidated by his gaze, after all, he was supposedly the one keeping her safe. With a small motion of her hand the droids set down all of her items in a neat pile, it composed of her bag and five rather large trunks. Walking towards him smoothly as the droids left her be, she gave a small bow to him, merely out of politeness for making him wait.

    "I apologize for keeping you waiting...My directions took me through back roads. They requested I remain out of sight as much as possible." She said lightly, her voice much like a flute or a bird.
  3. Wuk now knew why his hirer provided him with a brand new ship to use for this adventure; his passenger was packing her whole laboratory into it. He had to wonder why she had so much luggage, but wouldn't ask. It wasn't his business and he was aware of the stereotypical labels for females as well as scientists. Seeing that she was both of those, he should have expected as much.

    The Zabrak stood aside so the droids could load everything into the ship. He gave no instruction on where to put all of it. The vessel was designed to make her comfortable, so he assumed the robots would know off hand what belonged where. It looked like it would take a moment for everything to get unpacked...

    Leaving the machines to their work, he watched as the woman bowed in apology and explained herself. Unlike others in the city's mass, he didn't stare at her for an uncomfortably long time. There was no mistake that she was beautiful and her voice was musically hypnotic; he was in fact very drawn to those features. The sensation of his attraction to her made both of his hearts beat wildly! However, he knew better. The merc kept eye contact with her to be respectful.

    "That's all right," he replied in a deep, quiet voice. He didn't like speaking in Basic, but it was necessary for his work. "My name is Wuk Tok. I will be protecting you while we travel, Miss Jayda Yar."

    "When you're ready, we will board."
  4. "I am ready when every you are, Wuk Tok. I have brought very little, save for my equipment. So when you are prepared, so am I." She said in kind as she stood there before him.

    He was quite a beast, his appearance was not one to glance at simply. It was the kind that struck fear into one's heart, or hearts, and made one fear for their life. Obviously her knew employer was taking her moving very seriously if they gave her this kind of protection right off the bat. The droids had finished their work rather easily, walking off of the ship just as she finished speaking. She only stood in front of him and waited for him to make the move, she was listening to him from now on.

    He, after all, was going to be the one to keep her alive. If she didn't trust him now then she knew that her life would be more at risk than ever before. Folding her hands in front of her, she glanced over the ship a bit before look back to him with her wide eyes.
  5. Once the last of the droids exited his ship, Wuk gestured for her to follow him. He immediately went to the cockpit where he prepared the vessel for flight, expecting the lady to be waiting close by until he gave further instruction. A few activated buttons, knobs and levers later the ship was closed off for boarding and they were rising off the planet to make way for their destination. This would be a long journey...

    For the first few moments, he was silently piloting until it was safe to set it on autopilot. If he was needed for any reason, a robotic voice would alert him. At the moment, he needed to give his 'guest' a tour of this ship they were on. It was made clear to him that she be comfortable. Before doing that however, he went to the nearest sink where he could wash his hands. They still had the aroma of his sandwich from earlier and they weren't any more sanitary after licking his palms clean.

    Patting his damp hands on his cape, Wuk had her follow him again. He showed Jayda where the lavatory was, the kitchen, her little laboratory, the nice rooms for sleep, the armory... The Zabrak himself was surprised to see all the expensive setups. His ship he left on his home planet was a piece of trash compared to this! Oddly, it was also simpler to maneuver. That was probably because his employer didn't want to go through the trouble of training him for weeks... Talented as Wuk was, he was a slow learner with things like this.

    "Hopefully it's all comfortable for you," he said in is soft bass-like voice, turning to her with his arms behind his back. She was being spoiled, really. He was given a nice room of his own of course, but hers was way fancier with more cushion, clothes and whatever else. Not that he cared much for that, being an alien that was used to sleeping amongst rocks and twigs.

  6. Jayda followed Wuk onto the ship in silence, her eyes looking over the vessel one last time before she stepped onto it and looked around the cabin. She didn't really care much as he left her alone to start the ship. They needed to get moving rather quickly after all. Not only was it going to be a very long trip, but they also had to make sure that there was no sign of them left to track if anyone noticed where she was heading too. Finding the common area, where their was a booth and table to sit at, she relaxed for a moment there as she waited for the ship to level out. He was navigating the docking area after all.

