A steampunk RP of the killer robot variety!

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  1. So I've had this curious idea that I'd like to see if anyone would be interested.

    It's called Engines of Progress, and it takes place in an alternate Victorian-era London in a world where the Catholic Church never really existed. So technology is about fifty years ahead, leading to incredible discoveries in steampunk technology in the British Empire. Under the watch of the Royal Academy of the Sciences, the British create a legion of robotic, steam-powered beings dubbed Engines of Progress. These engines go to work in creating a perfect, utopian society for their creators, and by the year 1900 the British Empire is stronger and more advanced than ever.

    Of course, the secret to perfecting the Engines came in alien technology that was never fully understood. And in 1901, that technology goes haywire, causing the various Engines keeping the city together to run rampant. They become cold killing machines that massacre London's citizens on sight, leaving a small band of survivors to attempt to escape what is now a war-torn London.

    I, and some faithful RPers, can be that band of survivors. If anything, this is inspired by the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the comic, not the movie), so all manner of magic (to a certain degree), steampunk tech and things like that are possible if done in a way that would fit in the story.

    Anyway, all who are interested, post here! Once I get a few people I'll work out kinks in the basic plot and get some things started.
  2. Dude... You're RP ideas are way too cool! Count me in!
  3. IN! I call the American Cyborg!
  4. Hmm.....interesting....I could possibly get into this.
  5. Nice to hear people like the idea! Maybe a few more and I'll get some big background information and character sheets up!