    When the ship was settled and he hand approached her, she stood up and followed him quietly to continue on with the tour. The ship was rather nice, holding all of her tools in the laboratory with ease, a fully stocked room with many outfits of many kinds for her. She knew that had said they would provide her with this, but this luxury was a bit of a surprise. She was more of an asset that she first realized, apparently, as she hadn't even been treated this nicely at her old place of employment.

    "It is all perfect, I will be completely comfortable during this trip." She said softly before looking to him. "As for questions, I have none, other than when we are expected to arrive. I am just curious mostly." She said as she folded her hands in front of her and watched him for a response

    He was a very interesting man, at least in her eyes. He seemed so strong and bold and yet he spoke in this soft yet deep voice. Was he trying to not scare her? She wouldn't be frightened by him, though to say he wouldn't strive fear into her if he surprised her would be a lie. As long as they were on kind terms, she could feel no fear for this man...Only gratitude for dealing with her and her large mass of equipment, as most guards would turn her away at the mention of such luggage.
  7. "If nothing interrupts us, we'll be there in seventy-two hours." The Zabrak hoped that was a decent answer. Many planets went by different increments of time and their calendars different from one another. At the least, he expected she knew it would be a few days to reach their far off location. She was smart, possibly the smartest person he was in ever in company with.

    Wuk Tok wished he could talk with her more, but that would have to be done on her own will. It wasn't his place to ask questions or strike friendly conversation. It would be out of character for him, anyway. She just... She seemed like such a fascinating lady.

    "I'll be in the cockpit if you need me. There's a BLX droid, also, who will serve you. He answers to the name 'Arko'." Bowing his head respectfully, Wuk turned to walk back to his seat at the front of the ship. This could be a boring exhibition, however... He predicted they'd run into at least a little bit of trouble. He doubted that the possession of this woman's valuable knowledge wasn't kept completely hush. Sooner or later, he'd run into some obnoxious Jedi, or some bandits who'd be looking to sell her plans to the highest bidder.

    When he got back to the steering area, he cleared his mind in order to focus on their path.

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  8. "Alright, Thank you for informing me." She said softly in her musical voice. "If you need me for anything I shall be in the lab doing my work."

    As he walked off towards the cockpit, Jayda took a moment to remove her head dress and let all of her long feathery down flow down her back. It was nice to finally almost be done with this hiding, to return to walking in territory peacefully in the open would be a great relief. Though, she had a feeling that for the first few weeks there, her employer would want her to be working, instead of looking around.

    Heading into the labs, she got to work making sure all of her items and tools were in order before getting to work, the sound of buzzing currents and sparks drifting from there as the Omwati worked on her experiments in peace.

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  9. This route charted for Wuk was painfully long. Understandably, he had to be as discreet as possible for Jayda's sake. He just wished there was a faster way of getting there. Idly, he reminded himself that the girl's 'boss' didn't really care about her all that much. Knowing the behaviors of Sith, she could be disposed of right after they got what they wanted from her. It was a despicable thought... He hoped that wouldn't be the case at all. She was so pretty and undoubtedly gifted in intelligence.

    His sudden daydreaming about the Omwati was interrupted by a flashing red light on a nearby grid. It warned him of a hostile approaching, then he was alerted of of a fast moving ship that was intent on shooting him down. Muttering a curse, Wuk made a sharp left turn to try and stay out of the enemy's shooting range. As he feared, someone knew about his 'cargo'. From the looks of things, he was being pursued by a bounty hunter. He hated bounty hunters with a passion, especially since he was often mistaken for one. There had to be a nice bounty on Jayda's head for them to want to attack his vessel like this. It worried the Zabrak.

    The droid he had aboard was instructed to warn Jayda of what was going on. In a hurry, the bipedal robot went to the laboratory while its Master communicated with this bounty hunter.

    "Mistress Jayda, you should secure your belongings and yourself. Someone is chasing us. Master Wuk is going to try and coax the attacker out, to avoid damage to the ship and to your equipment."

    "I suggest you land your ship and face me, you coward."

    There was a heated exchange of words going on between Wuk and whoever was chasing them through their communication devices. Along with some colorful words of his own, the bounty hunter shot several beams of energy at Wuk. The two exchanged fire, causing minor damage but still enough to make the ships tilt in different ways. Wuk grit his teeth and fired once more, becoming irritated at the alarm that was telling them percentages of damage done to certain parts of the ship.
  10. Jayda worked quietly in her lab on her latest piece of equipment, her hands setting down her welding tools to pick up the metals she had just bound together. It had made a strong hold, it wouldn't be breaking apart at all. Making a move to stand up, she was suddenly tossed to the side as the ship made a quick left turn. Now sitting on the floor in a small daze, she looked over to see the droid Arko coming in and quickly informing her of the situation.

    An attack? They had only just started on their journey and now this? Quickly getting up, she started to secure all of her tools as quickly as possible, the task only made more difficult by the swaying of the ship as it was hit and it maneuvered. Once everything was locked down, she made her way out of the laboratory to be safe. Just because she secured a tool did not mean it wouldn't be able to do damage to her with the ship flying around like this. She slipped herself into a the common area both, her hands gripping at the table for a moment before relaxing as they leveled again.

    This was crazy! She had not expected for them to run into anyone at all. She had done everything in her power to keep this on the down low ..Now it was biting her in the behind. Looking around, she wondered if there was anything she could do to help. Not wanting to bother Wuk or mess with his concentration on the target, she stayed silent and more or less let herself stay in place. She could hear beeping from the cockpit, probably warnings about damage and such. Hopefully it wouldn't be too much so they could continue on without having to stop for repairs.

    "This is ridiculous .." She said to herself as the ship once again made another sharp movement, a small cry of surprise slipping from her as she was tossed from her seat in the process.
  11. "Preparing ship for landing."

    Following Wuk's announcement was another sharp turn that no doubt threw some items out of place. He could hear pots and pans falling from shelves to the floor, and his droid making a dramatic exclamation as his body collapsed from poor coordination. The ship entered the atmosphere of a green planet with thick clouds surrounding it. It was basically a sphere of rainforest that was home mostly to animals. It might seem safe, until you're face to face with a predator...

    Once the ship made it safely to the ground, he took note of the many trees he crushed in doing so. Most likely, there were critters scurrying away in fear as well. The same was happening wherever the bounty hunter was landing, which he detected immediately when he heard a clumsy crash landing. His guess was that this stranger was spying on him for a long time, possibly even before he made it to the docking bay to pick up Jayda. The hunter's employer had to be very good at planning ahead and getting information.

    Hurriedly, Wuk got his weapons and gear in place so that he could be ready for his attacker. He wanted to try and get him with a surprise attack, but abandoning the ship seemed unwise. For all he knew, the bounty hunter could sneak in during his absence to harm her and take her valuable items away. It was his job to look after the Omwati and everything that came with her, after all.

    "She must stay here," he ordered Arko, who was getting back on his feet. With that said, Wuk let down the entrance ramp of his ship and walked out and observe. He decided he'd wait until his target came to him.
  12. Jayda had found herself upside down against a wall in one of the back areas of the ship, more than likely all the way in the back opposite the cock pit. Feet high in the air thanks to the wall supporting her behind, her hands were holding her skirt up just enough to keep her more private parts decent. She hadn't even had a chance to stand before more swerving and an announcement to land sent her sliding along the floor to her current position, her face dark blue with slight embarrassment. Thankfully her protector was not around to see her like this.

    Slowly flipping herself onto her side, she stood up on the now steady ship after it had landed. With a light dusting given to her clothing, she started to make her way towards the entrance ramp where she was certain he was...or at least to the common area. The droid approached her, telling her she needed to stay on the ship, but she did not stop of him. No, she continued right past him and towards the entrance ramp, crouching a bit to look out but not step onto the ramp itself. She could see him standing at the bottom. Watching him look around, she stood back up, just in time for the droid to noisily tell her to step back from the ramp and get on the ship.

    "Arko, be quiet. If we are heard we could get attacked again." She said softly in a harsh whisper of sorts.

    Moving back to call the droid, she moved over to the common table and ran her fingers through her down as she leaned against it. This was such a sticky predicament What would they do now? Certainly they wouldn't be leaving this place until they knew that their hunter was dead...or at least gone. Though, for safety reasons she had a feeling that the hunter would not be allowed to live after seeing them in this ship. It was too dangerous.
  13. Wuk was hiding underneath the ramp of his ship, knowing that the open door would bait his enemy. He was silent and patient, waiting for his chance to spring onto his victim.

    Much to his dismay, there was more than one moving target on its way over...

    Peeking past the ramp, he spotted an armored being who was running for his life towards the ship. Behind him, there were four Cannoks biting at whatever was within reach. To Wuk's knowledge, those creatures would eat just about anything. Things were progressively getting worse.

    Making a gruff noise, he came out of hiding and barked out loud that the ship be fully secured. While the ship's entrance was getting closed off, Wuk was preparing a ranged attack. A subsonic grenade was detached from his belt and tossed towards the hunter and his animal friends. The Cannoks all scattered while howling in aggravation because of the sound waves, while the bounty hunter began firing his blaster at Wuk despite what damage had been done to his hearing.

    Shortly after that, chaos struck. One of the Cannoks fell unconscious to the ground, but the other three went for the ship. Random sections were getting chewed at and headbutted, debris falling to the ground for them to consume. With another agitated sound, Wuk fought to remove the small beasts before worse damage could be dealt. In time, he scared them away with another grenade followed by a blast from his rifle. They didn't seem to want to tango with him and the bounty hunter, anyway.

    Before he could turn around, Wuk felt his back being punched several times by his enemy. They did absolutely nothing to his exterior, fortunately. All he felt were little thuds that did nothing more but make him belch. Offended by the result, as well as surprised, the bounty hunter aimed to shoot again. Wuk sabotaged that idea, though. After turning, he whacked the male with his arm and sent him flying. It was a blow so powerful that it made a crack in the armor.

    In time, he did come out on time. This bounty hunter had better piloting skills, but not better fighting skills. Wuk had torn off the helmet of his foe and murdered him without a second thought by shooting him in the head. The man's scent was that of a human's. Much too weak to be standing up to someone like Wuk.

    He did not move from that spot. Not for a while. His blood was bubbling; he needed to calm himself before going back to Jayda.
  14. Jayda was surprised to see the door of the ship go up at his command, blinking a bit as she wondered what it was for. Her question was answered though as she heard a commotion outside of the ship, it only getting worse as she heard the chewing of metal almost, the sound burning into her ears almost painfully. What was going on out there. What was worse was that she couldn't see outside, and the cockpit didn't have enough window view for her to see what was really happening out there. Arko was hardly any good company as she waited, the droid simply following orders to keep her inside.

    She sat there in silence for the longest time, waiting and waiting and waiting for Wuk to return to the ship and tell her it was safe. However, it was getting longer and she was getting impatient. Had he been finished off? Hardly seemed likely, he was so strong and brutish when she first glanced at him when they met. Maybe he had pulled the fight away from the ship and that was why it was so still out there. Deciding to be a bother to Arko and a risk to herself, she moved over to the entrance and started to fiddle with the control panel.

    Arko was all but yelling at her to stop, though she didn't listen and soon the entrance came down slowly and steadily, the Omwati only taking a few caution steps out and bending over to glance out into the open area of the forest. Spotting Wuk, she was glad to see him alive, though the dead being with a whole through his head was a much less welcome sight. It was no surprise though, it was either kill or be killed in this situation and it was for the best that his information got get out to anyone else. She moved down the entrance ramp slowly, figuring it was safe now that Wuk was just standing there, but she kept close to the ramp as she stepped out on the group, moving a bit to glance at the ship.

    "Oh dear...that isn't good." She said softly as she looked at the damage on the outside. It seemed something had come up and started to eat the ship! Nothing bit but enough to cause some major wiring damage. This meant only one thing in her mind...

    They would not be getting off this planet as fast as they needed too.
  15. "Master, I tried to tell her to stop! I tried--"

    "Silence, Arko," said a stressed Wuk, who already knew she was coming outside. Part of him got the sense that she would eventually try to peek at the action because of curiosity, and probably an anxiousness to know if she was safe. If he were to die right here, she'd need to know right away so she could get to the emergency contact.

    Wuk returned the carbine to his back before spinning to see Jayda. The carcass of his foe was left behind; nature would take care of him. Arko was commanded to examine the ship and then report to him with what was going to be fixed, along with an an estimate of how long it would take. The droid was going to be busy with repairs, but he wasn't short handed. Following after him was a pair of smaller labor droids whose primary functions were doing ship maintenance.

    "Did you get hurt? Let's get back inside to sort things out. I know you might want to explore, but that will have to wait until later," he told her as calmly as he could. She wasn't rushed along, though. He just walked past her, expecting she'd follow at her own pace. Wuk himself could use a walk, but mostly to hunt. He was hungry again.

    When he got back inside, he went right to fixing what he could. Items were getting put back in place, parts were being checked for damage... Most important, he sent a message to his employer to explain what happened.
  16. "Other than a bit of tossing about, I am perfectly fine...Though I have to say that this was hardly expected." She admitted as she looked to him, watching him enter the ship. Taking one more glance at the outside, she turned and went back into the ship once more.

    Leaving Wuk to contact who he needed to, she when to the lab to make sure her things were alright. Thankfully, most of it was, only having to re adjust a few piece of equipment since the movement had jostled them quite a bit. It all seemed to be in working order otherwise, and her plans were not damaged at all in the erupt change in flying. Hopefully that wouldn't happen again. Returning to the common area, she took a seat at the common table and gave a small sigh.

    This had just turned into an interesting set of events. She wondered how long it would take to fix everything, there had been quite a bit of damage to whatever had decided to turn the ship into its snack. Looking around, she realized that she had left the entrance panel unfixed and she quickly moved over to it, returning it to its proper settings and also putting it back in its proper place. With that done, she wandered over towards the cockpit of the ship to see what the plan for now would be. She had plenty she could do, but staying in once place for too long was something she was not alright with.

    She looked at Wuk for a moment, just standing there in silence as she watched him go about his business.
  17. All was done that could be done. For now, at least. Wuk was at a loss on how to proceed; he'd just have to wait. Growling gently, he rubbed at his rough skinned forehead while his mind repeated the words of who he'd just spoke with. They were a henchman of the Sith that wanted Jayda's plans safely in his hands. Wuk received some unfriendly sounding words, but it was nothing he couldn't handle. Worse had happened before. Besides, how could he have predicted this?

    A few buttons were tapped to power down the ship a bit. The lights would still be on and they could use everything that required electricity, but that was all. Power might as well be conserved while they're unable to fly.

    With that done, Wuk left the cockpit in search of Jayda. It didn't take long to find her, thankfully. He wasn't in the mood to spiral through all the halls, peeking in every room to see if she was there. Instead, there she was sitting by her lonesome at the table probably wondering what was going to happen next. Wuk approached in his usual stride of confidence, his boots clunking against the floor until he stopped at a vacant chair. Wordlessly, he sat in it, now sitting across from her. It was just now he realized more of her image was exposed. Her feathery hair was gorgeously long and he liked being able to see her purplish eyes better. He had to look down at his hands in order to keep himself from staring.

    "I... Apologize, Miss Jayda. We're stranded, but not for more than a day, probably. Fortunately, we're carrying enough supplies so that we don't have to venture farther in the forests to search for a merchant." After his apologetic explanation, he made a bow with his head, eyes returning to hers soon after. Keeping their eye contact broken for too much longer might seem rude and cowardly. "Until my droids get the ship working again, I hope you can occupy yourself. I'm available, too, if you need anything."

    Usually, Wuk wouldn't offer himself like some kind of servant. He felt like he had to, though. She had to be stuck here on a boring planet with him, after all. Not to mention, a part of him was fond of the idea that she might want to hang around him more. It wasn't everyday he could socialize with a woman of her talents and beauty.
  18. Sitting there, she looked up at him as he approached. She had been thinking about her experiments and how they would be affected by this change of events. They should all be fine, but there would be some that could risk getting ruined if she wasn't careful about watching them. It wasn't that they would expire, but certain chemicals in certain experiments could instantly change into some rather deadly things if a slight temperature change happened. That or they were allowed to be in contact with anything that could cause negative effects...like burning a whole through the floor.

    Giving a few nods of her head and he mentioned the one day delay, she was glad to hear it wouldn't be longer. At least this way she wouldn't have to much to worry about experiment wise. And with the knowledge that there was plenty of supplies, she was also glad they would not need to try and go after something on this planet. As much of a great fighter she was certain Wuk was, she also knew that if anything happened to him out there she would be completely alone and without protection, making his survival a key to her own.

    "No need to apologize, Wuk...There was no way either of us could predict such a fast reaction to our departure. I am just thankful the ship is in tack and that we are alive and well. As for occupying myself, I have my work to do. However, if you are ever interested I am looking to do some field studies on some prototypes of mine and I could use an assistant with some knowledge on weaponry. Of course, it is just an offer. I have plenty of other things to work on in the mean time."

    In truth, she really did need to test some things, but it wouldn't just be a small bit of waving around. She needed to see what her weapons could actually do at their current level and see how well they functioned when actually in use. She couldn't do it herself as she wasn't strong enough to deal with some and had no reference of how a weapon should feel in one's grip at all. A person with an opinion on such things could really improve her current design....Wuk happened to just be the one closest to her at the moment that fit the bill.

    "Anyway, I shall not bother you with my chatter and I'll return to the labs. I have to make sure nothing was damaged in the sudden landing." She explained as she stood up.
  19. Wuk was not against the idea of going outside. He liked the wilderness, plus he could use it as an opportunity to hunt for food. A convenient, albeit repulsive, thing about him was that he could happily survive off of plain meat whether it was cooked or raw. His species wasn't known to be very picky about food. Additionally, she was being very kind to him. She wasn't enraged about the delay, or punishing him with misdirected rage. That relieved him more than she'd ever know.

    "You're welcome to use me for your tests. I could demonstrate on the wildlife; I'm famished." Hopefully, she wouldn't mind that idea. He was aware of the sensitivity some people felt about killing animals. Since she was a scientist, he assumed she wouldn't feel too compassionate. They experimented on critters, right?

    "I will activate the security system that's programmed into the ship so that it's not completely vulnerable. We won't wander far, either. Seek me out when you wish to step outside," instructed his soft voice before he too stood up.

    With a partial bow, he departed to the cockpit again so he could prepare the ship's defenses. As well, he let the droids know that he would be leaving the area, but not too far still.
  20. "I shall get to work setting up my prototypes then." She said simply as she looked at him before giving a small nod in his direction.

    Turning to head towards the laboratory, she went and started to gather up her working prototypes. There were only a few at the moment, though she certainly had plenty of designs. One looked to be like the handle of a small dagger. The other two prototypes seemed like extra long tubes, each about a foot in length. There were plenty of buttons and glowing lights along each one and their design was hardly made for looks. At the moment it was more about function than appearance. Adjusting them and making sure everything was in order, she smiled a bit to herself, they should all work perfectly.

    Gathering the prototypes up into her arms, she moved out into the common area and placed them all neatly on the table before going back to the lab and gathering a digital note pad to take down small notes on. This was an observation on her work after all and she wanted to make sure that she remembered what she noticed about any of her projects. Coming out of the lab once more, she headed straight for the cockpit this time, clearing her throat a bit as she stood behind the captains chair.

    "Whenever you are ready, Mr. Wuk. My prototypes are prepared."